tagBDSMJennifer's Audition Ch. 01

Jennifer's Audition Ch. 01


This report is being submitted to Mrs. Haines for distribution to members of the Circle upon completion of the Entry Audition for Jennifer Carter.

Jennifer has been known to the Circle for over four years. Initial contact (as with most others) was made by David after Jennifer posted several comments on his stories. She was drawn to the BDSM stories, in particular ones that involved heavy themes of submission and obedience. Jennifer was invited to join the Circle and participated as an online submissive, primarily for John P, Karl A, and Tiffany K.

Jennifer raised the topic of real-life participation herself two weeks ago. This was verified by examining David's email chain, consistent with our requirement that all requests must come from the submissives themselves. Jennifer was given the standard information package, signed the appropriate papers, and David scheduled the Audition for her.

Jennifer is 36 years old, stands 5 foot six and is very curvy, weighing 170 pounds, with measurements of 38D, 36, 38. Jennifer has brown hair brown eyes. Hair, teeth and nails are in good condition. She has no piercings or tattoos, no scars, and her skin is quite smooth with small moles on the insides of her thighs and on her left shoulder. David reports that she is highly responsive, is able to experience multiple orgasms, and even made requests for additional punishment during her Audition, which is quite exceptional.

The report is being written as a piece of narrative fiction, in line with the decision made by the Circle last September. This allows the report to be posted on various Internet sites as a story. In this way, Jennifer will continue the tradition of the women and men before her, whose stories have enticed so many others into joining the Circle.


Jennifer sat in the 87th St. Starbucks on the southside of Chicago. She had been there less than ten minutes, but was already getting anxious. On the table in front of her was a single small cappuccino, purchased according to the instructions in David's email that morning. She was to sit quietly and wait for him to arrive, the cup exactly 8 inches away from the edge of the table.

The two girls behind the counter looked at her, leaning close and whispering to each other and giggling. There were three other customers in the place: a couple who sat close to each other in the corner, flirting and looking up at her every few minutes. The only other customer in the place was a man in dirty overalls and boots who stared at her, not even looking away when she caught him staring.

Jennifer squirmed. She felt self-conscious, not only because she was the only white girl in the place, but because of the way she was dressed. From the several photos she'd sent David, he'd chosen a simple black cotton dress. It was very tight across her chest but flowed loosely from her waist to just below her knees. What he said he liked about it was the way the shoulder straps were designed. The material came over each shoulder and was decorated by a 3-inch gold ring on each side. David had said that it reminded him of a horse bridal. Jennifer laughed when he told her that - he obviously didn't know much about horses. But the fact that he had chosen that was what mattered to her. She had always felt quite sexy in that dress, even though some of the others showed more skin. Yet another spot where their tastes seemed to overlap.

She'd been drawn into the Circle by his stories - especially the ones that were heavy on humiliation and obedience. Since her first sexual experience, she knew that she enjoyed giving pleasure more than getting it. Slowly over the years, she embraced that side of herself more and more, eventually realizing she was a hard-core submissive.

David had answered her fan mail and their relationship evolved from online and phone chats to Skype video sessions. Mainly, he had her masturbate for him, giving her detailed instructions on how and where to touch herself, watching her follow his instructions to the letter. He edged her often, sometimes she went three or four weeks without coming. The depth of her obedience sometimes scared her, but it didn't matter. She was single and loved what he did for her.


David came into the coffee shop and sat down across from her. He took the lid off of the coffee and took a sip, not speaking. Jennifer was doing well, she kept her hands in her lap and her eyes down. Even when he cleared his throat, she didn't raise her head.

"Did you buy the condoms and rope?" he asked.

"Yes. They're in the car."

"That's fine."

David reached in his pocket and took out what looked like a pink plastic egg. It was just over 2 inches long and had a 4 inch wire tail. He looked around the room to make sure nobody was watching, then slid it across the table, leaving it in clear view. He knew that nobody was looking but she didn't. Which was fine. He liked making her nervous.

Jennifer quickly covered it with her hands. She started giggling and looked up at David.

"Oh my God! You...you can't just put something like this..."

"I can never decide if I like this better inside a girl or just resting in the front of your panties. We'll have to try it both ways, I guess. For now, go into the bathroom and slip it down the front of your panties."

Jennifer shook her head and giggled. "You're silly!"

"Do it," he said calmly.

Jennifer bit her lower lip but she put the device in her pocket.

"Do they have a bathroom?"

"It's behind you and to the right."

Jennifer sat there for another 10 or 15 seconds before she got up and walked to the bathroom. By the time she returned, David was outside. She came out and stood beside him.

"Where is your car?" David asked.

"The second one, right over...ngggh!" She stopped mid-sentence as the vibrator jumped to life. David gave it three short bursts, then told her to get into her car and follow him.

"You're not going to do that to me while I drive, are you?" Jennifer asked.

"No. Absolutely not. That wouldn't be safe. We're here to have fun, not to get ourselves in a car accident."


Jennifer got in her car and followed him out of the shopping mall and into the street. Traffic was backed up on 87th and David tried cutting over to 106th. Traffic was backed up there too, so he took to the side streets, weaving his way through the neighborhood until he get to the house the Haineses kept on the southside.

"I always overpack, I don't know why, I just do." Jennifer laughed nervously as she unpacked four bags, following him up the stairs and through the front door. He told her to put her things in the bedroom.

The living room had a large screen television on one wall and a large sectional sofa against the other. The sofa was brown, with a rich, velvety pile fabric. There was a cabinet built into the wall with wine and liquor. The kitchen was modern, small but efficient. The bedroom was just off the hall. Jennifer pushed the door open and set the bags inside the door.

"Come back, don't unpack."

Jennifer followed his voice and found him sitting in the middle of the large, semi-circular sofa.

David threw one of the sofa cushions in the middle of the floor.

"Kneel down."

"You don't waste any time, do you?" Jennifer giggled. "I knew we were going to probably get started pretty soon, but I thought maybe we would unpack or..."

"Stop talking."

Jennifer bit her lower level and stared at him. She felt that combination of fear and excitement she always felt when he talked to her online. They'd played so many games together, she could practically predict his next move. There would be humiliation. There would be obedience. There would be pain. She never quite knew what he would have her do, but she knew that she would do it and that, in the end, she would enjoy herself.

She knelt on the cushions, feeling the back of her skirt bunching up against her calves. She knelt with her arms at her sides, knees slightly parted. When he turned on the egg, she jerked forward for just a second, then caught herself and returned to her position. It felt very strange, having her hands at her sides, someone else controlling the vibrator. It was wedged between her lips, which were thick enough to hold it in place. She closed her eyes and let the feeling wash over her.

David leaned back on the sofa and clicked the vibrator on and off in short bursts. Jennifer gave a small twitch before catching her balance. He played with her like that for a full ten minutes - turning it on and off, alternating between short bursts that lasted less than a second and longer ones that lasted almost have a minute.

"Pull your dress up around your waist."

She sucked in a quick breath, the way she always did when he had her do something embarrassing. Even after all he'd had her do for him in front of the camera, she still felt embarrassed when he told her to expose yourself.

David turned on the vibrator and she gave that familiar little moan. He left it on for a full minute, watching her hips move slowly forward and back, her legs trembling every so slightly.

"Pull it all the way up over your head and play with your nipples for me."

Jennifer dropped her head again, squeezing her eyes tight. He loved watching her, each little step moving her closer toward complete submission and obedience. And even though she never pushed back against any of his commands, each time she submitted, it sent a new shockwave through her body. He wondered how deep that well was, if he would ever get to the bottom. Would there ever be a time she wouldn't have that little flash of humiliation when he gave her a command?

"Play with your titties."

Jennifer cupped her large breasts. She moved her hands, letting her nipples slide between her index and middle fingers, pinching them then slowly sliding down, tugging until she let go and they bounced up. She did it over and over, moving her hips slightly forward and back as the egg vibrated against her clit.

David turned it from low to medium and she fell backward on her heels. She squeezed her nipples harder, starting to moan, her breath getting quicker. David turned the vibrator on high and watched her get more excited. When she asked if she could cum, he turned it off.

"Hands behind your head."

She twined your fingers behind her neck. David turned the toy on again, letting it hum steadily until she told him she was close. He turned it off.

"Get my black bag and unpack it."

Jennifer got up and took the bag, unzipped it and reached inside. She took all of the items and lined them up one by one along the long table under the wall-mounted television screen. There were vibrators and dildoes of various sizes, suction cups, rope, and a plastic box full of clothespins.

"Now, you said you were bringing something you wanted me to see?"

"Oh yes!" Jennifer said, excited now. "I brought six pairs of panties, some high-heeled shoes, and some snacks, and I brought some..."

"Stop talking and go get your things."

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