tagLesbian SexJenny and Carrie Ch. 09

Jenny and Carrie Ch. 09


To start this chapter, It is two years later. Both Jenny and Carrie are now 18, and both are still diving and golfing and doing very well. I will take this time to thank you all for reading and bearing with me for the first 8 chapters. They both just came home from a 3 golf tourney tour. This would prove to be their last as Amateurs.


When Jenny and Carrie woke up Monday morning at 9:30, they got into their robes and went down to the den and saw no one in there, so they went into the kitchen. There they found Katherine and Leslie drinking coffee and watching the girls eat. The four women hugged and kissed their good mornings. Then the ladies went and hugged and kissed their sisters and both got a glass of juice and sat down.

"All rested up?" Leslie asked.

"Not really. But we needed to get up because we have a big topic we need to talk over with you both, Ann, Janice, Holly and James." Carrie told them.

"What's that ladies, about diving and golf?" Katherine asked.

"Yes mam. We both think we are going to run into a problem, because the reporters tonight are most certain going to ask about our future in diving. So, we need to have a good talk with everyone and come up with a solution on this. Then we probably suffer some down fall in our fame and fan base if we retire from diving." Jenny explained. So they went and called Ann and Janice and got them to come over while Jenny called for Holly and James.

"Hi Holly is Jenny."

"Well hi there dear Jen, how are you ladies today?"

"Still tired, I have a question for you. Is there a way for you to get James there with you in say an hour? We need to have a big discussion with all our coaches and family. So we have Ann and Janice headed here. And we could have you both on the speaker phone where we all can talk together." Jenny explained and she finished filling Holly in on what they felt. Holly told Jenny that if they could hold off until 1, she and James both were going to be there because they wanted to see the celebration tonight. Jenny said ok and they hung up.

"Sis." Jenny said looking at Carrie." Both Holly and James will be here at 1, they were coming for our celebration tonight. So, I guess we could wait until they get here before we start." Jenny told Carrie.

"That will work hun." Carrie said as Katherine and Leslie entered and sat down, and the ladies told them about James and Holly.

At 1:30, all their coaches were there and everyone was ready for what the ladies wanted to discuss.

"Ok now, the reason we needed to talk to you all is the fact that we are worried about our fans and the longevity of our careers in diving." Carrie explained.

"What we are worried about is alienating some of our fans if we retire from diving and go totally with golf. We have the feeling that a majority of our fan base doesn't care one way or the other about golf and we will lose them. But, there isn't a real longevity for diving even in the pros. At a certain age it ends. But the reason we

chose golf is because you can compete into your 50's and 60's. Golf has the certain longevity that we need and to keep our fans happy and coming to see us play."

"Ladies you both are right on both points. But as you saw on those 4 events, you had a very big base there cheering you on. True you may lose some fans, but you both will gain more that follow golf, so, that it wouldn't be noticeable. "Holly told them.

"Dears getting out of diving now when you ladies are on the top is very smart. Like you noticed, it has no long career to it. You ladies have found a life career in golf go with it. And if you ladies ever feel you'd like to compete in diving a few times a year, you can do that." Janice explained. So after 4 hours of talking it through, Jenny and Carrie decided to join both golf tours, and they would dive in about 15 events in the pro league.

So at 7, the family got in a limo they rented for the event, and headed for Golden Gate Park for the city's celebration in their honor. Driving through the city Jenny and Carrie noticed that it was all decked out in banners, billboards, and pink and white streamers. On cars there were bumper stickers, people wore shirts, hats or were carrying flags boosting their claim as 'Hayward Storm' fans. Julie earlier had called and told the ladies that as of right now, had more press coverage than either the 49ers or the Giants combined. When they arrived at the park was completely decked out in pink and white streamers, banners, and flags. There was a stage with the famous Golden Gate Bridge in the back ground. The stage had about 20 chairs on it and a podium. There were about 300 seats in front of the stage, there was a roped off walkway in the middle to the stage with police officers standing guard over the crowd. When they parked they were surrounded by a host of police and escorted up and on the stage. Once on it Jenny and Carrie were greeted by San Francisco's mayor and shook hands. Then the governor of California took his turn. Then countless big wheels in the city government took their turns, then they all made speeches. Each presented each lady, with medals, plaques, and the mayor gave the key to the city. Then Jenny and Carrie took their turns making speeches, and thanking everyone for their support. Then they took some questions from the mayor, governor, and the others. When that was done, Jenny and Carrie faced the crowd, who gave the ladies a standing ovation.

"Please be patient with us while we try to relay our feeling to all of you. Because sis and I have never have done this before." Jenny told their fans, this was also followed by a very big applause.

"Now as for the U.S.J.T, that was one of the most thrilling experience sis and I have ever had in diving to date. We both were determined to go into it and do our bests. And as we both look back at it now, we know that's exactly what we did.

What surprised us, was while we were in Miami, we learned all our high tech dives. After we learned them it made everything very easy for us. See before, neither of us thought or knew about dives like them. But with those dives, we quickly named our brand of diving 'The Hayward Storm', because we both felt like a storm with them." Carrie explained.

"That's true, and we figured that it was a name everyone could not only remember, but was easy to chant. So, that's how the name came about. But, sis and I would really like to thank each and every one of you here and all over the world for your support. But, mainly, all of you here in San Francisco, because you all are our hometown fans, and without you here, we would have not gotten as far as we have, and we owe that to you all." Jenny said and she and Carrie held hands and raised them skyward, and then took bows.

When the applause and cheering died down the ladies stepped back up to the microphone.

"I guess this would be the appropriate time to answer the press' questions. So, who's first?"

"Now that the U.S.J.T is over and diving as a whole. And golf for this season. What are your plans for the future?"

"Well for the time being, until November 11th, we have nothing planned but rest. Then on that day we start college for pre med." Carrie answered.

"College, Which college are you ladies attending?"

"Like sis said, we are taking pre med. We are attending S.F.S. And we are planning on being new born nurses." Jenny said.

"Great field, what's next as for Diving and golf for you both?"

"Well we both plan to turn pro in both. We will be on both golf tours, and the pro diving tour. Diving starts in the spring and we have to play in q school for both PGA and LPGA which one starts in the end of February, and the first of April for the other. Now we have something to tell you all of our fans. We don't know how you all will take this. But we will only be playing in about 15 competitions in diving." Carrie started. The she and Jenny explained everything to their fans why they decided to do this. After all was explained the ladies were met with both a standing ovation, and a loud and hearty chanting of their names. The ladies held hands and raised them again and took bows and left with their family for home.

When the family arrived home, each could tell that both Jenny and Carrie where completely exhausted, both mentally and physically. They all hugged and kissed and the ladies went up to go to bed, and of course their little sisters went with them.

Both ladies slept hard until they woke up at 4:30, they got up and into their robes

and went down to the den.

"Good afternoon everyone." Carrie said as then sat on their loveseat.

"Well good afternoon to both of you ladies. Are you hungry?" Katherine asked her daughters.

"Starved!, but as you can guess we both still have to watch what we eat, even though both diving and golf are over for now. Sis and I are still going to practice both at least 3 times per week. So we both stay in shape that way it won't be hard on us when the start up again." Jenny explained.

"Now that's a great plan ladies." Leslie said and they led Jenny and Carrie into the kitchen.

At 7, the family all entered the den after dinner. They all were kidding and joking around with one another until midnight, when Jenny and Carrie, took their sisters up to bed,

"Those two ladies of ours are going to need the next month to rest and recuperate from both a strenuous diving tour and a golf tour. Then college starts for them. Hey Les, why don't we take Jenny and Carrie over and show them the SFS campus. That way, when they start they will know where everything is. And for us, it would be a chance for us to reminisce over all our good times." Katherine told her.

"Now that sounds like a great plan, and a lot of fun. I know I've wanted to revisit the place." Leslie said happily.

"That should take up the better part of all your day. I'm sure the ladies will know where and all about state when you both get through showing it off to the." Ross laughed.

"I could not have picked better hosts to show the ladies SFS than you both." Claude added, and then they all got up and said good night and went to their beds.

At 8 Wednesday morning, Katherine and Leslie with their girls went up to wake Jenny and Carrie up. Neither woman got a chance to help, because the second the door was opened, Liz, Jess, Carole and Sheryl hit the bed and were all over the ladies. In a flash both were awake, and they all hugged and kissed, then Katherine and Leslie sat down on the bed with the sisters.

"Come on ladies, we have a big day planned, so get your showers, dressed and made up." Katherine told Jenny and Carrie.

"Big day what kind of big day mom are you referring too?" Carrie asked.

"We both are going to take you ladies over to the SFS campus and give you a tour of it. So you ladies will be familiar with it when you start. But it's for us too, you mom and I want to see the place after all these years since we graduated for there. Leslie informed Jenny and Carrie.

"Great! We'd both love that." The ladies squealed happily. Jenny and Carrie got up and went to their closet and decided what to wear, as the other 6 left to get ready themselves. Then they went into their bathroom for their shower. Like they had been doing, Jenny and Carrie took their showers together since moving here to this house. Jenny was lathering her chest up and accidentally dropped her bar of soap. She bent down to retrieve it, and just happened to glance over at Carrie. For some reason, she just stared at her sister for a few minutes. Jenny was really surprised to see that Carrie had really developed into a nice looking woman, because she remembered how Carrie looked the night she started her period and Jenny had to bathe her. Now Jenny was comparing that Carrie to the one she was looking at. Jenny was proud for her sister, not the whole time she looked at Carrie jenny was blushing shyly, and quickly she turned away, asking herself what was wrong with her for looking at Carrie that way.

But what Jenny herself didn't know was that Carrie had done the same thing and admired Jenny the same way, then both had finished their showers, and were drying off. That was when each noticed that the other was blushing.

"Sorry sis. But I kind of looked and stared at you there in the shower." Carrie said and looked down in disgust. "I have no idea what possessed me to do it, but, I thought I'd tell you anyway."

"Sis I have the same confession to make to you. I also looked at you in there." Jenny sighed. "I don't know why either. But for some reason as I looked, I remembered the night you started your first period when I bathed you, and compared you to that Carrie. Now I hope you don't take this wrong sis, but, you have turned into a very nice looking woman."

"Thank you sis, and by the same token so have you. I guess what made us look was we wanted to see if we still look like twins or not." Carrie started. "As far as I can tell we do, except in one place." She finished blushing very bright red from embarrassment. Jenny looked up at Carrie to see this, so she put her arms around her and hugged Carrie and kissed her on the cheek.

"Come on sis, where is this one place you noticed? Hun we have already started talking about this so let's finish it, because if we don't we'll be blushing all day."

"Well... the place is ...I don't know the correct name for it, so I'll say it like this, the color of our hair between our legs in different." Carrie said looking into Jenny's eyes and smiling shyly.

"Yes sisters dear I also noticed that, I thought maybe you had found another place. I think tomorrow is a perfect day to go visit Aunt Rachel. As you see my brown is back. I think I'll discuss this with her and see what options she knows of to render this for us." Jenny explained.

"I just thought of a last ditch idea, if you ask her and there is nothing she can do to fix it. We can see if she will use the electrolysis machine to remove it from both us so we would be exactly the same again." Carrie said as they both finished getting into their matching dresses. Then they did their hair and makeup, with took another 45 minutes. This was one of the extraordinary things about these ladies. Both put as much energy into their dress and up keep as they did in practice for their sports. Jenny and Carrie both really cared about how they appeared in public, both wanting at all times to look their dead level best, and it didn't matter where they went, they made sure they looked100% the best they could.

When they finished, both grabbed their purses and jackets, and went down to the den to meet the others.

"Are you both ready to go ladies?" Katherine asked Jenny and Carrie.

"Yes mam we both are more than ready."

They arrived on the campus at 10, with both Katherine and Leslie pointing to everything on the grounds and telling Jenny and Carrie about each piece they saw. Then they entered the main building headed for the dean's office, to make sure their tour was ok with everyone there. Jenny and Carrie were sometimes greeted in the hall by ladies they had met before or actually knew. Once at the office, they entered, the receptionist recognized both Jenny and Carrie, and came over to greet the ladies. Then after that she stood looking at both Katherine and Leslie in shock.

"Now I remember both of you, but for some reason I can place your names."

"We both graduated from here in 1968. My name then was Katherine Spencer, and this dear was Leslie McAllister."

"Good grief! How in the world could I ever forget you ladies? You both started your freshman years here at 17. You ladies still hold that record you know, along with all the awards you received. But, seeing you both, for some reason I feel as though there is someone missing. Does that make any sense?"

"Yes you are right. There is one missing, her name is Linda Brook, we all were commonly known around here as the female version of 'The 3 musketeers'. She is hard at her work. She's a doctor at Woman's Hospital." Leslie said.

"Well it does appear as though you both have been as busy as she has been." The lady said and looked at the girls and Jenny and Carrie beside Katherine and Leslie. They talked for a few telling her all they had been doing or had done since leaving school. Then told her about their marriages to Ross and Claude, and then introduced her to the little girls. Right after that the dean came out of his office and spotted them. He came over and greeted them, and shocked Katherine and Leslie, by remembering them right off. Then Katherine explained to him what they wanted to do for Jenny and Carrie.

"See the ladies both decided to attend here, because they wanted to follow us being taught here."

"Great for you ladies this tour won't be a problem at all, I'll lead it for all you." He said. So, as he led and explained everything to Jenny and Carrie they followed him. They even stopped in some of the classes, and he introduced the ladies to the professors. Then he took them over to the Olympic sized pool, which Jenny and Carrie noticed that it had all the boards and platforms they had used, and then to the women's gym, and to the woman's dorm. where they met and were introduced to the monitor. The dean told them he'd be back in 30 minutes to lead the rest of the tour and answer and questions the ladies had. The monitor, too them on a tour of the dorm, they all thanked her when they re entered the lobby, where they saw the dean waiting for them. He then took and shoed them the rest of the campus and back to his office and took their questions and explained what they wanted to know.

When the women arrived home, they could see that the 4 girls were really tired and wore out. So, they fed Liz, Carole, jess, and Sheryl and put them to bed for a nap, and went to the den and talked.

"That was a lot of fun, thank you both for that." Carrie said. As Jenny echoed her statement just as happy as Carrie was.

"Mom I need to ask you a question please." Jenny said to Katherine.

"You ladies are most welcome dears. Sure Jen hun what is it?"

"Do you think you could get in touch with Aunt Rachel for me? I need to get my hair taken care of again bad."

Sure Jen dear. I can call her now for you. When would you both want the appointment for?"

"We both thought about tomorrow. We can get up early with dad, if he doesn't mine dropping us off at the airport on his way to work. We'll get a hotel room for the night and return Friday." Jenny explained.

"Sounds good to me dears I'll call and see if she can or not." Katherine said and called Rachel.

"Well hi Katherine dear. How are all you doing?"

"We all are doing very well hun. I know you and Jackie don't know this yet. But Les and I have some great news for you both."

"Oh really? I wonder what that news could be, I know it's not about either Jenny or Carrie. Because anyone and everyone who's still alive know all about those two ladies and all of their fame so, what gives?" Rachel asked and she was told all the details then she asked" Well dear how may I help you?"

"Jen asked me to call you for them. To see if you could make Jen an appointment for tomorrow she needs her hair colored again."

"Sure I can. As 12:30. Will that work for her?" Katherine told Jenny and Carrie the time and they agreed.

"Rach, they said that will work for them."

"Great! I'd love to see those two again. And furthermore, I'd wish you two you and Les would stop being complete stranger. Please call me more often, by the way hun what's your number? I know you both know how much you mean to me. Maybe one day soon, we can get together and plan something special." Katherine loved that Idea and gave Rachel her phone number, then Rachel had to go so they said good bye and hung up.

"Ok ladies now that's set for you. At 12:30, so that gives you both enough time to find a good hotel, and a rental car." Katherine told her tired ladies.

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