tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJennifer's New Career Ch. 03

Jennifer's New Career Ch. 03


Jennifer's past few weeks had been brazen escapades of disturbing sexual episodes. Her frequent nights with Teddy proved to be enough to satisfy her newly-insatiable lust, and the occasional visit from monsters from the other dimensions were leading to slipping grades, particularly in Mr. Evans' math class.

Mr. Evans had noticed she was slacking off, and this 40 year veteran of the teaching game had seen this type time and time again; once with so much potential, but overcome by the wilds of youth. He knew he could make a difference here, and decided to speak of Jennifer's mother. Through several phone calls, it was agreed that Jennifer would attend tutoring sessions with Mr. Evans after school every day for the next week. Distraught at the thought of being removed from her beloved Teddy for such a long time, she approached the demonic doll with her conundrum.

"Easy. We'll just cast a spell to help you out."

"What kind of spell?" Jennifer asked, but the stuffed animal held his furry paw to her lips.

"No questions. You'll know what to do." His confidence unnerved Jennifer, but she was turned on at the thought of some sexual surprise from this ursine toy. She stood up from the bed where she had laid with the bear and began to remove her top, leaving her f-cups covered only by a pale blue bra. She had taken off her pants earlier, so she stood before the bear clad only in lingerie. "Keep it on," he said, referring to her remaining garments. He began to stroke his hardening cock, and she crawled over and began licking his shaft. Groaning in pleasure as she began bobbing her head on this unhuman lovers' dick, Jennifer grabbed her breasts, pressing them together in a show for the beast.

"I wanna come on your tits." The bear said sternly, so she pulled her sexy little mouth from his cock, and began jerking it off, slapping it on her heavy flesh. With a sudden groan, his cum exploded over her tits, coating her bra and breasts with a thick white goo, with some having landed in her red hair. She lifted one tit to lick cum from it, as her teddy bear smiled in approval.


"Come in," Mr. Evans replied to a quiet knock on his classrooms' door. Walking with timid steps, Jennifer plopped her tight body into a chair immediately in front of her teacher's desk. He gaped for a brief moment, his mind confused by his sudden attraction to this girl -- he had always found her beautiful, but not until now did this 63 year old teacher find himself stammering in the presence of such a sexual student.

To be fair, Jennifer had made sure to wear a corset that really held her tits up, propping her taut button up shirt. Her toned stomach was hidden by the fabric of her shirt stretched into being tucked into her plaid skirt, it barely at the extremely short length she normally kept it.

"Uh...I suppose we should begin," he stammered, eyeing his pupil's sweater-puppies. "You seem to be having particular difficulty with calculus. Shall we start there?" She sat there with such cute attentiveness, her massive tits pushing the buttons of her shirt to their limit. "I'm sorry," he continued. "I seem to have no attention today," he muttered as he rubbed his eyes, hoping to divert them from this beautiful creature before him.

"Are you alright?" Jennifer replied, guiding her petite frame from her desk to the side of her aging teacher. She wrapped her arm around his waist and guided him to his desk chair. "You look a little dizzy."

"I'm just a little distracted, it seems," he replied, looking up at her, standing tantalizingly close to him, her breasts not a foot from his face. She took his face in her hands; her newly imported instincts guided her movements, she began to speak as a result of the Bear's spell.

"Well, clear your mind....do you want this body?" His eyes shot open wide at the question, and he began stammering and trying to look away from this sexy thing. Jennifer suddenly reached for his hands and put them on her tits, his aging hands clawing at the ample flesh. He gulped. "Or would you like another?" Mr. Evans arched his eyebrows in curiosity. "Clear your mind..." she repeated. His eyes closed as she held his still-grabbing hands over her tits. He opened his eyes a moment later, only to be looking Jennifer Love Hewitt in the face. "A.....friend of mine gave me this ability, it would seem." She continued, "And I can be whoever you want."

Looking her over, still dressed in her catholic school uniform, the only difference between this girl and the real Jennifer Love Hewitt had to be the tits -- evidently, the beast did not intend to let her tits shrink at any point.

Leaning over, Jennifer poured her mouth over his, her tongue twisting around his. She positioned herself on his lap, his boner poking up his pants, rubbing against her thigh. Apparently uncaring as to how this sort of thing may happen, or rather, preferring this absurd reality to the droll usual, Mr. Evans reached for the buttons of her top and pulled the shirt open, revealing Jennifer Love Hewitt's slender frame topped off with corset-clad cleavage. He buried his face into her chest, licking her huge breasts with lustful hunger. He stopped for a moment.

"Can you be anyone?" he asked, his face still resting on her cleavage. She grinned.

"Say no more." She buried his face back into her cleavage, continuing his feast of her mammaries. Looking up again, he grinned in excitement as Scarlett Johansson smiled at him, her elegant face inviting him for a kiss. They pressed their lips together with passion, his roaming hand tracing over her thigh, reaching for her crotch. His fingers pushed the fabric of her thong to the side, jamming his finger in her slit. She moaned in pleasure, running her hands along his chest, unbuttoning his shirt. Running her hands along his hairy chest, she fumbled fingering the zipper of his pants. Stroking his hard member, the Scarlett look-alike slid down his body, positioning herself on her knees in front of her teacher. Reaching behind, she untied the corset, her ample bosom bursting from the once-tight garment. With a quick start, she put her lips over his cock, playing with the tip by rubbing her tongue vigorously over its soft skin.

He knew this was wrong, her being his pupil, and he knew something was terribly disconcerting in the way she could evidently shape-shift. However, it would seem that, for the sake of his orgasm, these thoughts were swept aside, instead replaced with silent prayers to the heavens for letting him experience not only a blowjob from a student with massive melons, but one who looked identical to Scarlett Johansson at the moment. Evidently, he was fast approaching the breaking point, and Scarlett recognized this by pulling her mouth off his shaft, and placing it between her tits. Lifting the gentle warmth of her breasts up and down him finished the job, and his cum splattered over her face. Scarlett licked her lips, and spoke in her sultry tone,

"Well, I guess that concludes today's lecture.." Standing and replacing her corset over those massive, pert tits and buttoning up her shirt, Mr. Evans watched her face and body return to Jennifer's usual form. His cock meekly hardened again, but Jennifer looked at this only to giggle and blow him a kiss as she left the classroom.

"Wow." he managed to say.

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