tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJennifer's Adultery With Consent

Jennifer's Adultery With Consent


My name is Jennifer and I would like to tell my story which concerns my husband and another man - his cousin! I am 26 years old and I have been married to Antonio for just 2 years. I met Antonio a couple of years before we married - he is a very successful lawyer and I am an accountant having just qualified this year. Antonio is of ethnic descent and whilst he is every bit current generation his parents are still of the older generation and remain very old school in their thinking.

Although I wasn't a virgin when I married Antonio it was obvious this wasn't of any concern to him - in fact he told me on lots of occasions that he wouldn't have been able to enjoy an inexperienced woman! I had been with a lot of men when I was in college and studying for my degree but I had only had sex with a couple of them. Petting was more in my line in those days because I was terribly scared of getting pregnant.

Antonio is a wonderful lover - he makes passionate love to me whenever he gets a chance and never seems to tire when it comes to sex. I am sure it is the hot ethnic blood in him which makes him so virulent because he is always getting his cock into me by some means or other. Even when we were dating he was always fucking me and whilst I enjoyed it there were times when it was very embarrassing to me. One such occasion was when we were at his parent's place for a meal. When the meal was finished and we retired to the lounge room to watch some television Antonio sat on the long couch and then lied down on it encouraging me to lie down in front of him. His parents were in the same room as well as two of his brothers but we were sitting just a little bit behind the others and they would have had to turn around to look at us.

Once the program started Antonio pulled the back of my dress up until it was above my hips but the front was still covering part of my legs. Next he grasped the top of my panties and pulled them down my legs until he managed to get them off completely. Here I was, lying on his parent's couch with no panties on and he was lying behind me. I felt him moving behind me when suddenly I felt his very hard cock pressing between my legs from the back. He gently lifted my upper leg enough to get his cock right between my thighs and he soon found the entrance to my cunt! He eased his cock into me and with a bit of shuffling he managed to get most of it inside me.

Then he began fucking me in the same room as his parents! And fuck me he did. When I could feel my orgasm coming I just didn't know what to do so I pulled a handkerchief out of my pocket and stuffed it into my mouth to stop me from making a sound. I could feel he was about to cum and with that he shot his load of cum right up into my cunt at the same time I came! I didn't know what to do and thought we had gotten away with our sex play until I looked over to his brothers only to see they were looking at us and grinning. They knew he had fucked me and were enjoying the scene.

After he had pulled out of me I was terrified I would be leaking cum all over their couch. I frantically grabbed for my panties hoping to be able to get them back on and stop any drips but he grabbed my panties and threw them over to his brothers who caught them, held them to their noses and then stuffed them into their pocket! I was dreading the thought his parents would know he fucked me in their home but if they did they didn't say anything.

The wedding was a huge affair and we had hundreds of guests who wished us well. We left on our honeymoon after the wedding feast but I was so glad to leave the party because I just don't know how many of his brothers and friends felt me up when they were kissing me for good luck or when they were dancing with me. I don't mind a bit of fun but this was a bit much. We had a wonderful honeymoon after which we returned to our new home which we had purchased just before we married.

We had only been home about 3 months when Antonio told me he wanted me to do something special for the family. I knew all of the family was very close but I had no possible idea what he would want me to do. He explained his cousin was a very nice young man but slightly retarded - only a little bit - but the family wanted him to know what sex was all about. They had asked Antonio to get me to help Sergio with some sex education seeing I was the only daughter-in-law in the family! I had met Sergio on several occasions and at first I didn't know he was retarded. I would have thought he was about 95 cents in the dollar but he seemed very smart in some things but rather vague in others. He wasn't as tall as Antonio but he was quite thickset in his build and he was very hairy. He had the nicest smile and was always very pleasant to me.

I was very alarmed at what Antonio had asked me to do and of course I wanted to know what on earth I was expected to do with Sergio. Antonio told me he would help me and if necessary we would teach Sergio together. I asked about other members of the family but Antonio said the family didn't think it was appropriate for his sisters to educate Sergio so had asked that I do it. I knew it wouldn't be a good idea to refuse because to cross this family could lead to all sorts of problems.

Although I was very unhappy about it I reluctantly agreed to help Sergio if Antonio would help me so it was decided we would start on the following Saturday afternoon when Sergio would come over to our home for the lessons. I spent the rest of the week trying to get Antonio to tell me what I would have to do but he kept brushing me off by telling me I should just follow my instincts and do what came naturally.

I should add at this time that I had been on the pill practically since I had met Antonio although it wasn't something I could talk about. The family didn't like the women folk to be on any form of contraception due to their religious beliefs, so we kept very quiet about that.

At last Saturday afternoon arrived and we were getting ready for Sergio to arrive. I asked again what I should do but Antonio still wouldn't say anything to help me. When the doorbell rang I had just finished dressing under Antonio's instructions. I was wearing a short skirt, thin short blouse tied at the bottom so that my bellybutton was visible, small panties and a small bra. My shoes made up my attire. I was stunned to see two of Antonio's brothers were with Sergio and I wondered what on earth they were doing with him. Antonio greeted his two younger brothers heartily and also Sergio who was just a little bemused by all the fuss. We all had some drinks - I had several hoping to ease some of my tension - before Antonio said it was time for Sergio's sex lesson to begin.

If you didn't already know one of the outstanding qualities of this man I had married was the size of his cock. It was huge and he thoroughly enjoyed using it on me at every opportunity. I suddenly wondered if I would get to look at Sergio's cock during this education session.

Antonio explained to Sergio that we were going to show him about sex and he could ask any questions he wanted but the main idea was to let him know what he should do about women if he met one he liked. It was obvious the family wanted him to get married one day and this would take him off their hands. I felt in my own mind Sergio would make a good husband to the right woman because he was so kind and gentle.

Without any warning of what he was going to do, he called Sergio over to where I was sitting and sat him alongside me on the lounge. He then told his brothers to come over too and be close all the time. He then told Sergio to kiss me! I hadn't expected that and although I had kissed Sergio before it had just been a friendly family kiss with no passion behind it. Antonio and his brothers showed Sergio how to kiss properly with his mouth slightly open and his tongue in my mouth. It wasn't at all unpleasant and I enjoyed kissing Sergio. Once Sergio got the hang of kissing very passionately Antonio moved Sergio's hand over to my breast and showed him how to squeeze and caress me properly.

Next one of the brothers leaned over and began undoing my blouse until it was all undone and just held in place by the knot at the bottom. Antonio grinned at me and leaned over and undid the knot leaving me with my blouse totally undone and almost off my shoulders. He then told Sergio to take my blouse off completely, which he did. Sergio was quite embarrassed but did what they told him. I was sitting there with just my small bra above my waist and I felt very exposed because I was doing this in front of three men other than my husband. Antonio could see I was upset but he just grinned at me and told me it was good that I was helping Sergio. He then told Sergio to play with my breasts through the bra but then told him to take the bra off showing him how to do it. Soon I was naked to the waist in front of these men. I'm no prude but this was going too far and I wanted them to stop at once.

Antonio showed Sergio how to play with my breasts and eventually to suck my nipples and you can imagine how I felt with this going on and the others watching closely and enjoying seeing me practically naked. This playing with my breasts went on for about 20 minutes and I was getting very turned on by the attention. To make matters worse, Antonio's brothers would cop a feel of my tits every now and again and then just grin at me, knowing Antonio wouldn't stop them - after all they are family!

Next Antonio made me stand up and then he showed Sergio how to undo my skirt catches and soon my skirt was around my ankles and I was now very exposed to everyone. Sergio was helped by the brothers and shown how to play with my legs and belly before they showed him how to pull my panties aside and play with my cunt. I felt terrible and just couldn't understand why my husband was allowing this to happen, particularly with his brothers helping. Sergio rubbed my cunt and my clit after he was shown and I became very excited. I protested to Antonio that this wasn't healthy but he ignored my pleas and told Sergio to take off my panties. I just couldn't believe this - here I was naked in front of three men with my husband encouraging them to handle and play with me. Antonio's brothers delighted in fingering me too using the excuse they were showing Sergio just how to play with my cunt.

Sergio was getting very aroused and I could see he had an erection sticking up inside his pants. Antonio showed him how to stick his fingers inside my cunt and this was just about the end for me. I stood up suddenly almost pushing poor Sergio over in my haste to stop this nonsense. Antonio was very cross and pushed me back onto the lounge and told Sergio to continue playing with my body. Sergio could see I was unhappy but he was frightened of Antonio so he continued playing with me.

Then it all happened. Antonio and his brothers told Sergio to take off all of his clothes and stand in front of me. Poor Sergio wasn't very happy about this but did as he was told. Soon he stood there with his huge cock jutting out from his belly and it was dripping pre-cum. Antonio moved Sergio forward until his cock was just in front of my face and then told me to lick Sergio's cock! I almost exploded but controlled my temper and did as he wanted carefully licking Sergio's very hard, long cock. I was told to suck his cock and to keep doing this until he came. I didn't want to do this at all but Antonio gave me a dreadful look which told me I was in bother if I didn't do as I was told. I took Sergio's cock into my mouth and began sucking it. Poor Sergio was suddenly terribly aroused and began shaking. Soon he started to cum and was very frightened what was happening to him. Perhaps he had never cum before but I doubted that. Anyway he came in my mouth and I had to swallow his very large load because Antonio told me to do so and apart from that his brothers were holding my head so that I couldn't pull away from his cock anyway.

Antonio then asked Sergio if he fully understood what we had done. Sergio didn't seem to understand so Antonio told him we would demonstrate again for him. He then told his youngest brother to get his clothes off and I would suck his cock to show Sergio. I couldn't believe my husband was saying this but I knew there was a very strong feeling between these brothers and so I knew I couldn't argue. Soon Luciano was naked and his cock was just as large, if not larger, than Antonio's cock. He soon had his cock in my mouth and they told Sergio to watch carefully so he would know what had happened to him. I had to suck Luciano's cock until he came in my mouth and again I had to swallow everything. Sergio was getting excited watching me suck Luciano's cock and his erection had returned.

I guessed that was about all now but was sadly wrong. Antonio told Sergio he would now be shown the most important part of the lesson. He told Cosmo to make sure his cock was hard and then to demonstrate to Sergio just how to fuck me! I couldn't believe my ears - he was telling his brother to fuck me! I tried to get up off the lounge but they held me down and here I was lying on the lounge with the men pulling my legs apart exposing my genital area. I am quite hairy down there and felt embarrassed being exposed so much. Cosmo moved between my legs and pushed his hard and long cock into my cunt with just one stroke. Sergio was made to watch closely as the cock entered my cunt and he was very excited because he began clapping his hands together. By now Cosmo was well inside me and was fucking me fiercely making his strokes short and fast. Sergio was fascinated by what Cosmo was doing to me and watched us carefully. At last Cosmo shot his load of cum into my cunt much to my disgust but I just had to lie there and accept what he was doing to me. When he pulled his cock out of me it was deflated and Sergio was alarmed because it looked so small now that he had cum. They all told Sergio it was O.K.

Next it was Sergio's turn to fuck me. I just couldn't believe what was happening to me but I knew better than to complain. Sergio moved his very hairy body over mine and, not knowing what to do exactly, although he had watched me get fucked before, he pressed down on my belly with his own and rather hurt me. Antonio saw what was happening and helped him up from my body. Sergio managed to get his very hard and long cock into my cunt but he seemed almost unable to work out how to stroke inside me. The three boys helped him and soon he was fucking me like an expert. Eventually, and all too soon, I could feel he was about to cum in me and that is what he did unleashing a huge torrent of cum which seemed to fill me completely.

When Sergio pulled out of me he cried out because he was alarmed because his cock had shrunk into just a little cock but the boys reassured him again everything was right. I was just a dripping mess having just had two loads of cum in my cunt. I had to get up and go to the bathroom to clean up. Antonio told me to stay where I was because he wasn't finished with me yet. He quickly stripped off his clothes and, naked, he climbed onto the couch and began fucking me while instructing his brothers to make sure Sergio was watching and learning. I hadn't realized it before but I am sure Antonio was turned on by the very sloppy state of my cunt. Before he started fucking me properly he pushed his cock into me and then pulled it out and looked at it seeing it was coated with cum and my pussy juices. This seemed to excite him even more and he dipped his cock into me several times pulling it out and looking at the mess attached to it. He wiped his cock on my pubic hair each time and soon it was coated with sticky cum which was drying on the hairs.

The brothers made Sergio play with my wet cunt as Antonio was pulling his cock out of me and it seemed that Sergio was learning very fast. He played with my clit enough to give me an orgasm before Antonio plunged his cock into my very sloppy cunt and fucked me wildly. By the time Antonio had cum and I had another orgasm I just couldn't believe how wet and sloppy my cunt was. Cum was literally running out of my cunt and already pooling on the couch. Now I demanded I be allowed to go to the bathroom but again Antonio stopped me.

Antonio told Sergio he had to learn how to clean up a woman after he had fucked her and that is what he would teach him now. I was stunned. How could they expect Sergio to clean up my cunt after I had been fucked with such a sloppy, sticky mess in me? Luciano was the first to demonstrate to Sergio and he spread my legs widely and then made Sergio watch very closely while he placed his tongue first in my cunt and lapped up the cum which was still there. Next he placed his whole mouth over my cunt and showed Sergio how to suck at my cunt. He pulled away and encouraged Sergio to take his place. Poor Sergio was very embarrassed placing his mouth on my cunt but he did it anyway and I was amazed how much his mouth excited me. The brothers showed him how to actually lick out my cunt and to swallow everything he could suck out of me. I couldn't help myself - I came while he was sucking me! Antonio and his brothers laughed at me then and I began to hate them for doing so.

Sergio became very excited when he was sucking out my cunt and I couldn't believe it when he started sucking my pubic hair to get the cum out of it. It was a rather special thrill to me seeing how he loved sucking my hair and no body had ever done that to me before.

I looked up at Antonio imploring him to let me go to the bathroom but he wasn't finished with me yet. He told me to get on my hands and knees on the floor and although I didn't want to because I was feeling so dirty and soiled I just did what he told me. Once on the floor I could feel the cum which was still up inside me oozing out and this was running down the insides of my legs. I couldn't imagine why I was positioned like this and looking such a mess. It is such a horny situation to be in - naked on all fours and four naked men standing over me. I had to admit I had never been so turned on in my life but that didn't stop me from hating my husband right now.

Antonio was rooting around in a drawer and at last found what he was looking for. He came back over to me and without me being able to see what he was doing he suddenly placed the opened neck of a tube of KY against my tight asshole and squeezed the tube hard. The resultant squirt of KY which shot up inside my asshole shocked me, partly because it was so cold and partly because I hadn't expected it. Next, and without any delay, Luciano placed his very hard cock against my rosebud and pushed hard. Aided by the very slippery KY and the lubrication from all the cum which had run down from my pussy to my asshole, he suddenly broke through and entered my asshole until his pubic hair was pressing against my behind. I am no stranger to asshole fucking because Antonio loves to fuck me there - in fact he has told me on lots of occasions that he thinks an asshole is as good as a cunt to him. But this wasn't Antonio but his brother Luciano and it wasn't right that he was fucking my asshole. Of course I couldn't stop him fucking me and with Antonio urging him on it didn't take long before he shot his load deep into my rectum. He didn't pull out immediately but left his cock in me allowing nature to let his cock to slowly deflate. When he pulled it out he was quickly replaced by Cosmo who had a very slippery path to follow and soon he was fucking me at a great pace until he too shot his load of cum into my rectum.

Antonio instructed Sergio to go next and soon he too was embedded deeply into me. He had quickly learned how to fuck and was demonstrating how well he could do it. When he came in me he immediately pulled his cock out of me but again he began crying because it was now so small and he thought he had hurt me. Antonio was telling his brothers and his cousin how happy he was that they had all been able to teach Sergio about sex. My muscles were aching and just as I was about to get up, Antonio came over and thrust his very hard cock deep into my asshole. I just about couldn't stand it but never-the-less he fucked me with the same gusto as usual and equal to his brothers efforts. When he had cum in me he left his cock to soak in my hot depths until it too withered and flopped out. At last I was allowed to rise from the floor and walk painfully to the bathroom where I just stared at the puddles of cum which had dripped out of me as I walked here. I showered and cleaned up my body as best I could but I felt like a slut no matter how much I scrubbed myself.

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