tagBDSMJenny and the Landlords Ch. 01

Jenny and the Landlords Ch. 01


'Jenny...we can't go on like this. We've been rowing all weekend. I haven't enough money to pay the rent this week!'

'I know Mike. I'm sorry. It's all my fault and I'm skint too. I'll have to think of something though because Emma will be down to collect it later. Don't let it worry you now though. You'll have to get going or you'll be late for work again.'

She reached up and kissed him, letting him enjoy the feel of her soft breasts against his chest. She was running late after a lovely, slow, early morning fuck and she had pulled her pyjamas on again quickly to see Mike off at the door. She felt deliciously dirty and could smell her own arousal. As soon as the door was shut she had stripped off and headed for a long hot shower.

Jenny must have taken a bit longer than she had thought. Just as she stepped out of the shower the doorbell rang. She had to wrap herself quickly in a bath sheet to see who it was. They didn't get many callers in the morning although sometimes there were parcels delivered early. Through the frosted glass she could see Emma, the landlord's wife and she sighed. Wrapping the yellow bath towel more tightly around her she opened the door and let her in.

'Hi Emma.' She laughed. 'You have me at a disadvantage. I just stepped out of the shower.'

'Sorry Jenny. I just called by for this month's rent.' She smiled.

Emma was dressed as usual in jeans and a tight T-shirt. She had a fabulous figure and Jenny had often noticed Mike eying her up. She couldn't blame him. He had a thing for blondes. Emma was probably in her late thirties but could pass for much younger.

'It's embarrassing Jenny. I am so sorry.'

'Oh don't worry about that. I think you look very fetching in that towel.'

'No. Not that. Come into the living room. I need to explain.'

They moved through into the living room and Jenny quickly moved her pyjamas which were draped over the back of a chair. She could still smell the scent of sex in them and hoped Emma wouldn't notice.

'Emma. I am very sorry but Mike and I can't pay you the rent this month. That makes two months we are behind and I'm at least partly to blame. I blew too much money over Christmas and we haven't caught up yet.'

She blushed deeply and started crying, gripping the towel around her.

'Oh. Oh I see. That is a bit awkward because we really make it a strict rule that tenants have to pay promptly. You two have always been good with the rent and last month was the very first time. Do you know when you will be able to pay it back?'

'I get paid next week. Oh I am so, so sorry! We've never been in debt before but it's all catching up with us. I promise we can pay at the end of next week.' She was sobbing.

Emma stepped towards her, hugging the younger girl tightly and talking softly to her.

'Jenny. Jenny. Don't cry. We'll have to work something out between us. Dry your eyes now. Let's talk about it.'

She sat on the arm of the sofa and patted the seat beside for Jenny to sit down. As she moved to sit beside her, the towel came undone and dropped to the floor. She squealed and bent quickly to retrieve it, apologising.

'Oh don't worry on my account. You have a gorgeous sexy figure. Turn around so I can see you properly.'

Jenny wasn't quite sure why she did, but she slowly turned round.

'Don't cover yourself. Take your hands away!'

She was conscious as the older woman reached out gently and touched her, running her fingers lightly over her skin. She moved her hands out of the way.

'You are beautiful. I love your hair. Do you know you are very photogenic? Neatly trimmed down below too. My husband would love you.'

'Thank you. But that doesn't help you with the rent does it? I don't know what I'm going to do. We love this apartment.'

'No. It doesn't help. But it does give me an idea that might work.'

Jenny was conscious that Emma had not stopped stroking her, very, very gently. Almost imperceptibly her thighs had parted and now she could feel the woman's fingertips moving upwards, tracing over her lower belly. She looked directly in her eyes as she felt a finger very slowly draw itself between her legs. She trembled, not daring to move. She hadn't been with a girl for several years when she was at uni and this new sensation was somehow just as exciting. She couldn't understand why she hadn't moved away or picked up the towel again. She wasn't shy or prudish but she felt unable to move.

She almost willed the finger to penetrate her, knowing that she would be moist between her legs already. As it did she let out a very soft sigh, yielding as first one and then a second finger entered her very gently.

'Your scent is exquisite Jenny. I like it. Would you come upstairs for a glass of wine tomorrow and we can talk it through more?'

As she spoke, the fingers were moving in and out, very gently and slowly.

'I'm not sure Mike can come. He's usually busy on a Tuesday evening.'

'I didn't mean for him to come too. Just you. You can tell him what you like. Just be there at 7. OK?'



Tuesday night was soccer night and Mike nearly always went to the pub with his mates afterwards. That made it easier for Jenny to get ready discreetly. She didn't know what to expect but had made sure she was home early enough to have a shower and dress again. She wasn't sure what to wear but opted for a simple black dress with spaghetti straps. She couldn't find the right bra that went with it so opted to go without. Since she had been exercising and toning more her boobs were firmer although her nipples sometimes showed through. Never mind. And then stockings and heels. As she looked herself up and down she thought maybe she had overdone it. Anyway she was too late to change now.

Roger and Emma lived upstairs in the larger top floor flat in the block. Roger was several years older than Emma, tall and greying but he clearly kept himself trim. He had shown them round when they took the original lease but it was nearly always Emma who collected the rent. As Jenny walked up the three flights of steps she felt a little nervous and she stood a few moments on to top landing before pressing the doorbell. The door opened a moment or two later and Emma welcomed her inside.

The living room was softly lit and Jenny sat down, taking the glass of chilled wine that Emma offered. She was trembling a little.

'Don't be so scared Jenny. Roger will be through shortly. He's just doing some paperwork in his study at the moment. I'm not going to eat you. Or maybe I will.' She laughed.

'You look gorgeous. I'm so glad you dressed up. We can get to know each other better and maybe have some fun this evening. Is Mike out at soccer tonight? I think he usually does on a Tuesday, doesn't he?.'

'Yes. Yes he is. He's probably going to the pub later. He'll call me if he's going to be late.'

'Good. Then we have a few hours together. Let's relax and get to know each other. I am sure you'll enjoy it.'

Emma sat down next to her and drew her feet up under her. As she did her skirt rode up and Jenny was sure she wasn't wearing any knickers. It had been a while since she had been with a girl and the events of yesterday and now this were making her head spin. When she met Mike she told him that she liked girls sometimes, but since she had been with him she hadn't been with anyone else. And yet, here was Emma, apparently turning her on. She smiled nervously and sipped her wine, unsure what was going to happen.

'You know Jenny, when I first met you I thought you might be bi. I'm right aren't I? You do like girls too don't you?'

'Yes, although I haven't been with one for quite a while. You took me a bit by surprise yesterday but I can't deny it turned me on. I've been thinking about it ever since.'

'Did you mind? When I fingered you? Did you mind? I know it was a bit of a liberty but I couldn't resist. You tasted so sweet.'

'No. No. I didn't mind. It did take me by surprise though. I was so embarrassed about the problem with the rent money. Honestly we can pay you. Honestly.' Jenny blushed.

'It's OK. I talked to Roger and we can wait till next week. Don't worry about it.'

Emma moved closer, leaning over and directly into the young brunettes eyes. She could smell her delicate perfume. Jenny could feel her breath on her cheek.

'May I kiss you?' she asked, leaning closer.

Jenny didn't reply, but her chin tilted up a little and her eyes were closed. She felt soft lips against her own, kissing gently, softly. The tip of a tongue probed her lips and she opened them, meeting Emma's tongue with her own. She had forgotten just how gentle and sensual girls could be. She opened her mouth, allowing Emma to pull her down towards her. They kissed for several minutes as Emma gently ran her hands up and down her body, exploring her curves and fondling her bottom. She sat up again.

'Jenny. I have something to ask you. Please trust me. I want to ask you something but you mustn't feel you have to do it. We can wait for the rent and you are under no pressure. OK?'

'OK. I trust you. Ask away.'

'Roger knows I am bi, but I haven't been with a girl for years. He's always wanted me to but the right occasion just hasn't occurred. Anyway, it's his birthday tomorrow and I wanted to do something very special for him.'

She drew in her breath and looked directly into Jenny's eyes.

'Since you are behind with the rent we need to find some penalty you can forfeit until you are able to pay us the money. I wondered whether you would you let me spank you while he watches? We're both a little kinky like that. Roger spanks me from time to time and spanking someone new would be such a turn on for him. It would make us both so grateful.'

'Oh. Oh I see. I don't know. I really don't know.'

'Have you ever been spanked before? I mean since you were young?'

'Not for a long time. I did have a girlfriend who was into that but we moved apart. It's been a long time Emma.'

'It's quite alright. You don't have to. In fact you don't have to mention it again at all. I know it's a big ask.'

'It's all a bit sudden. Actually it quite turns me on to think of someone doing that to me especially with her husband watching. Let me think about it for a moment. But maybe if you promise not to be too hard!'

Just then her phone rang and she reached into her handbag to answer it.

'That will be Mike!' she said, answering the phone.

'Hi Mike.'

'We're just going to the pub so I thought I'd better let you know. Probably be a couple of hours or so. I rang the flat but you didn't answer. Where are you?'

'I'm upstairs talking to Emma about the rent. Negotiating'

'Oh. OK then. Try to use your feminine charms Jen. Whatever it takes!'

'OK then. I will!. See you later!'

She turned to Emma as she stowed her phone again. A broad smile came over her face as she reached over and put her hand on Emma's bare thigh.

'We have two hours. How do you want me?' she giggled.


Roger had brought in some more wine, refreshed their glasses and sat in an armchair opposite the sofa. He was quite casually dressed in a white T-shirt and grey jogging bottoms. Now that she saw him properly Jenny could see he might be older than she had thought. His hair was a little greyer than she remembered, shorter and very neatly cut. He was older too, maybe about fifty. But it was very clear he kept himself in trim. She thought he might be over six feet tall, quite slim and seemed very much at ease. His tanned face was clean shaven and his steely blue eyes seemed to catch her like a rabbit caught in headlights. His smile was broad and open encouraging her to relax.

Emma explained that she had agreed a compromise and that Jenny had agreed to take a spanking since she had been unable to pay the rent that was promised. Emma had taken charge, placing a dining chair in the middle of the room. She took Jenny by the hand, inviting her to stand and then kissing her full on the mouth, exploring the younger girl's curves with her hands, cupping her breasts and gently squeezing the nipples. Jenny couldn't help becoming very aroused. Her nipples were very sensitive and being kissed and fondled in front of Emma's husband was sitting watching them only a few feet away was a real turn on. As she closed her eyes she he could smell his cologne.

Emma sat on the chair, parting her legs and told Jenny to drape herself across her knees. As she did so she could feel the warmth of Emma's thighs under her belly and then the cooler air as her dress was drawn up over her back. Her bottom was directly facing Roger as he sat on the sofa. She lay there as a frisson of excitement ran through her as she wondered what Mike would think if he knew what was happening to her.

The spanking started quite softly and gently, slowly covering her bottom with short, light spanks. She felt her knickers pulled up and between her buttocks as the spanking started to get a little harder and she could feel the warmth spread across her bottom. After about five minutes it stopped. It hadn't hurt her and she felt quite relaxed.

'Stand up now Jenny and take those knickers down!'

Jenny was feeling quite aroused now and quickly thumbed them down, noticing how damp they had become.

'I think we can lose the dress too, can't we Jenny?'

She didn't argue and shrugged the spaghetti straps off her shoulders, undid the short zip at the back and allowed the dress to drop to the floor around her. She stood in heels and stockings, looking over at Roger who was watching appreciatively.

'I want Roger to have a go now Jenny. Would you let him? Please?'

'Of course. Just not too hard please Roger.'

She stepped over to him and lay across his lap. He was hesitant at first, starting slowly, slapping her bare buttocks with an open palm. It sounded quite loud but didn't seem too painful. His hands were much bigger, covering her bottom more quickly. He gave her a few much harder strokes, making her squeal and then started rubbing her bottom to ease the pain. Jenny wasn't surprised to feel his erection poking into her belly through his jogging bottoms as his fingers strayed from her bottom and down between her legs a bit. She knew he would find her wet already.

They swapped around again. Emma had taken the opportunity to slip out of her clothes. Although she was a few years older than Jenny, she was slim and well toned. She had no tan lines. Her long blonde hair spilled down over her shoulders. Emma's breasts were a bit fuller than Jenny's and the nipples were already quite engorged. Her neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair seemed to point towards what looked like a pierced clit. Jenny had only ever seen one once when she was changing after swimming at a public pool. As she lay back across her lap, Jenny the heady scent of feminine arousal greeted her.


'Is that you Jen? I thought you'd be back before now.' she heard as she closed the front door.

She went through into the bedroom, a little the worse for the wine she had drunk. Mike looked up and thought she had been crying.

'Whatever is the matter Jen? What's happened?'

He was in bed, naked as usual. He reached out to her, taking her hands as she sat beside him on the bed.

'Oh Mike. I'm so, so sorry. It should never have happened. Honestly. I didn't mean it to. It just happened.'

'What did?'

'Oh god Mike. I am so sorry. Please don't be angry at me. I couldn't help it.'

'Tell me Jen. Just calm down and tell me. I promise not to be angry. OK?' He put his arm round her shoulder, comforting her. 'Just tell me everything.'

Jen composed herself, taking a deep breath. Better to get it over with. She sighed.

'While you were out playing footie I went upstairs to see Emma. She came round yesterday for the rent. When I told her we couldn't pay she suggested I come round tonight to discuss it over a glass of wine. She was very friendly and so I agreed. Anyway, when I got there she gave me a glass of wine and started gently flirting with me. Somehow she must have sensed I was bi and she liked that.'

'When you called me and said 'Use your feminine charms' I giggled a bit. She made me tell her what you had said. Then she kissed me!'

'Wow! So what did you do?'

'I let her. Actually she was turning me on. And then she drops a bombshell. She say's 'Would I let her spank me'. 'In front of her husband. For a birthday treat.'

'And you did, didn't you. Is that it? She just spanked you? For not paying the rent. Well that's not too terrible is it? After all it was you that overspent the money so we couldn't pay the rent.'

'Well that's not quite all Mike. She did give me a spanking. On the bare bottom. Not very hard, but she made the most of it. And she made me take my dress off so that I was stark naked in front of both of them. Then she let Roger spank me over his lap too.'

'I bet he enjoyed that! I know I would. I can just picture you now, naked over his lap. Wow!'

'You're enjoying this aren't you Mike? You're enjoying hearing about what they made me do. Yes? Don't deny it. I can see you've got a hard on!'

'I am. Do go on Jen.'

'Well not surprisingly he was enjoying it too. I could feel his boner under my tummy while I was over his lap. He spanked me for several minutes and then started caressing my bum. That was quite nice but I knew I shouldn't have let him do that. Some of the spanks had been quite hard and he said he'd left marks.

When he eventually let me up I found Emma had stripped off too. I have to say I was getting a bit excited by what was happening. I knew she fancied me and sure enough as she started spanking me again her hands were wandering all over me. Over my breasts, squeezing my little nipples, under my belly, between my legs. She was making me really wet as she spanked me. My bum was on fire but as she fingered me I came twice while she did that. I couldn't help myself.'

'So what did he do? Surely he can't have just sat there watching.'

'But he did. At least until Emma looked over and saw his erection tenting out of his joggers. God he looked huge. When she saw me looking she got me off her lap and made him to come over. She put my hand on the outside of his jogging pants to feel it. I couldn't believe it. He was huge Mike! Then she took my hand and put it down inside so I could feel his cock properly.'

'Wow Jen! That's so hot.'

'It doesn't make you mad?'

'Horny but not mad. Did you feel him?'

'I couldn't get my hand round it properly. Emma pulled his pants off and it sprang out, rigid. I've never seen such a big cock. His balls were shaven too. She made me stroke it for a little. I knew I shouldn't but I couldn't help myself.'

'I'm not surprised Jen. You love a good cock.'

'Well Roger was throbbing away in my hand. Emma was frigging me as I stood there. Then she says

'Don't you want to try it?'

I shook my head. I told her I mustn't. She was quite insistent but I kept saying no. I watched as she licked the head and the shaft. She wanted me to do the same but I tried to resist. Then after a while she got me to sit on the edge of the sofa. She made him kneel between my legs. I kept saying no, but when she put the tip of his cock by my pussy she said

'You can stop him whenever you want. Just say stop and he will I promise. But I want to see his cock going up you Jen. I want to watch him fuck you. Will you let him?'

'I couldn't move. I couldn't speak. So she nodded to him and he started putting it in. Slowly. Very slowly and gently. I must have been ready for him because the knob went in quite easily. It was big. Quite a tight fit, but he took his time, gently easing a little more in on each stroke. I was panting and trying to relax. He felt huge in me Mike.'

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