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Jenna's Story


I, Jenna, am a vampire... but a good one. I fight on the side of good while the world around me has gone bad.

The contamination spread from the foulness of the River has turned most humans into spawn. My partner, Logan, and I have preserved the last oasis of humanity... so far.

This is my story.

[6 years earlier]

"Hi, Jenna," said Professor Mobley. "You've become quite the woman. You're 21 now, right? Your birthday was over the weekend?"

"That's right, Professor," I replied. "So why have you called me into your lab?"

The gray-haired genius sighed. "Take a look at these blood samples."

I examined the slides on the microscope. A shock pulsed through me. "These are... like mine!" I gasped. "Professor, where did you get these?"

"Three of our local residents were playing by the River," Professor Mobley explained. "They were overcome by a foulness that emanated from the water itself. They came straight to me and my assistants restrained them, and then took the samples. Mr. Dyson has already taken the other townspeople into his self-sustaining shelter. Thank Zeus his grandfather built it when the Cold War was at its height. The town's people can survive indefinitely and there's no earthly way the spawn can get at them. That's what they are, right?"

I sighed. "Yes, Professor."

"Jenna," intoned the professor, "one more thing. How come you're not like the others?"

I looked straight at Professor Mobley. "I don't know."

It was the next day that I met Logan. He was swinging an old-fashioned sword at a wooden dummy. "What are you doing, boy?" I called. He looked no older than 14.

"I'm no boy," he replied. "My name is Logan. I'm 19 years old, so that makes me a man. I'm going to take out the foulness emanating from the River."

"With that?" I inquired. "How will a single sword be enough?"

"If there's a single entity, a single sword will do," Logan replied with confidence.

"I'm Jenna," I giggled. "You seem self-assured. Maybe we can work together to stop the entity. You see," I smirked, exposing my fangs with a giant grin, "I don't like evil ones of my kind running loose."

Logan's jaw dropped six inches as he stared at my fangs. "You... you... " he gasped. "Stay away from me!" He waved his sword in a menacing manner.

I drew my ceremonial dagger that had been passed down through three generations of female vampires in my family and approached Logan. He lunged forward and a quick flick of my wrist stabbed his hand that was holding the sword, not deeply, but enough to cause him to drop his weapon. I took his hand, licked off the blood and kissed him lightly on the cheek. "You need more practice," I grinned at him. "Meet me outside the Fortress tomorrow, in the Glade. Two p.m. sharp, and we'll rehearse."

"You... you didn't transform me," Logan gasped. "You're not evil?"

"My family have been good vampires for three generations," I said. "Vampires can be good. It's just spawn that are evil, because only an evil vampire creates them."

Within a few weeks of training, Logan was almost as skilled as I was. He had a natural ability with his sword. My abilities had been hard-won, through years of training, but he just had an instinct for swordsmanship.

I suppose it's impossible to spend six hours per day training alone with a companion and not develop feelings for them. One day after we had finished, I broached the subject. "Logan," I said, "don't go back to the shelter tonight. Come with me to my house."

The entity within the River sensed a new presence, because three spawn attacked us as we walked back. Logan and I easily dispatched them. "You're really good with that blade, Jenna," he said in an impressed tone.

When we arrived at my house, I barricaded the door with some practical magic -- my witch training sealed the house off, so nothing could get in or out. I lay Logan next to me on the couch. "Rest," I said. He put his arm around me and leaned his head on my shoulder. I smiled at him and wrapped my own arm around him.

Logan, worn out from training, was soon slumbering in my arms. I decided I had to get a closer look at his well-muscled body, and took him into my bedroom. I removed his shirt and lay him on the bed, where I nestled my lithe frame against his half-naked form.

Sometime in the night, he stirred. "Jenna?" he whispered. "Did you...?"

I wrapped my arms more firmly around him and pressed his bare chest against my body. My thin dress was all that separated my flesh from his. "Sleep, Logan," I whispered back. I closed my eyes as he gently nuzzled my neck before fading back into dreamland.

The next day after training, he returned. "I can't believe you took my shirt off," he said with a smile. "This time I won't make you wait." He stripped his shirt off his own body and pulled me against him. I nuzzled his neck, then slowly kissed my way down his broad chest. I gently nibbled at his sensitive nipples, causing him to gasp.

"Jenna, you little minx!" he said, wrapping his arms firmly around me and holding my head against his chest. "Come on, let's go to the bedroom. You may as well take your clothes off, not that you ever wear very much."

We both disrobed as we entered the bedroom. I sprang, catlike, onto the bed while Logan hoisted himself up with his powerful arms. I cast a quick, silent spell to make him stay hard until I let him climax, and with a gesture I bade him come to my welcoming arms.

"Do you trust me, Logan?" I whispered. He nodded yes. "Good," I said. I opened my mouth and sank my fangs into his neck. "Relax," I purred. He obediently held still while I drank a small amount of his blood. I withdrew my fangs and gave him a tender smile. "Vampires can control their bites," I said. "I can feed without transforming you. I won't do it often, lover, but you must not be surprised when I drink. I promise I will never take enough to harm you."

Logan nodded. "Let me kiss your body," he whispered. "All of your body."

I smiled in response. Logan began with my neck, touching his lips to just under my chin and softly kissing, licking and nuzzling his way downward. His gentleness surprised me, given that his body was strapping and powerful. His lips touched the swell of my breasts and he looked up at me expectantly.

"Go on," I said, smiling. Logan kissed down the valley of my breasts. He proceeded to lick the underside of my mounds upwards to my nipples. Taking first one, and then the other, into his mouth, he suckled softly and nibbled gently. I let out a soft moan.

Logan gave me a smile and moved to my feet, nibbling lightly on my toes before kissing his way from my feet up my legs. I moaned louder as he reached my thighs, kissing and licking up the inside. I was anticipating him heading for my treasure box, but Logan instead turned me over.

"I still have to kiss the back half of you, Jenna," Logan whispered. "I'd love to drink your nectar from the source, but this comes first." He moved his way up the back of my legs, and I discovered that the back of my knees was a ticklish spot. He then moved down my neck to my back, and when his lips and tongue ran up and down my spine, my body began trembling with pleasure.

Finally, he turned me back over and slipped his tongue inside my soaking box. When Logan's fingertip began circling the bud of my clit, I lost control and flooded his face with nectar. He licked up as much as he could before moving up to kiss me on the lips, letting me taste myself as our tongues twined.

"You taste wonderful, Jenna," he purred when we broke for air.

"My turn," I said. I laid his body on the bed and kissed from his neck to his chest. I wasn't going to give him a total tongue-bath, but I did want to give him a reward for doing such a wonderful job. I nibbled his toes and kissed his thighs while I ran my fingernails over his flanks.

When I felt him to be ready, I slipped my tongue onto his swollen balls and wrapped my hand around his thick organ, stroking softly up and down. Logan let out a gentle sigh. "I'm ready now, Jenna," he whispered. "Take me."

I teased him for a few moments longer before I lay down and spread my legs. Logan positioned himself between them and slid into me. He wrapped his arms tenderly around me and slowly slid in and out, establishing a smooth rhythm. I was expecting him to pound away, but he displayed admirable restraint, instead controlling his body and taking care he wouldn't crush me.

After he had made me climax several times in the missionary position, I decided to switch. Logan lay on the bed and I mounted him, leaning forward so that my breasts were presented to his hungering mouth. He took them and suckled on the nipples as I bounced up and down.

Unlike Logan, I did not go for a slow and steady rhythm. I wrapped my legs around Logan's body and increased the pace, first to a fast one and then to as furious a pace as I could manage. Logan's hips moved in tandem with mine. "Oh, Jenna!" he moaned. "You're so... forceful. I don't know how I'm able to hold back!"

If it weren't for my magic, he'd have already filled me up. I did desire his cum inside me, but at a moment of my choosing. I felt an orgasm more powerful than any I'd had that day approaching. "Don't try to hold back, Logan," I gasped. My body went into a violent spasm. "Fill me1 Give it to me, now!" My words broke the spell and Logan shot jet after jet of his cum into my superheated box.

After we were both finished, I collapsed onto his body, with Logan still inside me. "Wow, Jenna," he whispered. "That was the most amazing experience I've ever had."

"You were darn good, yourself," I purred. I untangled my body from his and lay next to him. We fell asleep holding each other.

The next day, a carrier pigeon arrived with an urgent message from Professor Mobley. When I arrived in the Fortress, he was very agitated. "If this entity creates a collection of 500 spawn in one place," he said, "they can break into the Fortress with their powers. Jenna, you and Logan must prevent this. If you can destroy the entity in the River, it will prevent more spawn from being formed. The good thing is that this town isn't a tourist destination, so there won't be a lot of new victims formed around here. The bad news is that based on these news reports, the contamination has spread far and wide. Infected spawn are spreading from the towns all along the River, which include 10 major cities, and taking the contamination to the rest of the world. I estimate that within 6 months, most of mankind will be gone."

The professor's prediction was indeed accurate. Aside from the most remote parts of the world -- the Eskimos, the Bedouins, some parts of darkest Africa -- the Fortress was within a year the last bastion of humanity, as far as we could tell.

Logan and I scoured the area around the Fortress daily, eliminating any spawn we could find. So far, we have been successful in purging the threat. Logan thinks that within a year, we will be strong enough to destroy the entity in the River and make the world safe for the residents of the Fortress. The spawn created must feed on human blood within a year, or they will die off, so if we can succeed...

Oh, one more thing. At least once per week, Logan gives me what I need -- long, passionate sex sessions, and a few drops of his blood.

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