Jennifer and the Tentacle Monster


The last night came crashing through her memory like a freight train, and she knew that it hadn't been a dream. She remembered being taken against her will, and being fucked half to death. She remembered the ass fucking, the sucking tendrils, and the cum bath that the creature had given her, and she remembered how she had liked everything that had happened by the end of the experience. She remembered her promise to herself to leave the continent as fast as she could, and then quickly dismissed the idea entirely. She was here to shoot a movie, and she wasn't going to let some "imaginary" monster up on the roof scare her away.

She called the directors room and let him know that she was ready for work today. The director sounded happy to be getting the picture moving along now that she was hear and ready, and said he would have a car waiting for her shortly at the front entrance. She left for the set and pushed the memories of that morning into the back of her head for that day and the following ones as well. For the next month she was all about the work and nothing more.

After a month of being on site for the movie shoot, Jennifer was starting to go out of her mind with a newly found lust for sex. She was feeling more and more lonely, and she needed a man to fulfill her needs as soon as possible. She buddied up to as many members of the cast and crew as she could. She had a few romances over the last couple of weeks, and was going through as many men as were around. She was turning into the slut of the set, and she was constantly trying to get more out of the men around her. None of them could satisfy her urges, and she was running out of options. She even tried having sex with a group of men once or twice, but nothing was working.

After that first month she was given a week off. They would be shooting a fight scene that she wasn't a part of, and they needed her to rest for the next week when they would shoot a fight that she was a part of. She was going stir crazy in her room after just a day. She seduced a bellhop and even two American tourist she met in a bar, but neither of them could fully help her either. That evening she opened her window to the city, and stared out into the sunset with thoughts of nothing but sex.

As it got dark out, she walked back into her room and took a shower. She turned the heated water up and felt it wash over her skin. She ran her hands over her body and touched herself in all of the usual places. She rubbed her breasts and pulled on her nipples, and stuck a few fingers up her twat as a couple more shoved up her ass. She did her best to get herself off, but nothing was doing the job the way that creature up on the roof had. She longed to be touched by it, to have it invade her body again, and she wished for it to return. She had been having dreams about it, and the need for the sex it had given her, as well as its cum was growing inside her constantly.

She dried herself off and walked back out into the room, and saw that her wish was coming true. The window was still open, and there were a few tentacles laying on the floor in front of her, waiting for her to be ready for their master again. Though they didn't have eyes, they looked at her as she approached them with bright eyes and a wide smile. They sensed her readiness as she picked up the one in the middle and kissed it. One wrapped around her legs as the other two wrapped around her waist and chest, and carried her swiftly and gently up to the roof again.

Once up at the perch of the creature again, she sucked one of the tentacles into her mouth as she shed her robe to the ground. She spread her legs and welcomed the other tentacles that came to join her, and pierce her body for a night of fucking and pleasure. She encouraged the one cock to penetrate her vagina by grabbing it and placing it at her entrance, and after fingering her ass for a few moments she pushed another tentacle into that hole herself. She was getting fucked softly by three cock tentacles and she had inserted them all by herself as if the creature wouldn't have done it on its own had she refused.

As gentle as it started in the beginning, both parties wanted more from this encounter. All of her holes were filled, and then the tendrils latched onto the usual places on her tits and cunt. More tentacles wrapped around her legs to rub against them, and she then pulled back against them. She wasn't trying to get away this time though. She pulled against them to draw the cocks in her ass and pussy deeper into her body, and she undulated her hips against the invading members to push herself on them harder as they fucked her up into the air.

Jennifer moaned and groaned as she was fucked by the tentacles and fucked them back as hard as she could. She sucked on the cock in her mouth diligently and stroked every fleshy member that her hands could reach as they slithered and stroked her body right back. She came with her first orgasm very quickly, but was still feeling slightly unsatisfied. She was getting her wish of fucking her Tentacle Monster again, but she wanted more, and released the cock in her mouth for a moment to beg for what she wanted.

"More..." she called out quietly, and out of breath from fucking so hard. "I want more..."

The creature understood, and gave her what she wanted. It made the cock a little bit more slender than it normally was, and slid a second cock of the same thickness into her, stretching her a little wider than before, but not by enough to hurt her, and more than doubling her pleasure by having two cocks in her cunt now. This was what she wanted, she told the creature through thought. This is what she craved. She was getting off a second time on the creature's tentacles as they fucked each other hard. She felt the tentacle in her ass lose size the way the one in her pussy had done just before, and braced herself for another penetration in her ass. She wasn't disappointed when another tentacle joined the first one, and now she had two tentacles in each hole down there while she sucked a fifth into her mouth.

She jerked on the one in her mouth wildly as the tendrils sucked her nipples, cunt lips and clit. She came a third time just a minute or two after the second, and then felt another cock push into her mouth as the first one reduced in size. This was the best sex ever, she thought to herself. This is the way fucking is supposed to be. This is what life should be about. She fucked the creature back as best as she could suspended up in the air, and she took the beatings her holes were being dished out like a pro, and relished the feelings of orgasm that washed over her minute after minute.

Half of the tentacles pulled out, and she let out a whimper of protest as they did, but she soon felt them switch from one hole to another. The one in her mouth was in her pussy now, the one in her pussy was in her ass, and the one in her ass was now being sucked into her mouth. It took her a moment to figure out what the taste was, but once the initial shock was gone she sucked with the same fervor as before, uncaring of what had been where. All that she cared about was that she was getting fucked. The other tentacles in her mouth and pussy then switched places, leaving the last cock in her ass to remain there, knowing that ass to cunt could cause infections, and the creature couldn't have that. It needed her healthy. She tasted her pussy on the cock that was now in her mouth and sucked it harder than before, loving the taste of her pussy that she had grown accustomed to over the last month while experimenting with various men. She came again and again, with multiple continuous orgasms for at least a full minute.

The creature was about to finish as well. When her minute long set of orgasms was over it released its spray, and shot off in all of her holes with all six cock-tentacles at once. The sucking tendrils were released and it filled her inside and out as it had the last time. It pulled out one of each tentacle and sprayed on her flesh as the other ones came inside her. She jerked the tentacles and rubbed the ejaculate into her skin as the tentacles sprayed her and rubbed it over her flesh as well.

When the latest ordeal was over, the tentacles gently picked her back up and placed her back in her room again as it had the first time. This time she had no trouble walking to her bed on her own, and pulled the covers back to go fall asleep covered in cum and absorbing it into her blood. She dreamed peaceful dreams of pregnancy and motherhood, and her children dancing around the tentacle monster growing in the back yard or her house, and of going out to it for late night affairs. She dreamed a lot of dreams, and they all centered around the creature up on the roof in some way.

The rest of her week off was spent the same way as that first night, and with each night she was pleased to the fullest. By the end of the week she was taking three cocks in each hole, and absorbing a little less than a gallon of tentacle cum into her body through her skin. When she returned to shooting the movie she continued her rendezvous with the tentacles up on the roof. She would be gently taken out the window and then ravenously fucked hard by the creature until it came, and then replaced in her room to sleep off the sex as its cum absorbed into her. She was being groomed by the creature, and she was in fact carrying its offspring. She had been impregnated a week after her vacation, and now had a tentacle plant growing inside of her womb.

Shooting was now over a half year after it had began, and Jennifer was glad. She was starting to show her pregnancy, and she couldn't pass it off as rippling abs for too much longer. She stayed at the hotel for an extra week after she had to be there, and took advantage of the tentacles gifts to the fullest. When she did get onto a plane for the USA, she no longer needed the nutrients the plant was giving to her through its seed, and could sustain the plant inside her belly by herself.

She retreated to her summer cottage and hid until she had given birth to a worm-like creature about a month or two after returning to the states. It wasn't that big, and its "father" had told her what to do with it. She let it burrow into the dirt behind her house, though it didn't stay there. The life cycle of the creature didn't require its mother after birth. In fact, it needed a new and different host. It needed to grow, and to do that it had to get away from family, and into something new. It would burrow for miles if it had to, sustaining itself on the nutrients in the ground as it went. Its tracks would be passed off as gophers and woodchucks as it searched for a new place to grow, and set its roots. This particular plant-worm would settle just outside of a nunnery, inside the greenhouse, and would have its pick of hosts in the near future. It would be given the chance to grow, and to evolve, and be whole.

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