tagHumor & SatireJennifer Calls on Me

Jennifer Calls on Me


Early Thursday morning of last week, I got a call from Jennifer, one of the youngest and sexiest of my lady friends. “Hi, George. This is Jennifer. I am having a tough time completing an assignment in Creative Writing and I would really appreciate it if you could look it over for me, and maybe help me with it.”

Her request brought back some extremely fond memories. The last time I had critiqued her work, the request had been really just a pretext to get me into her dorm room and seduce me, which had been extremely easy for her to do. My cock stirred in my pants as I remembered our love-making, some of the best in my experience. “Of course, Jennifer. Always glad to help a young author. Do you want me to come over to your dorm room?”

“One of my roommates is here all day. Can I come over to your place?”

“Even better,” I thought. Her bed in the dorm was a single and our previous adventure, delightful though it had been, would have been even better with more room to move around, as I had in my bed. “That would be fine, Jennifer. I will be here today waiting for you. What time do you want to come over?”

“How about one o’clock?”

“One o’clock is fine.” That would give me time to change the sheets on the bed and straighten up my office. We would go there first and pretend to work before heading for the bedroom for what Jennifer was really coming over here for. My bedroom with the queen-sized bed and the mirror on the wall would certainly be a better place for making love than her dorm room had been and, great as it had been over there, it would be even better here. I gave her directions, making sure there would be no unavoidable delays.

Promptly at 1:00 o’clock, the doorbell rang and I hurried to answer it. There was Jennifer, face and hair not a bit less beautiful and I could see the lovely swell of her breasts through the light jacket she was wearing. When I hugged her, her binders and notebooks were held at chest level, and I was unable to feel her breasts pressing against me, and when I went to kiss her, Jennifer turned her face so I kissed her cheek instead of her lips. “Oh, well,” I thought. “The doorstep is quite public and she is being circumspect about why she is really here.”

Once inside, I took her jacket and hung it up in the closet by the door. When I turned back to Jennifer, I was delighted to see she was wearing a light sweater and her erect nipples were thrusting through the fabric. When she moved, it was obvious that her lovely breasts were unfettered under the garment. My hands itched to fondle the twin beauties and my mouth longed to suck and lick them but, just to keep up appearances, we would have to pretend to do some work before heading for the bedroom.

Since we were no longer on the doorstep and we were out of the public eye, we could hug and kiss properly but when I moved to do so, Jennifer stepped away from me and asked, “George, can I use the bathroom before we get started?”

“Of course.” I pointed out the hall bathroom and gave her directions to the office where we would pretend to work. I thought of how Jennifer had gone to the bathroom on the day we had met and of how she had surreptitiously tied a towel to the doorknob in the time honored warning to anybody who might have been of a mind to disturb us. There would be no need for that kind of thing today since nobody would be by to disturb our afternoon of mutually pleasurable love-making.

Earlier, I had set a chair from the kitchen in the office for Jennifer to use while I would sit next to her in my swivel chair. The kitchen chair was the best one to use, I believed, because it has no arms to get in the way and I could caress her leg and other body parts while we were working, warming up to what we would be doing later. When Jennifer entered the office, I hungrily eyed her bouncing breasts as she walked across the floor. In some ways, she was tempting me even better today than she had the first time, when she had let her blouse come unbuttoned. She hadn’t been wearing a bra then either, but it had taken a while to get a good look at what was not being confined, while this time, I could immediately see her breasts swaying and bouncing, although they were covered by the light, clingy fabric.

Jennifer sat down and spread some printed sheets on the desk. I started looking them over and found her story to be very well done. “Jennifer, this is really good. You have improved since the last time we were together.” As I turned to speak to her, I took the opportunity to put my hand on her leg and squeeze gently. She was wearing dark green cotton pants and I could feel the warmth and the firmness of her young thigh under the thin fabric.

Jennifer pushed my hand away and asked me about character development. “Maybe,” I thought, “she wants to actually do some work before we get down to the good stuff.” I answered her question. “That would work but not quite yet. I think you should establish his motivation a little more before he actually starts doing that.” She nodded her head in agreement and then Jennifer pushed away the hand that had insinuated itself behind her ass. I was getting a little perturbed that so far she had avoided all my advances.

We continued working together until I had read all the pages of Jennifer’s story, and I forced myself to keep my hands away from her. “Work first, I guess, and then comes playtime,” I thought.

When the work was done, and Jennifer had made notes of all my suggestions, either accepting or declining them, she turned toward me. “Thanks, George. You’ve really been a lot of help and I appreciate it.” As she was saying that, Jennifer leaned back, smiling, stretching her sweater against her lovely breasts. Her erect nipples protruded through the fabric and I was sure I detected the delightful aroma of her pussy juices that had been so delectable our first time together.

“Now comes the real fun,” I thought, as I gently set one hand on her warm, young thigh and cupped a firm breast with the other.

Jennifer pushed me away, jumped to her feet and stepped away from the desk. “Mr. Boxlicker, I don’t know what you think I am here for but something seems to have given you the idea that I’m easy or a pushover. I don’t know what that was but I am leaving, right now. I really thought you were a nice guy and I really thought you wanted to help me but now I see you are just like all the other guys I have known. All you men are the same! You all have just one thing on your minds!” Jennifer strode out of the office and down the hall. She opened the front door and paused before leaving. Her jacket was, I remembered, still hanging in the closet.

Quickly I followed her. My expectations of making love to beautiful Jennifer that day were dashed but, even worse, it looked like I would lose her friendship. Although I am not “in love” with any of my lady friends, I love all of them, including Jennifer, and truly enjoy their company, even besides the sex, which I enjoy also, of course. I wanted to talk to Jennifer and try to get her to change her mind and stay, even if just to talk and share some coffee.

“Jennifer, please, I am deeply sorry that I offended you. Please come back and we will be strictly business.” I decided not to mention the last time we had been together, thinking she might have bad memories about it, although my impression then had been that she had enjoyed herself as much as I had.

Jennifer turned around then, a broad smile splitting her face. “APRIL FOOL” she shouted, and jumped toward me, to hug me the way I wanted to be hugged, smashing her firm breasts and erect nipples against my chest. She kissed me the way I wanted to be kissed, thrusting her tongue into my mouth and mingling it with mine.

After she removed her tongue from my mouth, Jennifer laughed again. “George, you should have seen your face. I have never seen anybody so disappointed. Now, let’s head for the bedroom. I’m horny as Hell and I can’t wait to get your cock in my mouth and your tongue and your cock in my pussy.”

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. The earlier story about Jennifer was “I Critique Jennifer” which I also enjoyed writing and it is available through my index. Whether you liked this story and/or the earlier one or not, I appreciate your voting and your feedback, either through email to me or adding your comments at the end of the stories. I have always found that feedback from readers helps me to write more and better and I always answer any I receive.

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