tagNonHumanJennifer's New Career Ch. 05

Jennifer's New Career Ch. 05


Susie's hiring by the monsters from the other universe had led to a new canal of bonding between her and Jennifer, these old friends exploring one another with carnal curiosity. Three weeks had passed since the ghostly kings assigned her to the position of apprentice beast fucker, and both girls had noticed a change in both of their demeanours; since then, Susie had essentially 'slept over' every night, using girl time as an excuse to sneak into the company of her big titted redhead friend and the scores of different monsters pouring through the bedroom closet doors, and they had begun to crave the sex from these beasts.

A few encounters stood out in their minds; there was the time a succubus ate the girls out while they sucked on one another's tits. Or there was the time the general of the lizards barged in demanding every one of his troops titfuck the girls. Or the time the sentient squid wrapped the girls up in his tentacles, pressing their breasts together; needless to say, it was rather breast-centric.

This had proved difficult at first for Susie, as the beasts were ravenous for big tits, and she was often abandoned in favour of Jennifer's massive jugs. However, thanks to a wicked spell cast by Teddy, each time she swallowed cum, her tits would grow. Not wanting to overdo it too fast, she only swallowed enough of Teddy's cum to be a d-cup, although from various escapades with the monsters, she had pushed the outer limits of a dd-cup, and every shirt she owned.

They had essentially stopped going to school. This would have alarmed their parents had Susie's not been terribly neglectful, and Jennifer's mother was always out at work. This issue came up one day when the girls lay on both sides of Teddy in bed, their big tits unclothed, the bear playing with their nipples.

"So what happens if my Mom finally asks about school?" Jennifer quizzed as the bear pinched her tit, to which she playfully squealed.

"How bout you send her my way and I'll deal with it then." The bear sneered, his hand playing with his cock while grabbing at Jennifer's tit.


"One sec, Susie. It looks like our friend needs some help..." she ran her hand over his cock, beginning to jerk him rapidly.


"What Susie?" Jennifer was clearly annoyed, as was the bear, who grunted noisily. Susie, wide-eyed in fear, gestured towards the door behind Jennifer.

Jennifer went stiff, realizing what Susie must have meant. She slowly looked behind to see her mother standing in the doorway, mouth gaping, in shock of the image before her. Teddy still couldn't see the trouble, so he popped up to find the source of his handjobs disturbance.

"Aw, crap." He said when he spied the mother looking in. She screamed and ran out of the room. Teddy promptly jumped off the bed and ran towards the door with determination.

"Teddy, no!" Jennifer cried as the bear ran off, but he was too far. She and Susie wrapped themselves up in sheets and followed down the hall, only to see her mother's bedroom door slam behind Teddy. Screams came from within the room, and the low voice of Teddy could be heard, garbled by the drywall between them.


"What are you going to do?!" Mary screamed at the sneering teddy bear before her, a terribly huge cock protruding from his crotch. "Leave me alone!"

"Oh no, sorry, can't do that. You've seen too much. You've seen that we've got your daughter and her friend, and we'll have you. Take off your top." He casually uttered, as though the words were commonplace for a stuffed toy to say. Confused by his strange request, Mary didn't even notice herself peeling her work clothes from a very sexy 38 year old body. She was repulsed as her hands unbuttoned the silk blouse she wore, leaving her huge tits exposed in a grey cotton bra. "I hope you like this." The bear continued as he approached her, his cock dragging between his fluffy legs. "Sit down."

Again moving without will, Mary sat in the armchair nearby, her luscious orbs rising and falling with her surprisingly calm breath. Suddenly, the chair's arms grabbed her, the cushions squeezing the soft flesh of her breasts, groping at her body. She was horrified, by the massage her tits were receiving was surprisingly comforting. The evil bear stood before her, slowing jerking himself off to the sight. As the couch continued to feel at her breasts, the bear hopped up on her lap, and sat on her exposed knees, her skirt being rather short for a business skirt. She regarded him with bleary eyes of confused passion, and he knew he had her. Standing up, he began jacking himself off furiously. With haste, he began to cum, and the couch immediately placed its arms back where the once were fixed. The bears semen sprayed over her tits, half falling out of their cups, and all over her face, landing a large gob right on her lips. Gasping and feeling at the goo all over her, Mary suddenly felt dizzy as she swallowed some of the cum from her full lips.

Still pounding at the door, her daughter and Susie also became dizzy, tottering in the hall, until they all passed out simultaneously.

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