tagGroup SexJennifer & the Swinging Dicks Club

Jennifer & the Swinging Dicks Club


My Jennifer was being repeatedly fucked by every other guy at the party and she was clearly enjoying every last penetration. Her skin was shiny with perspiration as her hips repeatedly quivered then shuddered. Despite her mental reservations she was physically responding to the repeated penetrations. It was as if she couldn't help herself. The mind was resistant but her pussy wanted the enormous cocks of the four men taking turns with her to never stop moving and never stop thrusting. She was being serviced by the "Swinging Dicks".

The Swinging Dicks were a small club of six men with enormous cocks ranging from 9 to 13 inches with thicknesses of 1.5 to 3 inches. We're talking enormous meat. The leader of the Club, however, was a woman, Allison, whose boyfriend, Ben, was one of the Swinging Dicks. He could make a woman's pussy sing. She had started the club to bring pleasure to women who she felt could handle multiple partners and whose partners could handle them having sex with multiple well endowed men. It was a sort of sexual therapy meant for women only. The women whose boyfriends or husbands provided this service to women were also part of the Club. They would find women candidates to use the service and could use the service themselves when they felt the need, a sort of copulatory therapy. It was one of the benefits of being the spouse or girlfriend of one of the Swinging Dicks: you could receive frequent sexual servicing.

At the time she started the club, her boyfriend, Steve, was of normal size and she had believed the adage that it wasn't the size that mattered. Their lovemaking was excellent as far as she was concerned. However it was during a two-week vacation to her best friend's cottage that she would change her opinion...forever. Her friend, Shirley, and Shirley's boyfriend, Francois, a French-Canadian, sunned and swam at their cottage on the shores of Lake Huron...in the nude. In fact they were wont to wear clothes at all except when they left to go to town. And then Shirley would wear only a large t-shirt with no panties on. In her mind if you caught a glimpse then good for you. She thought her body was great and had no problem with having it admired. Neither did Francois.

Francois was visibly well-hung, even at rest, and Allison found herself admiring the shape and size of Francois' cock. She was also taken with the way it moved and the way it changed size depending upon the sun, a breeze, or a look or touch from Shirley. The head was thick and dark in color, and the shaft was crisscrossed with veins that filled his member with blood and made it stiffen. Shirley and Francois were always naked, so by the middle of the first week Allison joined in and went around the cottage and the beach out front naked. With both Francois' and Shirley's complements about her body she soon grew very comfortable with herself being on display even outside of the cottage. She thought to herself, however, that her boyfriend, Steve, would have gone ballistic to see her prancing around naked in front of the other men and women who used the lakefront or strolled past the beach at their cottage. With the nakedness and her preoccupation with Francois' impressive member she soon began to wonder how big his cock got when he was fully excited and how it would feel to have such a large penis sliding in and out of her own vagina.

One late evening during the first week she awoke to go to the bathroom. As she headed down the hall from her room, she noticed that Shirley's door was open; it normally wasn't. Every night she had heard Shirley through the walls panting and moaning like a bitch in heat. And every night the repeated and clearly orgasmic cries from Shirley had aroused Allison so much that she had to masturbate to relieve herself. Being so sexually aroused she left her door open and masturbated on top of her bed sheets hoping that Francois or Shirley would catch her. She wanted to get caught. She wanted them to see her playing with herself and see her naked body wonderfully exposed and aroused. She wanted to have Francois see her swollen clit and get so turned on that he would run his tongue between her legs to taste her and then slide that enormous cock up inside of her.

So night after night she had been engaged in this masturbatory activity. But tonight, as she peered through their open door she actually saw how enormous Francois' erect cock was, and she saw what it was doing to her friend. She saw Shirley quiver, then shudder and then cry out as her whole body would tense and she would shake all over. But the amazing thing was that it was each thrust, not a series of thrusts, which was causing this to happen!!!

She knew after watching Shirley climax several times that she should have returned to her room. Instead she stood there naked in the hallway and raptly watched as Francois produced one body shuddering orgasm after another with each long, slow stroke of that enormous cock of his. He varied the depth and speed of his thrusts and he varied the angle of penetration. But since his cock was enormous, it seemed like each stroke went on forever. Her friend was a helpless naked woman being pinned down by that enormous manly meat and was enjoying every second of it. Shirley began to slide her fingers up and down the split in her pussy and then to roll her clit, as it grew in size, between her thumb and forefinger. Soon her fingers were moving faster and soon she was climaxing. She let out a little cry and almost fell to the floor.

It got Shirley's attention and she looked down the hallway. She laughed and, panting, said to Allison, "I was hoping...you'd see us tonight; that's why I left...the door open. I wanted you...to see what Francois can offer. My best friend should experience...this." With that she motioned Francois to pull out of her and she scrambled out of bed and down the hall to pull Allison into their bedroom.

As she was pushed down on her back on the bed by Shirley, Allison got a good look at Francois' cock. It was huge, the thickness and length of an seedless cucumber, 2" thick and 13" long. It was long and thick and the veins, filled with blood, popped out all over it like natural pleasure ribs. The mushroom head of his cock was swollen and purple and enormous. She just imagined what that organ would feel like sliding up inside of her. Without thinking she reached out to touch it. His cock was still slippery with Shirley's cum, so Allison's fingers easily slid up and down that long, thick shaft.

Almost automatically she opened her legs wide and guided François' cock down to her wet pussy lips and then lined him up with the opening of her vagina. The rest of the evening was a blur of multiple orgasms and a constantly wonderful feeling of being filled and satiated. She vaguely remembered losing all control as she fucked him back and screamed for Francois to cum inside of her. She wanted to feel his hot jets of semen splash inside of her. He quickened his pace and as incredible heat built up between her legs she felt Francois tense up, quiver and have an intense orgasm. Jets of hot semen filled her and she cried out yet again in another violent climax.

Before she was allowed to leave the bed Francois pleasured her further with his tongue as if he were lovingly cleaning her pussy and cooling it off with his tongue. But that only succeeded in giving her yet another orgasm...this time a clitoral orgasm. She found herself reciprocating by licking Francois' fantastic cock and balls until there was no more cum on them. Then to thank him for the pleasure she sucked on his cock until he came once again into her mouth. She marveled at the sweet salty taste of ounces of cum that streamed into her open mouth and down her throat. She'd never had such a liberating sexual experience!!!

Every night after that she was serviced by Francois either before or after he serviced Shirley. Sometimes Shirley and Allison would lie side by side on the bed with Francois' cock taking turns inside each of them. She would feel Shirley's body shudder then she would have Shirley touching her all over as she in turn came. Francois was able to keep it up for long periods of time without cumming. She absolutely loved the experience. It freed her up as a sexual person. She realized that it was bullshit that size didn't matter. Size and staying power sure as hell did matter. By slowly fucking her, Francois was able to sustain his massive erections without cumming. Her excited little body was proof that she had never felt so alive and so erotic. She was now totally comfortable with how beautiful her body was. She enjoyed being naked in public; men loved her body and admired her confidence. She shaved her pussy lips so they were visible and trimmed the pubic hair on her belly into a little heart whose tip rested at the base of her clitoral hood. She even went in to town dressed like Shirley... with a knit cotton t-shirt or dress and no underwear. Men would follow her with their eyes as she moved. Men and women obviously thought she was sexy and beautiful, and it no longer made her uncomfortable...she knew she was.

Like a new convert she had found a wonderful new confidence and a new calling. Shouldn't this kind of pleasure be shared with other women? Their bodies were obviously designed to experience multiple orgasms and to stretch around the girth of a well-hung man. The pleasure was so much more intense from a well-hung man who knew what he was doing. Why settle for second best?

With Shirley's approval she began to look for women at nude beaches in the area in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Ontario. A woman who would go to a nude beach was more likely to be open about what Allison was offering. She used Francois and his gorgeous member as the attraction. If a woman was naked at the beach and therefore comfortable with her body and seemed interested in what Francois felt like, Allison would invite that woman back to either their hotel or a tent on the beach. Most women exited looking just wonderful, all rosy and alive and very conscious that their bodies, no matter the shape, were beautiful. Their nipples were erect, their breasts and butts were firmer and rosier, and their bellies were tighter. And all had great satisfied smiles that they kept with them all day.

As that summer wore on she found Ben, whose member was 12 inches long and 2.5 inches thick. He was also open to sharing himself and his girlfriend with Allison, Shirley and Francois. Now Shirley and Allison were inviting women they talked to on the beach for a session of servicing by either Ben or Francois or both. During that summer Ben's girlfriend left him and Steve left Allison. She had appreciated Francois fucking her but couldn't handle Ben fucking other women. So Allison and Ben became a couple who were dedicated to servicing women and helping them to liberate their sexuality.

Soon two couples became four couples, then five couples, then six couples. All the men not only had to be well-hung and versed at love-making but had to demonstrate a desire to please women, not abuse them either with their dicks, their actions or their words. The point of the Swinging Dicks Club was, after all, women's pleasure not male conquest and dominance. Although the club consisted of only couples, many other women were signing up for sex sessions with one or more of the men. Some even tipped for the regular servicing. It was up to Allison and the five other women to screen the women for any signs of trouble. They didn't want upset spouses or boyfriends coming around and causing trouble. For the sake of other women's pleasure and liberation they were willing to share their men on short notice.

It was while Jennifer and I were at a nude beach on west coast Michigan that we encountered the Swinging Dicks. As we lay out naked soaking up the sun and drying off from the cold waters of Lake Michigan we noticed a large group of men and women having fun a few yards from us. There was much physical horseplay between them which had resulted in the erection of several of the men's cocks. This normally was frowned on at a public nude beach, but there weren't any families around and the couples seemed to be having fun, if a little naughty. The men all looked like studs and the women were all vibrant and rosy. All seemed to be really enjoying the moment.

What got Jennifer's attention was the size of the men who were in that group, "Oh my, Mark. Looks like you have some competition." Her fingers curled around my own cock absentmindedly. This got my attention and I sat up. Jennifer didn't take her hand from my cock and I noticed the fingers of her other hand were playing in the curls of her pubic hair.

"Oh my!!" she said again. I noticed that she had gotten flushed and her fingers were deeper in her bush. "Let's go back in the dunes. I need sex...quick," she laughed, and with that she stood up, grabbed a towel and motioned for me to follow her back into the sand dunes. I pursued Jennifer's bouncing fanny back into the dunes. We didn't go far into the dunes before Jennifer spread the towel out, had me lie on my back, and mounted my hardening cock from above. She must have been very aroused already because she was positively liquid between the legs, and was soon cumming. And not quietly either; I feared that someone would hear us and we would get in trouble for engaging in sex in a public place...nude beach or not. But Jennifer seemed to be so worked up she was oblivious.

The pleasure of feeling her pussy contract around my lengthening cock pushed my reservations aside and I picked up Jennifer's slender body while still impaled on my member, flipped her over onto her back on the towel and proceeded to give her the slow fuck that would cause her to have multiple orgasms. I loved watching her body get excited, watching her face go from a coy smile, to pained as the spasms started, to that look of surprise as she began to lose control, and then finally to seeing her eyes roll up as she violently shuddered and gave herself up to her multiple orgasms. Then we'd start all over again. Her breasts would get all flushed: her nipples would become so erect that they looked like they would pop off of her breasts: her hips, belly, and thighs would flush with heated blood and begin to soften and mold against my body as if they wanted to be one with my body; and her clit would swell to the size of a little finger pushing her hood right back. It was truly wonderful to me to service Jennifer and watch the uncontrolled pleasure just fill her up. She was so vibrant and alive after our long, slow lovemaking sessions that she brightened both our days for several days afterward.

At rest my cock was a simple five inches long...normal looking. But in an erect state my cock extended out to 10 inches long and 2.5 inches thick. It was just a fluke of how the blood filled my cock. With Jennifer encouraging me to get past the embarrassment of a big cock (it's hard to hide or contain a large cock once it's excited) I was able to sustain intercourse with her and swell even larger so that she was absolutely worn out when I finished with her. Jennifer even got me to not be embarrassed if I experienced a full erection at the nude beaches or pools we visited; my erect genitals were a natural part of being a man she argued. To her the cock and a man's testicles hanging below that cock were things of beauty.

Unbeknown to Jennifer and me Allison had seen us head off into the dunes with me at half-mast. My cock size looked like a good prospect for the Swinging Dicks Club. Gathering up one of the other women from her group they had watched as I repeatedly pleasured Jennifer with my now at-full-attention cock.

Back on the beach Allison and her friend, Gwen, a stunning black woman with dark chocolate colored skin, full breasts tipped with protruding jet black nipples, and a shaved belly ending in a pair of thick pouty labia, approached Jennifer and made their proposition of sharing me with the women and her with the men. Jennifer told me later but said she didn't think she could do that: be pleasured by other men while I pleasured other women. However as the weeks passed and we returned to the beach again and again, and didn't see the group anymore, I noticed a subtle disappointment in Jennifer. I knew she was curious what it would be like to feel another man's huge cock inside of her.

I had kept the card Allison had given Jennifer and I called and suggested several places and scenarios to initiate Jennifer. But I had no idea how this would happen and I wasn't sure whether Jennifer would accept Allison's offer ultimately. I left that up to Allison and Jennifer's response. I just knew that deep down Jennifer was interested and I was willing to pleasure other women as part of the deal.

One day Jennifer and I found an invitation in our mail to a Halloween dare party. It had been months since we had seen Allison's and Gwen's group of folks. Although Jen had expressed every so often what it might have been like to take Allison up on her offer, she ended up working my dick to death to satisfy her needs. And I had thought that Allison had simply forgotten my offer.

The invitation told us to bring a pot luck dish, our choice of alcoholic beverage, and a couple of beach towels, and come dressed in a sexy costume and wear a mask for anonymity.

We showed up, greeted everyone...all couples...and got in the swing of eating, drinking and conversing. After everyone had snacked a little Allison asked everyone to push the furniture in their recreation room to the walls. She explained that the Dare Game was a series of increasingly daring rounds during which each player selected a slip of paper with some action on it. They performed the action, took a drink, or removed an article of clothing; if you had no more clothes left you had to perform the action. Each person called out their number and this took on significance during any action in which dice were rolled and the action was either performed on, with or by the person identified by the number on the dice.

Jennifer sat next to me. We were both nervous not knowing what to expect. Allison brought the first jar of paper slips, a blue jar, and set it before Jennifer, "As the new couple you're first." Jennifer pulled out a slip, "Tell how you lost your virginity. Be as explicit as possible." The first round consisted of people either telling us about their experiences or fantasies, squeezing or touching body parts, or removing other person's clothing depending on the roll of a dice for who and how many articles of clothing. Gwen, the gorgeous black woman we had seen on the beach, had the luck of the dice and was completely naked after the first round. I couldn't stop staring at her pussy as she sat across from me. Her belly and pussy lips were shaved smooth, her skin there was a very dark, almost black in color, her clit was also covered by a jet black hood but her inner lips and her clit were bright pink and pushed her outer lips and her hood out of the way. Her folds down there were a veritable sexual work of art and erotica. Jenn was down to her bra and her panties and I was still clothed in my Roman toga costume, but my dick was already tenting my toga from the stimulating view of Gwen's delicious pussy.

Allison now brought out the second jar, a yellow jar. In this round people were asked to touch, kiss, and strip. Sometimes the cards were creative, like, "Roll the dice. Remove two articles of clothing from whomever's number comes up...with your teeth." Clearly this round was more sexual and there occurred some heavy kissing and petting. Many in the group were now naked and several of the men were sporting sizable erections. Allison was naked now. She was South Asian in appearance with milk chocolate skin, a heart-shaped patch of jet black pubic hair on her belly, and shaved below so her pink inner lips and clit were visible between her chocolate brown labia. Her boyfriend Ben was sporting an enormous erection as was Dwayne, Elisa's spouse. I looked over at Jenny and she had her eyes transfixed on those erect cocks. She was now only wearing her panties, so her excitement was clearly visible in the swell of her breasts and her nipples standing at attention. She had a slight sheen of perspiration on her pale, white skin.

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