tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJennifer’s Step Nine Mishap

Jennifer’s Step Nine Mishap


Jennifer Williams did not go to bars anymore. The 22-year-old the beautiful, long-haired brunette with the shapely 36-D, 26, 36 body had already realized her addiction to alcohol and had entered an AA program following a DUI a year earlier.

Jennifer had been a hard drinker since her early high school days. The DUI wasn't the only negative result from her inability to control her drinking: Jennifer had lost her husband after having an affair with a complete stranger while out drinking one night.

She had married at nineteen and had slept with four different men during her year-long marriage before her husband found out about the last man and left her.

In short, Jennifer couldn't resist fucking when drinking. Looking back, she could count a number of one-night stands all stemming from a night out on the town.

All that was behind her now; Jennifer had been doing well with sobriety. She could even manage an occasional visit to a bar with friends, but needed someone strong to be there to support her. Best of all, she had met and fallen in love with a man who accepted her as she was. Clark was a caring man eight years her senior who had struggled with his own drinking problems in the past so he was more than understanding when it came to Jennifer's past. Clark had recently proposed and it was Jennifer's goal to complete this process of her recovery before their wedding day.

Jennifer stood outside of The Fox Den, a dive of a bar that she used to visit regularly. She was there to visit the owner, a man who Jennifer had cheated out of a considerable sum of money after never returning to pay her tab following her DUI and subsequent recovery.

Jennifer was at step nine in her recovery process: The need to make amends to those she had wronged with her drinking. And owing Mark Jones over $200 dollars was part of that. She even brought along the cash to offer to pay her outstanding debt.

Jennifer knew that there were probably a handful of others here that she probably needed to apologize to as well. But she wasn't sure if she was ready for that just yet.

Jennifer was disappointed after receiving a call from her friend, Joan, who was supposed to do this with her. Joan had been tied up with work and couldn't get away. She suggested that Jennifer wait for another day to do this, but Jennifer wanted to get this over and done with.

Jennifer summonsed up her courage and entered the dimly lit bar. Looking around she saw Stephanie, the skinny blond bartender who was there the last time that Jennifer visited this place. While not on her list, Stephanie was one of the reasons why she did what she had done that last night she was here.

Stephanie was a plain looking girl with not much a figure to think of. She was bi and had somehow thought that Jennifer was hitting on her. Jennifer was so offended by Stephanie's actions that she berated the bartended then hit on Ray and Mike Carter, suggesting to them—in front of Stephanie—that she would love to have the two brothers and their two friends follow her home for a gang bang.

The four men willingly agreed, but when Stephanie got to her apartment she chickened out and refused to answer the door when they arrived. She ignored their taunts and insults from the other side of the door until they left.

She heard the following day that they were pulled over after leaving the apartment—and after one of the other tenants had called the police to complain about the noise—and that Ray, who was driving, was arrested and charged with DUI and as a result had lost his job.

Jennifer had heard that the men believed that she was the one who had called the police, so she avoided the Fox Den. And a couple of weeks later she had her own DUI to contend with.

As she approached the bar she saw Ray and Mike sitting at a table on the other end of the room. She wanted to apologize to Ray for leading him on and getting him to drive out to her apartment only to get arrested. But she felt that she was not ready for that. Instead she wanted to see Mark and get this over with.

She approached the bar and asked Stephanie if Mark was around.

"Well look who decides to show up again," Stephanie said, not even attempting to hide her detest, "Looking for some more guys to run off with for a gang fuck and cheat us out of our money?"

"That's why I'm here," Jennifer began, "I'm in AA now and I'm trying to make amends. I'm here to see Mark and to pay him the money that I owe him."

Stephanie turned away without comment, sticking her head into the opening of a small office and yelling, "Hey Mark, you remember that slut that skipped out owing you money. She's here to pay you."

Jennifer winced at the word 'slut'.

Mark stepped out of his cramped office. "Well it's about time you showed up." He was a stern-faced man in his mid-forties with graying hair and two or three days growth of whiskers.

Jennifer tried to explain to Mark why she was there, all while Stephanie stood by listening, and offering the occasional barb in response. Not wanting to shout above the noise she finally asked, "Is there someplace we can talk in private?"

"There's the store room." Mark offered.

Jennifer agreed; paying no attention to the time Mark took whispering to Stephanie before leading her around the corner to the back storage room. Once inside she began to feel uncomfortable with the way Mark was allowing his eyes to linger on her ample bosom.

"I have two-hundred dollars in my purse." She began as she opened her purse and reached for the money, stopping when the door opened and Ray and Mike Carter entered the room.

"Look at what we have here." Ray said, licking his lips as he approached Jennifer.

"Look, Ray. I'm very sorry about what happened that night." Jennifer began.

"You're sorry?" Ray mocked, "You got my cock all hard with promises then left me standing in the hallway with a throbbing hard-on only to call the cops on me and get me busted for drunk driving."

"I didn't call the police, I swear."

"Even if you didn't it was still your fault that he was there." Stephanie said as she entered the room behind them. "I closed the place up just like you asked me to, Mark."

"What the hell is going on?" Jennifer demanded to know.

"My brother and I are here to collect on that gangbang you promised us." Ray said.

"No fucking way." Jennifer protested, "Let me go or I'll call the cops."

"Who will believe you?" Mark asked, "With your reputation I can find a dozen men who will come forward bragging about meeting you here and fucking you."

"That was when I was drinking. And I've never done more than one guy at a time." Jennifer answered.

"I'm just one of many who heard you offer to let these two and a pair of their friends gang fuck you." Stephanie pointed out.

"Fuck all of you." Jennifer attempted to push past Ray and Mike to reach the door. Both men grabbed her and pulled her back until they had her pinned against the wall. Jennifer struggled and cried out as the three men and Stephanie began forcibly removing her clothing.

Despite her best efforts, Jennifer was soon stripped naked with her back against the wall. Mark and Mike each held one of her hands securely as the three men groped her. "Bet you wish you had tits like these." Mark said to the flat chested bartender as he squeezed Jennifer's D-cup melon.

"Fuck you." Stephanie replied, "just hurry up, I want to see you guys screw this bitch."

"What are we waiting for?" Mark pulled Jennifer away from the wall and shoved her onto the floor. "Hold her." He instructed the others as the feisty girl attempted to resist.

Stephanie jumped into the act, kneeling at Jennifer's head helping to hold her arms down as Ray and Mark did the same on either side while Mark kicked off his pants. Jennifer saw Mark's throbbing seven inch cock ready to invade her. "Please, don't do this to me." She pleaded.

Mark ignored her as he rubbed his cock between her legs, slowly gaining entrance into her shaved cunt.

"How's that feel?" Stephanie asked Jennifer as she watched her boss' cock disappear inside the girl.

Mark leaned forward atop Jennifer, resting his hands on the floor on either side of her as he began licking her left nipple while fucking her. He had wanted to fuck her since the first time he saw her in the bar. Mark often resented seeing her leave with another customer wishing that he was the one who was going to fuck her. Now he finally had the opportunity to do so.

Jennifer begged for him to stop. She looked up into the face of Stephanie seeing the enjoyment that the skinny bartender was getting from watching her be taken like this.

Mark pounded Jennifer's cunt knowing that it was not going to take him long to bust a nut inside of her. "Oh shit." He called out as his cock began to spit cum into Jennifer's waiting box.

"No, don't cum in me!" Jennifer yelled, knowing it was too late to stop Mark from climaxing inside of her. She could feel his hot sperm shooting inside of her pussy as he thrust his hips savagely against her crotch until his orgasm had ended.

"Roll her over." Ray said as he helped Mark get up.

The men forced Jennifer onto her hands and knees as Ray got behind her and shoved his cock into her pussy. While his brother fucked her from behind, Mike knelt on the floor and shoved his cock into Jennifer's mouth.

Jennifer was being fucked from both ends. She could feel Ray's cock pounding her insides while Mike fucked her face. Her large tits swung back and forth like two swollen pendulums swinging in the wind.

"Get some pictures of this." She heard Mark say. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Stephanie using her cell phone to take pictures of her ordeal. She could only imagine the faces of the many customers who might later be looking at her getting fucked by the brothers this way.

"I'm gonna cum." Ray proclaimed from behind her. Jennifer's muffled protest was ignored as Ray emptied his balls inside of her. Unlike Mark he continued fucking her while Mike slammed his cock into her mouth. Mike made no sound to announce his orgasm. It caught Jennifer by surprise when she felt his thick cum spurting into her mouth and into the back of her throat. With no choice to do otherwise she began gulping it down as he blasted what seemed like an unending load of cum into her mouth.

"There, is that what you wanted?" She spat as the brothers pulled away from her.

"My turn." Stephanie said, handing Mark the cell phone as she began undoing her pants.

"No fucking way." Jennifer insisted as she watched the skinny woman strip. "You're not going to touch me."

"You're right, sweetie," Stephanie agreed, "you're going to do all the touching. At least your tongue is while it's licking my pussy."

Jennifer started to get up but was quickly grabbed by Ray and Mike who forced her to remain on her knees while Stephanie got on the floor before her. "If you don't make me cum then we'll make sure that your new fiancée' sees these nice pictures we took."

"Please, you wouldn't." Jennifer said, already knowing that they indeed would do this to her if she didn't comply. Feeling that she had no other choice Jennifer slowly lowered her face into Stephanie's crotch.

"Make sure to get some good pictures of this too." Stephanie said as Jennifer began licking her swollen clit.

Stephanie softly moaned as she watched Jennifer's tongue massaging her clit. Making her do this was more satisfying that the orgasm she intended to have would be. Jennifer had berated her bi-sexual tendencies so not it was with unfettered glee that Stephanie would be Jennifer's first experience in girl-on-girl action.

Jennifer could not believe that she was doing this to another woman. She wondered if this was somehow karma catching up with her for all the things she had done before. Whatever it was, she was humiliated beyond belief at being tricked into coming into the back room like this. While cum still dripped from her pussy she continued licking Stephanie's pussy, hoping to get the girl off quickly.

"Oh, that's it." Stephanie said as she felt her climax nearing. She reached forward with both hands grabbing Jennifer by the hair and holding her face tightly against her snatch as the other girl's tongue worked her cunt. Stephanie's legs quivered and she began moaning loudly as her orgasm began. Jennifer could feel Stephanie's juices flooding over her mouth and chin as she made the girl cum with her mouth.

"Don't stop!" Stephanie ordered, continuing to shake from head-to-toe as one orgasm ended and a second began. Her rock hard nipples stood out prominently against her tiny A-cup tits as she came.

"That was fucking hot!" Mark said when Stephanie finally permitted Jennifer to stop licking her.

Jennifer rolled away from the girl, thinking that her ordeal was finally over. Until she looked up and saw that all three men were fully erect. "Oh god, not again."

"Bring her over here." Mark told the others.

Without much resistance Mike and Ray pulled Jennifer over to where Mark now sat on the floor. "Sit her on me."

Jennifer was hoisted up and guided down over Mark's cock. She was under the impression that she was going to be forced to ride him until she felt his cock being guided against her asshole. "No, not there."

While Mark held his cock in place the two brothers forced Jennifer down onto him, causing his cock to impale her ass.

"One of you fuck her pussy!" Stephanie yelled out.

Mike climbed down between her legs and soon Jennifer was pinned between Mark and Mike with each of them fucking her. Mark's cock tore into her ass while Mike thrust her pussy as she lay backwards between them.

Ray straddled her chest and grabbed each of her tits, wrapping them around his cock as he began fucking her melons while Stephanie took more pictures.

Jennifer could not believe that she was being taken this way. The two cocks slamming her cunt and ass and another between her tits. Worse, she could feel that she was about to have an orgasm from all that was happening to her. She did not want to cum for them. She especially did not want them to know that she was going to cum, but there was no escaping it. As the three cocks worked her Jennifer's body released its climax. She lost control and just shook between them men as they fucked her, knowing that all of them could tell that she had been physically satisfied by their actions.

"I'm cumming." She heard Mark say as he began pumping his seed into her asshole. Jennifer was forced to continue riding his cock as Mike fucked her pussy until he too filled her hole with his cum.

All while Ray continued fucking her tits. Mike pulled out of her pussy but she was still stuck sitting on Mark's cock as Ray squeezed her tits tightly around his shaft. Finally it was his turn to cum. Ray released her tits and grabbed his cock, jacking off as he shot his cum all over her face. Only after draining the last drop onto her pretty face did Ray step off of her, allowing Jennifer to roll off of Mark.

Ray and Mike dressed and left the room almost immediately.

"There, I think you paid off your dept and made up for your amends to all of us." Mark informed her.

"And if you ever say otherwise we'll let these pictures get out on the Internet." Stephanie reminded her as she stepped beside Mark and began caressing his cock. Jennifer could see that he was getting hard already.

Ignoring the big titted girl Mark leaned Stephanie over the table and shoved his cock into her. Seeing Jennifer looking on Stephanie asked, "You want to climb up here and see what it's like to be licked by another woman?"

Jennifer could feel her pussy tingling. "Why not." She hopped up onto the table and slid her legs around Stephanie's body so that the skinny blonde woman could begin licking her pussy. Mark slammed Stephanie's tight cunt as both her and Stephanie played with Jennifer's big tits until all three orgasmed one more time. She might as well enjoy making amends if she could.

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