tagIncest/TabooJenni Goes to Daddy Ch. 03

Jenni Goes to Daddy Ch. 03


Jenni took a deep breath as she lay splayed on her bed looking up at her Daddy. She could see the need in his eyes, could feel the tension in the air and the shivering of her own arousal. She lay still on the pink and lilac comforter of her childhood bed, watching her father. Seeing how each breath caused his chest to rise and fall, how a smile played over his lips as his eyes roamed over her nakedness. She felt a tightening of her muscles, felt her pussy spasm with need causing juices to spill from her opening.

Her daddy stood for what seemed to be the longest time looking down at her, admiring the way her honey blonde hair fanned out around her head, how her big blue eyes looked up at him with such obvious adoration, how her rose pink lips matched perfectly the colour of her swollen nipples. He was in awe of her, of the moment, a moment he had secretly longed for. His eyes moved from her face to her breasts then over her stomach, smiling once more as he noted the pink belly stud, down to her neatly trimmed pussy lips. His daughter's pussy lips. His eyes closed for a moment as he felt his balls tighten, felt his cock leap and strain against the material of his jeans. His daughter's pussy lips. Opening his eyes he looked back up to Jenni's eyes and smiled softly to her.

He took a step back from the edge of the bed, all the time his eyes fixed on her sweet face as he moved his hands to the button on his jeans. "Jenni, are you sure?" Mutely she nodded. He laughed happily then eased the button open and slid the zipper down. Jenni's eyes were fixed on his hands. She watched as her father unzipped his jeans and in one swift movement slid the jeans and his shorts to the floor. She gasped as she saw his cock spring free, her eyes widening as she saw her daddy's swollen cock for the second time that night. He pulled his shirt over his head without wasting time to unbutton it. Jenni smiled as she saw her father naked for the first time. She moaned as she saw his cock bobbing as it lengthened. Jenni watched as he stepped from the discarded clothes and moved back to the edge of the bed.

Her pussy was spasming and contracting, cunt juice liberally flowing as she felt her body react to the sight of her daddy's arousal. She was moaning softly, her nipples aching for his touch and involuntarily her hips began to move rhythmically. Jenni's mind was whirring, she was mesmerised by the sight of her father's erection. It seemed impossible to her that it would ever fit inside her body. Just that thought made her cunt clench. She wanted her daddy inside her so much.

Jenni took a deep, shuddering breath as she felt the mattress move beneath her as her father put one knee onto the bed. She closed her eyes to try to get some control. She wanted to remember every moment of this. She watched as her father knelt on the bed and placed his hands on either side of her waist, his head over her stomach as he looked into her eyes.

"Oh!" Her father's exclamation made Jenni jump and she looked quizzically at him as he looked downwards to her stomach.

"What is it Daddy? What is wrong?" Jenni's voice was anxious, as she worried about the cause of his exclamation.

"What is THIS?" His voice was stern and Jenni's heart clenched as she heard the censure in his voice.

"What Daddy? What do you mean?" Jenni felt tears flood her eyes as she tried to understand what was happening.

"This!" His finger flicked the pink stud piercing her belly button. Jenni felt a single tear slip down the side of her face as she realised that he was angry about her piercing.

Her voice small, Jenni answered his question, "I'm sorry Daddy... it's just a stud... I can take it out?" the last an offer, a plea that he forgive her.

Her father's heart melted, instantly regretting his joke at seeing how distressed his precious girl had become. He moved and gathered her into his arms, pulling her close to him. Her head nestled against his chest as he stroked her long hair making soothing noises before speaking gently. His lips brushed her ear as he assured that he that he was joking, that he liked the stud. He felt her body shake as she fought to stem the tears that were falling from her blue eyes. He felt his heart clench as he berated himself for causing her such distress when all he wanted was to cause her pleasure. He knew he would do anything to make her smile, just as she had told him earlier in the evening she would do anything to make him smile.

He rocked her gently in his arms, one hand stroking her hair and the other her back as he soothed her. All he could think of at that moment was making Jenni happy again. He forgot all about her nakedness and his erection slowly faded. For several moments they lay together on her bed, the dim lamplight causing shadows on the walls. A father comforting his daughter.

Gradually he felt Jenni calm. The regret for his words and actions haunted him as he felt her nestle her head closer to him, until her head was tucked under his chin. Jenni felt his pulse against her cheek and she sighed happily as she cuddled into his strong, broad chest. The sounds he was making made her feel safe and she pressed her body tightly against his, wanting to be as close to her daddy as possible.

Jenni's father felt her moving against him and his softening cock leapt in response to her. He took a deep breath as he tried to fight his renewed arousal, but the feel of his daughter's soft skin against him was too much for him. Jenni squirmed against her father and felt her heart beat grow faster. She pressed her hardening nipples against his chest and smiled to herself as she felt his cock twitch and swell against her leg. She felt his body stiffen as he fought his arousal. Jenni pressed her cunt to his leg, wanting him to feel how wet she was for him. She felt him try to pull his leg away, felt him shift his body slightly.

Wantonly Jenni parted her legs and moved to encircle one of her father's thighs between her legs as she thrust her hips forward. Slowly she began to pump her hips, her wet slit parting on his skin, her opening spasming as she became more and more aroused. Her cunt gushed as she pressed hard against his thigh and her father felt his daughter's cunt juice soak his skin.

Letting out a groan he pushed Jenni away from him, her cunt clenching in protest as the cool air replaced his hot skin. In one swift movement Jenni's father was on his hands and knees over her body. Jenni smiled up into his eyes as he let out another groan before dipping his head to claim her mouth. Jenni snaked her arms around her daddy's back. Her hands clasping at his skin as she tried to pull him down onto her body. His tongue plunged deep into her mouth and she moaned her need as she suckled gently on it before he ripped it from her mouth and fastened his mouth over her right nipple. Jenni let out a small scream of pleasure as she felt her daddy's mouth hot and wet on her nipple. She had never experienced anything like this and the sensations flooding her body as his lips, tongue and teeth played with her swollen, tender nipple were almost too much to bear. Each time he gently bit her nipple she screamed out and felt her cunt spasm and gush. Jenni was so wet that the comforter beneath her ass was soaked with her juices.

Jenni's daddy bit and sucked and licked at his daughter's nipple, marvelling in his mind at her reactions. He took pleasure in her lack of restraint, how she was not afraid to show her enjoyment. Her moans and movements drove him to bite just a little harder and he noted how the harder he bit the more she seemed to enjoy it. He longed to touch her cunt, wanted to lick her wetness, wanted to finger her slick folds, wanted to impale her with his cock. He wanted to be savage, wanted to take her rough and hard. But he couldn't. Not the first time. He resolved that the next time he was with his daughter he was going to show her just how pleasurable rough sex could be.

He could hear Jenni's moans, could smell her cunt and could feel her nipple in his mouth and her body writhing beneath him. For just a moment he paused, marvelling that just two hours ago this was something he might have dreamt of but never really thought would happen. He remembered how just two hours ago his precious daughter had come to him and taken his cock into her mouth and sucked him until he exploded. He thought back to just a few minutes ago when his baby girl had stripped for him after he accidentally witnessed her bring herself to orgasm. And now, now he was seconds from sliding his hard cock into her hot, sweet box. The very thought of fucking his daughter was enough to tighten his balls and bring him to the edge of orgasm. He fought himself, determined to take time, determined to pleasure his daughter, to bring her to orgasm before allowing his own release.

Jenni groaned loudly as she felt her father remove his mouth from her nipple. She pulled hard on his back, trying to bring him down to her nipple again, but his superior strength won out and she felt him slip from her embrace. For a moment she lay shuddering and then she leapt with a scream as she felt her daddy's tongue sliding up her wet folds. His face buried between her soaked thighs as he licked his daughter's pussy. The flat of his tongue slid up and down her slit three times before the tip of his tongue teased and tickled her clitty. The little nub swelling and growing as he teased and licked it. She pushed her pussy upwards, towards his mouth, moaning as his tongue worked its way down her slit once more towards her opening. She was so aroused, so excited that she was almost out of her mind. The pleasure her father was giving her was driving her crazy. Her cunt was flowing steadily as her father circled her sweet hole with the tip of his tongue.

He had worried for a moment about hurting her if she wasn't wet enough, but the second he had lowered his face to her cunt that fear had disappeared. He could hardly believe how wet his little girl was. Her cunt was flowing, soaking not only his face and her pussy lips but also the comforter she was laying on. He closed his eyes as he slid his tongue up and down his daughter's slit. She tasted so good, so sweet with just a little tang. Honey and tangerine, he decided. His little girl tasted of honey and tangerine. He moaned with pleasure as he lapped up her juices, then fastened his mouth around her hole. He sucked gently and was rewarded with a mouthful of her juice. His cock twitched and jerked as he drank from his daughter's willing cunt. Jenni pressed her cunt hard against his face, almost fucking her daddy's mouth. Her fingers moved unconsciously to her nipples and as she thrust against her daddy's face she plucked at her nipples. She felt the slight pain of her fingering entwine with the pleasure of her daddy's tongue and groaned loudly.

Jenni's groans spurred her father on. He circled her hole again and again and again, knowing that he was teasing her, knowing that she wanted and needed more. She moved one hand from a nipple to grasp the back of his head, trying to push him harder onto her greedy cunt. She thrust her hips against her father's mouth.

"Daddddddyyy!! Please Daddy..." Jenni's voice was little more than a groan, her words barely audible, but they were enough. Her father plunged his tongue into her cunt hole, spearing her with his tongue and he began to tongue fuck his daughter as she bucked and jerked under his mouth. He pressed his hands onto her hips and pressed her to the bed so she wouldn't push him off in her excitement. His tongue slid around her inner walls, his face soaked in her juices as he felt her cunt spasm. He fucked her harder, faster, wanting to bring her to orgasm quickly. Needing to bring her to orgasm quickly, because he had resolved not to fuck her with his cock until he had pleasured her completely with his mouth.

And it was a resolution he felt slipping with every passing second, his cock was so hard he could hardly bear it. Jenni moaned her pleasure, one hand plucking harder and harder at her nipple as the other twisted into her daddy's hair.

"Fuck me Daddy!! Please fuck me!!" Jenni's words almost caused her father to drive his cock hard into her but he controlled his desire and tongued her harder. His hands on her hips pressing her hard to the mattress as he controlled her leaping body.

He felt her spasming intensify and smiling to himself he pulled his tongue from her depths and swiftly gripped her clitty between his teeth and bit down gently before shoving his tongue back into her clenching hole and fucking her harder.

Jenni felt the waves of orgasm flow over her and she let out a scream as the nip of her clitty drove her over the edge. Both her hands now on her father's head as his tongue slammed in and out of her hole she pushed against him, her orgasm wracking her body and causing her to flood her daddy's mouth over and over. Her father swallowed some of her juices while the rest flowed from his mouth, down his chin.

He kept fucking her as she came. Marvelling once more at her lack of inhibitions. She was so open to him, so wonderful. His precious little girl was all he wanted.

Jenni came hard and long. Her body jumped and leapt. Her cunt spasmed and flooded. Her throat ripped raw from the screams of pure ecstasy. And her mind whirling as she realised what was happening. Her daddy was eating her and she was coming for him. And she was filling his mouth with her orgasm.

Gently her father withdrew his tongue from her honey cunt and licked her softly to clean up some of her juices. He laughed as that thought crossed his mind. He wasn't trying to clean her up, he just wanted more of her juice, more of her taste. He had to admit it to himself. He was intoxicated by the taste and smell of her. His Jenni.

As Jenni calmed she sighed deeply and caressed her daddy's hair, loving the way it felt between her fingers. Her body felt so light, she felt as though she could float away and was glad that her daddy was still holding her down. She felt her nipples and cunt ache from use and with contentment. She sighed once more, happily, and whispered "Daddy... that was wonderful... thank you Daddy."

Hearing his precious daughter thanking him for her orgasm made him stiffen even more. His hard cock was so erect he knew that he had to come soon or he would be in pain. He moved slowly from his position between his daughter's spread thighs and pulled her to him.

"Now Jenni, now, I need you." His voice was slightly broken and Jenni smiled into his eyes as she leant forward slightly to kiss his lips.

"Fuck me Daddy." she whispered.

He nodded mutely, his arousal so intense he was no longer capable of speech. Slowly, carefully he mounted his daughter. Her soaked thighs welcoming him as he slid his cock to her opening.

Jenni shivered as she felt his cockhead prodding her cunt. "I love you Daddy." she whispered. Hearing her words her father let out an agonised groan and drove hard into his daughter's cunt. In that one thrust he impaled her completely, his full cock buried in her hot, wet cunt.

Simultaneously they moved, almost as though they had fucked many times before. Each knowing how to move together. Each thrusting and pushing. Each wanting to have his cock buried deep inside her. Each wanting to feel her cunt clench and tighten around his cock as he pumped his thick, hard cock into her.

Jenni's daddy fucked her hard. He drove into her harder and harder, all thoughts of taking his time gone from the second he felt how welcoming her pussy was. Their eyes were locked on each other, watching each other's reactions as they ground together. Jenni clenched her cunt muscles, trying to hold his cock inside each time she felt him pull out. Her movements driving him wild, driving him to fuck her harder.

Jenni moaned as she felt her daddy fucking her. She moaned loudly as she felt his balls slap against her. As her father moved his mouth to suck and bite on her nipple she screamed out her pleasure. As he plunged into her over and again she panted and groaned. She was aware of nothing but the myriad of sensations flooding her as her father took her precious virginity. Just as he was aware of nothing but the feeling of his cock being massaged as he fucked her harder and harder.

Jenni's father felt his balls tighten and lift and knew that he was moments from orgasm and he wanted this first time for his daughter to come with him. He smiled into her eyes as he drove even more savagely into her and lowered his head to bite hard on her already tender nipple.

Jenni screamed as his teeth closed over her tormented nipple and felt her body spasm in her second orgasm. Seconds later her father grunted loudly as he shot his come into his daughter's cunt. His seed spurted hard in jet after jet into her hot, greedy hole. He felt her cunt milk his cock and was amazed that not only had he come twice in the one evening but at the volume of come she was pulling from him.

As they both calmed he stroked his daughter's face as he watched her orgasm subside. "Thank you baby." he whispered as he gathered her into his arms. She smiled happily and wriggled deeper into his embrace.

"You are mine now baby, mine and no one elses."

Jenni smiled contentedly as she felt her daddy's seed oozing slowly from her gaping, used hole. "Yes Daddy."

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