Jennifer Ch. 08

byMark Singer©

She was still tossing decisions around in her mind when they were both startled by the sound of the front door opening. Jennifer sat bolt upright, looking in vain for a blanket or something to cover them up with. It had to be Dan's father returning from work, and they'd left the door unlocked!

Neither girl had the chance to cover up, even if their had been something handy. As Jennifer turned back to the foyer, she was greeted with the sight of Dan's father standing in the doorway. His face registered the shock of what he was seeing, but only for a moment. Both girls watched his face as the shocked look was replaced by one of delight.

Jennifer knew that there was nowhere to hide, so she took the opposite tack, leaning back on her hands and turning her body to the man watching them. She saw his eyes drop to her shining breasts and she smiled at him, cocking one leg up and posing sexily.

"Uh...Hi, Mr. Renquist..." she said sweetly. "We were just..uh...studying..." Jennifer smiled sexily, feeling her heart beating nervously in her chest. She was still unsure exactly how Dan's father was going to react. But when a slow smile spread over the older man's handsome face, she relaxed.

And when she dropped her eyes to his crotch, and saw the bulge that was growing there, she knew that everything was going to be okay. Possibly even more than just okay...

"Studying, huh?" Dan's father said with a grin. "Must be a new course I wasn't aware of..." His eyes traveled up and down Jennifer's nakedness, making her shiver.

"Anatomy..." she replied with a wink. "I hope you don't mind..." She saw his eyes move over to Shannon, who was still turned away, her back to him as she clutched a pillow against her chest. "Oh...this is Shannon." she said in a conversational tone, "Shannon is part of group..." Jennifer reached over and snatched the pillow away from Shannon, making her squeal in protest.

Jack Renquist couldn't believe how calmly this young girl was reacting to all this. She was stark naked, fresh from a sexual session that had obviously worn out his son, and was talking to him as if they'd just run into each other at the mall. He felt his arousal increasing.

It began to peak as he saw the young blond turn to face him. Her firm young breasts were partially hidden by her thick mane of blond hair, but that only added to her erotic look. Her bright blue eyes looked at him nervously, but her pouting lips turned to a smile.

"Uh...hi Mr. Renquist..." she said sexily, in a little girl voice. "I hope you're not upset. We got a little carried away..." She too could see the obvious bulge in the man's pants, and knew instinctively that they were cool.

Jack let his eyes travel over the young bodies in front of him and smiled. "I guess I should be upset..." he began, "But it's kind of hard to be with you two looking like you are." He winked at Jennifer and grinned.

"I'll just forget I saw anything. If I start to yell, I might wake up sleeping beauty over there..." He grinned and glanced at his son, snoring peacefully. "He looks exhausted!" Jack said this last thing with a touch of envy in his voice, making Shannon smile.

"I'll be in the den." Jack said, picking up his briefcase. "You guys carry on. If you want something to drink, there's plenty in the fridge." He let his eyes roam once more over the two naked beauties, then turned and walked through the door, releasing a huge sigh.

When he was gone, Shannon looked over at Jennifer. Both girls began to laugh, trying to remain as quiet as they could.

"Well, that went pretty well, considering the circumstances..." Shannon chuckled. "He was pretty nice about everything wasn't he?"

Jennifer smiled and nodded, remembering the first time that Mr. Renquist had discovered her and Dan.

"Yeah," she replied, "Mr. Renquist is pretty cool." She leaned towards Shannon. "And his cock is even bigger than Dan's..." She grinned when Shannon stared back with a shocked expression. Giggling quietly, she scooted closer and proceeded to tell Shannon all about the night that Jack had watched as she sucked Dan off on the couch. Shannon felt her heart pounding as Jennifer described in detail how Dan had come all over her face as she looked into the eyes of his father.

As Jennifer related to her how Jack had stood in the doorway, stroking his monster cock as she posed for him, Shannon could feel her pussy begin to tingle and dampen.

"Wow..." she said, the gears in her mind obviously whirling away. Jennifer knew exactly what the blond was thinking.

"I think I'd like a drink..." she said, winking at Shannon.

"I think I'll join you, Jennifer." Shannon replied with a smile. "I think Dan will be okay without us for a few minutes..."

Shannon looked very erotic with her blond hair still wet and matted with Dan's semen. Jennifer let her eyes travel over the blonde's body as she stood up in front of her. The girl was incredibly sexy looking.

Smiling at her, she led the way into the kitchen. In one corner was a wet bar, fully stocked with anything imaginable. Jennifer made a gin and tonic for each of them, then smiling at Shannon, reached for a bottle of scotch.

"I think Mr. Renquist might need a drink after his hard day at work..." she explained, putting ice in a third glass and filling it half full with scotch.

Shannon smiled, seeing where this was leading. "I think it's the least we can do..." she agreed.

Picking up the drinks, the girls grinned at each other and walked out of the kitchen. Pausing in front of the door to the den, Jennifer took a deep breath and knocked lightly.

"Yes...?" Jack's voice answered. Jennifer looked at Shannon and pushed the door open slowly. Jack was standing with his back to the door, leafing through a tall file cabinet.

"We thought you might want a drink Mr. Renquist. I hope scotch is okay...." Jennifer said softly as the two walked into the dimly lit den. It was richly appointed, with deep grained wood paneling and plush leather furniture.

"Scotch would be wonderful..." Jack began, turning to them. His jaw dropped as he saw their nakedness, and his eyes opened wide. "What the...?" he stammered, "You're...I mean..Dan...?"

Shannon grinned, and walked up to the older man, holding his drink out for him. "Dan's still asleep." she whispered. "We were lonely..." Her eyes ran over the front of Dan's father, pausing when she reached his bulge.

Jack took his drink, taking a big gulp and letting his eyes move over Shannon's naked body. "My god..." he rasped, "I can't believe this..." he turned to Jennifer and watched with a dry throat as she smiled at him and brought a hand up to cup one breast.

"I told Shannon about last Wednesday..." she whispered. Stepping closer to the befuddled man she grinned at him. "About how you watched me giving Dan a blow job...and how you showed this to me..."

Jennifer reached her hand out to touch Jack's hard-on. He jumped at the touch of her fingers and moaned as she curled them around his shaft.

"I guess I kind of lost control..." he said, "You looked so hot, I couldn't help it..."

Shannon stepped closer also, standing beside Jennifer and reaching out to cup the man's heavy balls.

"Did you like watching Dan come on Jennifer's face..." she teased. "I don't blame you. I got really turned on when I watched him do that this afternoon." She fondled his balls, marveling at how big and full they felt. She pressed against him, pushing her tits against his arm.

"He was on my chest, fucking my tits..." she continued, loving the effect she was having, "When he came, he shot his cum all over our faces....he comes a lot, you know...."

"Just like his father, I'll bet..." Jennifer whispered, pulling Jack's zipper down. Shannon moved up to undo his belt and button as Jennifer reached inside his pants. She couldn't wait to feel the cock that she'd seen from a distance.

Shannon dropped slowly to her knees in front of Jack, drawing his pants down to his ankles. She was surprised to see that he wasn't wearing any underwear. surprised and delighted. She sighed as Jack's huge cock filled her field of vision.

Jennifer smiled and began to run her hand up and down the big shaft. Jack groaned as the young girl began to masturbate him.

"We'll have to be quick..." she whispered, leaning forward to kiss him. "But that shouldn't be a problem." She looked down at Shannon, who was licking the man's balls as Jennifer stroked him.

"Shannon's a real cocksucker..." she said teasingly, rubbing Jack's cock over Shannon's cheeks. "She loves to suck a hard cock like yours... Suck it until it comes inside her mouth so she can swallow all your hot, thick cum...."

Jack groaned as this young girl teased him with her hands and her words. "In fact," she continued, "That's why we get along so well..." she dropped to her knees beside Shannon.

"I'm a cocksucker too...." Jennifer said sensually. Jack groaned as she licked the end of his cock. "Come for us, Jack...we're here to suck you off...come in our mouths...."

The two girls went to work on the huge cock in front of them. Taking turns, they would each slide the big shaft deep into their mouths, sucking wildly and wetly for a few seconds before offering it to the other.

Jack couldn't believe this was happening to him. Two young girls were kneeling at his feet, sucking his cock as if their lives depended on it. Jennifer's mouth was wetter and softer, but Shannon was able to take him effortlessly into her throat, rolling her tongue over his shaft as she did so.

Their techniques were very different, but their hunger was the same. It was obvious that both of these girls loved giving head, and were thirstily working on drawing the cum from his balls.

Jennifer could feel Jack's cock expanding in her mouth as she sucked him noisily. She looked up at him and smiled, letting him know exactly where they wanted him to come. When she felt his balls begin to draw up into their sack, she hurriedly passed the throbbing cock to Shannon, who immediately wrapped her lips around it.

"Come Jack..." Jennifer panted huskily, "Come in her mouth... Look at her suck your cock... look at those lips...cocksucker's lips... come in her mouth, Jack... you know she wants to taste you...drink you... swallow your cum...."

Jack couldn't believe he was hearing those hot, erotic words coming from such an innocent looking mouth. He watched Shannon sucking his cock. He felt his cock expand until it was stretching her lips white, but she continued to suck with such abandon and desire that he couldn't help himself. He felt his cum race up his shaft and explode inside Shannon's beautiful mouth.

The young blonde's eyes widened with surprise as her mouth suddenly filled with thick jism. Never in all her years of cocksucking had she gagged on a load of semen, but this time was different. Jack's load was so powerful, that no matter how hard she tried to swallow, she couldn't ingest the full amount.

Shannon felt the liquid pour over her lips and down her chin as she pulled her mouth away, offering the spurting cock to Jennifer who gratefully closed her lips around the head just as a second powerful blast erupted, filling her mouth with warm creamy seed. As Jennifer looked up into Jack's hot eyes, she opened her mouth, showing her tongue as he fired another load over it. She smiled, letting the semen spill from her lips and over her chin, dripping hotly onto her tits. When she heard him groan, she turned his cock back to Shannon, who grinned as he shot his last volley over her chin and neck. Shannon sucked him lovingly as she felt his thick cock slowly getting softer inside her hot mouth.

Jennifer looked over at Shannon and smiled. "So that's where Dan learned that from...!" she laughed.

Shannon winked and motioned with her eyes towards the door. Jennifer nodded and turned back to Mr. Renquist.

"We were never even here..." she whispered with a smile, standing in front of Dan's father. "This never even happened..."

Jack nodded his understanding, still unable to speak. He watched dumbly as both girls stood up and backed out of the room. His semen hung in wet droplets from their flesh, making him even hotter as he watched them leave, shutting the door silently behind them.

With his cock still semi-hard, Jack Renquist fell into one of the big leather armchairs in the den, his heart racing as his mind recalled the vision of the two young girls sucking him off moments before. He chided himself for letting his own son's girlfriend suck his cock, but he smiled nonetheless as his mind relived the last ten minutes. He felt his balls filling again as his hand dropped to his cock. Closing his eyes, he began to stroke....

Shannon and Jennifer stood outside of the den door, trying hard not to giggle out loud. Pressing her naked body against her friend's, Jennifer began to lick Jack's still warm semen from Shannon's face and neck, making her sigh. As they walked down the hall to the living room, their arms around each other, both of them took turns lapping up semen wherever they could find it. By the time they reached the living room, they were both hot for more fun.

Dropping into the overstuffed couch, they again wrapped their arms around one another as they looked down at Dan's still sleeping form. Jennifer shrugged her shoulders and brought her hand up to Shannon's firm breast, squeezing it lightly as she ran her fingers over the surface, massaging the remaining semen into her friend's skin..

Shannon smiled and rested her head on Jennifer's shoulder, staring into space as her mind began to flow. Turning her head to Jennifer, she smiled.

"So Dan comes like a horse, does he...?" she said with a wink.

Jennifer grinned and nodded. "And so does his father!" she said with a chuckle.

"Tell me..." the blond whispered, "I want to hear do you know...?"

Jennifer grinned and laid her head against the back of the couch as she thought.

"I grew up on a farm in Minnesota." she began. "Winters were pretty cold there and my cousins and I used to play in the barn when it got too cold outside."

"And...?" Shannon urged.

" uncle used to raise horses...." Jennifer looked over at Shannon and grinned again. The cheerleader looked shocked, but her eyes were blazing as she thought she realized where Jennifer was going with this.

"You've got to be kidding!" she said with a smile. "You mean...?"

Jennifer laughed again, realizing what her friend was thinking. "No!! God! I'm not that weird!! What? You think I've, like, sucked off a horse or something??" She was laughing so hard that tears were coming to her eyes and then Shannon was laughing with her, just as hard. Each time the laughter would start to let up, they'd look at each other and start all over again. Finally, they both began to gain control and lay back on the couch, panting and wiping the tears from their eyes.

"Hey...I didn't know", Shannon chuckled, "We've kinda just met, you know. I thought you were just sharing something personal." She got a hurt look on her face and turned her eyes downward, like a whipped puppy.

That made them both crack up again, until they both had to fight for control. Finally, Jennifer grinned at Shannon with a wicked look in her eyes.

"Tell you what though." she said in a whisper, "If you promise to never tell a soul, I will tell you something pretty personal..."

Shannon perked up, a big grin on her face. "Okay! Tell me, sister! Tell me!" Jennifer laughed and shook her head.

"Only if you agree to return the favor. Something personal. And sexy. And hot..." Shannon nodded her head in agreement. "And no bullshit, Shannon. It's gotta be true." She dropped her hand to Shannon's lag, slowly moving it higher. "And sexy...." Her hand brushed Shannon's sparse pussy hair. "And hot..."

Shannon let her thighs part as Jennifer's hand turned and cupped her mound. Shannon moaned softly as Jennifer's finger began to explore...

"I'll go first...." Jennifer said, almost in a whisper. She proceeded to tell Shannon about how she'd developed a love for fellatio. Because of their common bond in that area, she knew that Shannon would be turned on to hear of her own exploits. She told all about her times with Jeff, from the first sessions of picture taking, on through the hotter times of handjobs and cocksucking. When she'd finished reliving the first time she'd sucked her cousin off, and let him fuck her tits, Shannon was literally panting beside her on the couch. Both of them lay there for a few minutes, kind of basking in the glow. Each now had a hand in or on the other's pussy, and both of them were very aroused. Jennifer from reliving the story in her mind, and Shannon from hearing every exciting, cum-filled detail.

Shannon's hips moved lazily as Jennifer's fingers slid slowly in and out of her now drenched pussy. She smiled, her fingers moving closer to Jennifer's crotch. Jennifer smiled and allowed her legs to separate, inviting Shannon closer. Both girls sighed as Shannon's fingers moved through Jennifer's curls and into her pussy.

"Exactly..." Jennifer moaned.

"So did you suck him off after that day...?" Shannon asked, sliding her fingers between Jennifer's wet pussy lips.

Jennifer looked at her and grinned. " Jeff's cum was the sweetest thing I'd ever eaten..." she said sincerely. "I think that's why I love to suck guys off so much...." Reaching her hand out, she cupped Shannon's full breast, squeezing it lightly.

"Did I suck him off?" she said, closing her eyes and remembering, "Yeah I did...I sucked him off every day for three weeks..." her tongue ran around her lips as she recalled. "There were some days when I'd suck him off four and five times a day...Jeff taught me everything about cocksucking...and I loved every mouthful..." She looked down at Shannon, moving her hand over the blonde's belly and between her thighs. "Some nights I'd sneak into his room in the middle of the night just to give him a handjob...just to feel his hard cock in my hand...mmmmm....." Her voice trailed off .

"I think you'd like Jeff...." she said thoughtfully. "He's got a great cock. He's also the first to fuck my tits and come on my face....god, that was so fucking exciting...feeling him come all over my face.... Mmmm...OH... Shannon... oh...oh.... that... fuck me with your finger....I'm coming...oh...fuck!"

Jennifer's hips began to move against Shannon's probing fingers. Her own story had turned her on as she remembered her first blow jobs and Shannon was driving her over the edge. Her orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave as Shannon smilingly finger fucked her friend. Leaning back on the couch, she spread her legs wider, letting Shannon thrust her fingers in to the hilt, slamming her palm against her clit.

Jennifer's orgasm continued until she felt a velvety soft black cloth cover her senses. Grinning like a wild woman, she passed gently into near-unconsciousness. She floated happily amongst her memories, both near and far, feeling more at peace with herself than she'd ever felt in her entire life....

When she 'came to' a few seconds later, she saw Shannon grinning down at her, her fingers in her mouth as she licked Jennifer's cum from them. Jennifer smiled and hugged her new friend.

"Damn! Your fingers are so hot in my pussy..." Jennifer sighed, You made me come so fucking good..."

"Finger lickin' good..." Shannon chuckled, sucking noisily on her fingers. Jennifer sighed and squeezed Shannon's breast, feeling her chest heaving.

And now, my dear Shannon.... It's your turn... " she said in a conspiratorial tone. "And I want it hot..."

Unbeknownst to either girl, Dan Renquist lay beside the couch, his hard cock paining him as he lay upon it. He'd woken up in the middle of Jennifer's story, but pretended to be fast asleep. From the way the girls were whispering, he knew that his awakening would trigger the end to the story telling. His cock had grown as hard as it ever had while listening and was a solid pipe under his belly, throbbing with a delicious pain. And listening to Shannon's fingers wetly fucking in and out of Jennifer's pussy only heightened his lust. He'd have given anything to have watched them fingering each other. Still, he didn't dare move for fear of missing Shannon's 'sharing'. "Do you want to hear about my best cocksucking experience, or my first...?" Shannon was saying.

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