tagBDSMJennifer's Audition Ch. 02

Jennifer's Audition Ch. 02


Jennifer went to the other room came back with one of the bags. David was still sitting on the sofa, but he'd removed his pants and underwear.

"Put down the bag. Bring the pillow here and kneel down," David said, pointing at the floor in front of him. Jennifer pushed the pillow forward, then knelt between his knees, her body just inches from his.

"I want you to start here," David said, touching the inside of his right knee, "and kiss your way all the way up."

She pressed her lips against his skin, thrilled that their bodies were finally making contact. She moved slowly up his leg until her mouth was just inches from his sack. He pointed to his other leg and she moved her lips to his left knee. He watched her moving slowly, knew that she was wrestling with the combination of frustration and excitement. When she got to the same spot on his left leg, he told her to straighten up. His finger flicked the controller and the vibrator switched to high.

"Cum for me."

It took her less than two minutes.

"Pull the dress on," David said, switching off the vibrator. Jennifer got to her feet and picked up her dress, pulling it over her head, straightening out the lines.

David phoned a taxi and told her to put on her shoes. They waited outside until the taxi arrived, then told the driver to take them to downtown Chicago for dinner. The driver said it would be a 20 minute ride and David smiled. He turned the vibrator on and left it on the whole time, his hand lightly stroking the inside of Jennifer's thigh, sliding up and down her leg. He didn't let her cum until the driver had pulled up outside the restaurant. Jennifer knew he was watching in the mirror but didn't care. She came for nearly a full minute, pressing her legs hard against the back of the passenger seat.

She came twice during dinner, once before the main course, once before dessert. People were looking but nobody said anything. Jennifer did her best to keep up her end of the conversation, but always froze mid-sentence when she was going over the edge.

David left the vibrator off all the way home, not turning it back on until she was back in the house. Jennifer leaned against him and staggered into the front room.

"Come here, lean against the table," David told her, positioning her with her bottom resting on the little side table in the front room. He nudged her feet further apart, then pulled her top down, exposing both breasts. He went into the front room and returned with his camera. She shook her head but didn't say anything. He could tell she was getting close to cumming and raised the camera. He snapped pictures of her from different angles, only stopping after she'd cum again. He turned off the vibrator and gave her a minute to catch her breath.

"Get the clothespins and the rope. And those new shoes you wanted to show off."

Jennifer went into bedroom and came back carrying her things.

"I found the clothespins, they were in that plastic box. And you're going to love the shoes. They're gold and glittery and I bought them..."

"Stop talking. Pull your skirt up around your waist and stand still with your legs open."

David sat in a chair in front of from her and just stared into her eyes. She looked way and he snapped his fingers. She looked at him, then looked away in shame.

"Keep your legs open so you can feel your pussy. Look me in the eye."

"Yes, David, I..."

"And no talking."

He knew how hard it was for her to be quiet. That was something common to all of the women he'd known. They laughed when they were nervous, giggled and talked. Talking was a way to normalize things. He would keep letting her talk, but only for so long. It wouldn't do to insist on complete silence yet, it was too early for that. He found it was much more effective to let them speak a bit - to let them maintain the illusion of a little control over what was happening. It made the submission so much more completely when they were finally told to stay silent.

"All right. Put on the shoes."

Jennifer scrambled to put them on, so thankful to be doing something. Staring into his eyes had unnerved her. It was the first time it occurred to her that he wasn't going to give her much wiggle room. He was the David she'd known from his stories; from the Circle days.

"Stand here," he told her, pushing her back against the table again. He turned on the vibrator and she jumped. For the next fifteen minutes, he moved her from one position to another, alternating between covering up and exposing different parts of her body. He's push a finger into her or tease her nipples as he adjusted her clothes. Whenever she was close to cumming, he would distract her by changing her position again. By the time he finished, she was on edge and soaking wet.

"You want to cum badly, don't you?"

She looked up at him, her eyes wide, and nodded.

"I want to play a game with you. Take off the shoes and sit down in the corner with your hands behind your back."

Jennifer made her way to the corner of the room, feeling her wet panties sticking to her ass cheeks, the dampness at the tops of her thighs. The vibrator slid up and down between her wet lips as she moved and she had to concentrate to keep it from falling on the floor. David opened his laptop and she watched him bring up a website. The light glowed indicating his webcam was on.

"Karl, dear?" David said.

"Yes, Sir?"

David turned the laptop and Jennifer saw that there was a man on the screen. He was fat and balding, with scraggly hair on his chest and a grey mid-length beard. His hand was in his lap, stroking a long, white cock with a bright red head.

"Karl, do you remember I said I had a treat for you tonight?"

"Yes, Sir." Karl stroked himself slowly, his other hand pressing keys on his own laptop.

"The two of you are going to masturbate for me. The first one that cums is the winner."

Jennifer leaned forward and shook her head. "He's going to watch me?"

"If he wants to. He might not, though. He likes boys better."

David smiled. Jennifer was already confuse and nervous and he knew that would only make it worse. She would be masturbating in front of a man who didn't even find her sexy.

"Are you ready?" David asked.

Jennifer brought her hands around in front of her and started stroking her thighs.

"Did I say you could move your hands?"

She looked up at him. "What?"

"Put your hands behind your back."


"Are you questioning me?"

She dropped her head and put her hands behind her. David reached into his pocket and switched on her vibrator. Jennifer closed her eyes and moaned softly, moving her hips in slow circles.

"Go, Karl."

Jennifer watched Karl stroke his pale prick and felt ill. Seeing David naked had aroused her, but this man made her want to throw up. She looked at David, standing with his arms crossed, his eyes on the screen. She felt even more naked, somehow his ignoring her turned her on even more. He let his hand slide down into his lap, his finger brushing the head of his cock, outlined against the fabric of his pants. She ground her hips, doing her best to generate some friction but not dislodge the egg. It was a terrifying balance to keep and she almost let it slide away.

"There you go!" David said, announcing Karl's victory. He clapped, then reached into his pocket and turned off the vibrator. Jennifer slumped, grinding her hips, the worst frustration of the night flushing through her body. David talked to Karl for nearly 10 more minutes, looking over at her several times and smiling.

She loved it.

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