tagErotic CouplingsJennifer and Harry Pt. 02

Jennifer and Harry Pt. 02


After the intense phone sex experience, Jennifer was convinced that she was destined to meet her cyber-lover. She already told her husband, Tom, that she was going overseas to visit her aging grandmother, who happened to live in London. He was perfectly agreeable to managing the busy household while she was gone.

She packed her bags, taking care not to let Tom see the thong underwear and lacy negligees she purchased for the trip. Wearing thongs was not unusual for her, as she enjoyed teasing the men, and being the envy of the women at the mall, but to have him notice the new ones she purchased from Victoria’s Secret as well as the very sheer negligees might arouse suspicion. She packed her favorite sheer silk white blouse, in case Harry wanted to see her nipples during dinner!

Tom hired a an airport limousine to pick her up at her door. It was an approximately 90 minute trip and he did not want her leaving the family car at the airport for several days. When her limo arrived, she was surprised that the limo driver was a very handsome “kid”, appearing to be barely out of college. He took her bags, open the door for her, and took special effort to make her feel like a lady. She also noticed how he looked at her while escorting her into the limo. She was not dressed particularly seductively, just her favorite jeans with the hole in the knee , and tennis shoes. Maybe it was the tight black cashmere sweater that got him going. Anyway, she noticed him sneaking flirting glances at her perky breasts and saw him examining how nicely her jeans hugged her pelvis. Frankly, it turned her on.

On the way to the airport, she was lost in erotic anticipation of her meeting with Harry. She basked in the memory of her first squirting orgasm, and reminded herself of all the wonderful things that Harry said to her, both in instant messages and in email correspondence. The driver was a sandy headed kid, slim, with sparkling blue eyes. Jennifer felt her kitten purring as she glanced at the young man while alternately losing herself to thoughts of making love to Harry. She imagined one particular scene in which Harry described wanting to take her from behind, doggie style. He made reference to enjoying watching his large cock slide in and out of a wet pussy. He was quite detailed in his description of the visual pleasure he took in seeing a woman’s vaginal lips hugging his penis as he pulled out of her. She recalled one particular chat session in which he described wanting to get her in this position, grab her hair, and fuck the shit out of her. It then occurred to her that this was her time to play and she was going to take full advantage of it. Tom had no idea what a hungry harlot she had become.

Boldly, she decided to take action. She closed the privacy curtain of the limo but made it a point to leave it open just enough to be able to see the drivers face reflected in the rear view mirror. With that, she began gently rubbing her breasts through her sweater. She loved the feel of the soft cashmere on her bare breasts. She rarely wore a bra, and was not about to wear one for this trip. Through her half closed eyes, she could see the driver taking notice of what was going on in passenger compartment. While continuing to rub her breasts, she propped her leg up on the seat in front of her so as to give the driver a view of her crotch. She rubbed her pussy through her jeans as they made their way through the light traffic heading for the airport.

Jennifer unsnapped her jeans, slipping her hand down her crotch. She was not surprised to find that she was already quite moist with excitement. Running small circles around her growing clitoris, she moaned with anticipation of the pleasures that awaited her in London. She was certain that the driver was catching all of this, but wanted to make sure, so she sat up and slowly pulled the curtain back. She leaned up and with her jeans still unsnapped and nipples raging, she wondered whether he had a cigarette. Jennifer smoked only on rare occasions, but needed an excuse to make sure she had his attention. She could see that he was trying to hide his erection while reaching for the pack of cigarettes in his jacket. “Mission accomplished!”, she thought to herself.

She sat back in the passenger compartment, drew the curtain slightly and started rubbing her breasts while gazing out the window. In time, she removed her sweater and massaged her breasts while teasing her erect nipples. Throwing caution to the wind, she pulled her jeans down and spread herself for young man. She stayed in that position for several minutes, giving the young man a prolonged view of her lovely pussy while she smoked her cigarette. She could see him glancing back through the mirror. With that, she slowly but deliberately inserted three fingers into her now fully engorged vaginal opening. In no time at all, she could feel the waves of passion filling her abdomen and radiating to the center of her passions. She squeezed her legs together while still having her fingers deep inside of herself and rode out the waves.

Jennifer felt more powerful than she had ever felt before. She felt very “hot” both in appearance and in her sexuality. She pulled up her jeans, reluctantly covered her breasts, and brushed her hair. After getting herself together in her seat, she pulled the curtain back. The driver averted his gaze, which she imagined was fixed on her throughout the masturbatory experience. She did not speak a word, and neither did he. Upon reaching the airport, she smiled her sexiest smile and thanked him for the ride. He said, “The pleasure was all mine.” He winked at her while handing her his business card with a cell phone number. She tucked it into the front pocket of her jeans making it a point to dig deep into her pocket so as to pass a glancing feel of her pussy. She giggled and with that, she was on her way to the terminal.

After an anxious time in customs, she was on the plane nervously anticipating her upcoming weekend with Harry. It was an overnight fight scheduled to arrive at Heathrow sometime mid morning. She settled back in her seat, trying to relax. She couldn’t believe she had the nerve to expose herself and masturbate for the viewing pleasure of the limousine driver. It excited her to think of how powerfully sexual she felt. She never experienced this before and was basking in her sexual prowess.

Seated next to her was a very proper looking blond woman. She had round glasses, a proper dress, blood red and perfectly manicured finger nails, and a very smart, sassy look about her. They chatted easily about their plans in London. She explained that she was going to see her grandmother who was ill while her seatmate revealed that she was heading over to London for some rest and relaxation. She explained that her father was a wealthy businessman who felt that she needed to experience a weekend in London. Being the “daddies girl” that she was, she was more than happy to take a trip at his expense. Jennifer was envious of the young woman with the stylish hairdo and the beautiful gold Rolex. She couldn’t help but notice her ample breasts, her shapely figure and the way she curled her toes upon removing her high heeled shoes.

As it turned out, her seatmate was a graduate of Brown University, majoring in education and now holding an administrative position within the New York City public school system. Jennifer felt highly inadequate as she described her life as a Midwest housewife. She wanted to tell the young lady that, more times then not, she was the hottest bitch in the supermarket, and that most of the guys in town wanted to fuck her, but she thought the better of it.

At about 3am central standard time, somewhere over the Atlantic, things started getting a little weird. Her seatmate seemed to be losing her inhibitions, discussing her need for a good fuck and wondering if she was going to be able to score some London cock. Jennifer was a little taken aback by the brash talk coming from this proper “little rich girl.” As the woman detailed her plans to get laid in London, she brushed her now bare feet along Jennifer’s calf , looking at her with a lustful eye. Jennifer was startled, but very taken by this young woman’s beautiful green eyes. She froze in anxiety and uncertainty. “Now what?” she thought to herself. “I’m sitting here with no underwear on, having exposed my pussy and masturbated to orgasm for the fuckin limo driver and this chick is hitting on me.” Before she could think of what to say, the woman explained, ‘Look sweetheart, I’m going to the ladies room right over there. After I close the door, you knock twice and I’ll let you in. I promise you will not be disappointed.” The woman stood up and headed for the rest room. “Aw shit….now what do I do?” thought Jennifer. It took her all of three seconds to decide that this was her weekend to play and she was not going to hold back a thing. After the door closed, Jennifer obediently followed right behind.

As they squeezed into the cramped bathroom, the woman caressed Jennifer’s face and began licking Jennifer’s lips. Jennifer parted her lips ever so slightly to allow her tongue to explore the young woman’s mouth. She had never kissed a woman before, never even thought about it, but she found the mid-Atlantic encounter highly exciting and decided long ago that she was going to allow her sexual self to emerge on this trip. If that meant exposing herself to the limo driver, so be it. If it meant making out in a toilet somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean with a female stranger, that was ok too.

She pressed herself against the woman, feeling her breasts against her own. The woman reached around to caress Jennifer’s shapely ass, and with that, Jennifer felt the heat of her genitals beginning to boil. She squeezed the woman’s ass in turn, and pressed her mound firmly against hers. As they were grinding their pussies through their clothing, the woman told her to sit on the sink. Jennifer was filled with desire and did as she was told. The woman removed Jennifer’s tennis shoes, undid her jeans and slipped them off, exposing Jennifer’s now engorged private parts. Jennifer looked down and was somewhat embarrassed to see her vaginal lips protruding and wanting.

The woman sat on the toilet in front of the sink, removed her glasses and brushed Jennifer’s pussy with a full stroke of her hand. She started her fingers at the base of Jennifer’s vaginal opening and ran her hand up until the heel of her hand was pressing against her clit. Jennifer leaned back against the mirror of the sink and spread her legs wider. With that, the woman spread Jennifer’s vaginal lips as wide as they would go, exposing her throbbing member in the process. The woman licked Jennifer’s clit and then traced light circles around her aching jewel with her moistened finger. She moaned with delight as the woman began flicking her tongue along her vaginal opening and made her way to her fully erect clitoris. This was unlike any sensation she felt with Tom when, on those rare occasions, he performed oral sex on her. This young woman knew what a pussy felt like, knew what made it purr, and worked it to an art form. The woman alternated between probing Jennifer’s pussy with her tongue and licking her clit. She could feel the woman starting to probe her asshole. Jennifer repositioned herself slightly so as to give her easy access.

The woman intensified her sucking, latching on to her clitoris like it was a little penis. She moved her head up and down the length of her clitoris, sucking it like she was giving her a blow job. She then inserted two fingers into her pussy while continuing her attack on Jennifer’s clitoris. The woman began furiously fingering Jennifer’s pussy. She stood up and pressed the heel of her hand against her clitoris while moving her fingers in small circles deep inside her vagina. With that, she felt like she was going to fall off the basin counter as she felt the familiar waves of pleasure beginning to take over. “Oh my god!” Jennifer exclaimed, and with that, she released her vaginal juices. “Shit, another squiring orgasm for me!” Jennifer thought. The woman licked her fingers in delight.

The woman kissed her hungrily and as she did so, Jennifer could taste the sweetness of her own pussy. “Thanks for lovely snack”, said the woman, and with that, she left the restroom, leaving Jennifer sitting on the basin, half naked and with her head spinning. She gathered herself, put her clothes back on and walked back to her seat. When she returned, the woman smiled at her, reclined her chair, covered herself with a blanket and turned her head towards Jennifer. Jennifer, still shaking from the intensity of what just occurred tried to relax. Within a short time, they drifted off to sleep.

As they deplaned at London-Heathrow airport, the woman was behind her as they waited for other passengers to gather their travel bags. Jennifer felt the woman squeeze her ass while whispering, “ Have a wonderful weekend, regards to your grandma.” Jennifer made her way through customs, and as she emerged from the gate, she instantly spotted Harry.

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