Jennifer's New Life


We would imagine her with a black joystick shoved up inside her tight ass and cunt until we both would cum. I could image Jennifer with a black baby in her womb. Jennifer desperately wanted a black baby. That really turned me on.

Jennifer called from work the next day to tell me that she had accepted a date with Roger from work. He was black and well-built, she said. I gave her my OK.

"He wants to go out tonight," she said . "That's OK! You don't have to get permission," I said.

"We may not be home tonight."

"Ok! Baby! Just tell me about it when you get back."

Jennifer came home and dressed in her most slutty outfit. She wore a short skirt which revealed her legs. She put on a backless top that opened in the front. She put on white back-seamed hose and red pumps with eight-inch heels.

That night Jennifer met her date at a club. They drank, danced, and groped. Afterward, Roger drove her to his townhouse apartment. Once inside he stripped her. They started kissing. He broke it off. Then he poured her a drink. Jennifer was really buzzed. Roger turned on his HD television. A hot porn scene of a black man fucking a petite blonde came on.

Jennifer sipped her drink and watched the blonde get fucked until the black man came in her. He pulled out leaving a huge creampie in her cunt. That made Jennifer super hot. Her cunt was getting sopping wet.

Jennifer finished her drink and went down on Roger's 10-inch cock. She noticed that her mouth was pouring an unusual amount of saliva as she sucked him. His pre-cum was flowing profusely. It was nothing like she had ever experienced before. It tasted sweet, too, she said.

Roger pulled her up and pushed her down on her back. She readily spread her legs wide for him. He climbed onto her. Jennifer reached down and guided his cock into her hungry cunt. He pushed in. Jennifer felt his cock slide into her cunt. She squeezed down as hard as she could. Her cunt was super wet. She could feel this cock slipping in and out of her cunt. He would almost pull all the way out before shoving it back in. She met his thrust with her own hips. She looked up into his eyes. His lips closed down over her lips.

Jennifer felt his tongue slip past her lips. She opened her mouth wide. She pushed back with her tongue. She could feel her saliva and his saliva mixing in her mouth. They were exchanging bodily fluids!

She continued to look directly into his eyes. The most wonderful feeling of love passed over her body. The she felt a vortex start at her clit and spin across her body. Her back arched up. The ripple of sensations spread down her body to her hips. She was having an orgasm.

Then she heard Roger moan. He thrust deep into her cunt and froze. Jennifer's orgasm reached a new height when she felt his warm jizz squirt into her hot cunt. She knew that the hormones in his seminal fluid would be absorbed by her body, creating a need for more. She was a whore! She felt like a whore. She wanted to be a whore for Roger or any black man.

They lay there for perhaps 30 minutes. Then Roger got up. He lit a cigarette and offered it to her. She took it. He lit up another cigarette and poured her another drink. They sat, talked, cuddled, smoked, and sipped their drinks for a while. Then Jennifer's passion began to build. She started frantically kissing Roger. She wanted him to take her. She wanted him to use her. "Use me, Roger! Make me your woman!" she pleaded. She wanted him to make her his woman. She had abandoned everything to the passion of the moment.

Roger bent her over and pushed his cock into her wet cunt. It was sloppy but sensual. Jennifer's cunt was super sensitive. They fucked for another hour. Jennifer came two times. He came in her. He pulled out. His cock was dripping with slimy cum and Jennifer's cunt juices. She took him and sucked the remaining cum from his shaft. She licked and sucked him until he was clean of cum. She loved it. Roger led her to his hot tub. She settled into the warm water and let the warm ecstasy of her afterglow bathe her body. They smoked, drank, cuddled, kissed, and fucked. Jennifer came home the next day. She was still glowing.

Jennifer dated her suitors at work one after the other. With Ty's visits and Jennifer's dates with her co-workers, she was being fucked three to five times a week.

Jennifer was changing rapidly. She was smoking all the time, now. On Julie's and Ty's suggestion, Jennifer got a full body Brazilian. Her slick cunt looked so fucking hot! Julie started wearing short tops that just covered her tits, leaving her pregnant belly exposed. Ty kept talking to Jennifer and showing off Julie's growing belly. Julie would raise her top if she was wearing one and show off her belly. She let Jennifer rub her belly and feel the little bastard kicking inside. Jennifer would giggle every time she felt a kick. My cock got harder.

Ty and Jennifer fucked every time he came over. They were much bolder, and I stayed in the room to watch the action. I wanted Ty to fuck Jennifer's ass. One night Julie suggested that Jennifer get a colon cleanse before the next visit. Jennifer did. She also got something to help her ass take black cock. She got a large gel butt plug that was shaped to stay in her after it was inserted. I helped her insert it. She even wore it to work the next day. As the weeks past, I could see Jennifer's ass was getting slack.

On the next visit, Ty put Julie and Jennifer in a hot lesbian 69. Julie was on top sucking Jennifer's cunt. He fucked Julie's cunt for a while and then switched to her ass. Jennifer was on bottom licking Julie's clit. She could clearly see Ty's love rod going in Julie's cunt and ass. Jennifer's eyes went wide open when Ty's cock sank inside Julie's ass until he was balls deep. Julie moaned in pleasure. She eagerly sucked Ty's balls as he fucked Julie's ass.

"Turn over! I want Jennifer on top!" Ty ordered the two girls. Jennifer traded places with Julie sucking on Jennifer's hot, wet cunt.

"Hmmm! Baby! Your cunt tastes good with Ty's pre-cum mixed with your cunt juices!" Jennifer exclaimed.

"Oh! Honey! Suck my hot cunt!" Julie moaned. Jennifer pushed her tongue deep in Julie's cunt than sucked and flicked her tongue over Julie's clit.

Ty pushed inside Jennifer's hot cunt and sank in balls deep. Julie's tongue lapped his balls from below. Then Ty pulled out and let Julie suck his cock. Then he pushed it back in Jennifer's cunt and continued to fuck her.

I desperately wanted him to fuck my wife's ass. My breathing was short and rapid. I was jerking off. Then my heart raced as Ty pulled out of Jennifer's cunt and put his cock on my wife's beautiful rosebud. He pushed slowly giving her asshole a chance to adjust. I watched as his uncut cock head disappeared inside Jennifer's asshole. I came! Then I heard Jennifer moan. She was cuming, too!

"Oh Ty! That feels so fucking good! Push it in me!" Jennifer moaned.

Ty pulled back. I could see Jennifer's asshole straining to hold onto Ty's cock head. It was like her asshole had a mind of its own. It did not want to release. It wanted to hold onto Ty's cock. Then he pushed in again. He continued pumping Jennifer's ass. Each time his cock pushed in a little deeper. Finally, he was in Jennifer's ass balls deep! He started a sensual rhythm of love. His balls were slapping her cunt and clit. Jennifer was moaning loudly. She was enjoying it! He fucked Jennifer's ass for 45 minutes. Then he rammed in and froze. I could see the familiar ripple in his ass cheeks and the pulsating at the root of his cock. He was draining his nut in her ass!

Ty slowly pulled out, leaving Jennifer's ass gaping open wide. I could see cum bubbling back up. Some spilled out. It ran down over her cunt lips and created a sensual creampie. Then I was shocked to see Ty push his cock to Julie's lips. She took it. It was ass to mouth sex. I almost fainted! Julie sucked him dry. Then she looked at me with her most sensual stare.

"Jennifer's ass tastes so fine!" she said.

Jennifer got up, and Julie kissed her. I could see Julie's tongue push Ty's cum in Jennifer's mouth. It was the most sensual sex act I had ever witnessed! Their kissing lasted for perhaps 10 minutes. I sank back in my chair. I was in a daze. This was the real thing! No fantasy could top this!

Ty passed a blunt around to Julie and Jennifer. Jennifer continued to keep her colon cleansed for Ty's visits and their sexual action kept getting hotter on each visit by Ty and Julie.

Then Julie went to the hospital to deliver Ty's baby.

Jennifer was in the waiting room while Julie was in delivery. Jennifer, Ty, and I were in the waiting room with one other young couple. We explained to them that Jennifer's girlfriend, Julie, was delivering Ty's baby and that Jennifer, and I were married.

Then Ty started flirting with Jennifer. They started kissing. It was so surreal!

"This is hot, man! My woman, Julie, is delivering my baby while I'm lining up her ho girlfriend to impregnate. The woman, Gail, was very interested! The man, Paul, acted like he was very turned on. Gail scribbled her cell number on paper and hand it to Ty.

I walked down the hall to stand guard in case someone else came in. The other couple seemed very aroused by the show. Ty started hitting on the Gail.

"I gotta get a smoke. Come with me," Ty said to Jennifer and Gail.

"Ok, baby! Let's go smoke," Jennifer said. I stayed in the waiting room. I wanted Jennifer to be alone with Ty. I hoped it would advance Jennifer's blackening. The man, Paul, began asking me questions, which I answered. "Yes! He was fucking my wife. No! I didn't mind. Yes! Jennifer's girlfriend did not mind that Ty was fucking her man. Yes! They go bareback. Yes! My wife wanted a black baby. Yes! I wanted it, too."

"My wife wants to have an affair with a black man, too," Paul said. He said it would be great. He wanted it, too. I told them I was a wild and sensual ride for me.

Once out of sight, Ty guided Jennifer and Gail into the stairwell, where he bent them over a rail and fucked them doggy style. Jennifer said he dumped the biggest load of sperm in her tight cunt that she had ever taken. They walked to the car, where Ty pulled out a blunt and shared it with Jennifer and Gail. He fucked Gail again. That night Gail conceived.

I fantasized that just at the moment that Julie delivered her baby by Ty, Jennifer and Gail were conceiving a baby by Ty. I told that fantasy to Jennifer, and she loved the idea! Of course, that could not happen because Jennifer was on the pill. I did not know that Gail had conceived Ty's love-child.

Julie delivered her baby. It was a girl. It was mocha and beautiful! Julie smiled. Gail was nearby. I sensed something about Gail that night. She seemed to be oozing momma hormones. Later, Jennifer told me that Julie was Ty's whore and Gail wanted to be a whore, too. Jennifer was jerking me off at the time, and I came immediately.

"It would be sexy if you would have sex for money," I told her. I didn't want to say the word, whore yet.

"I want to try it," Jennifer said. "Are you afraid that if you were a whore, you would like it too much?" I asked. There! I got the word out. I looked at Jennifer's face for some sign that she really wanted it.

"I want it so much," Jennifer said. Her face lit up.

"What if you would not be able to stop?"

"If I started whoring for Ty or some black man, I'm not sure I would want to stop." My cock was rising.

"I would love to see you after you have been fresh fucked by 10 black men, honey," I whispered.

"I think it would be so sensual to be fucked to multiple orgasms in an evening," she said.

Two months later, Julie and Jennifer went to the mall. The two were standing in front of a showcase of sexy clothing. Two black men walked up and started putting the hit on Jennifer and Julie. They hit especially on Jennifer. Jennifer boldly gave one, named Marcus, her cell number.

"How about I buy you a drink?" Marcus said.

"Sure! I'd love a drink!" Jennifer said

"I know a place you will like," Marcus said.

They left the mall. Marcus drove. On the way, Julie sat in the back with Ryan. They started kissing. Jennifer said she reached in Marcus' pants and pulled his cock out and started stroking it. His cock was 10-inches and uncut.

In no time, Marcus' pre-cum started running over Jennifer's hand. This was before they got out of the mall parking lot. Marcus put his hand behind Jennifer's head and guided her down to his cock. She knew exactly what to do. Jennifer started sucking his whore throat trainer.

They arrived at a large warehouse in a rundown side of town. It was a live-sex strip club. As they walked in, a beautiful slender petite blonde was dancing nude on a stage with two athletic, sexy men. They danced around a pole on the stage. Their lips and bodies would touch briefly. They made gestures as if they wanted to fuck. She got on her knees and sucked them. Then they pushed her over. One fucked her doggie for 10 minutes, while she sucked the other. Then they placed her on a round bed. She climbed atop one and started fucking. The other man pushed his cock in her ass and started fucking her asshole. Cameras caught his black love tool slipping deep in her tiny white asshole. Her tiny cunt was getting stretched. After 10 minutes, he dumped a load in her cunt on stage. Then the man in her ass shot his load. They withdrew. The whore stayed in the doggy position as a camera zoomed in to capture a creampie oozing from the whore's cunt and ass. Jennifer had never seen such a sensual display.

They sat in the corner and started sipping some very strong drinks. Julie started kissing Ryan. Julie said her tits were hot and heavy. She opened her top and pulled her tits out. Putting her hands under her breasts she squeezed and bounced them up and down. Jennifer knew it was a ploy to show her big, milk-swollen 34EE's.

"Hmm! Those are prime tits. Let me suck them, too," Ryan said. Julie's milk swollen tits were leaking. Ryan's lips latched onto Julie's tits. Jennifer could tell that Julie's milk was flowing profusely.

This really turned Jennifer on. She just had to have more black cocks inside of her body. This was the beginning of her blackening. They danced, groped, and had dry sex. Then Marcus suggested that the girls follow them. Julie and Jennifer followed them down a hallway to a room. Inside were a large double bed and a mirrored ceiling. Ryan lit up a blunt. He smoked it. He handed the blunt each to Jennifer, to took a deep drag. She passed it to Julie, who did the same. They passed it around until it was gone. The smoke made Jennifer feel super sexy. Julie got really turned on.

Julie went down to her knees and pulled Ryan's cock out. It was long and black and uncut. Jennifer watched as Julie ran her marble-sized tongue stud under the entire length of the cock shaft. Julie's lips engulfed Ryan's cock. It easily slipped down Julie's throat. The cock made an outline in Julie's neck. Jennifer could tell Julie's throat muscles were squeezing down on his cock.

Jennifer started kissing Marcus. It was a deep-throat, tongue-locked kiss. She sank to her knees and freed his cock. She pushed his foreskin back to smell the pungent aroma of the three white whores that Marcus had fucked earlier. The sensual smell turned Jennifer on. Her mouth was wet. She cleaned him and felt his whore-tool grow in her mouth. The thought of kindling such passion in a black man was so sensual to her. Then Marcus pushed Jennifer down on the bed and removed her panties and clothes. He moved over her and forced her legs back until her knees were even with her head. They began tongue-kissing. "Guide me in, ho," Marcus said. Jennifer's trembled with excitement when Marcus called her a whore. She felt so sexy. She reached down and guided his cock into her unprotected cunt.

Suddenly she realized that she was bareback! She thought about it for a moment and decided to forget about it. The pleasure overcame her fear.

Jennifer's arms went around Marcus's back. She looked up at the overhead mirror. She was astonished at the visage of her white arms around his black body. She began to tremble. She came. "Hey bitch! You are fucking hot!" Marcus said. Marcus began a slow fuck. His cock was driving in deep. Jennifer squeezed his cock with her cunt muscles as hard as she could. She felt Marcus' cock push inside of her womb. She came again.

Jennifer heard Ryan bellow. Jennifer turned her head and saw Julie take a full load of cum down her throat. Jennifer had never seen deep throat cum swallowing before. It looked so sensual. She envied Julie because her girlfriend was further along in her blackening. Ryan pulled out and squirted four loads of cum over Julie's studded tongue. Julie swallowed it all. Jennifer came again.

Marcus gave a loud moan and rammed in deep and froze. Jennifer felt a load of hot, black cum squirt into her super-sensitive cunt. She clamped down on his shaft with her cunt as tight as she could. She wanted to keep every bit of the black seed in her body. That was all she could think about.

Jennifer lay back in a deep afterglow ecstasy. Marcus lit up another blunt and took a deep toke. He handed it to Jennifer, who took a deep toke and held it in her lungs as long as she could. She passed it to Julie and lay back to enjoy the feeling. They passed the blunt around until it was gone. Marcus pulled Julie to her feet, bent her over, and started to fuck her doggie style. Jennifer watched as Marcus took some lube and pushed it inside Julie's asshole. He went balls deep on the first thrust. He humped her awhile and pulled and pushed his cock in her hot cunt. Again he went in balls deep on the first thrust. Then he withdrew from Julie's cunt and pushed his love tool deep in Julie's ass. Julie came immediately.

"Oh! I love that cock in my ass. Push in it deeper, Marcus. Fuck my ass, baby!" Julie moaned. Jennifer looked at Julie with envy. She knew Julie was a pro and was really enjoying her black fuck!

Ryan rolled Jennifer over and placed her on her hands and knees. He climbed atop of her ass. He started fucking her cunt doggie style. Jennifer was bucking and pushing back trying to get Ryan's 11-inch uncut cock in as deep as possible. "Oh! Shit! Damn! Fuck my ass! Fuck me harder! Fuck me baby!" Julie screamed. Marcus came after 30 minutes. Marcus held his cock in Julie's ass and milked out his cum.

Ryan rubbed some lube on Jennifer's asshole. He pushed his thumb in Jennifer's pleasure hole and moved it around. He removed his thumb and pushed his thumb into Jennifer cunt and put three fingers in her ass. Jennifer could feel his fingers and thumb just a mere thin membrane apart. Then Ryan switched his love rod to Jennifer's ass. He rammed deep in Jennifer's ass and came. Jennifer came, too. When he pulled out, Jennifer's ass was gaping wide open. Cum streamed out, ran down her cunt, and dripped onto the bed. Jennifer could feel her ass open. It felt good.

Afterward, Jennifer and Julie smoked another blunt. Jennifer inhaled and sat back on the couch in a cloudy, dreamy state. She glanced to see Julie smoking, too. Jennifer lost track of time. She thought it was only a moment. Then a strange black man pulled her to her feet. "Come on, bitch! Wake your whore ass up! I've got some cocks for you to suck!" the stranger said. He led Jennifer out of the door and down the hallway to a bathroom. He bent her over the toilet and inserted a tube in her ass. She felt a warm water flow in her ass. Soon, it felt tight. "Go shit!" he said. Jennifer did as she was told. He repeated the procedure two more times. Jennifer was completely submissive now. He led her into a shower. He turned on the water. He soaped her down. He spun her around to rinse off. She felt him push her to her knees. Then a hot stream of hot yellow liquid hit her in the face.

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