tagLoving WivesJennifer Finds a Job

Jennifer Finds a Job


My wife and I married right out of university, and got a small apartment just outside Culver City, right by Los Angeles.

With debts and loans to pay off, my wife felt frustrated that she couldn't help me, since she didn't have a job yet. She took a couple of local modeling jobs, catalog stuff, but really wanted to use her dance education, so she started going to casting calls for movies and commercials. She got a bit if work as an extra, but still nothing really great.

One morning a friend called, and told her about several auditions, including one for a music video that needed a dancer. Jennifer looked pretty hopeful about this one, and I drove her to the industrial park where they had their production offices, and arranged to come back and pick her up when she called to say she was done her audition.

After an hour or so, I'd finished my own errands and decided to drop back by the audition anyway.

The front office, where a pleasant blond receptionist had met her, was closed, the glass doors securely locked. I waited out front for a few minutes, then got bored, and walked around looking for another way in. Sure enough, a door around back was held open with a box of some electrical wiring, and I headed inside, looking to see where the audition was.

The backrooms were dark but I headed towards a larger room that was dimly lit at one end, with a few guys in jeans and scruffy t-shirts standing around. I walked through the door behind them, intending to ask my way, when I suddenly could see what they were watching.

I saw my wife, in her tight one piece danskin, lying back on a leather chair, her knees pulled up almost to her ears, as a big black guy very slowly fed his cock through a hole torn in her leotards, deep, deep into her pussy.

I stood without thought, completely, totally stunned by what I saw. I could never have imagined it, and as I gaped, one of the guys next to me motioned for me to be quiet with a smile, clearly mistaking me for just another grunt worker pausing to check out the show.

Quiet I was, staring dumbstruck, as he slid his huge cock slowly into, then almost completely out of my wife's pussy, as she made little quivering sounds and moans. He moved insanely slow, a smooth, deliberate penetration of what had up until now been only my domain. My wife's closed eyes said it all; I knew her too well not to know she was riding some erotic high, blissed out on the cock inside her, and, as I was absolutely certain from her quiet sounds, post-orgasmic.

What had I missed? I didn't dare to interfere; the workers- grips and gaffers I guess - plus another man would seemed to have all the authority of a director watched quietly as this man, who could only be a porn star, fucked my wife.

As I watched, he pulled his cock out of her, and shifted her onto her side. I remember how her breasts jostled, her nipples jutting out through the thin fabric, and I stepped backwards, reeling really, as he lifted her leg and slid his cock easily into my wife. He began to fuck her more rapidly, and my face burned as she cried out softly in response to his movements.

I could take no more.

I somehow made it back to my car, sick, and confused by what I had just seen. My god, we were barely married, why was she cheating? And even more alarming, why was I feeling all these emotions, from anger and hurt to out and out lust?

My head pounded, yet my cock surged in response to what I had seen. Watching my wife fucking had been arousing beyond belief. Just seeing and hearing her pretty body respond to a potent male cock seemed unbelievably primal, and hopelessly wicked.

And she'd cum, I knew, and I felt a stab of pain and doubt, realizing that my wife had cum while another man fucked here, and was even now probably feeling him cum in her pussy. "Or maybe on her face," I thought, "like a porno." I felt a second jab of jealousy and lust, wishing I'd stay to see what else would happen.

I sat in the car and waited, until she called a half hour later and came out.

I said nothing about what I'd seen, and listened in torment as she told me she'd got the part, and that they'd be shooting the video tomorrow.

I brooded all evening, frankly, and finally took her to bed feeling cranky and aggressive. She kissed me back, playful, but she didn't fuck me back with the same intensity she always had, and as I fucked my pretty wife, silent but compliant under me, I thought of the sexy sounds she had moaned with that huge cock inside her that afternoon, and my poor penis failed, my erection faltering, unable to cum.

I rolled off her and tried to sleep, listening to her soft breathing long into the night.

The next day, I took her to the studio, dropped her off, and pretended to head off to work. I'd taken the day off, however, and just drove around for at least an hour, tortured, wondering why she hadn't told me the truth, and wondering what she was doing now.

I found myself outside the studio; so I parked, and slipped around back again.

The door was closed now, but fortunately not locked, so I eased inside, my heart pounding. I headed toward the same room, but there were differences this time. One end glowed with brilliant light, and an easy dozen men seemed to be involved in the production in some way, at least in observing it. The leather chair was gone, replaced by a sofa.

One thing remained the same however. The black guy once again held my pretty wife.

This time, he sat on the sofa, his legs together, as he held my naked wife on his lap.

He spread her thighs wide, his cock jutting up in front of her slick pussy. I could only guess that he'd had his mouth there, wetting her, only just before I'd walked in.

My wife's puffy lips, and slightly glazed look left me no doubt that the same cock now jabbing at her pussy lips had spent some time exploring her pretty mouth. I shuddered, both horror struck and excited to think that she'd sucked that huge cock, tasting him, drawing him into her face, and, knowing my wife's pride in her skills, taken it deep down her throat. Deeper, I realized with a jolt, than I could ever go.

My wife, her face focused and intense, gripped his thick baton, and guided it to her pussy. Slowly, gradually, she began to sink down over it's length. He muttered something to her, and she smiled as she settled finally onto his cock, her legs spread wide for everyone to gaze at the most private parts of her pussy, her nipples hard buds, slight streaks of saliva and drool glistening along her breasts and face.

The black guy, his long cock buried in my wife, didn't start fucking her right away. He seemed content to probe deep inside her with his long thick cock, just slowly moving it up and down into her wet pussy.

My wife was the one who started fucking, seated on his lap facing the camera, and slowly lifting herself up off his cock, all the way up until the head glistened between her spread lips, and then lowering herself while biting her tongue and holding her breath, all the way down until it's full length stuck up deep into her belly again.

I swear, that guy's cock had to be pushing up against her navel from the inside. My wife arched her back and he held her hips as she rose up and down on him, trying to rub her clit on his shaft as far as I could tell, or maybe stroking her g-spot deep inside with the biggest, stiffest thing she'd ever had up her cunt.

Either way, she was doing the fucking, but she was starting slow, maybe because she still needed time to get used to the size of his cock.

She would wriggle way down on his cock too, as fully impaled as she could get, and then just writhe on his cock, wriggling her hips and squirming around with the big cock all the way up inside her. Her eyes were half closed, her back arched and breasts jutting toward the camera, her nipples bullet hard and her skin starting to glisten a little, a slight flush of pink along her neck. He just held her thighs wide open, her pussy completely revealed, the wet lips clinging to the shaft of his cock as she moved on it.

You could hear her now, not just the little whimpering moans she made as she skewered herself on that impossibly long cock, but wet little slurping sounds as her pussy opened and relaxed, bathing not just his cock but his balls as well with the obvious wet slickness of her arousal.

Finally, he took hold of her hips, and began to solidly fuck her. My wife rode him steadily at first, little quivers rippling through her body as he thrust into her, her breasts jiggling, her nipples tight and rigid, but as he began to fuck her more wildly, she gasped as he drove up into her, her tits bouncing freely and out of control.

My wife's eyes widened now, and her mouth dropped open. She seemed no longer in control of her body, just a bouncing doll to be fucked as he drilled her cunt open from below. She whimpered, and made little mewling sounds. Her tits bounced shamelessly.

She looked close to orgasm now, just from the sheer force of his fucking. I could see her still wriggling her hips, trying in some way to keep her clit pressed into the long shaft that filled her pussy. I couldn't imagine she'd have much trouble feeling the sensation as that thick cock slid past her clit into her pussy, long driving thrusts into her body with her thighs forced wide open.

That, and the many eyes watching her fuck this guy, seemed to have put her into a kind of trance state. She closed her eyes, and I saw her belly suddenly convulse, and I watched my wife go into orgasm.

The black guy didn't slow at all, and just kept fucking her bouncing pelvis as she shuddered and struggled to keep her balance. You could see her taut belly still rippling, as she came, eyes flicking open for a moment, completely out of control.

I'd never been so erect.

I didn't know which was more shocking, my wife cumming or me aroused by watching her. I don't know if I even cared, I could hardly think.

My wife kind of crumpled up after that, and the black guy held her up a bit as he let her catch her breath. He talked to her a little, as she looked around with glazed eyes into the bright lights, and smiled at some comment he made. He whispered something, and she nodded her head, and then he changed positions. He waited until they repositioned the cameras, fucking her very slowly face down on the sofa, then started in earnest after they were ready to keep taping.

This lasted for a couple of minutes, until they decided to stop for a break.

The black guy went off to get a drink, and someone handed my wife a robe, which she didn't put on, instead laying it to one side. A guy in a suit came over and handed her a note, talked to her for a moment, then when she nodded gave her a little pat on the cheek and left.

I faded well into the background, not wanting my wife to see me, and I watched from a distance as she talked to different crew members, her naked body fully visible to everyone in the room.

After the break, I watched as the black guy came back out and she knelt in front of him as he brought his erection to her mouth.

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