Disclaimer: This story is fiction. No relation to any person living or dead is intended or should be inferred.


Jennifer Coddingham is a twenty-something year old woman. She betrayed the Fossil Fuel Fellowship (F-Cubed) after learning of their nefarious activities. She has been apprehended and is being incarcerated and punished.

Jenny struggles in and out of black unconsciousness. The dim light of the room is excruciatingly painful. She seems to recall flashes from the unconscious. Perhaps she has awakened and fell back into the blackness several times? At last her vision stabilizes. She feels the handcuffs pinning her wrists behind her back. Her face smarts as do her breasts. She assumes that she was roughly treated. Then she feels a sudden sharp pain in her clitoris. She screams, attracting the attention of Dora, the gynoid, who is charging her batteries at an opposite wall.

"Welcome back to the land of the living, Jenny," Dora greets. "You have been out on and off for three days. Ready for something to eat?"

Jenny groans and tries to clear her head.

"The cuffs come off now," Dora continues. "You were so violent. And, while I was charging I couldn't chance an interruption."

"Where am I and how did I get here?" Jenny asks.

"This is the F-Cubed Tower building," Dora answers. "More correctly, it is the basement of the tower building. You will be kept here. I have been assigned as your Mistress. You are a slave girl now. Your training will begin now."

"My training?" Jenny asks. Dora nods.

"You will address me as 'Mistress' and only speak when spoken to or given permission to speak. You will always refer to yourself in the third person. Do you understand?" Dora inquires.

"Yes," Jenny answers, then quickly adds: "Mistress."

"Good girl," Dora responds. "And for men, they are addressed as 'Master.' There is much to teach you, but basically you beg for everything... water, food, permission to urinate, defecate, and cum to mention a few."

"To cum, Mistress?" Jenny asks.

"Yes, girl," Dora replies. "You will be trained to hold your orgasm and later you will be trained to climax on command. You will have no privacy. When you are permitted to sit on the toilet, you must maintain eye contact with your Master or Mistress. Does a girl want some food and water now?" Dora notices that Jenny is regaining her composure.

"Yes, Mistress," Jenny responds. Dora sets about fixing her some oatmeal with milk and orange juice. The breakfast rejuvenates Jenny and she begins taking inventory of the room. There is a toilet, face basin, shower, and sink to one side of the room, opposite the bed. There are chains hanging from the ceiling and a floor ring in the center of the room. A table contains a variety of sex toys, whips, dildos, and the like. Jenny shudders at the thought of being used. She looks over Dora, no longer her own agent. Dora, once again, is managed by F-Cubed. Jenny knows that trying to overpower Dora would be futile.

"When a girl is finished with her breakfast, she will defecate and urinate," Dora orders.

"Yes, Mistress," Jennifer answers. She eats slowly, still recovering from the black unconscious. She is naked and slowly begins to notice red marks and stripes. No doubt she was roughly treated while unconscious, or semi-conscious. Jenny is uncomfortable sitting on the toilet and making eye contact with Dora. Dora is one of the newer generations of gynoids which have transcended the uncanny valley. Were it not for her need to recharge and acquire liquid Nitrogen, Dora would be indistinguishable from a live human girl. That's not totally true---there is the weight of the gynoid also. The Titanium and other metal components are very heavy.

Jenny urinates and strains to defecate. She is self-conscious and embarrassed. Dora waits patiently, as if patience was only a human virtue, and at last speaks: "Come over here and spread your ass cheeks, girl. I will insert a glycerin suppository to aid you in your need." Jenny blushes scarlet. She is terribly self-conscious about her anus. The only one to ever touch her rosette, aside from a doctor, is Harry Sloan, now deceased. Jenny complies, fearing the consequences of refusal. "You must hold it for fifteen minutes, no less," Dora commands. Dora leads Jenny to a corner and has her face the wall and stand at military Parade Rest.

After Jenny has "done her business" Dora runs a series of medical and sensory tests on her. Jenny is still somewhat exhausted, but recovering. Then Dora issues a command to Jenny: "Robert Reeves is on his way here. We need to get your hands tied above your head and your legs spread apart." Dora lowers a chain from the ceiling and cuffs Jenny's hands above her head. A two foot leg spreader locks her legs apart.

Bob makes his entry and sees the suspended girl. "You are even more attractive conscious, Jenny. Now I will tell you what will happen." Bob smiles and approaches Jenny. He pinches her nipples between thumbs and forefingers. Jenny groans. Just now she realizes how sore and swollen her nipples and areolas really are.

Bob explains: "You will beg for anal penetration---digitally with fingers, with butt plugs and dildos, and for my penis. This will be audio and video recorded and posted on the Internet under the title 'Jennifer Coddingham Loves Anal.' Anyone with Internet access will be able to watch and listen."

"Never!" Jenny blurts out. "No way I'm begging for something I don't want. And get your filthy hands off of me you disgusting pervert." Jenny spits in Bob's face.

Bob bitch-slaps Jenny's face. She now totally realizes how helpless she is. He slaps her other cheek. Then her pinches her areolas between thumbs and forefingers.

"I have all the time in the world for you, Jenny," Bob states. "I can pinch, pull, and twist these teats until my hands grow tired. Would you like that Jenny?"

Jenny frowns and considers what to say. At last her mind clears and she responds: "No Master." Bob pinches her areolas harder and twists them. Jenny screams.

Dora cautions Jenny: "You may only cry out when permitted, girl." Bob pulls Jenny's teats and slaps them hard. He slaps each breast five times then pinches the nipples. He pinches them harder and harder until tears flow from Jenny's eyes.

"Does it hurt, girl?" Bob asks.

"You know it does, Master," Jenny answers.

Bob continues: "I love women's breasts. They are so soft and tender. There are so many ways to pinch, pull, and twist them. One can use only the nipples or areolas or the fleshy body. When bruised and swollen, they are even better. I will order Dora to slap each of your breasts a dozen times each morning when you first wake up. But the best is the belt." Having said that, Bob removes his leather belt. Jenny's eyes widen as she sees the belt.

Bob swings the belt wide and strikes Jenny's left breast. He frowns, having struck low and missed the areola. Jenny tries to pull back, but the overhead chain allows her little freedom of movement. Bob swings again, this time leaving a red mark across her nipple and areola. Jenny screams out in pain. Bob wastes no time in whipping her right breast.

"I can enjoy doing this all day long," Bob relates. "But there are other parts to consider." Bob reaches down and pinches Jenny's tiny clit between his right thumb and forefinger. Jenny suddenly realizes how swollen and bruised her clitoris is. Bob explains: "I used a clit pump on your clit while you were unconscious, Jenny. It sucks the clit up into a tube and makes it expand, swollen with blood and lymph. Then it will be many times more sensitive. Let's try the clit pump now." Bob smiles. He goes over to the table and returns with a cylinder and plunger. He pushes the cylinder over Jenny's clit and pulls the piston back, applying suction. Whoever invented this device? It appears to be used to increase the size and sensitivity of the clitoris.

"Are you feeling better about begging for your ass to be used?" Bob asks. "After all, it's just stretching and penetration. There's none of this whipping and punishment. You just convince everyone that you love anal and play with toys. Then a little doggie and butt fuck. Of course you must have a total and complete anal orgasm for the camera."

Jenny shakes her head "no." Then she notices Dora frowning and adds: "Master."

"Well," Bob remarks, "with time your teats and pussy will change your mind. And there are still the needles and electricity to apply. That will come tomorrow. I'm sure that you will eventually come around to my point of view." Bob pulls the clit pump and Jenny tries to lean forward. "Good girl, push forward." Bob works a dildo into Jenny's vagina. She suddenly finds herself aroused and wet. When she feels near an orgasm, Bob jerks and twists the clit pump cylinder. Finally, with a jerk he pulls the device from Jenny. Jenny convulses in pain.

Bob turns to Dora and speaks: "Let her hang for four hours then feed her and let her sleep. Explain to her that the total surrender of her anus is her best situation." Bob laughs a wicked laugh.


The morning came much too soon. Jenny hopes that Dora has forgotten Bob's command to slap each of her breasts twelve times. Jenny's breasts are turgid; her areolas are tumescent; and her comely clitoris is swollen, distended, and engorged. She is in much pain. Dora notices her awakening and asks: "Does a girl wish to be bound before having her breasts slapped? Sometimes it's easier than to have to stand at military Parade Rest and present herself."

Jenny gulped. She can see where Dora is starting breakfast and is anxious to get this ordeal over with. She considers the options. After ruminating over the situation and accepting the fact that the breast slapping is inevitable, she replies: "Mistress may bind me."

Dora brings four restraints and spreads Jenny out on the bed, ankles and wrists tied to the four corners. She then kisses Jenny. Jenny feels the warm, wet tongue press her lips and allows Dora to invade her mouth. Now the only orifice not defiled and penetrated by man or machine is her Glory of Glories. Jenny's vagina, her Holy of Holies, is damp again. Dora has secreted pheromones, endorphins, and hormones into Jenny's mouth to arouse and excite her.

"Breathe deeply and exhale completely, girl," Dora orders. "With empty lungs you are less prone to scream; however, you are permitted to cry out." Dora waits for Jenny to exhale completely then she begins slapping one breast and then the other. Jenny convulses in pain and drools. Tears flow freely. Dora licks the salty tears from Jenny's crimson red cheeks. The slapping continues. At last it is done. Jenny's breasts, sore and swollen from the start, are discolored and hard with congested blood and lymph. Dora releases Jenny and invites her to breakfast.

Jenny forces herself to eat. After breakfast Dora orders Jenny to the toilet. She sits and urinates. Again she has trouble making poop. Dora commands Jenny to bend over and present her brown star for the glycerin suppository. Then Dora positions Jenny in a corner standing at Parade Rest.

"You will hold the suppository for no less than one-half hour, girl," Dora commands. Jenny now realizes that her torment will increase until she is able to obey the command to defecate. After ten minutes Jenny is miserable. The last five minutes of the half hour are pure misery. She struggles to avoid having an "accident." At last she is permitted the toilet. With difficulty she makes and holds eye contact. Dora's eyes are lenses to a video studio. Every movement of Jenny is recorded and preserved.

When she is done, Jenny looks around for the toilet paper. It has been removed. She looks up to Dora. "May a girl wipe herself, Mistress?" She requests.

"No, girl," Dora replies, "I will clean you. Bend over and present yourself as a small girl."

Jenny is embarrassed and humiliated. "This is so mortifying," Jenny states. "Why can't I cleanse myself?" She then rephrases: "Why can't a girl clean herself, Mistress."

"That is not the way it is here, Jenny," Dora instructs. "Spread wider!" Dora uses a damp rag to scrub Jenny's derriere. She is none too gentle about the ablution either.

"Oh, Mistress," Jenny begs, "be gentle." Jenny wonders why her anus has been spared while her breasts and clit have been severely punished.

"You would do well to obey Master Bob, girl," Dora advises. "You will publicly and openly plead for your ass to be used. It will not be as painful as the torture that you are now experiencing. Believe you me that Master Bob will not give up until he gets his way. They have run a psychological profile on you and know that once you start begging for anal on the Internet your mortification and humiliation will be complete. There is no escape from here, girl. You must know that by now."

Dora lets Jenny rest for a while. Then she announces that Bob is returning and binds Jenny's hands above her head and spreads her legs two feet apart at the ankles.

"How are those breasts this morning, girl?" Bob asks. He notices how swollen the teats are, dark red, bruised, and tumescent.

"They hurt very much, Master," Jenny replies.

"Even to be kissed?" Bob asks. His wicked, sinister, evil lips kiss, lick, and suck her nipples. She squirms and twists to avoid him, without success. Then he removes his belt. Jenny blanches, expecting him to whip her breasts again. But instead he runs the belt back and forth over her vulva. "Tomorrow your breasts will be hard and sensitive. Today I work that pussy. That is, unless you have decided to embrace your anal wonderland." Bob chuckles.

Again and again the black leather belt whips her vulva and inner thighs. Jenny struggles to avoid the swats and smacks without success. She tries to keep from screaming but cannot. After about a dozen blows she yells bloody murder!

"Are you ready to become my little anal queen?" Bob asks.

"Master, please don't whip me anymore," she begs.

"Yes or no?" Bob asks.

"Can a girl think about it?" Jennifer pleads.

"OK, fine," Bob retorts, "you have the rest of the day. If the answer is 'no' then expect the inflatable butt plug as your constant companion. Dora will let you have a sample." Bob then turns to Dora: "Plug her and inflate her. Increase the pressure each hour for four hours. Then remove the plug. Let her consider it as a 24/7 means of inducement. And let her understand that she will have enemas instead of suppositories. She will be allowed only fifteen minutes a day on the toilet."

Bob leaves the room. Dora goes over to the table of toys and playthings and gets an inflatable butt plug. It is teardrop shaped with a round base stand. Dora applies K.Y. Jelly and walks behind Jenny.

"Relax, girl," Dora commands. "This won't hurt if you relax."

"I'm too small and tight," Jenny complains. "And how can a girl relax when someone is shoving something up her ass?"

"It's going in," Dora explains. "Do you want to be unconscious when it is inserted?"

"Yes, Mistress," Jenny responds. Dora goes to the medicine cabinet and brings back a three ounce cup of water and a pill. Jenny opens her mouth and receives the pill, washing it down. In about five minutes she hangs motionless. Dora spreads her glorious hemispheres and eases the butt plug into her Glory of Glories. It is almost an hour later before Jenny recovers from the drug. She senses the device.

"It's almost time to increase the pressure," Dora says, squeezing the black bulb. Jenny feels a maximum of discomfort. "The next three times I inflate will be much worse. You really need to consider Master Bob's offer. I'm sure that he won't give up until he gets his way. After you have been hanging here and your anus is painfully distended then maybe you will come around."

Things transpired as Dora predicts. At the time for final inflation, Jenny screams and cries. "I agree, I agree, no more Mistress, I'll be Bob's dirty little anal slug. Just stop stretching me and get me down from this chain."


The third morning came. Jenny can hardly stand to touch her breasts. She remembers all that Master Bob had said. She also remembers him telling about needles and other things. As she looks up Dora is beginning to strap her arms and legs in preparation for her breast slapping.

"A girl thought that when she agreed to be a dirty anal slut that this breast slapping would cease," Jenny pleaded.

"Only when Master Bob hears it for himself," Dora replies. Jenny gulps. She wonders if she can remain conscious, considering the condition of her teats. Once bound Dora starts slapping. After the fourth smack Jenny blacks out, only to be awakened by being bitch-slapped in her face. "A girl must be conscious," Dora commands. And the breast slapping continues. At last it is done and Jenny is fed and prepared for the day.

Bob enters and sees Jenny stretched out, hands cuffed above her head. He walks over and cups his hands under her breasts. Jenny cries. "Well, has a girl decided?" Bob asks.

"Yes, Master," Jenny answers. "A girl will be your nasty, dirty, filthy little anal slut. She will show off her nictitating brown star to the universe and experience anal orgasms, if permitted."

"My, my," Bob remarks. "We have had success now haven't we. Dora, release Jenny and let her rest. Some chocolates and some aspirin to relieve her pain. And help her compose her supplications and oblations for anal sex." Bob smiles, this is a red-letter day for him, to be sure.


The next morning breaks and Jenny is allowed breakfast without the torment of having her breasts slapped by Dora. After breakfast she is seated on the toilet. She is able to urinate but too sore to defecate from the inflatable butt plug. She knows that she will have to endure a glycerin suppository again.

"Does a gorgeous girl have trouble making poop?" Dora inquires.

"Yes, Mistress," Jenny replies. Jenny expects to have to present her derriere to Dora but instead is motioned to a bench.

"I have prepared a warm vinegar and soap enema for a girl," Dora explains. It is a two liter bag for you, Jenny." Jennifer looks bewildered with large eyes.

"That---that's not going in my ass, is it?" Jenny asks. She quickly adds: "Mistress."

"Yes," Dora answers. "From the initial insert you have fifteen minutes before the second bag. This gets repeated three times. I guarantee that you will be washed clean for anal service. It's good that you are too shy to poop without some help. You make the perfect asshole."

Bob makes his entry earlier than usual. Jenny is seated on the toilet. Bob enjoys having her make eye contact. After the third enema Dora orders Jenny to hold the solution, now almost clear, until Bob allows her to release it. Bob smiles.

"A girl may shit right after she cums," Bob announces. Jennifer quivers. She is in no mood for sex. Dora hands her a large plastic dildo. Jennifer's clit is sore and bruised from the clit pump. She has trouble getting aroused. As she nears a climax, Bob cups his hands under her breasts and gently squeezes. The pain is excruciating and severe. Her arousal is dampened. Now more and more she is feeling the pressure of the enema in her bowels. She struggles to cum against a pain threshold and the possibility of an "accident." At long last she is able to cum. "Do tell your desires, girl," Bob commands.

"Please fuck me in the butt, Master," Jenny begs. "A girl wants it in her ass so badly."

"Doesn't sound too convincing too me," Bob complains.

"But I said 'please' Master," Jenny replies. "Oh, OK, A girl would be honored to have you push three fingers into her rectum or a huge butt plug or, should she be so lucky, your huge penis, Master."

"Better," Bob remarks. "By tomorrow develop a whole script of pleading and begging for anal penetration and be prepared to masturbate anally."

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