tagIncest/TabooJenny Bangs a Wedding Pt. 01

Jenny Bangs a Wedding Pt. 01


Part One: Jenny Brings in the New Year

My peaceful slumber on this Monday morning was disturbed by a voice calling me from the doorway of my bedroom. My sister and I were off school for our combination Christmas and semester break. We had spent the week of Christmas down south visiting our aunt, uncle and their two sons.

I heard my mother say, "Jenny, are you going to get up? It's time to eat."

I rubbed my eyes as I replied, "Mom, I'm tired; I don't want breakfast this morning."

I heard mom laugh, "Jenny, breakfast has been over for a long time. It's time for lunch."

I murmured, "Shit, I don't know if I want to get up for lunch even."

Mom walked over to my bed and sat down. She reached out to feel my forehead and I told her, "No. I'm not sick, mom. I'm just tired."

Mom grinned, "Did those two old men wear you and Ann out Saturday night?" The old men that she was referring to were our daddy and our Uncle Bill. Ann, my sister, and I had spent the night in bed with them and all four of us had been fucked silly. In case you might be thinking that mom would be upset about that, forget that thought. Mom and Aunt Betty, her sister-in-law, spent that night in bed with Jim and Andy, our twenty and twenty-one year old cousins.

I told mom, "It wasn't just that night, mom. It was the whole week. Other than Christmas Eve, it was non-stop sex for a week. We spent the beginning of the week renewing acquaintances with Jim and Andy. Then we spent Christmas afternoon in bed with you and Aunt Betty. That pool party on Friday afternoon would have killed most people. I screwed all four guys that were there at least once and ate the pussy of every girl there except Ann. All of that was topped off by Saturday night. Damn, daddy was good that night. Mom, I just need the day to rest."

"I thought that was a normal week for you."

"I have some good weeks; but most of them are a little slow. I think that I am getting less cock than anybody in the house except Donnie and he's having a hard time handling everyone who wants him."

"At least you're getting more than Mia."

"No. She is getting more than her share."

"I thought that you guys said that she was gay."

Mia had been Ann's roommate during Ann's junior year in college and Mia had said that she was gay. She and Ann became quite close and Ann asked her to live with us when we rented a house to live in while going to college. Donnie Martin was also living in the house. Donnie and I had grown up together. We began to play doctor together when we were quite young and things progressed from there. My mother caught me trying to give him a blowjob when we were young teenagers and Donnie popped my cherry over a year later. Although we have never dated, we continue to have sex to this day. This is in spite of the fact that Donnie has been dating the same girl for two and a half years.

Shortly after we moved into the house, we had been drinking and I persuaded Mia to let Donnie eat her pussy. Then one weekend when Ann and I had come home, Mia had become lonely and asked Donnie to eat her pussy again. In return she gave Donnie a hand job. When she was relating this story to us, she admitted that his hard cock had turned her on. After a lot of discussion, Donnie popped her cherry and she has been a non-stop fuck machine ever since. I was not aware that Ann had not told our mother about Mia's 'awakening.' I related the story to my mother and she was somewhat surprised.

Mom went on, "What happened to that guy that you were dating fairly regularly? Is he no longer in the picture or what?"

"He's a convenience, mom. We originally got together as part of a study group. I wanted help with Biology and he needed help with Math. That led to us dating. I kept him around most of the semester primarily for the study help; but he was adequate in bed. I thought that it was a fair trade; we studied together a couple of nights a week and we had sex a couple of nights a week. Next semester, we don't have any of the same classes together and he isn't interesting enough to keep around just for the sex."

"Is Ann as serious about this guy that she's dating as I think she is?"

"I think so, mom. He's a pretty good fuck too."

"Jenny, why are you screwing your sister's boyfriend?"

"It was Ann's idea. She wanted to see how he would react to her wanting to have sex with Jim and Andy over Christmas. She got me in bed with the two of them and after Jason had fucked me, Ann let him know what she wanted to do."

"How did Jason react to that?"

Jason Madsen was the guy that Ann had been dating for most of the school year. I started to laugh before I could answer and then I responded, "Jason said that he wouldn't complain about that if Ann didn't complain if he screwed his sister and mother while he was home on break."

"Jesus Christ. I guess that like families attract."

"Speaking of Ann, where is she?"

"She's still in bed. She didn't even want to wake up long enough to talk.  I'll be honest with you, honey. You two aren't the only tired ones in the house. I got up this morning to make sure that your father's coffee was ready and when he went to work, I went back to bed. I slept until nearly ten and from the looks of your father when he left, he will probably come home from work early today. I am sure that he will be asleep early this evening."

I got out of bed and went to the kitchen for lunch. Ann finally arrived and we agreed that we needed to return to school so that we could rest. We did absolutely nothing for the remainder of the day and were on our way to a repeat on Tuesday. We were sitting around early Tuesday afternoon when the doorbell rang. I answered the door and was shocked at who was at the door. I turned to Ann and said, "I think that you will want to answer the door."

She begrudgingly got off of the couch and was walking toward the door. As she was nearing the door, she shrieked, "Jason, what the hell are you doing here?" She jumped into his arms and they kissed.

Jason broke the kiss and told her, "I didn't want to spend New Year's Eve without you so I drove down here. I figured that I would stay in a motel for a couple of nights. I'll probably go home on Thursday or Friday."

Mom had heard the commotion and came walking into the room. She heard Jason mention staying in a motel. She said, "You must be the Jason that I've heard so much about. Of course, none of what I've heard came from Ann. She has tried to keep you secret.  You don't need to waste your money staying at a motel. We have a perfectly good guest room here." As mom started to return to the kitchen, she added, "Ann could you come to the kitchen for a minute."

When they were in the kitchen, I heard mom say, "Ann, have him put his bags in the guestroom; but when your father gets home, I'll talk to him. I'm sure that he's aware that you share the same bed in Barstoll, so I doubt that he'll have any objection to you both sleeping in your room."

Ann gave mom a kiss and said, "Thanks, mom. I was going to ask you about that."

During the course of the day, I learned that daddy and mom were going to a New Year's Eve party and would be staying at a motel that night. Jason and Ann would be going out; but they planned to return home some time after they brought in the New Year. I couldn't go out to party because I wasn't old enough. I decided that I would see if Donnie and Valerie were interested in coming to our house for a party. I called Valerie to invite her and her boyfriend. Valerie has been dating Donnie for two and a half years. When we were in high school, Valerie and I despised each other. After Valerie let Donnie pop her cherry, she lightened up a lot. She and I spend a lot of time in bed together and she did not object to Donnie helping to satisfy all of the girls that lived in our house at school.

I called Valerie instead of Donnie because if I had called Donnie first then Valerie would have accused me of inviting them only so that I could fuck Donnie. Although that was true, I wanted to keep her happy so that I could continue to enjoy her in bed as well. I emphasized to her that she could tell her mother that Donnie would be staying in the guest room and she would be staying in my room. We were trying to keep her mother happy because we wanted Valerie to move into our house the following year after Ann graduated. Valerie's mother was leaning in our direction; but she had not committed herself yet. Keeping her placated was important to all of us. We wanted to make sure that our next housemate was someone that we could get along with.

Donnie and Valerie had said that they would be there at about eight o'clock. It was past eight-thirty and they had still not arrived. I called Donnie's house and his mother said that Valerie had just picked him up. They finally arrived and Valerie immediately announced, "Jenny, I need a beer."

I asked, "Does this have anything to do with why you guys were late?"

Valerie replied, "It has everything to do with why were late. Get me that beer and I'll explain."

I got everyone a beer and sat down across from Donnie and Valerie. Valerie took a large gulp of her beer. She began, "I was in my room getting dressed tonight and my mother walked into my room. She walked directly to my dresser and opened my underwear drawer. She dug underneath everything and pulled out my box of condoms and my birth control pills. She asked me if I wanted to explain. I told her that I was being prepared in case something was to happen. She said that it looked like more than that since the condom box was almost empty. I finally had to admit that Donnie and I were having sex."

Donnie commented, "Oh shit. I guess that my welcome is worn out at the Sanders' household."

"Not necessarily. She actually was much cooler about it than I thought that she would be. She said that my dad and her had sex all of the way through college and their parents thought that they had been virgins on their wedding day. She told me that she could understand and was happy that I was on the pill and was using condoms."

Donnie asked, "But what about your dad? Is he going to be as understanding about it as your mother is being?

Valerie said, "From what mom said, she and dad had suspected for some time. She thinks that dad is much happier just suspecting so she doesn't intend to tell him what she had discovered. She said that she only snooped because she was worried that after being away from home for several months that I was on drugs. She was actually happy that she found out that I was just fucking. Then she asked me if I was enjoying a few women too. I acted shocked and she told me that a couple of roommates helped her get through part of her college years. We then sat down for quite a while having a discussion about sex with men and women."

Donnie said, "Your mother always gave me the impression that she quit having sex after you were born."

Valerie laughed, "I kind of thought so too; but the conversation that we had told me that my parents are really a little wild. Just before I left, she told me to make sure that I had a good cum just before and just after midnight."

I noticed that everyone's beer was almost empty and I went to get us all refills. When I came back I suggested, "We should all just sit and watch television and start getting naked at about eleven o'clock. Then we can fuck in the New Year. Valerie, when you were talking to you mother, was you living in our house discussed?"

Valerie smiled, "Oh yeah. She said that she would do what she could to convince my dad to agree. She doesn't agree with us sharing a room because of the typical parental concerns; but she did say that it would probably be easier if we didn't have to run across town to have sex. She figured that it would probably take until spring break to convince him. I was quite pessimistic about my chances a few days ago; but I am actually optimistic now.

We had been watching the New Year's Eve celebration on television and Donnie and Valerie had begun making out. When Donnie started to suck on one of Valerie's beautiful pert boobs, I exclaimed, "Hey, you two. Don't forget that I'm here."

Valerie pulled her blouse the rest of the way off and moved toward me. Donnie and Valerie began kissing and undressing me. When Donnie began to undo the front of my pants, Valerie began undressing Donnie. The three of us spend an ungodly amount of time kissing and fondling each other. We pushed Donnie to his back and looked at that beautiful cock sticking in the air. Valerie suggested, "Jenny, you ride him first; with Jason visiting, you're probably not even getting your pussy eaten lately."

I moved my thin, five foot eleven body over the top of Donnie's hard eight-inch cock. The feel of that piece of meat sliding into my wet hole was unbelievable. As soon as I started to slide up and down on that pole, I watched Valerie move her pussy over Donnie's face. When Donnie's tongue slithered into her pussy, Valerie leaned forward and began to kiss me. As our tongues danced together, we played with each other's boobs. The whole time, Donnie's tongue and cock were pleasuring our pussies. That familiar tool driving between my legs had me cumming and Valerie was not too far behind me. Donnie soon filled his condom and I slid off of his softening cock.

Valerie immediately began licking his cock clean. She lifted her head long enough to say, "I want this thing hard so that it can be inside of me at midnight." I glanced at the clock and saw that it was ten minutes to twelve.

Donnie's cock was as hard as it was going to get and I sat back against the front of the couch. I spread my legs and groaned, "Come on, Valerie, eat my pussy. Donnie gets turned on by that and he'll slam that cock into you from the rear." Valerie's face went between my legs and she was lapping furiously at my pussy. Donnie moved behind her and slid his hard salami into her from the rear. As he drove his cock into her, he used one hand to play with her tits and the other to toy with her enlarged clit. As the three of us were nearing orgasm, we could hear, in the background, the sounds of the countdown to the New Year on the television. The horns were blaring and the tones of the Guy Lombardo recording were coming to an end when I felt a pleasant cum beginning. Valerie's moans, with her face in my pussy, were what moved me over the edge. Valerie was also cumming and the look on Donnie's face told me that he would not be able to hold out much longer. I couldn't speak for the other two; but this had been the most enjoyable way to bring in the New Year that I had ever experienced in my short nineteen years.

The three of us recouped our energy and then, without bothering to dress, I got us each another beer. The three of us sat together, holding and kissing each other while we had a few more beers. It was nearing three o'clock when we decided that we would go to bed. Donnie was in the middle as Valerie and I snuggled on either side of him. We slept blissfully for several hours. Valerie and I had awakened; but Donnie was still sleeping peacefully. I gingerly moved across Donnie and began to kiss Valerie. It wasn't long before we were leisurely eating each other's pussies.

Donnie awoke while we were attempting to pleasure each other. As was usually the case, Donnie was hard in a heartbeat from watching two girls eating pussy. Valerie was on top of me, and Donnie moved behind her. I was lapping at Valerie's pussy as I felt that hard cock sliding across my tongue and into her wet pussy. Each time that he slid his meat into her, my tongue licked the length of his shaft. When Donnie picked up the speed of his thrusts, I couldn't keep licking his cock, so I busied myself with sucking his balls as my orgasm was approaching.

When the three of us had caught our breath from our wake-up sex, we went to the kitchen to prepare some coffee. Donnie and Valerie had dressed and I was just wearing a T-shirt as we sat at the table. Ann came from her room in search of coffee. As she approached, I asked, "What time did you guys get in last night?"

"I'm not sure; it was probably about four."

"I'm surprised that you're up so early."

"Early? It's nearly eleven."

Donnie and Valerie quickly got to their feet and Valerie exclaimed, "Damn, it's late; we need to get going."

I followed them to the door and, after saying goodbye; I noticed that Jason had joined Ann in the kitchen. I exclaimed, "Wow, Jason is out of bed on a holiday. I didn't think that you did anything except sleep and fuck on holidays."

"You're the one that said that I needed to get out of the rut. Besides, Ann told me that I had to get my ass out of bed and get my own coffee this morning."

"Good for her. She's your girlfriend, not your fucking servant."

"Damn you're a bitch this morning."

"I know; but it's fun making your ass squirm."

The three of us were drinking our coffee when mom and daddy returned. Daddy quickly poured himself a cup of coffee and was off to sit in front of the television. The football games had started and daddy would probably be in front of the tube until almost midnight. Such was his life on New Year's Day. Halftime and commercials were the only times that he would engage in conversation unless it was directly related to the game. Mom would usually take one of those opportunities to force him to have something to eat. Mom sat down with us to talk for a while. Shortly after noon, Mom opened the refrigerator and began to remove some items from the shelves. She declared, "There is some ham and turkey along with some potato salad and coleslaw. Fix yourselves something when you're hungry. It's almost half time of the football game. I'll force your father to eat something then, before putting it away."

Jason, Ann and I fixed ourselves something to eat. When Ann was tossing her paper plate in the trash, she asked, "You interested in joining Jason and me for a while or did you get enough last night?"

"I don't ever remember getting enough in one night. Over a three- or four-day period, that's a different story."

"Come on; we can enjoy the afternoon in my room a whole lot better than in front of the television."

Jason said, "Wait a minute; I was thinking about watching football myself."

Ann laughed, "Suit yourself. Jenny and I can get started without you."

Jason kissed Ann and said, "I thought that you would find a way to keep yourself occupied until I was through watching football."

I put my arm around my sister and squeezed one of her large breasts, saying, "Let's go to my room. There is more room on my bed; Jason can find us if he gets horny."

Ann began undressing as soon as we entered the room. Her top had been tossed aside and I stared in awe as she removed her bra, baring her beautiful breasts. My sister is about five-foot-four and she has a gorgeous set of 38D tits that make my mouth water. I was undressing as I thought that six months earlier; I would have been repulsed if someone had suggested that I would be looking lustfully at Ann's body. Until that first night that Ann had to share my bed because of the arrival of our cousins, I thought that only lesbians would suck another girl's pussy. That night Ann showed me how pleasurable it was to have another woman give you a good pussy licking. Later that same night, I found out how delectable my sister's snatch tasted.

Since I had only worn a T-shirt when I left my bedroom that morning, my undressing was done in a hurry, although it usually didn't take me long to get undressed anyway. I seldom wore panties and I wore a bra less often than that. Ann was down to her skimpy bikini panties and, as they were pulled down her shapely legs, I admired that small tuft of hair that guarded to entrance to her tasty pussy. My own pussy was bared for my sister to see; it was unguarded my any hair. Since my light blonde hair makes it look like I have very little pubic hair, I have kept my pussy bald for several years. My small 30A tits coupled with my bald pussy tend to give me a look of innocence that has been a lie since I had just reached puberty.

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