Jennifer Ch. 04

byMark Singer©

Jennifer was moaning around his cock as Dan began to fuck her mouth. With each deep thrust he shot another thick load of cum over her tongue. Jennifer tried in vain to swallow it all, but there was simply too much of it. The dam of her lips broke and semen cascaded over them forming a small river that ran over her chin and down her breasts.

Jennifer began to hum, licking his cockhead as it passed over her tongue. She titled her head and Dan cried out as his cock passed into her throat. He bucked again spilling more cum into the tight channel, feeling Jen swallow against his shaft. He pulled out and thrust deep again, and Jennifer accepted him, allowing his cock to fuck her throat like a cunt.

Jennifer was ecstatic. She'd never taken a cock into her throat before and she was amazed at how easily it had happened. She marveled at the feel of his cock sliding over her tongue and then deep into her throat passage. She held her face out to him, letting him fuck in and out of her mouth.

Dan continued to groan, and was incredulous when he felt his balls stirring again. He fucked Jennifer's throat again and again and felt a scream rising from his own throat as his cock began to spew.

Jennifer groaned around Dan's thick cock as she felt him swell in her mouth and begin to coat her tongue again with his semen. She felt like a queen, making this guy come twice in so short a time. Dan was sensitive and caring and wonderful, yes....but he was proving himself to be quite a stud too! She felt very lucky as Dan poured his hot cum into her mouth. She began to bob her head up and down on his cock, making him moan as he fired volleys of cum into this greedy girl's mouth.

When his flow began to dwindle, his cock began to soften inside her mouth. Jennifer pulled away. A long stream of semen clung to her lip as she pulled her mouth off his cock and she licked her tongue out to break it. It fell in a slow arc to stick to her chin. She looked up at Dan and grinned.

"Wow..." was all she could say. Her tongue seemed thick and pasty from the layer of cum that coated it, making her slur her words a bit. "That's a pretty amazing talent you have there, Dan..." She smiled at him as she licked her fingers and rubbed his semen into her neck and breasts. She sat on the floor and looked up at him admiringly.

"I didn't know I had the talent..." Dan laughed. "And I might say the same about you! I've never felt anything like that before in my life!"

"I know...!" she beamed. "I've heard Debbie and Laura talk about deep throating, but I always thought they were goofing on me! It was awesome when you pushed inside!" She looked up at him with a proud and sexy look on her face as her hand played with his semi-hard pole. Her fingers worked his thick semen over his shaft, swirling around as his juice pushed through her fingers.

"I can't wait to tell them how you came twice in my mouth..." she teased, batting her eyes.

Dan grinned, then looked at her with a reproachful look. "Hey..." he said, "If I can't tell my friends, how come you can tell yours?!"

Jennifer smiled at him. "Because girls aren't like boys..." She looked up at him, her face a mask of innocence. "Besides..." she said, her hand running up and down his cum covered shaft, "I'll bet Laura would even like to join us someday... I'd bet you'd like that.... She likes to play too, you know..."

Jennifer leaned her head on Dan's knee, her eyes focusing on his semi-hard cock as it slid through her fingers. Her eyes took on a dreamy look.

"One time..." she continued, "Laura told me that she gave three of her cousins blow jobs at the same time...."Jen slowly stroked Dan's cock as she spoke dreamily. "It sounded so hot. She said her face was covered with cum..." She looked up at Dan with a question in her eyes.

"Have you ever come on a girl's face, Dan? I mean, like shot all over her and stuff...?" Dan shook his head, but Jennifer felt his cock in her hand expand a bit, and realized she'd hit a cord of sorts. She squeezed his cock and continued to stroke him slowly.

"Have you ever been with two girls at once...?" she inquired. Again, Dan shook his head.

"But I think I might like it...Have something in mind...?" he teased. Jennifer grinned and returned her gaze to his cock. It was noticeably bigger in her hand. She smiled up at him and winked.

"Maybe....we'll see. But tell you think about coming on my face....does that turn you on?" She leaned forward, licking the head of his cock as she stroked him.

"Yeah...I guess I've thought about it...." Dan replied, feeling the blood rushing back into his cock. "How about you...? Do you think about that...?"

Jennifer smiled up at him. "Truth?" she whispered. "Truth." Dan replied.

Again, Jennifer smiled. "Well..." she began, "the truth is that a long time ago I saw a gang bang kind of video my cousin had. This girl was in the center of about ten guys, sucking them and jerking them off. At the end of the movie every guy either came in her mouth or on her face." Her eyes closed to lustful slits.

"I don't know why, but it turned me on a lot! She was so excited and happy....she smiled and laughed as one after another they came on her face. It was kinda know?

Jennifer looked up at Dan. His face was flushed and sweaty. She knew she was turning him on. His cock was fully hard in her hand now. Hard and shiny as it slid through her fist. She leaned forward again, taking his cockhead into her mouth and tonguing it wildly. She knew she could make him come again.

"Do you want to come on my face, Dan...?" she whispered, tonguing the tip of his hard-on. "Do you want to shoot all over my lips and face....?" Taking his cock into her mouth again, she slid him deep into the back of her throat, amazing herself once more and making him groan. She bobbed her head up and down on his hard shaft, making him groan even more. Dan's hips began to rise and fall off his seat, making Jennifer smile. She'd never met a boy who could come like this.

She was preparing herself to take his cock from her mouth and jerk him off over her face, when they were both startled by the sound of a car pulling into the driveway. Dan sat up, causing his cock to drop from Jennifer's expectant lips.

"It's my father!!!" he yelled, hurriedly trying to tuck his bone hard cock back into his pants. Jennifer stood up, reaching quickly for her clothes. They were both laughing nervously as she slipped into her skirt and threw her blouse on over her shoulders. She was quickly trying to button her blouse and pull her skirt down when they heard the sound of a key in the door. Succeeding in the latter, she used the back of her hand to wipe the residue of Dan's cum from her lips. She continued to button her blouse as she heard Dan's father walk into the room. She managed to get only half of them buttoned, when Dan's dad said hello.

As she turned, she saw that Dan had one of the couch pillows in his lap, hiding his hard-on. She smiled and turned to his father.

"Hi, Mr. Renquist..." she said cheerfully. She hoped she looked at least half-way presentable. From the look on Dan's father's eyes as they danced over her, she figured she was. She relaxed and smiled. This time for real.

"Hi, Dad!" Dan called out, trying to control the shaking in his voice. "You're home early...!"

To Be Continued...

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