Craig launched the shortcut to his Chrome browser with a practiced click. Without thought, he opened the link to his local Craigslist section and went to the "casual encounters" section. The young man brushed a few oily strands of thin brown hair away from his eyes as he browsed the "women for men" listings. He picked at a few acne scars absentmindedly with his left hand while he filtered through the ads. Only once had he had luck with the site - if it could be called luck. He soon learned that if a dollar sign appeared anywhere in the ad, the lady expected to be paid for her troubles. So, rather than pay the $200 fee for an hour's worth of sex, Craig enjoyed five minutes of verbal abuse where he learned (according to Jane Doe) that no woman would ever touch such a scrawny, pimply, buck-toothed asshole too cheap to pay for what he'd never get otherwise. She left pissed and he stayed home, still a virgin. At 24 years of age.

"Fake," he said out loud. "Holy fuck, she's huge. No. No." He paused. "Is that... is that a dick in her... oh, yeah. Trans. No. Dammit." He nearly closed the browser in frustration but paused when he saw an ad labeled "Mary Jane Wants To Play." As naive as he was, even he knew what "Mary Jane" meant. Perhaps... It was a warm, nearly Summer Friday night and he was bored out of his mind. As bored as he was every single day after a day shift in the kitchen of the local IHOP. He considered. He wondered. He hesitated. Boredom won out in the end. No new games on the PS3, his one semi-friend was off at his girlfriend's house getting laid and here Craig sat. The thought of trying weed for the first time was thrilling and, he decided, why the hell not?

His email was answered within minutes with a set of prices and an address. Craig was only slightly creeped out to learn the place was a few blocks from his apartment. He knew the location and was glad it was still light out - it wasn't the best area around.

It took barely a moment for Craig to find a clean white t-shirt to go with his favorite pair of blue jeans and then, with keys and wallet in hand, he left. As he stepped outside, he lifted his face to the sun, eyes closed, breathing in the warm air. The wind ruffled his hair and he grinned, with his mouth closed to hide his overly large two front teeth. It was a habit formed when he was old enough to realize people made fun of him for it. Craig paused at the ATM near his house and then walked the three blocks over to a small blue house with a chain link fence and bars on the window. Beer cans littered the lawn of the house like cylindrical buildings toppled in some alcoholic apocalypse. He opened the gate and stepped up to the door, knocking loud enough to be heard over the booming music playing inside.

Craig raised his hand to knock again when the door suddenly opened, unleashing a torrent of dubstep. The man standing at the door was a little under six feet tall, dressed in a black t-shirt with a white skull symbol. He had short hair, a stubble of a beard and green eyes. Craig thought he looked almost thirty years old but realized he could be way younger; he'd always been bad at guessing ages.

"Yeah?" The man asked. "What do you want?"

I could just leave, Craig thought. I could just turn around and go and say I have the wrong house. That'd be pretty easy. Dammit. Dammit. Craig nearly grimaced. "Hey - I answered the ad. The ad on Craigslist."

The man was nodding. "Aw, yeah, man. Craig, right? Come on in. You look okay."

Craig swallowed and stepped past the man when he opened the door wider. The living room was dark and smelled musty. A large TV hung on the wall in front of a massive black leather couch. More beer cans and bags of chips hid in corners and on tables around the room. The window blinds were all closed and there was a faint haze of smoke lingering in the air. It stunk.

"It's just me and John. Well, and Jenny's around somewhere. Supposedly. I'm Dave. How much you bring?" The man (Dave) shambled over to a bookshelf near the TV.

"I - sixty bucks." Craig looked around but all he could see was part of the kitchen. The throbbing music, darkness and smell of weed was disorienting and he could feel the edges of a headache coming on. The sooner he was out, he decided, the better.

"Oh, cool, cool. What kind you want?" Dave dug through a few boxes on the shelves.

"I don't know. Whatever's good?"

The man turned to Craig. "Whoa, bruh, is this your first time? You never smoked before? Do you even know how?" He grinned in that particular way people do when someone is about to embarrass themselves - equal parts condescending and amusement.

"No. I just thought - don't you just roll it up and smoke it?"

"Hey man, it's cool. I got just the thing for you. Why don't you hang out and we'll all smoke together. I'll show you how it works." Dave turned to the kitchen and yelled, "Hey John! Bring some pipes, man. We gonna smoke some fuckin' weed."

Craig almost ran for it. Almost. His hands shook from the sudden adrenaline of a situation that felt wrong. The headache bloomed behind his eyes and he winced. "Nah, hey it's cool. I'll just-"

A slender man in shorts and a tank top rounded the corner of the kitchen. John's black hair was held back in a ponytail and his angular face darted to look at Craig as he entered. He held three glass bongs in his hands. He nodded at Craig and went to stand with Dave. "What're we smokin' today?"

"Yo, Devil Dog for us and... lessee..." Dave picked through the bags in one box and then moved to another, smaller one. "Something easy for the kid. Hey, what about this one? It's smooth, right?"

John looked at the bag and then at Craig. "First time, huh? Yeah. Yeah, I think that'll work. Have a seat Craig, I'll get us set up. This the new one from Scotty, right? Yeah. That'll be good."

Dave sat at the edge of the couch while John opened bags. "Come on, man. Couch is big enough for all of us." He patted the middle next to him. "John, yo, did Spencer pay us back already?"

"Yeah. Last week. You have shit memory." John handed Dave his pipe and then carefully started on a second one. Craig's eyes watered from the sudden acrid scent filling the air. "I think I'm gonna skip. Mind if I hang out, though?" Dave shook his head as he coughed. "Cool. Here you go, bro. What's your name, anyway?"

Craig took the pipe with shaky hands and nearly dropped it. "It's Craig. Do I just - do I just smoke it?"

"Yeah. Watch Dave do it. Can't really fuck it up. Just don't choke to death or throw up, all right?"

No trusting himself to speak more, Craig watched as Dave took a puff from his pipe and then, after a moment, exhaled. John spoke from the side. "Don't swallow it. And you'll need to take several hits. It'll kick in eventually."

Craig breathed in, letting the smoke fill his mouth, holding it for several seconds before exhaling. And then again. And again. The smoke burned his mouth slightly but otherwise didn't feel bad at all. He closed his eyes and leaned back in the couch, listening to the music. The headache wasn't as bad as he thought and it seemed like relaxing helped it.

Time passed and he took more hits. He turned to John. "When does it start doing something?" The two men around him cracked up, Dave choking as smoke billowed out of his mouth. "What? What's funny?"

"That's the third time you asked us that. Dude, it's already working. Relax, man. Just relax and take a break from it."

"But I don't - oh." He could remember asking the other times when he stopped and thought hard enough. No wonder they were laughing at him. He just couldn't tell how long he'd been sitting there smoking. It was pleasant. His headache was completely gone and he just felt relaxed and buzzing. "This is good. I could get used to this." Craig scratched his stomach under his shirt, luxuriating in the way his nails felt against his skin. He didn't know it made sensations feel different but then, he was a complete novice when it came to drugs. He could feel a slight pressure in the pit of his stomach and he wondered if he was hungry.

Dave reached out to his hair. "I think we got some cannabis cream you could use for your hair. That shit's oily."

"Mmmm," Craig answered, pressing his head against the man's head.

"Oh, you like that, huh?" Dave scratched Craig's hair slowly and Craig shifted on the couch from the feeling.

"Yeah. I didn't know weed did that. Didn't know it made things feel different. That's good. It's like a massage and a little tickling. Feels real good." Craig tucked his head to his chin and then around in small circles as Dave scratched around his scalp. It took several minutes to realize what was happening and, when he did, he snapped up and leaned away. "Whoa. Whoa. That's- whoa. Sorry, man. This shit's weird. I'm, shit, I'm sorry."

Dave grinned back at him. "Hey, don't sweat it. It's your first time." The man patted Craig's thigh and squeezed and Craig wriggled, leaning slightly back towards him.

The music felt like a continuous wall of noise but Craig grinned despite it. He felt good. Everything just felt really smooth. His hand was under his shirt again, scratching with his long nails and he moaned slightly, reaching his hands down into his pants to scratch at his pubic hair. His dick was hard and he almost grabbed it before snatching his hands away. He'd forgotten John and Dave were there with him. They just didn't exist temporarily and he'd been distracted by the itching.

"... gotta go slow and careful, man." John spoke to his side and Craig moaned. His hand was on Dave's leg, massaging and kneading the man's jeans with his nails. Dave was kissing his neck and he couldn't remember him leaning in or what John had been talking about. He just felt so sensitive. He moaned again and trailed his hand up John's leg until he felt the man's hand on his own, guiding it higher.

Craig snatched his hand back and pushed Dave off of him. "Hey. Heeeey. Hey fuck you. What are you doing?" His voice sounded wrong to his ears but it was getting hard to hear through the music. He turned to look at Dave and brushed thick brown hair away from his eyes with long fingers. And then he stopped and held his hands out in front of himself. Female hands. The little hairs on the back of his hand and knuckles were gone, as were most of the wrinkles. His eyes went wide.

Dave was still grinning back at him. "Hey. There's our Jenny," he told Craig. The man leaned forward to Craig's chest and Craig felt his warm wet mouth on his shirt, followed immediately by an intense, nearly ticklish sensation radiating from his chest down to his erect cock. Craig moaned, cradling Dave's head against his chest. When Dave pulled away, Craig looked down in a daze. Two large nipples pressed against the tight white fabric of his shirt. The nipple on the right was slightly larger and aching from the attention it just received. The area around the shirt was wet and cooling in the air.

"No. No, this isn't right. This, aahhhh..." John's hand was on the inside of his thigh and the man was clawing at his skin. His sensitive skin.

"It is right, Craig," John told him. "Just relax. There's a good girl. Just relax. I can't fucking believe Scotty was telling the truth about this shit. Holy fuck, man." Craig reached out, nearly mindlessly to grab John's thigh. He rocked his hips as Dave clawed down to his knee and then back up to his crotch. His jeans felt tight against his body. A sudden cracking noise sounded and Craig fell against Dave, gasping for breath. His ass was aching and the jeans were cutting into his flesh. Craig reached for his jean's button, trying to work it through the hole with a woman's hand and a woman's nails.

With a double ripping sound, the jeans split along the sides and Craig moaned again, loudly with his head back and eyes closed. He felt an itching around the crown of his head and then a weight settled around his shoulders - the weight of his hair growing out. Brown and curly, oily no longer. His skin through the jeans was smooth and creamy white. His hips were wider and the jeans still cut into his thighs and waist. His cock was pounding and aching.

"Here, sweetheart," Dave crooned. "Let me help." Dave's hands expertly worked his button and zipper and Craig sighed in relief as his hips and ass relaxed from the sudden lack of pressure. Dave was careful not to touch Craig's cock but, instead, the man ran his hands up Craig's side and to his nipples. Craig shivered from the feeling of the man's short nails on his smooth skin. He squirmed and moaned again when Dave pinched his right nipple.

"No," Craig told the man. "It's too hard. Can you... oh god, can you use your mouth again?" The man complied immediately. "Yessss... oh shit, that's good, man." Craig's hips were rocking slowly back and forth and he twined his long fingers through the man's short hair, pressing him to his chest. John's hand almost startled him as it touched his side and then worked down and into his pants, lightly scratching the smooth skin of his thigh. It felt like a live wire ran directly down from the nipple in Dave's mouth to the head of his dick. Craig's hand had somehow made its way into John's pants and he could felt John's thick cock against the soft skin of his new hands. John's hands worked at his own pants and, suddenly, his dick was free. Craig found his bong and took several hits while he played with the man's dick, dragging his nails along the flesh and giggling at the way John's breathing changed when he did.

Without a thought, Craig leaned over to kiss John, breathing out the remnants of his smoke as their tongues writhed against each other. Craig worked the man's cock up and down with his soft hand while they kissed. John's fingers pulled at Craig's long hair and then tugged him down and away from John's mouth. Down John pushed and down Craig went until the man's dick was against his mouth. No other push was needed - Craig opened his wet little mouth and took the man's cock as far as he could, choking for a moment before pulling slightly back. It was salty and had a slight smell but he liked the way it felt against his tongue, warm and smooth with veins that moved around when he licked at them.

Craig suddenly pulled completely away from John and arched his back in pain. "Off!" He screamed in a shrill woman's voice. "Oh god! I need my pants off now! It hurts!" His ribs felt like they were cracking as his chest narrowed in size but his lower back burned in immense pain. Someone's hands were around his legs, tugging at the tight fabric of his jeans.

"... touching his underwear OR his dick. I'm not gay, man. Why don't..." Craig couldn't tell who was speaking. His head was a sudden bright point of pain and then, suddenly, everything was silent. For one brief moment, he couldn't hear anything at all. And then the noise crashed back into him.

"... THE FUCK!" Both men stood in front of him, shocked looks on their face. His jaw ached. As he looked at the two men, he heard a series of popping sounds and watched as his nose flattened and pushed away from his face. John covered his mouth in horror but Dave just seemed confused. The skin along the elongated part of his face was covered in a light brown fuzz of hair. Under his eyes, the fuzz of hair grew into a soft down of brown fur, completely covering what he could see of his muzzle. The fur around his mouth and nose was a lighter brown than the rest and, when he reached his hands up to touch it, it felt soft and strange to the touch. It was if he were touching someone else's body but could still feel it somehow.

Craig's fingers traced along his jaws and up. The fur ended right below his ears... or where his ears should be. The skin on the side of his head was completely smooth and he briefly panicked. Fingers scrambling along his head and through his thick, strong brown hair until he touched some other new, foreign part of his body. Ears. Long ears. Furry. Near the top of his head, poking through his hair, tipped in a little bit of fur. They swiveled as he touched them.

"What's happening to me," he whispered. His eyes pleaded with the two men. "Why... oh god. Oh god. It... oh god!" He looked down, barely seeing the tips of his nipples with the strange way his eyes and face were now arranged. As he watched, his shirt puffed out and he could feel the skin on his chest moving. His breasts grew. Slowly. Slowly he watched his nipples come into completely view and then continue to push out. His shirt pulled up, revealing a fuzzy, flat stomach, coated with a brown fur. More sensations along his lower body revealed another set of nipples pushing out through his stomach and through short, wiry fur that was now spreading along his feminine torso. Still further his breasts grew and he felt things tugging inside of them as fatty tissues and new nerves reconnected. A line of light brown fur crept up from his stomach and between his breasts while they finally stopped growing. Fat nipples strained against his shirt and every time the shirt moved, he wanted to moan and writhe on the couch for the two men standing in front of him. With his new nose, he could smell the cum tipping their cocks. His mouth watered at the thought of taking their dicks into his muzzle and a long, nearly black tongue unrolled from his mouth and worked its way around his black lips.

Craig reached for his furry stomach with lithe arms. Two sets of smaller nipples were visible on his stomach from where the shirt was pulled up. He tweaked one of the nipples and didn't bother to hold back the moan it evoked. Thick, wiry fur pushed at the front of his underwear and he could see his limp dick though the sudden bush. The simple briefs strained at the size of his ass and thighs but he worked two thumbs into the band and wriggled himself out of them. Brown hairs grew along the lengths of his arms and down to his hands as he undressed himself. With the underwear to his knees, he stood, wobbly on his feet and then pulled the underwear off the rest of the way. Craig worked his hands around his ass, feeling the smooth fur and the firmness of his larger ass cheeks. His hand stopped at a bump just above the split in his ass. As he felt, the skin pushed out. Inch by inch his tail grew, as thick as his wrist was - his womanly wrist. Fur grew with every push until the tail was dragging against the floor. At the very tip, longer black hairs sprouted. He could feel it moving against his ass cheeks and his lower back. Tugging and twisting and rubbing. He could make it move if he concentrated enough but it seemed to move by itself as well. The fur of the tail rubbing against the fur of his ass was sensual.

With a deft movement, Craig grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled up. His massive breasts relaxed down and to the side slightly as he struggled to pull the shirt off of his ears and muzzle. Now he stood completely naked and he explored the hard length of his body with delicate, furred hands.

"... fucking isn't what the guy said. What the fuck are we supposed to do, Dave?"

"... kinda sexy. Look at her. I don't care what she looks like."

Craig cried out and fell back on to the couch. The skin of her toes were sealing together on both feet. Her calf muscles expanded, doubling in size as her toenails grew to cover the front of her feet.

John shrieked suddenly. "Oh shit. Oh SHIT! Dave! Dave, look! What the fuck what the fuck what the fuck, man!"

Craig looked up to see nipples pressing against John's tank top. A woman's nipples. John's face was subtly different as well - more slim, higher cheekbones and a more delicate chin. Craig smiled. "Looking good, man. Hey, don't cry. It doesn't hurt. It feels amazing. Look at me. Look at this - uhh-haah!"

Bones cracked and reformed in Craig's feet as the toenails grew into small hooves. Now it did hurt. Badly. Her ankle broke and moved, disappearing behind a thick tuft of fur along the base of the hoof. Craig dug her long nails into the couch beside her, moaning through clenched teeth.

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