tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJennifer's Exposure Pt. 01

Jennifer's Exposure Pt. 01


As he explained his work, pointing to various points under the eaves, Jennifer followed Michael, the electrician who had just installed a set of security sensor lights around the outside of her house. It was a hot summer's afternoon and she felt sorry that he had been working in the heat of the day whilst she had been at lunch with friends. She did her best to sound interested but honestly as long as the lights worked she really didn't need to hear the details.

She and Michael had been friends for years, more particularly he had been a school friend of her ex-husband, and she trusted him to do a good job and not overcharge her.

As Michael drove away, Jennifer walked through the house to her bedroom, undressed and stepped into the shower.

She had a date that evening and needed to get ready.

A beautiful woman in her fiftieth year Jennifer was blessed with good genetics which manifested in a still pretty face, tight body, long legs and large firm breasts, the result of a 'boob-job' after having children.

Jennifer was a mother of two daughters and had devoted all of her time and energy whilst her husband was at work to provide the girls with a loving and supportive home. After their marriage ended, the girls stayed with their mum until one-by-one they too moved out.

Left with a large and now empty house Jennifer had started to rediscover who she was as an attractive single woman with time on her hands.

She was to meet a guy with whom she had been chatting online for a week and a half, at a bar on Eagle Street. The bar, Centro was popular with city professionals, in particular lawyers and capital markets types. There was generally a collection of overly confident, and probably over-paid men pursuing women who were there to find an upwardly mobile partner.

Female professionals tended to stay away from Centro as, by the end of a full day in the office, they had endured more than their fair share of strutting ego and bravado.

Stepping out of the Uber and making her way up the escalator to the large outside deck which overlooked the river, Jennifer arrived and still had the power to turn heads especially when dressed in a short and floaty floral dress and sexy strappy heels. Her long blonde hair framed her face and lead her admirers' eyes to her ample cleavage. Her date for the evening was Rob, a fund manager with a boutique company based in Sydney but with offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

She recognised him instantly, breathing a small sigh of relief that his online photo was recent and not a relic of years past. Being a member of several dating sites, Jennifer was too familiar with the shock of discovery that often accompanied meeting a potential suitor who has advanced in age whilst his profile photo remained stubbornly in the late 90's.

Drinks were ordered, and the dance began. "Where did you grow up?, Where did you go to school? How did you get into that line of work?, Where have you travelled?"

The questions are well practiced, and the answers refined over the course of many dates, some deliciously captivating, some quirky and humorous, but most concluded with a courteous kiss on the cheek as she made her escape.

Tonight, the conversation flowed freely. There was a clear chemistry between Jennifer and Rob and she was enjoying his touch. Firstly, on her arm, lingering a little longer on her hand as they shared a joke, and as the flirting became more suggestive his warm hand found her toned thigh.

The heady combination of alcohol, a warm night, her flimsy dress and the prospect of sex with a man she just met excited her.

Excusing herself to use the Ladies Room, Jennifer hoped Rob would admire her short dress and long legs as she disappeared from sight.


Michael had eaten dinner and was sitting on his couch. His laptop linked to his large TV. His wife, Holly was on her knees sucking his hard cock as he re-watched footage from the hidden cameras he had installed earlier that afternoon.

On one of the multiple high definition screens, a blonde woman entered her bedroom. She stopped at the bed and kicked off her kitten heels.

She reached behind, unzipped her dress, let it slip off her shoulders and fall to the floor.

Michael inhaled as she unhooked her bra...

"Yeah baby, let's see those big tits"!

As her lacy bra fell to the floor, Jennifer's breasts were revealed in high definition detail.


Michael put his hand on the back of his wife's head, rhythmically pushing his cock deeper into her mouth, slowly fucking her face.

Hooking her thumbs into her G-string Jennifer slipped it off and walked naked to the bathroom.

Jennifer's unwitting striptease had taken less than a minute, but Michael replayed it a number of times before cuming on his submissive wife's face.


Returning to the table, Jennifer was surprised to see Rob had been joined by another man. Rob pulled the chair out and made the introductions,

"Thomas this is Jennifer, Jennifer this is my boss Thomas".

It seemed to Jennifer that it was going to be back to small talk now and re-covering ground already well explored earlier that night.

From Jennifer's perspective Thomas was approaching 60 years of age, he was tall, strong and imposing. There was an intensity to his presence, a certain undefinable nastiness which she found curiously appealing. Perhaps he was just dismissive of women and saw them less than he, whatever it was Jennifer was increasingly intrigued and repulsed all at once.

Another round or two of drinks and it was clear to Jennifer that Rob was still keen to bed her.

His hand was now well acquainted with her upper thigh and she found herself spreading her legs slightly to provide him better access.

Jennifer knew Thomas could see Rob slipping his hand further and further up her skirt but his conversation didn't miss a beat. He maintained his steely gaze on her as she submitted.

The feeling was intoxicating and overwhelming, the alcohol and her libido worked in unison and her sense of propriety ebbed away.

Jennifer was by now very aroused from the male attention, she felt a little giddy, she felt like she was performing for Thomas, entertaining him while she slowly gave herself to another man.

"Why don't we head to Thomas's apartment? Rob suggested. He's got a great view of the city and the river, you've got to see it".

Jennifer was both surprised and frustrated by Rob's insistence. Surely it should have been obvious to him she wanted to have sex and heading to a friend's apartment wasn't going to see the evening end the way she thought Rob hoped.

"That's a great idea Rob". announced Thomas,

"I have some champagne back at my place and we can all continue to get to know each other, that is of course if you don't mind Jennifer?"

With a knowing look in his eyes, Thomas continued "I mean I wouldn't want to cramp your style."

Before Jennifer had a chance to answer Thomas stood up and started towards the elevator. Rob took Jennifer's hand and they followed Thomas to his apartment which was located a short walk from Centro.

The front door was opened, and a panoramic view of the Brisbane skyline unfolded before them. Rob lead Jennifer through the apartment to a large outdoor balcony whilst Thomas excused himself to arrange drinks.

As a soft breeze enveloped them Rob pulled Jennifer close and kissed her, gently at first and as Jennifer melted into the embrace their tongues met and their kissing became more urgent. His hands were soon massaging her bum through the sheer fabric and she could feel his hard cock grinding against her.

The sound of footsteps broke their embrace as Thomas placed a silver 'high-hat' containing a bottle of champagne on the coffee table and took a seat. Beckoning them in Rob lead Jennifer to a two-seater lounge opposite Thomas.

Drinks were poured and a toast to living life with no regrets was agreed.


Technology had been a boon to Michael's business and a highly effective mechanism for indulging his proclivity for voyeurism. Holly, his pretty bisexual wife shared his kink and enjoyed her husband invading the privacy of local women and sharing their images with a group of other likeminded local tradesmen. She and Michael often hosted his friends as they collectively masturbated over images and videos of local women, naked, fucking, playing with themselves, or just going about their lives unaware of they were being spied upon. Holly too was shared and Michael took great voyeuristic pleasure in watching his mates use his submissive wife.

"Babe, do you want me to upload Jennifer's file to the group Dropbox?" Holly asked Michael.

"Sure, and let the guys know it's there. Don't forget to include her name and address."


Rob had his arm around Jennifer as the group of three chatted, his right hand was once again making its way up Jennifer's skirt and again, reflexively she parted her legs a little. Thomas watched, and Jennifer could feel the heat of his stare. Rob took the opportunity to kiss Jennifer, his tongue immediately joined by hers and before she could think, his fingers were pressing against her clitoris. She realised she had spread her legs, and Thomas sitting in front of them had a front row view of her wet G-string.

Flustered, Jennifer broke the kiss and pushed Rob's hand from her pussy.

"Don't let me stop you Jennifer, you're obviously horny and want to fuck, it's obvious." Thomas sneered at her.

"Rob, continue what you started, I want to see her naked."

All at once Jennifer was confused, frightened and desperate to fuck.

She wanted to be watched, to be desired, and to cum.

This time as Rob kissed her she willingly spread her legs and her sopping shaved pussy was exposed as Rob pulled the flimsy fabric aside.

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disappointing stopping mid-story like that dropped from 4/5 to 3 stars, yes I agree a very great body you have there

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Your Photo.

I love the photo that you shared for us in your bio. You have a great looking body and the knowing that you have such a great looking figure; will no doubt add to the enjoyment of reading the stories aboutmore...

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Enjoyable story

A bit confusing, but interesting. Can't wait for part 2.

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Very hot start!

Very hot start and exceptionally well-written.

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