tagNonHumanJenna's Story Ch. 02

Jenna's Story Ch. 02


The carrier pigeon arrived with a message from Professor Mobley. "My calculations show that the Entity is weakening," the note read. "It has created too many spawn. With the death of the spawn, thanks to you two and other Hunters, it is losing force. If you can defeat it... you know the consequences."

I looked at Logan. "We've been planning this for years," I said. "Are you ready?"

"I'm ready," Logan replied, hefting his sword. I drew my dagger and we proceeded to the River. "Okay, you scum!" Logan growled. "Show yourself... for the last time!"

A huge, foul thing, an amorphous cloud that seemed to radiate evil, rose from the water. It silently gestured with a limb for us to approach. I remembered the description of the Tarrasque in a book I read as a child. This thing looked like the water-living version of the Tarrasque.

"Charge!" Logan howled, raising his sword and charging, seemingly recklessly, in a move we had practiced many times. As we had planned, the Entity moved towards him. I slipped sideways and sunk my dagger deeply into the black mass. A shudder ran through it, and as it rotated to face the new threat, Logan's sword came down in a tremendous arc, striking into the heart of the Entity.

The air itself seemed to be rent as the Entity began its death throes. Just to make sure, Logan raised his sword and struck another tremendous blow as I stabbed my dagger into it again. The mass seemed to dissolve, and a blackness rose into the atmosphere. The air we breathed suddenly seemed pure.

"We did it!" I squealed. "Professor Mobley was right! Six years ago, one blow wouldn't have finished it off."

"This calls for a celebration," Logan said with a grin. He scooped me up in his strong arms and carried me to a nearby meadow. The sun shone brightly down. Logan stripped off my skimpy outfit and laid my naked body down gently on the grass.

"What are you going to do with me?" I giggled.

Stripping off his own clothes, Logan replied, "Whatever I want." He smiled to let me know he was half-joking as he lay down next to me. I wrapped my arms around him and our lips met for a long kiss.

"Mmmmmmm," I purred softly as our lips parted. I nuzzled Logan's neck and began caressing his muscular body as my lips moved down toward his chest. I pushed him onto his back and gently nipped at his sensitive nipples.

"Jenna," Logan said with a soft laugh, "you're a little minx." He reached for my body and lifted me off him. I squealed as he pulled me downward and kissed his way down my cleavage. "Two can play at that game," he grinned. I let out a soft moan as he circled my nipple with his tongue. He suckled one while rolling the other between his strong fingers.

"Logan," I grinned, "you always know how to turn me on." I adjusted my position so that my box was positioned against his waiting tongue. As he lapped the leaking juices off me, I leaned forward and kissed the tip of his hard rod. I ran my fingernails gently across his balls and felt his hips buck.

"Mmmmm, Jenna," Logan whispered, his voice muffled. "You taste so sweet." I felt his tongue invade. He swirled around within me, seeking my honey. I gasped as he ran a finger over my clit. I responded by slipping my head down, taking his shaft deep. What I couldn't fit in my mouth, I took in my hands and stroked as I slid my tongue up and down.

Logan lifted me off, again, spinning me around so that our faces were together. He kissed me deeply, allowing me to taste my own sweetness. I returned his kiss, twining my tongue with his as we wrapped our arms around each other and pressed out bodies together. My raging hormones took over and I pinned him to the ground, sliding my steaming box down onto his rock-hard prick.

"Ride me, love," Logan purred. "Jenna, you're so... forceful." I smiled as I began bouncing my body up and down. Logan matched my rhythm, thrusting upward as I bounced. His breathing began to get ragged as I squeezed his rod with my internal muscles. I could feel my orgasm coming.

"Oh!" I gasped. "Logan... you..."

My voice rose into a scream of pure passion as my body shuddered. My pussy spasmed uncontrollably around Logan's hardness as I clawed at his chest. I flooded him with my nectar as he locked his legs around my waist, holding me in place. When I finally got control back of my body, I gasped out, "Wow."

Logan pulled me down on top of him, not slowing his thrusts, and kissed me deeply. When we broke for air, he wrapped his arms around me and rolled us over so that he was on top. "That was amazing, Jenna," he whispered. "I love you so much." His thrusts were getting me heated again. When he leaned his head down to suckle my breasts as he made love to me, I almost lost control again. "Are you going to have another orgasm?" he purred. "I like pleasing you. I'm also getting close."

Hearing that almost set me off right then. "Oh, Logan," I moaned softly. "Fill me up." He thrust even harder, and I could feel his body tense. My superheated box began spasming again. That set him off and he fired jet after jet of sperm deep within me. I locked my arms and legs around him, not letting him go until every drop was drained.

"Amazing," Logan whispered, smiling down at me, our bodies still joined. "I'm yours, Jenna, Body and soul."

"Then would you like to have our relationship last for my lifespan, not yours?" I asked with a grin.

"Become... a vampire? Like you?" Logan responded. "You're certain you can make me good-aligned, not some evil beast?"

"Absolutely, love," I purred. He nodded his assent, and my fangs penetrated his neck. I made sure to transfer some of my blood into him, making him like me and not a mindless, evil spawn.

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