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Jennifer Aniston on Japanese TV


Jennifer Aniston was currently on a world tour promoting her newest movie. Right now she was in Japan, where she got invited to a popular TV show. It was supposedly somewhat like the Letterman show, and at least as popular in Japan as Letterman was in the US.

According to the assistant at the show who she had spoken to earlier, it was a great honor for her to be invited to the show. Her being a gaijin -- a foreigner. Apparently she was going to be the first American actress to appear on this show.

But that only confirmed to her that it was probably not a good idea to do this. No other respectable actress had done this so why should she? Maybe it was the truth that she had been the first American to be asked to appear on the show, but even so, the honor was very doubtful.

Her agent had come to her when they were planning the promotion tour and had told her about the offer very excitedly. He was convinced that it would be very good for her career. Japan was an important market for movies and this talk show had an enormous reach in the country. Therefore, if she gave a good interview, a success in Japan was almost guaranteed.

There was only one problem with this. According to what she was told, the show was very unique. Not at all like Letterman!

When her agent had told her vaguely what was expected of her, she had almost fired him on the spot. She was so angry that she wiped her agent's laptop from the desk between them. Only slowly was he able to calm her down.

"Look, I know this is very unusual. It's scandalous actually! But it would only be shown in Japan. And you know their culture is quite different than ours. Here it's apparently perfectly normal for an actress to perform these kinds of acts," he had explained.

"That doesn't mean that I have to do that!" She shouted at him.

"No, you don't. But you also know your success rate lately. It isn't too good! You need the publicity!"

She went quiet.

He was right. Her last few movies weren't big hits. In fact most of her publicity consisted of reports about her on-again-off-again boyfriends. No luck with movies. No luck with boyfriends either.

She needed to change her luck. And if this TV show could help her get the publicity needed to make her latest movie a hit? Maybe it was a necessary evil?

But it was so extreme! Even the little detail that her agent was able to tell her about the show sounded way too much for her. Apparently the show was very sexual in nature. And it would require some nudity from her. Something that was unthinkable on American TV! But here in Japan it seemed to be very normal.

She had watched a bit of TV during her brief stay so far. But she hadn't really seen any shows like the one she was supposed to appear on. Maybe it was only on certain weekdays? Or maybe she just hadn't found the right channel among the hundreds of channels that where available in her hotel room.

After a long talk and a few hours of crying alone in her hotel bed, she had finally agreed to at least talk to the assistant of the show. The assistant would tell her in more detail what was expected of her and would also arrange all the necessary preparations. One of those was a blood test.

What kind of show requires a test for STDs? -- she thought.

The assistant was a tiny Japanese girl of at most 20 years. She was spindly thin and a whole head shorter than Jennifer. She was cute though and had a very bubbly personality. When she came to Jennifer's hotel room the actress liked the girl immediately.

The girl's English was not perfect, but good enough for Jennifer to understand everything. Although at first she thought that she must have misunderstood some of the things the girl said.

"Bucka-what?" Jennifer asked.

"Buk-ka-ke," the girl repeated slowly. "It is the Japanese art of cum." She gave a crooked smile.

"What exactly does that mean?" Jennifer was very confused. Her agent had told her something about nudity, maybe showing her tits or something like that. But cum?

"Bukkake means that many men cum on girl," the assistant explained.

"Cum on?"

"Yes. They masturbate and then they shoot the cum on the girl. Mostly on the face."

"That's disgusting," Jennifer exclaimed. "Who would let people do that to them?"

"Well it is Japanese tradition," said Mitsumi - that was the assistant's name by the way. "Many famous actresses do this. It is expected!"

Jennifer had her doubts about that. But she didn't really know better. You rarely hear about other country's traditions on American news. So maybe Mitsumi was right.

"Okay, explain to me again what I would have to do on your show," she tried calmly.

Mitsumi laid it out: "You wear short skirt and a shirt. You go in studio when you get introduced to audience by host. You curtsy. Then you stand at the tall desk that is prepared for you. Then you answer questions of host. While you talk to host men will climb on desk and shoot cum on your face. You must not react to it. You must act everything is normal."

Jennifer was disgusted. "You expect me to let a number of strange men ejaculate on my face? On TV!? You must be crazy!"

"This is normal in Japan," Mitsumi replied. "Many American shows seem crazy to Japanese audience."

Well, I guess something like Jerry Springer must seem crazy to others, Jennifer mused.

"So I just stand there and talk to the host as if nothing strange where going on. And I get semen on my face?"


"How much? I mean how many men are we talking about?"

Mitsumi seemed to think a moment. "It depends."

"On what?"

"On how excited our guys get. At least thirty. Maybe more. As many we can get. And depends on how long interview. If host doesn't like you he not ask many questions. Interview short."

"And if he likes me?" Jennifer asked.

"Then he ask many questions. Interview will be long. Many men will have time to cum on you."

That seemed like a somewhat reverse logic to Jennifer.

"So I have to try to get him to not like me?"

"No!" Mitsumi cried. "You want publicity. You want people to like you. To go to your movie. So you must make host like you very much. Get as much time as you can. Host will like you, people will like you and go to your movie."

"I guess that makes some sense," Jennifer reluctantly admitted. "So all I have to do is stand there, answer questions and pretend nothing is happening while 30 men cum on my face?"

"And get sexed," Mitsumi said matter-of-factly.


"After a while, one man will come behind you and have sex with you. That is what the test is for."

"You're saying that while all that other stuff is going on, someone will f-... will have sex with me from behind?" Jennifer couldn't believe it. It was getting more and more extreme for her liking.

"Yes. You pretend that nothing is happening. This very important! This part of tradition. You let the man do anything he wants. He have sex with you. He touch your boobs. He touch your pussy. You let him."

Jennifer was simply shaking her head slowly.

"When interview is over, maybe host will do something, too. You just let him do. You pretend nothing is happening. When he done and he say goodbye, you say 'Thank you' and make another curtsy and leave the studio. You not adjust your clothes!" Mitsumi was quite adamant.


That was yesterday. Jennifer had thought about all that the assistant of the show -- Mitsumi -- had said. Also the arguments of her agent. She had talked to him again after she had regained some kind of composure after her chat with the Japanese girl.

He was a bit shocked at the extend of sexual display that was apparently expected of the guests on this particular show. And especially what was expected of Jennifer!

But he had explained to her again how important this show was and how important to her career this was. And her bank account! She hadn't exactly lived a simple life even though her earnings from previous successes like "Friends" had already been spent and her latest movies hadn't really made her that much money.

She desperately needed a success! And if this meant that she had to do this stupid show, she would do it!

Now that she stood backstage of the show she wasn't so sure anymore though. She was wearing a short dress similar to something she had worn as Rachel on "Friends" many years ago, when Rachel had worked as a waitress in the coffee shop. Mitsumi had given her the outfit. It was a good fit, but she felt very weird in it.

She felt even weirder when she thought about what she was about to do.

While she waited for her cue, she watched the monitor backstage that showed what was happening on stage. Similarly to a Letterman show, the host had begun by apparently telling a couple of jokes. Jennifer didn't know, because it was all in Japanese obviously, but the audience laughed a couple of times.

Now there was a music performance. A girl band was playing some Japanese pop song. But all the members of the band where "bottomless". That means they had normal clothes on except no skirt, no pants and no panties. You could clearly see their hairy pussies while they danced around to their music.

Definitely not like a Letterman show!

The audience loved it though.

"We have to pixel it later," Mitsumi whispered in Jennifer's ear.


"The show not live. We have to pixel the image later. If we show it uncensored we go jail," she said.

Jennifer seemed to remember hearing about that. Japanese law weirdly required censoring pictures of women's and men's genitalia while allowing all kinds of disgusting acts otherwise. Even sex with animals!

"So you will pixel me as well?" Jennifer asked.

"Yes. It is law. But you can have copy if you want. Uncensored."

"Well... I don't know. I'll think about it."

The music was coming to an end. Jennifer got very nervous.

"Remember. It very important that you act like everything normal!" Mitsumi repeated. "You not react to men and you not push them away. Let them do what they want. And if you get cum in mouth, swallow!"

That was news to Jennifer. No one had said anything about swallowing before. But she couldn't turn back now. It was too late!

"And most important," the tiny show assistant lectured on. "Let host do what he wants. Do not turn away from him!"

Jennifer heard the host talk to his audience. She couldn't understand what he was saying. She thought she understood the title of her movie. Then she heard him say in a rising voice: "Ye-ni-fe-ru A-ni-s-to-n!"

Applause erupted in the audience and Jennifer felt Mitsumi give her a little push from behind.

She walked on stage.


She was momentarily blinded by the many studio lights. She could only guess where the audience was. She had almost forgotten her "script", the actions she was supposed to do.

What was first? Ah yes. The curtsy.

She stood straight and faced the audience. Then she bent her knees a little bit like a maid answering her king.

The audience liked that.

She walked over to the desk where she was supposed to stand during the so called interview.

"Welcome to Japan, Jennifer," the host said in perfect English. He was obviously quite capable to pronounce her name correctly. It seems he had only used the Japanese pronunciation for the benefit of the audience.

Momentarily Jennifer was dumbfounded and didn't know what to say. The surroundings and the situation were just too surreal. Also she was surprised how big the audience of this show was. There were at least three hundred people!

The host looked at her, expecting an answer.

She blushed a bit. "Thank you! It's great to be here," she said dutifully.

The desk where she stood was high enough so she could lean her arms on it. If you only saw the desk top and Jennifer's upper body, you could think that she was sitting at a normal desk. Behind her was a trans-light -- basically a backlit photograph of Tokyo's skyline. Very similar to American talk shows.

There were also stairs at each end of the desk where people could easily climb up and stand on the desk either side of Jennifer.

She had barely enough time to register these facts.

"You have made a new movie. Tell us what it's about, Jennifer," the host began his questions.

Okay. This is something I can do, she thought.

She had basically reiterated the story and all details about the movie to countless journalists in many different countries already on her promotion tour. So this should be easy.

She started telling her usual brief description of the story, when she suddenly registered some movement in the corner of her eye. She almost turned her head around. But then she remembered that she was supposed to ignore all that.

She had momentarily stopped her narrative. The host was about to say something, but she quickly composed herself and continued her story. The host smiled at her. He was standing a couple of feet in front of her at another desk with lots of notes on it. He was basically standing with his back to the audience -- kind of like in these casting shows on American TV. Only he was not directly in front of her but a bit to one side, so that the audience and the cameras had an unobstructed view of her.

The desk she was standing at also had no front. The audience could therefore see most of her body.

While she kept telling the story of the movie like so many times before, she felt the movement to her right. Someone was quickly climbing up the stairs. Suddenly a man was standing next to her. He was naked from the waist down! The only things he wore was a white T-shirt with the logo of the show on it and a black hood over his head with small holes for his eyes.

No one would be able to recognize him. But everyone would recognize her...

She felt the heat from his body and heard the unmistakably sounds of someone masturbating. She didn't dare look at him. She tried to concentrate on her narration.

Suddenly the man moved a little closer, he made a pained sound, and then she felt something hot and wet splash against her face. She cocked her head back a little from the shock. But before the host could even look angry, she forced herself to relax. She held her head steady and tried to continue her story. All the while the stranger next to her continued to shoot sperm on her face.

The first splash had hit the side of her head. The second had hit her nose. The third had gone by her chin and only left a small trail. After that only small droplets came out and dropped onto her top.

After the guy was spent he stepped closer again and wiped his cock on the side of Jennifer's face. She almost jerked her head back again, but steadied herself at the last moment.

The guy climbed back down. Jennifer continued her story, but she was soon finished with her usual short synopsis.

"Please tell us more," the host said. "What was the inspiration for your character?"

Okay, the usual questions. I don't even have to concentrate. Good, so I can concentrate on not reacting to this crazy game, Jennifer thought.

Jennifer answered the host's questions with very similar answers as she had given all the other journalists before. It was indeed quite easy. Except of course that all the while identically dressed men kept climbing onto the desk. And one after the other they kept shooting their semen into Jennifer's face. They came from right and left. Sometimes just one man, sometimes two at the same time from both sides.

And their aim was pretty good! They covered her nose, they splattered the sides of her head. They splashed at her chin and some even hit her lips. While she was talking, sometimes some of the cum even went into her mouth and she quickly pushed it back out with her tongue.

When she spit out for the third time, the host quietly said "please swallow."

She blushed.

But when she got some semen into her mouth the next time she swallowed timidly. It didn't taste good. But it wasn't really that awful either.

Some men really came close to her and let their cum drop onto her forehead -- so it would slowly run down her face -- or on top of her hair. Some seemed to enjoy splashing in her ears. Luckily they were mostly protected by her long hair, but one of the guys actually pushed the hair aside and stuck his cock into her ear. When he came, the semen shot into her ear a bit. After that her hearing was a bit muffled on that side for a while.

The host had already asked most of the usual questions. He said, "okay, let's watch a short clip now."

A trailer from her movie was now playing on one of the big screen TVs that were mounted above the stage. The other two screens there still showed a close up of her face or upper body. She had looked up and to her left at the screen showing the trailer, so she would know what clip exactly would be shown. But now she also saw the other screens. And her cum covered face!

She blushed furiously.

Momentarily she closed her eyes. When she opened them again she looked directly at a long hard cock that was pointed at her. She gasped for a second. The owner of the cock took the opportunity and simply pushed his cock into her half open mouth.

Jennifer wanted to pull her head back, but the guy with his cock in her mouth held her head in both his hands. She couldn't pull off the cock. Instead the guy kept pushing his cock into her mouth and held her head. She stopped resisting and the guy simply continued to fuck her face.

After about two minutes of this the guy grunted and came into her mouth.

"Swallow," the host whispered to her.

The guy pulled out his softening cock and Jennifer dutifully swallowed the load in her mouth. It was quite a mouthful -- in the truest sense of the word. She had to swallow twice.

"Very good," the host said. "Very good trailer!" He said louder.

"Very interesting. So tell me, Jennifer, what is the symbolic meaning of the scene where your character stands in front of the church?"

No journalist had ever asked such a deep question before.

"That's a very good question," she said.

She had to think a moment before she could answer. Just at that moment another guy on her right gripped her head and pushed his stiff cock at her lips. She didn't even resist this time. She simply let the cock slip into her mouth. Again the guy used her mouth like a cunt and fucked her hard. She gagged a few times, but that only seemed to spur the guy on.

After more than three minutes the guy came in her mouth and pulled out. She swallowed quickly so she could get some air. Then the guy put his cock back at her lips. She understood his meaning and licked the tip of his cock clean.

"So what is the meaning of that scene," the host asked again.

Jennifer had almost forgotten the question. She certainly hadn't really been trying to think of an answer while she basically got face raped.

"Ehm, well... I think it means...," she stammered. Finally she remembered some talks she had with the director of the movie. He had explained to her what the motivation for that scene was supposed to be. Jennifer started to retell that story to the show's host.

Suddenly she felt movement behind her. She didn't dare turn around, but she stiffened a little. She just couldn't help it. The host looked a little sterner and she tried to relax.

Someone was standing behind her. And now while she explained the scene from the trailer, that person touched her body.

First he just caressed her back then her buttocks and finally her legs. He seemed to be kneeling behind her. Then she felt his hands on her butt again, but this time underneath her dress!

He hooked his fingers into the elastic of her panties and slowly pulled them down.

It took every bit of self-control for her not to react to this.

When the panties were down at her ankles, the guy lifted first one foot then the other to take them completely off. She heard him sniff the panties. Then she saw them flying into the audience.

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