tagNonHumanJennifer's New Career Ch. 02

Jennifer's New Career Ch. 02


Following her escapade within the mystery realm of monsters, Jennifer had felt her libido increase tenfold. Now, wandering the halls of her Catholic high school, she felt even more of an outsider, knowing that the boys she passed couldn't possibly compare to the dozens of cocks at her ready disposal as the appointed monster fucker for her generation. The boys in her classes noticed her dressing a little more seductively, too, just increasing their fear of approaching such a sexy 18 year old. Her plaid skirt hiked up to an unimaginably short length, and it seems she had bought herself a new white button up shirt, only this one was far too tight for her, leaving the buttons on the edge of bursting by the weight of her f-cup tits. Also, more than a few of her male classmates claimed to have spotted her wearing thongs and g-strings when the skirt blew in the wind, which was, of course, true.

The girls in the class began to notice too, and soon whispers calling her a 'slut' and 'whore' passed through the hallways. Naturally, she didn't mind; considering the way she had whored herself out to such foul beasts, the rumours were remarkably true, although they had no way of knowing. However, Jennifer still had her one best, a petite girl by the name of Suzie.

Suzie and Jennifer had been friends since they were in elementary school, taking the same classes throughout high school in order to continue being as close as they were. Although they were so such close friends, Suzie had become curious towards Jennifer's change in personality. She had always known Jenny, as she called her, had wanted to begin experimenting with sex, but this was too far, she thought. Dressing so provocatively would only get her in trouble.

Sometimes, the way Jennifer talked about wanting to have sex made Suzie a little jealous, although she would never admit it to herself, as any admittance of such feeling might conflict with her strictly platonic friendship. Not that Suzie was a lesbian – she was attracted to men, but she had always admired her close friend, and secretly looked upon her incredible body with lustful eyes.

One day, following the last period of class, Jennifer said her good-byes to Suzie for the afternoon and began walking home. As she walked between the autumn leaves drifting over the sidewalk, she thought she heard a male voice say 'Hey!' She paused for a moment, looked around, and upon finding no person to match the voice, she continued on her way. Then again, a male voice sounded,

"You act so surprised to hear me!" it said, "but when you get home, I'm going to have a little treat for you." Jennifer realized the voice must somehow belong to Teddy Bear, and grinned subtly, knowing she was in for some sort of special treatment.

She burst through the door just as her mother was preparing to head out to work. Her mother was just as beautiful as her daughter with identical red locks and a tremendously sensual hourglass figure, although at 38, her age was beginning to show. However, that didn't seem to affect her breasts in any way; not quite as stacked as her daughter, she easily was an e-cup, and had no hesitation in showing more than a little cleavage in her day-to-day apparel.

"You're home in a rush!" she commented to her daughter. Thinking on her feet, Jennifer said,

"I've got a lot of homework and not much time to do it. Have fun at work!" She and her mother

exchanged a hug good-bye, and as the door closed, Jennifer was already bounding up the stairs towards her bedroom. She looked around, trying to spot Teddy Bear, but he was ready for her, sitting comfortably against her bed's pillows.

"Bout time! I like the uniform," the toy declared.

"Sorry I'm late, I had to say good-bye to my mother,"

"I'd like to say hello to her, if you catch my drift," the perverse bear commented. Jennifer blushed and giggled at the remark; she knew her mother was a very sexy person, but didn't know the bear had seen her around the house yet. "So today you only get me, doll, but I'm going to make it worth your while. Now, I would like a lap dance. Chop chop." Somehow she found the bear's brashness endearing. His fabric swelled in the crotch already, and she sultrily walked towards her bed.

His little furry hand now rubbing a quickly growing erection as Jennifer ran her hands over her sexy body. Cupping her breasts, squeezing the soft flesh, her top three buttons burst, exposing her hefty cleavage. Leaning over and jiggling her tits, Teddy Bear began to moan and grunt approvingly. Climbed onto the bed, crawling towards the toy, she said

"So I guess I need to give you a dance now." Standing on her knees atop the mattress, she positioned herself immediately in front of Teddy; she grabbed his head and put it in the crotch of her plaid skirt, grinding closer to the fabric face. His little paws felt up her sexy thighs, and offered a pinch to her left leg. "Ouch! Looks like somebody's being naughty!" She pulled the head away from her crotch, teasing him with her proximity. She slowly reached up to her buttons, unfastening one at a time, although her breasts weight against the cotton fabric of her shirt expedited the process. Left with an open shirt and only her teeny bra covering her breasts, she rubbed them together, eliciting more groans from the bear.

"Fuck it!" He yelled, and leapt up, grabbing onto the tops of her bra cups, letting those mammaries free.

"Oh my!" She exclaimed, shocked by his quickness. She held him up with her left arm, putting his face over her right nipple, the Bear eagerly licking and nibbling the swollen piece of flesh. She reached around to unfasten her bra with the left hand, letting it fall on top of her lap, still wearing the unfastened schoolgirl shirt and plaid skirt. Teddy Bear pulled his face from her tit for a moment, declaring,

"I fucking love you schoolgirls!" before he put his head between her mounds, motorboating them with enthusiasm. She couldn't help but let out a little laugh at the sight of a teddy bear playing with her tits, but she was enjoying every second of it.

He quickly jumped off her arm, sitting back in his spot against the pillows, and said,

"Now suck my dick." He let out his massive member, it being 12' long; nearly his own height. She leaned over and began licking the length of his surprisingly human-looking shaft, each time stopping at the tip to give it a little kiss, eliciting more groans of pleasure from Teddy. With a sudden vigour, she crammed his dick into her mouth, quickly bobbing up and down, taking it in with a furious rhythm. The bear put its hand on her hair, tugging on her red curls, moaning in approval of her work. Alternating between sucking on his huge member and licking the shaft, he told her to stop, instructing her to lie on her back.

Leaping on her torso, he began to tit-fuck, just as he did in their last encounter, instead letting her push the breasts together, making his furry fast twist and smile in lust. He thrust with such ferocity the head of his dick kept striking her chin, so she opened her mouth, taking the tip whenever he pushed through her cleavage, only to disappear and reappear a moment later. He began to speak as he fucked her tits,

"You know, a show like this really deserves an audience." He then whistled, and Jennifer heard her closet door open. Looking over, the tip of his dick now striking her flushed cheeks, she saw a procession of her childhood stuffed toys marching around the bed. A rainbow of bears, elephants, frogs and other furry figures surrounded the bed, cheering for the spectacle they witnessed.

Somehow this was a turn-on for Jennifer, each toy rubbing its crotch, some pulling out penis' similarly large to the Teddy Bear she was tit-fucking, masturbating to the scene. Teddy Bear, however, pulled his dick out from her tits, and walked to her crotch, positioning himself with his penis aimed right at her pussy. He rubbed it against the fabric of her thong, then pushed that aside and thrust his full length into her willing body. She yelled out in pleasure, his full 12 inches pumped within her. He vigorously fucked her, nearly pulling the full length out before thrusting again. Jennifer never felt luckier, despite the fact that her lover was a stuffed toy. The chorus of watching toys had approached the bed at this point, climbing its sides and standing around her exposed body. Teddy Bear got a sly look on his face, and he nodded at the other stuffed animals. Suddenly, a purple elephant crammed his member into her mouth, and a stuffed tiger jumped on her stomach to being tit fucking her.

Completely surrounded by masturbating toys, Jennifer reached out to two other toys, unseen to her as her stare was firmly fixed on the elephant atop her.

She grabbed their penis' and began jerking them off, each of her hands encircling shafts longer than 10 inches. Suddenly she felt Teddy pushed with particular emphasis, and he began to cum inside her. She felt his load shoot inside of her; he must have cum for a minute straight. As he was finishing his load, the elephant began to cum in her mouth, producing a terribly large amount. She tried to swallow as much as she could, but he filled her mouth completely, dripping out of her mouth and over her cheek. Similarly to the elephant, the tiger and the two other teddy bears in her hands began to cum. The elephant leapt out of the way as the sprayed over her body, the tiger covering her face with his massive load. That's when the hoards of stuffed creatures around her finished jerking themselves off, also spraying over her young body. Her shirt, skirt and hair was soaked by the cum, looking as though she had been swimming in the stuff.

She looked down at Teddy Bear, and then the surrounding toys, only to find them having returned to their immobile state, positioned in a circle around her cum-soaked body.

Sitting up, and swinging her legs off the bed, she walked over to her bathroom to yet again clean herself of the cum from monsters, although this time her partners were of a more notably cuddly disposition.

"Until next time..." a voice remarked as she walked away from the bed, to which she turned and blew a kiss at the bear.

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