tagIncest/TabooJenny & Josh Ch. 01

Jenny & Josh Ch. 01


This story is a continuation of my Jenny series. I would suggest that readers start with the original series, as it provides the background for this story. Please note that this series deals with some controversial subject matter, including incest, lesbianism, and pregnant sex. If you aren't into that, please consider yourself forewarned.

Three years had passed since Jenny and I were married, three wonderful and eventful years. Jenny's baby was born that fall, a beautiful girl that we named Vicki, after her Jenny's mother. Vicki is a joy to be around, quick to laugh and the spitting image of her mother. I officially adopted her, and Jenny's wish is that Vicki will only know me as her father. We both see Vicki as our love child, and cherish every moment with her.

Not long after Vicki was born, Jenny was with child again. Her sex drive, always quite high, goes into overdrive during pregnancy. Since I adore pregnant women, and making love to them, I was in heaven. While our sex life had been grand during the first pregnancy, it was off the charts the second time. After the usual period, Jenny gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Christopher. Jenny says he looks like me, but I think he has his mother's eyes. Like his sister, he is loved and cherished in our family.

Like clockwork, Jenny began to try to get pregnant again, a task in which I was a most happy participant. Jenny had found her calling in life, making babies and being a mother, and found in me a willing partner. As our story begins again, Jenny is now carrying our third child.

Of course, our small farm house was overflowing, so I had added an addition. The new wing provided a large family room with two more bedrooms downstairs, and a new master bedroom suite and two smaller bedrooms upstairs. Jenny would not move into the new master suite, though, saying that there were just too many good memories in our original bedroom to leave it behind. I heartily agreed, and the new master suite became Sarah's and Amanda's. After graduating from college, they had moved in with us. Together, they had opened a store in town, selling an eclectic mix of books, music, and antiques, both through the store and on their website. Although a few tongues wagged, our small town accepted them and made them feel welcome. Both of them loved our children as their own, so our kids were growing up with a loving extended family. In other words, life is good. However, I have learned that just when things get comfortable, life has a habit of throwing you a curve.

I came home from work on Friday, looking forward to the Labor Day weekend. Three days off, time to catch up around the house and maybe get in some fishing. Jenny, now quite round with Number 3, met me at the door with one of her full body kisses, then took me by the hand and led me upstairs to our bedroom. Once the door was closed, she began to strip, eying me hungrily. No small talk, no "How was your day, dear?", not even any foreplay. She was focused on one thing, getting fucked, and fucked hard, and Jenny was not one to let anything stand in her way. Sarah and Amanda had the kids, so we were free to satisfy her overpowering urges. Such was life with Jenny, especially when she was pregnant!

She finished stripping before me, and watched with animal lust while I shed the last of my clothes. We then spent a few moments in a loving embrace, kissing, fondling, and enjoying the contact of our naked bodies against each other. Of course, this had the effect that Jenny desired, bringing my cock to full mast, ready for the battle to ensue. She then urged me to the bed, flat on my back. Jenny much prefers to ride on top, and quickly impaled herself on my shaft. Her eyes glazed over as she rode me, reaching her first orgasm in less than a minute. Even by Jenny standards, she was on fire, and I knew that I was in for the ride of my life.

Her first orgasm was just a warm up, as she continued to grind away, increasing her rhythmic motions as she propels herself towards another crest. Even after three years, I am still in awe of her sexual energy and enthusiasm. As her second orgasm takes her, I can feel the muscles in her vagina contracting and rippling along my shaft. She is not done, though, not yet. As her climax subsides, she leans over to feed me one luscious breast, heavy with her mother's milk. I take her nipple in my mouth hungrily, sucking hard and teasing it with my tongue and teeth, and am rewarded with an almost steady flow of her precious fluid. She is now moaning loudly, and her pace quickens on my cock. While I suckle on one breast, I reach up to caress the other. That breast is not as engorged as the one that I have in my mouth, telling me that she as already fed Christopher his dinner. Jenny produces more milk than one child can consume, so I get the overflow, relieving her far better than a breast pump, and we both enjoy the experience.

As I drain her engorged breast, swallowing the magic elixir, I can feel her building to her final release. Her pace not only quickens, but her inner muscles begin to milk my cock, demanding my climax to match hers. As her milk flow begins to wane, we hit our crest, and I explode into her depths, launching spurt after spurt of my seed into her welcoming womb. This is the trigger that her body has been waiting for, as she screams in ecstasy as her final orgasm sweeps her away. I hold on, still nursing on her breast, as she bucks on top of me. After some moments, she begins to calm, and I release her breast and seek out her lips. We share a lover's kiss while our heart rates and breathing slowly return to normal.

Finally, she says "Oh, my God, I needed that! Today was a most interesting day, and I have been waiting for hours for you to get home and fuck me silly. Of course, I know that I can always count on you, lover. Welcome home."

Welcome home, indeed!

We grab a quick shower, together, of course, and then head down to join the rest of the family. Sarah and Amanda are in the kitchen, and I greet both with hugs. They are laughing, having overheard our passionate reunion (how could they have not?). They have already fed the kids, and everyone now pitches in to prepare our evening meal. Dinner is a boisterous affair, with everyone talking and sharing the news and events of the day. I listen in, but my mind has drifted back to this very night 3 years ago, when I was an empty shell of a man, lost in despair, until the fateful phone call from Jenny. Jenny and I will celebrate our wedding anniversary next week, but it was the Friday evening before the long holiday weekend when Jenny fell into my life, saving both of our lives. Jenny is watching me, and squeezes my hand under the table. We both have tears in our eyes as we reminisce about those events.

Dinner ends with us all making short work of the clean up. Afterwards, Jenny goes off to bathe the kids and get them ready for bed, while Sarah, Amanda, and I go out to enjoy the evening on the front porch. I grab a bottle of Montepulchiano and 3 glasses, and settle down in one of my comfortable chairs to watch the sunset. Sarah and Amanda sit in their usual place, a wicker love seat that we had added to our set when they moved in. They cuddle up together, sipping their wine, and watching the day slip away into night. This had been my habit when I was alone, and all three of the ladies in my life have picked it up from me. Soon, Jenny will join us, but for now I enjoy the company of the two young women, both of whom I love as daughters.

After a quiet period, as we unwind from the hustle and bustle of our day, Sarah breaks the silence.

"Dad, is it my imagination, or is your's and Jenny's sex life now even better than it was in the past?" Sarah was always one to speak her mind, and had always trusted me enough to broach any subject.

"Well, it has always been very good, but I must admit that we have been fairly active lately. Of course, when Jenny is pregnant, her hormones go into overdrive, and she becomes even more receptive than usual. At times, like this evening when I got home, her lust consumes her until she can get some relief. Not every woman reacts that way when pregnant, but it's not unusual." I reply.

Now Amanda's interest is peaked. "I have always found that fascinating. Some men are turned off by a pregnant woman's figure, while others, like you I presume, react just the opposite. With our society so fixated on thin being the epitome of beauty, I can understand why some are turned off, but I have never figured out why others find pregnant women so attractive."

I had been asked this very question by Jenny when we first got together, so it did not surprise me now coming from Amanda. I noticed that Sarah was also following the conversation intently. Many times, talking to the two was like this, with both of their minds working in conjunction, almost like they were reading each other's thoughts.

"Jenny asked me that same question three years ago, and I answered it something like this. Men are programmed to be attracted to the female shape, and during pregnancy the female form becomes exaggerated. The breasts get bigger, the hips wider, in effect making women appear even more feminine. Some women today have shapes that are little different from men, but when a woman is pregnant, there is no question of her gender. Add to this the hormonal changes, where some women become more receptive to sex, and you have a very attractive mix." I explain. "I suppose that there is also the wonder and fascination of watching a new life grow inside their bodies. That is something that only women can do, and, while we men do not envy you the ordeal, we still admire the process. I have always found Jenny to be an attractive and desirable woman, but she is never more beautiful or sexy than when she is pregnant."

Both girls smiled, and hugged each other. "Jenny is a very lucky woman to have found a man like you, Dad." Amanda said. Since her own family had abandoned her when she came out, she had adopted me as her surrogate Dad. I considered her a daughter, as she was basically, if not legally, married to Sarah, and I now loved her as my own.

"Well, I don't know about that, but I consider myself blessed to have a woman like Jenny in my life." I reply.

At that point, Jenny came out the door. On hearing her name, she exclaimed "Talking about me behind my back, are we?" as she settled gently into my lap. I wrapped my arms around her rotund form, and gave her a quick kiss.

"Dad was just explaining about why he can't keep his hands off of you, and why you are so randy most of the time." laughed Sarah.

"Well, that's easy. I am so randy because you Dad is such a great lover that I just can't get enough." Jenny replied with a laugh. For awhile, our conversation died down, as the sun was setting, presenting us with nature's grand artistry. We sipped our wine, and Jenny her juice, as each of us gave a silent toast to the end of another day. As the colors faded into night, we moved back inside.

Sarah and Amanda settled on the love seat, while I sat back against one end of the couch, allowing Jenny to stretch out in front of me and lean back against my chest. Once she was settled, I wrapped my arms around her, hugging her close while stroking her swollen belly. Jenny raised her shirt, allowing me to caress her bare skin. I have always been a fan of the pregnant female form, and caressing her bare belly brought me to full erection quickly. Feeling this, Jenny looked back at me with a sparkle in her eye, and we shared a loving kiss. Looking over at the girls, I see that Amanda has curled up on the love seat with her head in my daughter's lap. Both are watching us, with expressions that are hard to read. They appear contented, but there is something else in their eyes as well. Envy, perhaps?

Since the girls had moved in with us, we had all become quite close, but especially so for Jenny and the girls. Jenny had never tried to hide her bi nature, and in fact had been my daughter's first lover. Now that we were living under the same roof, Jenny would sometimes join the girls in a threesome, with my total blessing. Jenny had invited me to watch if I wished, but I was a bit conflicted about watching my daughter have sex, so I had respectfully declined. Besides, I figured that sometimes they needed girl time without me always being around. I had observed that with Jenny pregnant, Sarah and Amanda were fascinated by the changes her body was going through. At times, they seemed to have as much trouble keeping their hands off of Jenny as I did. This would be natural, I suppose, since all three were in their mid twenties now, their prime child bearing years. Would Sarah and Amanda want children of their own? And, if so, how would they go about conception? Perhaps it was time to broach the subject.

"Sarah, have you and Amanda ever thought about having kids? You would both make excellent parents." I asked, breaking our relaxed silence.

Sarah's reaction was not what I expected. Her expression showed surprise, as if my question had caught her off guard. For that matter, Amanda also seemed surprised, and both girls flashed questioning looks at Jenny, who remained silent. Quickly regaining her composure, Sarah thought for a moment, then answered.

"Why, yes, as a matter of fact we have been discussing that very subject lately. I guess that it is obvious that both of us are quite fascinated with Jenny's pregnancy, and more than a bit envious. We both love children, and look forward to having our own." Sarah said, stroking Amanda's hair in her lap.

"I completely agree. Perhaps it is our biological clock ticking, or maybe the breeding habits of our house mates, but having children has been very much on our minds." chimed in Amanda, rising to a sitting position beside Sarah. They are now holding hands, and watching me stroke Jenny's belly as if mesmerized. Jenny suddenly gasped, and I felt it too. The baby was moving! I motioned for the girls to join us, and Jenny now has six hands feeling her belly. We show the girls where to feel, and they squeal in delight at feeling the movement. Both of their eyes are gleaming at the miracle playing out under their touch.

"I want you to know that, should either or both of you decide to have children, you can count on our complete support." I say, looking down at Jenny, who nods her approval. Jenny now is breathing hard, and her eyes are developing that feral look that I know so well. The stimulation of having six hands caressing her bare flesh, along with my erection hard against her back, is arousing her lust, never far below the surface when she is pregnant. My nose catches a whiff of her musk, another sure sign of her arousal. Perhaps the girls had also noticed, as their breathing has become ragged, and the look on their faces now seems more like desire than fascination. I have a powerful urge to raise Jenny's shirt further, gaining access to her wonderful, full breasts, but, once again, the presence of my daughter tempers my desire.

Mind you, it is not that I am not attracted to my daughter, or her beautiful mate. Any father who tells you that there is no attraction between father and daughter is lying. Rather, in my case, it is that I have a wonderful relationship with both my daughter and Amanda, and I would never do anything to risk that. Besides, at twice their age, I would never assume that the attraction is mutual. I also feel blessed in my relationship with Jenny, and feel that satisfying her is more than a full time job.

I decide that it is time to refocus our conversation, before we all get swept away in our carnal urges.

"I don't want to be nosy, but if you do decide to get pregnant, how do you plan to accomplish the act?" I ask. Both girls snap out of their reverie, exchanging looks. Even Jenny seemed to stiffen at the question. I have the distinct feeling that I have stumbled onto something, some plot on their part, with my question. Jenny sits up, pulling her shirt down over her belly, and the girls return to their place on the love seat. Nervous glances are exchanged between all three girls now. Yes, something is definitely up. I watch them, awaiting their response.

Sarah is the first to speak, clearing her throat nervously.

"Well, of course, the conception would have to take place in the usual manner." she said. "Neither of us are the least bit interested in using artificial means."

OK, I think I have this figured out. Of course they would be hesitant about having sex with a guy, being lesbians. I can understand that.

"Well, I can see how this could cause you some concern, having to have sex with a guy to get what you want. Is that something that you would be willing to endure?" I ask.

"Dad, it is not what you think. Both Amanda and I have had sex with guys before. We each prefer girls, but neither of us can say that we don't have any attraction to men. That isn't the problem." Sarah replies.

OK, maybe I don't have this figured out after all. I decide to allow them to explain rather than make more of a fool out of myself.

Amanda now takes up the task. "Our problem is in choosing a willing participant. It's not like we would just ask someone on the street to impregnate us. We both want or children to be born of love, not just convenience. Perhaps you see our dilemma. Who do we ask to help us with our very personal project? Or, for that matter, how do we go about asking someone?" I can see the apprehension in their eyes. It is obvious that they have been puzzling this out for some time.

"It was Jenny who offered the perfect solution, and so far the only solution, to our problem." added Sarah, now looking down into her lap. I look at Jenny, waiting for her to explain, but she remains silent. Finally, Amanda breaks the awkward silence.

"Whoever is to father our children must be a good man and a good father, as we would definitely want him to be a part of our children's lives. He must also be someone whom we both love, as he would be a part of our lives as well. We have discussed this for months now, and there is really only one person who meets all of our requirements." Amanda says, now looking me in the eyes. Sarah has also squared her shoulders, and is looking straight at me.

"Dad, we want you to father our children. There really is no other choice." says Sarah. All three girls are now looking at me, expectantly. I can only imagine how I look: Wide eyed, mouth open, utter astonishment on my face. I know us guys are dense, but I had not seen this coming when I asked my innocent question a few moments ago. I am totally blindsided. I have absolutely no answer. My brain is in total lockup, refusing to respond. Thankfully, Jenny comes to my rescue, reaching up and pushing my mouth shut, with a look of amusement on her face.

"Girls, I think your dad is going to need some time to think this over. It's getting late. How about we sleep on this, and continue our discussion in the morning?" Jenny says. I am in a daze. Jenny takes me by the hand and leads me up the stairs to our bedroom, while Sarah and Amanda head toward their suite.

Jenny and I undress in silence. She keeps glancing at me, trying to judge the direction that my mental ruminations are headed. We shut off the lights and crawl into bed, out of habit cuddling up together. Normally, Jenny would be ravishing me by now, working out her lustful cravings on my stiff member, but tonight she is content to simply snuggle. I hold her for a long time, stroking her belly while my mind tries to wrap itself around tonights revelation. The conversation keeps playing out over and over in my head, but always ends up with the same results. My daughter and her life partner want to have children, and they have decided that I am the only one to serve the crucial role of impregnating them! Like most father's, I love my daughter very much, and would do anything for her. Like most father's, I had always felt attracted to her, but buried those thoughts in the farthest recesses of my mind. Incest was not something that I had ever contemplated. Sarah was my daughter, after all, and as her father it was my responsibility to protect her, support her, and nurture her, not to have sex with her!

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