tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJenna's Night Out Ch. 03

Jenna's Night Out Ch. 03


It took some convincing but Jenna reluctantly agreed to go and sit naked with me at the table while we waited for Ed to get us a little snack. We had been drinking quite a bit and I for one really needed something to eat. Luckily they do have a kitchen and serve food. Jenna was obviously nervous but also seemed to enjoy sharing the spotlight with me as we sat here naked. At last Ed returned with some appetizers and Jenna appeared to relax a little. As we sat there talking about the auction we had a constant parade of people, mostly men stop by to say hello as they openly ogled us.

After eating I said I wanted to go freshen up and told Jenna to join me. I grabbed her hand and we walked through a sea of people who politely allowed us to walk past them with just minimal groping. Once in the quiet confounds of the ladies room I asked Jenna how she was doing and she just began rambling. She went on and on about how she never thought she could go through with it. She said that now she was beginning to fully understand what drives me when I have these adventures and that being naked in front of everyone made her so hot and horny.

A few more minutes of chatting and we went back to join Ed. I looked and saw that it was past midnight and I wasn't sure how much longer all this fun would last. I told Jenna that soon we would be getting dressed and heading home and she really seemed disappointed. Since we didn't have much longer to enjoy this I grabbed her hand and pulled her out to the dance floor. Just a few seconds later those who were dancing stopped to watch us as our tits bounced wildly as we danced. Now Jenna had a huge smile and I knew she would be my new partner in crime. I smiled too as I thought of adventures to come. Another song began and Jenna and I were pulled apart as each of us were pulled into guys wanting to dance with us. I could feel my guys hand slowly dropping to the small of my back and then onto naked ass.

I let his hand stay there as I looked and saw Jenna was also getting her ass squeezed and she didn't seem to mind either. At the end of the song we thanked the guys and went back to the table to finish our drinks and relax for a few minutes before we got ready to leave. We had rejoined Ed and sat relaxing and finished our drinks. A short while later I said maybe we should get ready to go. I asked Ed where they had put our clothes so we could get dressed for the trip home. He looked at me a bit funny and then asked if I was drunk. I told him no I wasn't and asked why then don't I remember auctioning off our clothes.

I was getting that familiar nervous feeling in my belly along with the feeling of sheer excitement at the thought of having no clothes to wear. I told Ed that I of course remember the auction but that since it was for charity I assumed that the clothes would be returned. Looking at Jenna I saw the look of sheer panic as she began to realize she was out in a club totally naked and had no clothes to put on for the walk to the car and the trip home. I asked Ed if in fact our clothes were really gone, more for Jenna's benefit than mine. I have gone home naked a few times now and although I still get nervous, I also get excited and will be fine. Now Jenna on the other hand, this was supposed to help ease her into this newly thrill of exhibitionism for her.

I knew that Jenna was pretty comfortable here in the club and may be able to survive the walk to the car. However she lives in an apartment complex and the parking lot is quite a distance from the buildings. So she would have to go quite a distance naked from the car to her apartment. Knowing Ed as I do I am sure there is no emergency clothing in his car so I have no doubt I will be naked until I get home. I told Jenna we should take a trip to the ladies room before we leave. Once inside I did my best to put Jenna at ease and told her that she had nothing to worry about when she was with us. I told her that there was nothing we could do but go home naked but that she could come to my house for the night and I would give her clothes to wear home in the morning.

It seemed like that helped her relax a bit as she began talking about how she couldn't believe she was here in a club naked and would have to leave that way. She went on to tell me that she was really excited about the night and sees why I do this. Now that she had calmed down we went back out to Ed then saw Tony the DJ and thanked him for a great night. I took Jenna by the hand and watched her breasts swell as she took a deep breath and we headed for the door. We had been inside for hours now and as we walked outside we saw that there was a light rain falling and it had gotten rather cool out.

The combination of the cool air and the rain caused our nipples to pop out even more than they were. Now I love being naked in the cool and sometimes even cold air, and the addition of the rain glistening on our bodies under the lights was getting me very hot. I also love going barefoot and the fact that the parking lot was dirt and now somewhat muddy was just adding to my excitement. I thought I was going to have an orgasm on the way to the car. We also had quite an audience watching us on the journey from the club to the car. When we finally reached Ed's car Jenna and I were both pretty wet from the rain and out feet were pretty dirty from the muddy parking lot.

After making sure we had given everyone a good last look we got in the car and I told Ed that Jenna would be going to my place. He said it would not be a problem to drive her home. I told him it was because of where she lived and that it was a long way from the parking lot to her apartment and she was afraid to make the trip naked. He said not to worry and I figured maybe he had something for her to cover herself with to get inside. I was wrong he said that she needn't worry because Jenna will escort you up to your apartment. I tried to convince him that Jenna had been through enough but no luck. He had Jenna give him directions and a short while later we were in the parking lot of her apartment complex.

It was very well lit and the buildings really were set way back from the parking area. Ed found a spot about as far away as possible in the corner of the lot. We got out and Jenna was getting nervous worrying about seeing someone she knew. It was pretty late but then again it is the weekend. The rain was falling a little harder and we started walking. Just as we got in front of the car Ed put the headlights on, I'm sure to help us see our way. Yeah right.

We walked toward the sidewalk bathed in light from both the headlights Ed has turned on and also from the lights in the parking lot. It was still raining but it didn't bother me at all I found it to be quite a turn on especially with it being just a little chilly outside. I am not so sure Jenna agreed with me. She had done very well in the club but now we were in her space where she could be seen by neighbors. I know that feeling all to well. Your out naked and you really do want to get caught but hopefully by someone you don't know. We talked some as we walked at a quick pace up the sidewalk and toward Jen's apartment. She really had enjoyed this night and hoped to try it again if she got home without having a panic attack.

Just as we were getting close to the building where Jenna lived we heard voices. She tried to bolt to the shadows but I held her hand tight and pulled her along. There was a young couple walking toward us and as they got right by us I said hello and acted as if nothing was unusual. Jenna I am sure had turned very red but it was hard to see in the dimmer light on the sidewalk. At last we had reached her building and it was then Jenna realized she had no keys. In all of her excitement and apprehension she had left her purse in the car. I was having so much fun running around naked I never noticed. We had no choice but to go back to the car and get her purse. I offered to go back and get it but Jenna was not about to let me leave her out here naked.

She had heard about Ed leaving me at the movies and wasn't going to take any chances. She said we would both go back and that's what we did. Once we were in view Ed put the headlights on and made sure to turn on the high beams. We got in the car and told him Jenna had left her purse. We were just going to sit and warm up a little before we went back to her apartment. It appears there must have been a party in one of the apartments because suddenly there was a rather large group of people walking toward the parking lot. I took this chance to tell Jenna "lets go" She looked at me like I was crazy ( I get that a lot from people) She said "There is no way I am walking to my apartment with all those people around".

I said that if she didn't go now then we were going to my house and she could come home in the morning. Jenna was quite happy to go to my house, it was better than having to make that long walk again to her place. Especially since there were so many people walking the sidewalk to the parking lot. So Ed started the car and we were on our way back to my house. We chatted about the night and Jenna said that she had been so excited but also a bit scared which I said was normal. I still get the butterflies in my stomach before I get naked or partially naked somewhere. The pure excitement always wins out over the fear at least for me.

I noticed we were on a road I was very familiar with and realized what Ed had on his mischievous mind. It appeared that Ed thought we had not fulfilled our thirst for adventure and soon we were in the parking lot of my favorite convenience store. I turned around and looked at Jenna and smiled. There was only one car in the lot, which most likely belonged to the clerk. I told Jenna that it looked like we were going shopping. She was very reluctant but it was obvious she wanted to go through with it. Before we got out Jenna asked "what happens if the police come?" I told her not to worry that Ed would take care of things. I have a feeling he has some connections with the local police that ensure I have no problems with them. I hope I never need to find out for sure. It didn't take much to get Jenna out of the car. I took her hand and we walked up to the door, and stepped inside. It was not one of the clerks I had seen before and it was obvious he had never had two naked women come in to shop. He just sort of stared in disbelief before asking "Are you ladies alright?" So sweet he was worried about us. I told him we were fine it was just that we had lost a bet (standard excuse) and we had to come in here naked.

I took Jenna by the hand, I think seeing two naked ladies holding hands is very hot. We walked around the store as the clerk used every mirror in the store to his advantage. I am almost positive that just as we had turned our backs to him and walked down the aisle I heard the sound of a camera, probably a cell phone. Maybe I will see our asses on the web someday. We went back to the cooler and took our time selecting a few drinks. This I knew would help our nipples to get even more erect than they were. A few minutes of shopping and Jenna was getting nervous so we took our few items and went back to the counter. The clerk of course didn't want the money but I insisted he take it. We gave him one more good look and back out to the car we walked as he came to the window and watched.

Back in the car once again and off we went to my house. Jenna said going into the store naked got her hot and that even though she was nervous it was worth it. Soon we were back at my house and were soon back inside with Ed escorting us to the door. I invited Ed in but he declined. No Ed is not stupid, he knew Jenna would be more relaxed if it were just the two of us. Once Ed left I poured wine for us both and we sat at opposite ends of the couch legs up on it and stretched out. We talked for awhile about the night and how Jenna felt. She said that although she was terrified for a good part of the night she was also very excited by all of the attention. Jenna is certainly not a prude and she like myself and many women dress to be noticed.

She enjoys it when a guy turns and looks after she passes as I do. I however always dress to be sure everyone notices. Jenna is not quite as bold as I am but then again I wasn't always like I am now. Maybe Jenna will try it again but not quite as public as it was tonight. I on the other hand think the more dressed people looking at my naked body the better. I told Jenna I wanted to go in to bed and told her she was welcome to share my bed with me or I could get her some bedding and she could sleep on the couch. I said whatever she was comfortable with was fine with me. She chose to share the bed, which secretly made me a little excited. I do find women very attractive and sexy. I love seeing them flash some thigh, cleavage or whatever they care to share with the world.

I have a few celebrity crushes one is Jaime Pressly I think she is just so hot. I also of course think Jenna is just beautiful. I guess maybe all the alcohol and the sexual excitement of being nude on stage in a club and everything else that happened was the cause. I led Jenna into the bedroom and we crawled into bed. At first we were just chatting trying to get comfortable. Jenna thanked me for an unbelievable night that she would never forget. I told her she was very welcome and that she had made my night something special also, as I looked her right in the eyes. I then leaned in a kissed her lightly on the lips and said thank you. Wow it must have been all the pent up sexual energy we both had from the night's events. I pulled away but I found myself leaning in once again. Jenna did not pull away as our lips touched again and my tongue gently eased into her mouth. We kissed and caressed each other and then I began working my lips and tongue slowly down Jenna's body. I could hear her gently moaning and could feel her hips rising up off the bed as I traced my tongue down to her pussy.

I ran my hands over her body as my tongue explored her lips, then gently flicking her clit with my tongue. Jenna was anything but quiet as she came very soon after I found her clit. She gently grabbed my head and pulled it up telling me she wanted a kiss. I eased back up and kissed her, as she tasted her sex on my lips. We kissed and fondled and then I turned around and lowered my pussy down to her mouth as I lowered my mouth back down to taste her once again. We both came a number of times and we slept holding each other. As we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning we showered together than still naked we went to the kitchen for coffee and a light breakfast. I asked Jen if she needed to be home anytime soon and she said she was in no hurry. I told her I would give her something to wear and we should go out shopping and for lunch. She said that would be fun, we finished breakfast and went to get dressed. I picked out special outfits for us both to wear that day. That however is another adventure for another time.

I want to thank all of you who vote and send feedback. I love getting feedback and hope many more of you will let me know what you think.

Love to all


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