tagNonHumanJennifer's New Career Ch. 06

Jennifer's New Career Ch. 06


And before we begin, I'd like to include a brief introduction by the author to my devoted following. Hello boys, and perhaps girls. Probably boys. I've received some pleasant compliments and e-mails regarding this story line, although one terrible flaw remains in my mind - the first chapter is shit. Now! My ideal situation would be a complete re-write of it, although I hardly have the creative drive to bother. However, I have discovered a solution; the offer, now standing until March 15, 2010, is that you are able to e-mail me (or comment on the story) suggestions of how I might attempt to re-envision that first perverted chapter. Want to read about Jennifer taking a turn with throngs of mummies? Hey! Why not?! How about enjoying the minute details of her breasts' bouncing as she rides Teddy for the first time? Perhaps a side-story involving her mother and Susie? I DUNNO! So send in you suggestions; I suppose you'll know if you've 'won' or not when the story finally is re-released (hopefully by the end of March).

Until then, enjoy this, the sixth chapter of "Jennifer's New Career".


Separated, yet moving in unison, Jennifer, Susie and Mary all awoke from the daze which had befallen them. Each was inwardly scared by a suddenly foreign environment with no other person in sight. Jennifer was surrounded by a dark, thick jungle, barely any sunlight penetrating the canopy. She suddenly realized the clothes draped over her immaculate frame -- something that Tarzan's wife would surely wear. A tight animal skin was stretched over her tits, it looked like leopard, making a primitive tube top to cover her. Instead of the thong she had been dressed in moments earlier, her pelvis was wrapped in a matching leopard skin skirt, barely covering her exposed pussy.

She heard the sudden snap of a twig, and spinning behind her, she realized she wasn't alone, and her

company had certain plans for her...

Cold and worried for her daughter, Mary squeezed herself for warmth, her breasts pushed together in huge symmetrical bulges. She didn't realize it, but a pair of large eyes were glued to her body, although I can hardly blame them; her gently curves was clad only in a tiny blue bikini and a sarong, those massive tits on ready display. She realized she stood on sand, but had no idea it was a beach, and had even less of a chance at understanding how this slimy creature was fast approaching in the dark.

Susie was dazed by the course of events, but she immediately knew what was ahead for her, given the nature of her employment. Clad in nothing, she spun in the darkness, trying to find any sort of light. Slowly, however, a dim blue glow appeared. She swore she could make out the figure of a man shambling towards her, but she quickly realized it was not just a man -- it was some sort of beast. She estimated his stature had to be average for an adult male, but the distance and dim light didn't offer much opportunity to discern. Two things were clear, however; he was walking towards her, and whatever cast the large silhouette between his legs was certainly going to put Susie to a real test of her dedication to the monster-fucking business.

Jennifer locked eyes with one of those who had snuck up behind her -- the beady black eyes of a large caveman regarded her, looking over her body carefully. He hollered and slammed his palms to the ground, and from the thick brush, several more appeared. The small clearing Jennifer stood in the middle of was quickly filled with these hairy beasts, probably five or six surrounding her, all massive in stature. The first one to see her stood up and pounded his chest at her, bearing his teeth for a moment before awkwardly stepping forward, gesturing for her attention to regard his growing dick. Shocked for a moment by its girth, she calmed immediately and fell to her knees, quickly swallowing the massive tool. Apparently this was the right option, as the other men began cheering and hooting in approval. She bobbed up and down as the beast grunted, trying to please the ape man as best she could. She pulled it out and licked the tip, swirling her tongue around the tip of his head, before plunging it back into her mouth, deep-throating the giant cock. Suddenly, he began to cum, his huge balls pulsing for the massive load she was about to receive. Like always, she tried to swallow, but it was simply too much -- he pulled out of her mouth and shot his animal cum all over her face and hair. She thought it was strange his cock was still rock-hard, though...but this quickly was dashed aside as the remainder of the feral men approached close to her, all sporting similar erections and reaching for her.

"Well, I guess you'll all just have to get in line..." She said as she wiped the cum from her chin, licking it from her fingers.

Suddenly, at her ankle, Mary felt something warm and wet. Jumping away from the mystery thing, she anxiously began walking backwards, away from whatever touched her. She stumbled over a little mound of sand and landed flat on her ass, her tits bouncing from her bikini upon hitting the ground. Trying to stuff her e-cups back in to the teeny bikini, she felt the same warm wetness, instead now it was both rubbing against her arm and thigh. Desperate to see what the hell this beast might be, a sudden light shone, as bright as the sun, illuminating the entire beach. Naturally, the sight of a giant half-squid, half-man protruding from water would be shocking, but the fact that his tentacles all seemed to be aimed at Mary was a little more disconcerting. She screamed and tried to stand, but the tentacles shot out and grabbed both ankles and wrists, hoisting her to her feet. They eased their grip on her, and gently began to slide up and down her body, leaving a translucent slime behind. Despite her repulsion and terror, she stood perfectly still until the tentacles began playing with her breasts. Juggling them, pushing them together, she began to shake which seemed to trigger a reaction in the squid to rub a tentacle over her face. Disgusted by the slime over her face, she tasted its sweet flavour on her lips and felt herself slowly drift away from terror, almost accepting this beast.

She smiled, and looked in the monsters eyes. She realized this was no ordinary squid (given). Amidst the ordinary tentacles you'd expect, there were large, vine-like protrusions. Currently, the tentacles had eased her to the ground, and she approached the massive beast. She took one vine-tentacle in her hand and began rubbing up and down. The monster sighed in approval. Suddenly, he shot several tentacles at her, one finding its way right into her pussy, the others aiming for her tits and mouth. The one in her pussy pushed deep to which she gasped, and the tentacle in her mouth releasing some strange fluid. She immediately felt herself cumming. Realizing this must be some climax-inducing agent, she grabbed the tentacle in her mouth and began deep-throating it. Those grabbing at her tits were taking turns holding them together for the other to fuck her massive jugs. Slowly, she felt an increasing quiver in the tentacles, vibrations driving her over the edge. Then, with the flow of a garden hose, each one began to cum. She nearly drowned from the one in her mouth releasing a sticky white goo down her throat. Luckily, her younger years had been filled with a great enthusiasm for the sexual arts, one might say. She swallowed eagerly, but the tentacle pulled out and sprayed over her face.

The one in her pussy continued to thrust into her as it was cumming, each push driving her over the edge. The force of the cum out of these things, she thought, is incredible! The jizz dripped from her pussy lips and around the shaft pounding it, Suddenly the creature pulled out, leaving this woman entirely covered by the sticky white slime. Her partner descended back into the ocean the had performed beside, her watching it disappear beneath the waves.

Then she heard a splash, and looking

behind her, she saw the narrow bodies of dozens of half human, half-squid creatures lying on the beach, dragging themselves towards her. Mary smiled and wiped some of the white goo from her face.

Susie had taken to sitting down on the soft ground -- the same softness as a mattress, in fact -- as the form approached her. He certainly takes his time, she thought. His form finally clear to her, she recognized him as a troll (having encountered a few trolls one evening in Jenny's bedroom), but a particularly aged one. She didn't know what the lifespan of a troll may be, but she recognized the signs of advanced years in his grey hair atop his skull, teems of wrinkles over his face, and sagging body skin. His cock, however, was something she was very intrigued by. It had to be 16 inches long, and it didn't seem to even be perfectly hard yet.

As he approached, she stood up straight, being about 3 feet shorter than him, and just reached out for his cock. He slightly smiled, and she grabbed it with both hands. Rubbing up and down the length, she felt the flesh getting stiffer beneath her fingers. Falling to her knees, she began to massage his sagging balls with her left hand, now playfully circling her fingers around the head of his massive cock. Blowing it soft kisses at first, she licked the distance of his massive cock towards those pulsing balls. Taking his hairy sack into her mouth, she sucked on his balls while rubbing the cock with increasing fervour. The old troll nodded and groaned in approval as she sucked and kissed his wrinkled testicles.

Suddenly, he pushed her onto her back, bouncing on the soft ground. Straddling himself over her, he aimed his cock at her (estimated, as they continued to grow) e-cup tits. She held her breasts tight around his cock, and he drooled a large drop of spit over them. She reviled a moment, as the spit stunk of rancid flesh, but she forgot all this as he began to thrust.

Since having been award the position of monster-fucker, she had decided that tit-fucking was one of her favourite sex acts. She couldn't estimate why, as her pussy felt the pleasure more, but the look on the monsters face (or faces, or not at all) as they rode her, pounding away at her feverishly, and the sense of pride when he cums all over her face and in her mouth. Call it her medium; she was an artist of tit-fucking.

This old monster obviously was having difficulty cumming, as he pounded away at her tits for a good twenty minutes, although she didn't mind in the slightest. Suddenly, after Susie had teased her nipples for his entertainment, a look of shock swept over his face, immediately followed by the biggest cumload Susie had yet experienced. For a solid ten seconds (One-one thousand....Two-one thousand), a thick stream spray over her tits and face as she tried to swallow as much of it as she could. Soon she was gasping for breath, as more of the goo than air was ingested, all the while also cumming -- the sight of an ejaculating man turned her on.

He stepped away, and she attempted to stand, but wobbled as her newly huge tits weighed her down at the front. She didn't know it then, but they would measure as LL cup. Now, I don't know if you could imagine such immense mammeries on a petite girl, but it was quite a sight. The troll came again purely at her at the appearance of her new set of breasts, a strong spray hitting her square in the face again. She grinned, and the troll began to walk away again.

Jennifer had fucked well over a hundred cavemen at this point, her pussy juices and their cum mixed together, and a half-smile of utter contentedness over her face. Currently, one of the last was pounding her ass and she sucked off another. The one in her ass would speed up and slow down in his rhythm constantly, driving her wild. He came with such a strong thrust, she was forced to deep-throat the cock in her mouth, causing him to cum with another forward thrust. They filled her with their jizz, and pulled out, leaving her groaning in pleasure, falling to her side in exhaustion. The cavemen began to hoot and holler, and slowly faded away, vanishing into a fine hovering mist. Jennifer's confusion was only exacerbated by the appearance of Teddy standing in front of her, grinning as usual.

"Where'd they go?" she meekly asked.

"Don't worry, you'll find out soon enough." She was uncomfortable with the way he said this, but too tired to concern herself. As she drifted away to sleep, Teddy fondled her tits a bit, to which she had no objections.

Mary was covered with suction marks from hundreds of curious tentacles exploring her body. Two squids currently were fucking her pussy at the same time, pushing her nearly over the edge. She fell off that edge when a third shoved in, and she screamed with pleasure. These squids thrusted quickly, and every push caused her to gasp, as though surprised each time. Sometimes moving in unison, sometimes writhing as an uncontrolled mass, they managed to hit every point of pleasure in her pussy, years of experience having led her to know exactly where each lay. She screamed out again, and another penis-tentacle jammed into her mouth, thrusting itself down her throat, deeper with every push. Suddenly, as though they all belonged to the same owner, each tentacle began to blast its load inside her, the one in her mouth causing her to gag for a moment before it pulled out, hosing her auburn curls with its cum.

And with as much haste as the hundreds of sea creatures had come, they had disappeared, and the light which illuminated the beach faded away. Still sticky with the goo of so many monsters, she wiped herself off, saying to herself 'This stuff is everywhere!' as she lifted her boob and scooped out the cum beneath her incredible cleavage. Turning, she happened to notice a bright light on the horizon. Having her bearing from the temporary light, she figured that was opposite direction of the water, so, after a quick dip in that cold water, she headed towards the light. It seemed an eternity of walking, but the light was certainly getting closer. Now just feet from the brightness, she shielded her eyes and walked through it.

Standing in the brightness of her town's local mall, Mary realized to her left, her daughter stood there, clad in only in her lacy (and terribly sexy) bra and panties, and to her right was Susie, her daughter's closest friend, buttoned up in a red corset. Both Mary and Jennifer were astounded by the girls' new tits, but the shock of realizing they were dressed in their unmentionables, strangely clean from the monster's semen swayed them from this concern. Mary looked down and realized she too was dressed provocatively - wearing a short schoolgirl skirt and a shirt tied tight beneath her heavy tits, she felt terribly exposed, yet strangely comfortable.

"I hope you all enjoyed the night," they heard Teddy's voice speak, seemingly echoing through the mall, "But tonight's our turn to have some fun. Now you girls just keep being all sexy, and you'll know exactly what to do. You've proven yourselves worthy of more gifts,which you'll now how to use." Jennifer remembered Teddy's last gift and excitedly began to wonder what she'll be able to do now.

"Now, my men are currently storming the mall - you may notice it's deserted. You girls just make yourself comfortable. Try the bed section in Sears."

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