tagNonHumanJennifer's New Career Ch. 07

Jennifer's New Career Ch. 07


The three women, clad in their respective lingerie - Mary in a tiny imitation of a catholic schoolgirls' uniform, her daughter' Jennifer's huge tits looking all the better in a sexy red bra, with a black thong below, and the newly endowed Susie wrapped in a skintight corset. Her massive cleavage looked as though each tit were ready to burst, exposed by the supportive cups of the corset, but she evidently felt no pain in them - walked through the empty mall, only hearing an occasional scream of terror, and sporadically, the screams and moans of pleasure. Apparently the monsters were continuing their habits in the real world.

The girls casually walked through, albeit confused by the mystery of what Teddy and his goons were doing, but they all hoped it would be them soon enough. Since each had become members of the monster-fucking crew, a terribly exclusive lot, their libidos had shot through the roof, craving sexual pleasure as though it were pangs of hunger. As Teddy had ordered, they walked towards Sears, each taking a different model bed to crash on, as their horniness was only countered by their exhaustion. Dozing off, the three of them didn't notice the mannequins in the nearby fashion department moving. The ambiguous forms, stylized men and women, moved with stiff limbs, wobbling on plastic legs. In addition to these forms coming to life, the bedsheets which the girls lay upon seemed to have been shifting....moving under its own volition. An observer would note how it would tighten and slacken its fabric around each of the girls' huge hooters, as though it were groping them.

Light laughter coming each of their blankets awoke the women in unison, to be shocked by the appearance of approaching mannequins. Jennifer immediately understood what to do, as did Susie, but Mary hesitated for a moment; something so familiar, so ordinary, changed only my motion and intention. How could it be?

It was then they realized the beds themselves were beginning to move, soft, pillowy tentacles emerging from the mattress'. The mannequins silently ripped the blankets away from the women, Mary's clutching sheet tearing the top three buttons of her tight shirt, exposing her heavy cleavage. Jennifer's mattress had taken to groping her furiously, its half dozen tentacles rubbing her tits and pussy through her bra and panties, while Susie had already been mounted by a male mannequin, a shocking detail being discovered when his store-brand pants were unzipped seductively by the huge-titted mistress - his cock was non-existent. He displayed no emotion, but confused as to what she should do in this situation, Susie began to rub his crotch with her hands. Three mannequins had approached Mary, while two more had taken positions at either side of Jennifer's bed, one of them using it's molded plastic hand to knead her titflesh. Slowly, Susie noticed something growing in the statues' crotch.

Susie realized what must be done, and she yelled out to her companions "Rub their crotches!" All women followed order, and soon dildo-like penis' appeared from the mannequins crotches'. The statues immediately mounted the women, as though it were their first time, two mannequins atop Jennifer now, and one on Mary. Jennifer Eagerly ripped her thong off, which led Mary and Susie to follow suit and allow their partners free access. One thrust itself into Jennifer's mouth as the other thrust its hard member into her. Jennifer felt a small terror in looking at no face on a person, but the rapid thrusts drifted the worries away, leaving her feeling sedated and happy. An orgasm rocked her from the serenity, and pushed her back into action, deep throating the dildo in her mouth.

Mary's partner had begun pounding away at her 38 year old ass, with some strange lubrication from the mannequins dildo letting passage. She yelled into the pillow as her tits bounced straight out from her bra with the strength of each thrust. She had never let anyone in her ass before today, but now each second felt like a heavenly gift when a cock was in her anus. She felt ecstasy, and held the wrist of the mannequin to pull him in with each thrust - she wanted him deeper.

Susie's had taken to missionary-style pounding her, letting his curiously light frame push deep inside her. Each of the mannequins' dildo's were somewhere around nine inches, so you can consider how mild of an encounter this may have been for the girls. Jennifer and Susie were just enjoying having nearly humans, although the allure of monsters over the girls remained tremendous. Susie's tits looked like water balloons as they peeked from above the hem of her corset. Her nipples were half exposed and quickly losing their hold within the corset, but the mannequin suddenly pushed deep. Susie couldn't tell if he came, or just mimed it, but he was clearly spent. Mary's did the same, pushing his full length deep inside her. A tear of joy slid down her cheek. Jennifer's partners followed suit, and all the faceless men stood up straight and walked away from these sexy women. The mattress' were still making their groping reaches on all three of them, but they easily stood up and escaped the grasp.

"So do we stay here?" Susie asked, looking to Jennifer for advice.

"I'm not sure. I suppose we could take a look around?" They agreed this was the best course of action, given their relationship with the monsters, they were ensured no harm. "So where to?

" Jennifer chimed, trying to make them all feel as though on an average mall shopping trip.

"Well, I'd like to get some different clothes," Mary led with, "although I'm sure our hosts would prefer something more showy than functional. We could try the lingerie store?" Susie and Jennifer agreed, and they all went in search of a store to browse.

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