tagIncest/TabooJennifer's Holiday Ch. 02

Jennifer's Holiday Ch. 02


Jennifer woke with a smile on her face and a very nice feeling between her legs. She didn't want to open her eyes as she thought she might lose the sensation that was even better than those few occasions when she would find enough privacy at home to touch herself down there. Mostly it reminded her though of when her uncle had teased her last night. Just before he made her beg to be taken he had tormented her by sliding his cock lightly between her waiting lips.

The memory of what he had done to her, the memory of what she had begged him to do, wiped the smile off her face and she opened her eyes.

"Uncle, what are you doing?"

"I'm playing with your pussy, my little slut, and by the look on your face and the juices pouring from your cunt I would say you were enjoying it."

"What? No! Of course I'm not enjoying it. You're my uncle. This is wrong!"

"It may be wrong and I may be your uncle but while we are on holiday you promised to act like my girlfriend and this is what I do with my girlfriends. Of course, I could just send you home to your grandfather and you could show him your holiday snaps. In fact, I think I'll take another just now for him."

As he climbed off the king size bed and went through the adjoining door to his own room, seemingly to get his camera, Jennifer saw her chance to escape. However, it was only then that she realised she was going nowhere.

She had been so drowsy when she first woke, lulled by the pleasant sensations starting between her legs and coursing throughout her young body, that she hadn't even realised she was tied to the bed. Her arms and legs were spread to the four corners of the bed, securely bound to the bedposts with what looked like stockings.

"Uncle, let me go! Let me go."

"I will, Jennifer, but I think your grandfather would love to see your naked body displayed in all its glory, don't you?"

Her uncle didn't give her the chance to answer as he began to take one photo after another, some of her whole defenceless body and some close ups of her breasts and pussy. The more he snapped with his camera, the more she struggled against her bonds, and the more she realised she could do nothing to stop him. Jennifer slumped back down onto the bed, trying to turn her face from the all-seeing lens of the camera but she knew there was no escape.

"Now what shall we do next, my little plaything?" he asked her, finally putting down the camera and sparing her blushes just a little.

"Please untie me, uncle," she pleaded.

"Well, if you insist but I quite like you being so helpless. I'll tell you what; I'll set you free if you do something for me."

Jennifer couldn't imagine anything that could be worse than being imprisoned like this at the mercy of her perverted uncle so she agreed with a resignation that she was becoming accustomed to.

"Anything. Just untie me please."

"Excellent," her evil relative replied as he began to free her legs. "I want you to masturbate for me."

"No, uncle. I could never do that! Please just untie me. I'll do anything else you want. Not that."

"But that's what I want, Jennifer. Still, if you really don't want to then I'll just call Reception and ask them to send us up some breakfast. I'm sure they are used to seeing young girls tied to their beds."

Jennifer knew she was defeated. Her uncle had still to untie her hands and his implication was clear. He would think nothing of exposing her to the hotel staff and she would still be tied to the bed; she would feel unable to ever come out of the room again as her shame would go before her and she would never be able to face the staff again.

Seeing her resignation and acceptance of his terms her uncle loosened the stockings which bound her wrists and made himself comfortable at the foot of the bed. Jennifer noticed that he had picked up his camera again and didn't know what was more troubling, the camera or the fact that her depraved uncle was now openly stroking his already hard cock as he waited for her to begin.

She closed her eyes and tried to pretend that her uncle wasn't there, that he wasn't as naked as she was, that he wasn't pulling slowly at his erect cock as he waited for her to touch herself. Taking a deep breath she forced her hand to move between her legs and began to caress her lips just as her uncle had been doing while she slept.

"That's nice, Jennifer. Now open your legs properly so I can see exactly what you are doing. Or would you rather I stretched them wide again and tied them to the bed?"

That was the last thing she wanted so Jennifer reluctantly spread her legs, knowing that her uncle could now see the drops of her pussy juice coating her fingers just as they had his own. It wasn't the first time she had ever touched herself and, as her fingers bumped against her throbbing clit, she began to enjoy the feelings coursing through her body.

As her fingers slipped between her lips they inevitably entered her and she gasped aloud in pleasure, her perverted uncle blocked out for the moment. It felt so good and she knew she wasn't going to stop until she had her first orgasm of the day, not that she would have been allowed to anyway.

Jennifer was still embarrassed that a man was watching her most intimate moments, an older man, her own uncle, but the whole experience seemed to increase the sensations washing over her many fold. She slowly opened one eye no more than a crack when she heard him moving off the bed but he wasn't moving far.

As her fingers began to thrust in and out of her pussy even faster, almost of their volition, she squinted through her half open eye to watch her uncle move to the side of the bed, all the while still playing with his cock. She couldn't believe how gorgeous it was to see what her uncle was doing, gorgeous and filthy at the same time.

She felt him climb back on top the bed and opened her eyes fully to see his thick cock only inches from her face. She knew what he would want her to do and within moments he began to move those last few inches toward her mouth.

"Suck it, my little slut. Suck it like the cocksucker you are."

As his hand had reached out and pulled his niece's head towards his cock, Jennifer didn't really have much choice. She still couldn't get used to how big and angry it always looked, especially at such close quarters but she obediently parted her lips and let her uncle push into her mouth once again.

She looked up as her uncle slid back and forth, his rigid cock sliding in and out of her warm mouth and she noticed he was smiling down at her. She suddenly felt a perverse pleasure that she was doing well, even if she was being forced to do something she had previously vowed never to do.

As her uncle began to fuck her mouth ever more rapidly and she thrust her fingers deeper and deeper into her pussy, she caught a glimpse of movement at the door. Straining to see what had caught her eye she was shocked to see the girl from last night.

"Well, isn't that sweet. The door was open so I let myself in but didn't expect to interrupt you dear. Let me take a photo for you to keep as a souvenir."

Before Jennifer could say anything, which would have been difficult anyway as her uncle continued to plough deeper into her mouth, the girl snatched the camera and captured the poor girl with a mouthful of her uncle's cock and a pussy full of her fingers.

But the woman wasn't satisfied with being a spectator. She sat down on the bed beside Jennifer on the opposite side from her uncle and bent her head to the girl's pert breasts. Jennifer was stunned. Before last night no one had even seen her naked breasts now there was a strange woman kissing them, sucking on her nipples, causing her to feel things she had never felt before.

The other girl then reached down and placed her hand on top of Jennifer's, her fingers joining the terrified girl's in plunging into her dripping cunt. This was too much. Jennifer climaxed almost instantly, the overload of pleasure overcoming any resistance she had left. As the waves of lust washed over her and the other woman took control of their finger fucking, Jennifer screamed out in pure lust.

As a result her uncle's cock was forgotten but he wasn't finished with his niece yet. He began to tug on his cock, knowing he wasn't going to last much longer. Sure enough, within moments he was firing his cum into the startled girl's mouth and over her face.

Jennifer swallowed automatically and tasted a man's cum for the first time in her young life. Her own orgasm slowed down and her mouth closed too, allowing her uncle to smear the remaining drops of his cum on her lips, determined that his niece would never forget her first facial nor who had given her it.

"I only popped in to invite you to Jason's birthday party, a very exclusive party, but that was a very pleasant diversion. Please say you'll both come."

"Of course we'll come. But I think we both need a shower first."

Jennifer saw this as an ideal chance to escape the attentions of her uncle and the girl. On very unsteady legs she rushed into the bathroom and turned on the shower, letting the water flow until it was as hot as she could bear it. Stepping gingerly under the steaming flow she flinched just a little when the water began to run over her still-sensitive pussy lips.

"What's wrong with me?" she wondered. She knew that what had just happened was wrong, very wrong, and yet it had felt so good at the time.

"Am I really a slut, like my uncle says? Is this really what I've wanted all along?"

But she vigorously shook her head in denial. Her loving grandfather had raised her to be a good girl, she had always tried to be a good girl, but still she couldn't deny the hunger of her newly aroused lust. She forced herself to concentrate on washing herself, doing everything she could to stop herself from touching between her legs.

Her uncle meanwhile watched from the doorway as the water flowed over his niece's young body. The other girl had left now and he had locked the door behind her. He had thoroughly enjoyed their joint seduction of Jennifer but for now he wanted her all to himself. For a moment he simply watched as the soap suds flowed over every inch of her smooth skin but his impatience and his longing got the better of him and he stepped forward.

As he opened the shower door Jennifer heard the slight noise and her head spun round in surprise. Her uncle just smiled at her and she knew she shouldn't really be surprised as she didn't think for one moment that he had finished with her just yet. At least it seemed to be just her evil relative that had joined her as there was no sign of the other girl and for that she was glad.

Even so, she backed away from her uncle, back as far as she could go in the confined space until she felt the cold tiles of the shower against her hot, wet skin. He smiled again as he ran his hands lightly over her wet body, brushing against her pert breasts, her nipples already standing proud under the force of the shower. His hands slowly, teasingly, made their way inevitably down, down to what was once her forbidden place, down to where she longed to be touched.

He couldn't stop smiling now as his niece instinctively opened her legs slightly, allowing him entry, allowing him to run his finger along her wet slit. He knew it wasn't just the shower that was making the girl wet and he was so glad that her aunt hadn't come on this holiday.

Jennifer had only started to realise how much she was enjoying what her uncle was doing when he stopped. He spun her around so that she was facing away from him then reached round and grabbed her shower gel. Pouring a good amount into his hands he began to wash her, rubbing her shoulders and neck. She could feel his soapy hands sliding easily over her wet skin and, embarrassed though she undoubtedly was to be sharing a shower with her uncle, to be washed so intimately by him was an unknown and unexpected pleasure.

His hands moved on down, down to her round cheeks, but once again he surprised her by not stopping there. His massage continued down her slender legs but as he straightened himself she felt him him moving ever so slightly closer to her. She could feel his hardness pressing against her as he once again returned to her gorgeous bottom and this time he didn't stop. This time he pushed her where no one else had ever pushed her.

Silently spreading her cheeks he ran a single finger up and down between them, paying particular attention to the one place no-one has ever touched her before. She knew she should be disgusted; she knew she should be outraged, but all she could feel was pure pleasure, pleasure where she would never have expected it. She could feel her anticipation building again and she wondered what he would do next.

What he did was to press even closer to her, press so close that she could feel his hard cock being squashed between their hot, wet bodies. Then his hands moved round to her front, poured more gel into his hands and began to soap her young breasts. Jennifer was almost lost in her own lust as she pushed herself back against her uncle but he pushed her away. This was obviously going to be done just as he wanted and she realised that she was not going to complain.

She brought her hands up in front of her and rested them against the shower wall, surrendering herself to her uncle's ministrations. He pressed closer against her again, washing, squeezing, teasing her breasts and pinching her hard nipples. She could feel him pressing between her cheeks and just for a dreadful moment she thought he was going to push into her tightest hole.

Instead he stepped back and turned her around to face him once again. He was smiling and she took secret pleasure from the fact that he was pleased with her. As the water rinsed the suds from her front he leaned down and took one nipple at a time into his mouth while his fingers continued to toy with the other one. Jennifer could feel her juices flowing and she thought that she might even have another wonderful orgasm just from what he was doing at that moment.

But her uncle of course wanted more. Still sucking on her nipples, his hand moved down and eased between her soapy thighs, finding their way to her slick pussy and its protruding clit. His teasing of her most precious, most sensitive bud caused her to squirm with delight but they both wanted more and they both knew she was ready for it.

She wrapped her arms around her uncle's neck, pulled him closer and gave herself to him. He took her gift as if it was his right and pushed her legs further apart. Reaching round and cupping her bottom cheeks he lifted her on to his cock, just as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Then he began. He began to push into her; he began to drive her against the tiles;he began to let his fingers wander between her cheeks and he began to rub those fingers against her virgin hole as he drove his slick cock into her no longer virgin pussy. Their bodies clashed against each other as they tried to give and take more than the other.

Jennifer had never been so aroused in her young life and as his cock continued to thrust in and out of her, she could feel him deeper inside than he had ever been. His body crushed her clit between them both and his powerful spearing of her pussy tipped her over into an explosive orgasm that even the last couple of days had not prepared her for. She felt him cumming too, felt him cumming deep within her, filling her with his seed as she hung onto him for all she was worth.

When he finally stopped, his softening cock slid out of her and she slid to the floor of the shower. Her uncle simply stepped out of the shower and dried himself while he watched her body try to recover from what it had just endured.

"Don't be long. We have a party to go to," he smiled at her.

"Uncle?" she managed to ask. "Please may I have some panties?"

"Of course, but you will have to do something for me in return."

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