tagIncest/TabooJenny becomes Jennifer

Jenny becomes Jennifer


It's funny how easily your life can change. How one minute your mind is crammed with ideas or thoughts about who you are, what you plan to be, what you might hope to have happen. For me my life changed the night I dated a boy from college. He and I were in the same second year English Composition class and while he was just an average guy, he seemed nice and I accepted.

My name is Jennifer, but everyone calls me Jenny. That was another one of those thoughts that used to pass through my brain I really wanted to be a Jennifer. I was just average too, so please don't think I was being egotistic in my description of my date that night. Jason was, at five ten and one hundred and sixty pounds, in decent but not athletic shape, he had mousy brown hair and eyes to match. I am 5 foot four with long brown curly hair, I weighed only one hundred and fifteen pounds and while nicely shaped I had below average breasts, and just enough in my rump to know it was there.

Dates for me were sporadic and few. It wasn't that I didn't like guys just the guys I liked always liked someone else. Jason was a guy who I found likeable at least enough for one date anyway. He took me to dinner, nothing fancy or expensive and while I freshened up (girl talk for making sure nothing was sticking between my teeth) in the ladies room I decided that Jason was a decent guy. I used my hands to push my curls and believe I'd straightened them, decided my lipstick and make-up were in reasonable shape then washed my hands and met Jason by the door.

"Jenny would you like to come by my place for a little wine?"

Jason asked as he opened the passenger door of his car. I hadn't gone that far in my thoughts about him, but a glass of wine sounded good so I said sure. His place was small, about what you'd expect for a sophomore in college but it was clean and neat, especially for a guy's place. He handed me a glass of wine and I took a sip. It was terrible, really cheap red wine but I smiled and then we talked.

We talked about school and our lives and some of the things I mentioned earlier about dreams and plans for life. Jason's plans were a lot like my own, good job, family, house, kids etc. We'd managed to polish off a little more then a bottle of wine when Jason's hands started to move. Before I knew it his hands were pulling me towards him, his mouth pressing down on my lips. His hands seeking out my pert but small breasts, his leg trying to split mine apart. Whoa!

Pushing him away I said.

"Jason! No! I'm not into this right now."

He stopped, or at least it seemed like he stopped but if he did it wasn't for long and once again I was forced to deal with his quick hands. I roughly pushed him off the couch (I mentioned he wasn't very athletic) and told him to back off and started to leave. I was a bit wobbly on my feet, a bit drunk from all the wine and when he grabbed at my shoulder and turned me back towards him, I freaked out and kneed him in the "jewels". As he bent over in pain I took the left over wine and poured the rest of it over his head and kicked his legs out from under him (yeah I had a little training). Moaning in agony, lying in a pool of red wine I left him, slamming the door with the words.

"Don't even think about talking to me again, ever!"

On the street I realized I was too drunk to drive, but since I had no car it didn't matter. Drunk but not stupid, I knew where I was and how to get home. Walking wasn't probably smart, but it worked and soon I was opening the front door of my parent's house (yes I still lived at home). I stumbled into the living room, too late seeing my parents on the couch, the TV on and looks that could kill glaring at me. Being drunk allows us to ignore the obvious, that my parents were pissed, and I plopped on the couch next to my Mom. I laid my head back and the room started to spin and I heaved up that cheap red wine into the almost empty bowl of popcorn my folks were eating.

"Damn it, your drunk!"

I heard someone say.

"You're also late."

Was something else I remembered hearing. My head was still spinning but the queasiness had gone and I was just pleasantly drunk. I started to laugh, you know how it is when your drunk.

"You think this is funny? I think you need a lesson."

Was that Mom or Dad talking? I guess it was Dad because before I knew what was happening I was lying across his lap, my pants and more importantly my panties were down to my knees and pain was spreading across my butt cheeks. I was getting spanked! Wow, my alcohol clouded mind, said as my Dad's big hand impaled my backside over and over again. This had not happened since I was six and painted my Mom's car with left over house paint. The pain was starting to sober me up and I screamed.

"Daddy! No! Stop please."

I was sober enough to hear Mom say.

"Make sure she remembers this Dear! Don't be easy, leave an impression, I don't want my little girl to think it's a good thing to get drunk and come home late."

I began to sob as my Dad followed Mom's instructions and I felt like I was being spanked forever. At some point the pain stopped but not my tears. I think I was more ashamed of my Dad seeing my naked butt then I was about coming home drunk. At some point I must have passed out because the next thing I remember was rolling over on my back and feeling the pain in my butt. Then I felt the pain in my head and remembered the cheap red wine, Jason's fast hands and my Dad's even faster hands. I put my head back and rolled on my stomach to ease the pain in both locations. For a reason I did not understand, my hands slid under me and found my vagina. I was masturbating for a few minutes before I even realized what I was doing. By the time I did realize, I was too far into it to stop, it felt good and I needed at least one thing to feel good this morning. I knew I'd have to deal with the hangover and face my parents. So I merely continued to fuck myself to orgasm. At least I thought it was an orgasm. I was still a virgin at the time so all I really knew was what I did to myself. I'd soon learn it wasn't much of an orgasm but at the time it felt good.

When I managed to get out of my bed I realized I was in my nightgown and could not recall how that had happened. Actually I recalled very little of anything since my Dad's hand was slapping my ass cheeks. I stumbled to my bathroom and after looking at myself (not a pretty site) then peeing and brushing my teeth, I half turned and lifted the back of my nightgown to see my backside. I was wearing panties, sticky wet panties and I could see nothing but deep red imprints sticking out from under those wet panties. I lightly touched a spot and jumped at the pain. Wow, Dad was really pissed. I recalled then hearing Mom telling him to make and impression and I saw that Dad did as she's asked.

I went to the kitchen in search of Tylenol or something and saw my Mom standing by the cabinet where my family keeps the pain meds. She smiled at me and pointed to a chair then said.

"Sit down Jennifer!"

Oh no, Jennifer, the name I liked was only used when I was in trouble. I guess Mom was still pissed at me, so I sat meekly, squealing a bit when my well-spanked butt met the hard wooden chair. Mom came over with the pain pills and a glass of orange juice. I scoffed up the pills and washed them down with the cold juice. My stomach rebelled a bit at the evil juice dropping in so quickly but I calmed it and then looked at Mom, she was smiling, beaming you might say. I was confused.

"Mom? What's so amusing?"

"I think I am enjoying your hangover Jennifer and something else as well. I might even thank you if I thought I wouldn't undermine the discipline you were given last night! You do remember that Jennifer. Don't you?"

I looked away and mumbled that I did. I was too embarrassed at the memory to look my own Mom in the eyes. She took my head in her hands and turned me to face her, she was still smiling when she said.

"Come on Jennifer, follow me."

Slowly I got up and followed Mom back upstairs to my room. She told me to lie on my stomach and left the room. I recalled what I'd been doing on my stomach earlier, and my hands itched to do it again but with Mom coming back they stayed away. Mom sat next to me and slowly started to pull my panties down.

I twisted over a bit and said.

"Mom what are you doing?"

I tried in vain to pull my panties back up as Mom pushed me back down and then pulled my panties completely off. She then pushed my nightgown up exposing my well-spanked backside.

"Wow your Dad did a good job on your ass baby. How did it feel to be spanked liked that?"

"It felt rotten, what I remember of it. It still feels rotten."

"Well why then were your panties stinking of sex, they weren't that was when I got you ready for bed last night."

Oh my god, was my Mom asking me if I played with myself? Was she insinuating that the spanking made me masturbate? All of a sudden I jumped as something cold spread over my butt.


"It just some cold Aloe-Vera, Jennifer, it will help soothe you poor little red ass. Let Mommy massage some of the pain away as a thank you. OK Jennifer?"

What was this thank you thing, wasn't I just punished for being drunk last night? My Mom's hands were spreading the cool jell. Her hands were soft and the Aloe took some of the heat out of the deep red marks I'd seen earlier. I was still wondering about the "thank you" and starting to feel better so I asked.

"Mom why are you thanking me? I mean I came home drunk and Dad spanked me, heck I remember you telling him to make an impression. So why are you thanking me?"

"Oh Jennifer, I'm really not sure you want to know. Do you?"

I paused but could not think of any reason why not so I let the impulsive youth in me say.

"Mom if you can say it I can hear it!"

Such bravado. I didn't realize at the time what I was starting. Looking back I'm not sure I'd have said anything different either. "Are you sure you want to know Jennifer?"

"Mom, I'm twenty years old, a sophomore in college, I just had the worst night of my life. I had a date with fast hands and cheap wine. A date, who is probably still not walking well, my butt is sore, my head is dealing with the cheap wine. I mean what could you say that could be worse, and since your thanking me, it has to be better then what I've just experienced."

"Well OK but remember you wanted to know."

Mom's hands were still massaging my sore butt cheeks but as she began to speak it felt as if the massage became more of a caress and I squirmed a bit.

"Well first of all you need to know that some adults, yes you are an adult too Jennifer, have some private desires. They enjoy some things that not everybody else does, but for them, well it's just like heaven."

Mom poured a bit more Aloe on my ass and some of it dripped into my butt crack and oozed down to my vagina. I felt a twinge of excitement as the cool Aloe hit my labia and seeped onto my clitoris. Mom's hands were definitely caressing now.

"You Dad and I like a certain fantasy or desire more then others. Watching him spank you last night reminded him of some of the things he and I did when we were younger and after I'd gotten you in bed you father and I..."

"Mom, before you proceed to maybe make me want to puke with where you may be going, are you saying you and Dad spank one another to get off?"

Jennifer, please do not interrupt me, this is not easy. First of all I am more of a submissive type and I've never enjoyed taking the lead, your Dad is more the dominant, at least in bed, so no we don't spank each other. Your Dad is the one who spanks me, and it gets him so hard and horny....

"Mom! Please!"

Either Mom's hands on my ass or her story were loosening up my own sex and my left hand had found my clitoris and was rubbing it lightly by this time. Mom refused to stop telling me that I'd asked and she was going to answer. I was thinking more about my own left hand then what she was saying anyway so I let her continue.

She told me that last night when she'd gone to her bedroom that Dad was standing there with what she called a "monster" hard on and he then took over and in her words be "started to fuck me and fuck me hard." I was starting to get off so when my left hand met my Mom's right hand as our fingers slid inside my wet vagina, my impending orgasm kept me from stopping or at the least stopping Mom. When she removed her finger from my pussy I felt a bit of regret bit slipped another of my own fingers in. I was about to cum when I felt my Mom's body shift and then cold air on my clit as my legs were slid apart and my Mom's tongue slipped into my raging ready to explode pussy. It was one of those times where everything felt so wrong and so right that I let it go and came hard, and kept cuming as I felt and heard my Mom licking up and swallowing the juices running freely from my orgasming slit. When her Aloe coated finger pushed into my asshole I screamed, not so much in pain as surprise and then came harder then before.

In the aftermath I knew that I has certainly enjoyed what my Mom had done but was unwilling to begin the conversation that I knew I wanted to have. The one that says how wrong this was, how it just happened and that we should both forget it. I knew in my brain that was what I was supposed to do but what came out was.

"Wow, what an orgasm."

(I know what your thinking, and now I do not care, back then I might have but in the weeks since that time, I've learned a lot and quite frankly I do not care, in fact I wanted to share this and more, because I love it. Anyway back to the Wow what an orgasm part.)

"Jennifer you came for your Mommy. I gather you were not upset about the fact that your Dad gets off on spanking his wife, your Mom?"

I was in a place, a post orgasmic place and so I said.

"Mom if it rocks your boat, sail away."

Mom laughed and slid up next to me, planting a kiss on my lips, a long lingering kiss that I returned, tasting for not the first time my sexual excretions on her lips and tongue. Well the first time from anything but my own fingers. Mom then slid her hand up my bunched up nightgown and began to caress my small tits and pull on my hardening nipples. I matched her motions taking her much more endowed tits in my own hand and caressed her back. When she broke the kiss I lunged forward not wanting this to end.

"Jennifer! Are you OK with this? I need you to say you want to do this baby or we should just stop."

"Mommy! Please don't stop."

Thankfully she didn't and that day I had my first taste of another woman. It was my Mom and yes that's a bit weird. I'd take more time to tell you what it was like but let me just say that my Mom's pussy was wonderful and we spent the better part of the day in my bed playing with one another. It was then that I began to see that what I had thought of as an orgasm this morning was really only a prelude to an orgasm. Before Mom and I ended our session that day I asked her about spankings and how I would know if that was something I liked and how to find a guy who would do that for me, without, you know, thinking I was crazy. Mom hesitated then said that there was a place she could take me where I could experience the submissive side to see if it worked for me, but that if she took me there, she'd have to do it in secret, that I could not know where I was going, at least until I learned if that was what I wanted. She also told me that, most likely I would lose my virginity, so if I was not ready to take a cock in my pussy then to forget it. As I thought about it she said.

"You know Jennifer, in this day and age virginity is not what it was a century ago. Today it seems as if an experienced partner is as desired if not more so. Besides, if you learn you like the submissive life, it would be best to find a dominant partner, or the relationship would not go well. You'd always be wanting something your partner could not give and if you went out to find it, you'd be betraying your partner."

I thought about everything Mom had said for a good week. On the following Saturday, with Dad still out of town on business I asked Mom to come to my room. Instead she invited me to her room, to take a bubble bath with her. Standing naked next to my Mom in her bathroom as the tub filled with lavender scented bubbles I compared our bodies. She and I had the same shape, only her curves were more pronounced, her breasts, though sagging were beautiful and about twice the size of mine and her areole was huge where mine was small. My nipples though, when hard were longer then hers.

We stepped in together and Mom sat behind me, her legs out side my hips and she pulled my head back to rest between her tits. Her hands cupped my tits and she caressed me so lovingly that I had to think when she asked what I'd wanted.

"Oh yeah. Well I've thought about what you said last week, and I've thought about how good it felt to be with you and to do all that stuff..."

"You mean how we ate each other's cunts to orgasm, how we basically fucked each other?"

"Well, yes but..."

"Jennifer, no buts about it. We you licked and ate my pussy and I did the same to you. We orgasmed together and apart and we fucked each other with out fingers. I want you to say it baby, say you enjoyed fucking and being fucked by your Mom!"

The words were hard and it took me a moment, but I realized with what I was going to ask my Mom to do, that if I could not say the words, I could not do what I wanted to do.

"Mom, after we ate each others cunts, after we fucked and sucked and I heard how you and Dad like to get ready to fuck, I wanted to ask you to take me to that place, that place to see if I liked being submissive, and yes I know it probably means losing my virginity but I want to know and I want to feel a cock inside my. So Mom will you please take me to that place?"

Mom took a few minutes during which one of her hands pinched my nipple while the other one found and pinched my clit.

"Jennifer, I will take you tonight. Before we go we need to prep you some, shave that hair from your mound, and around your ass. We will need to dress you up like a slut, and of course you will wear a blindfold and your hands will be restrained. Partly this is to prevent you from knowing where you are going and partly to let you know that having made this decision, that you are powerless to stop it. So I ask you again, Jennifer is this what you want?"

My Mom's hands were doing a number on me but I knew I wanted more.

"Yes! Mommy, will you be with me? Will you stay with me for this night?"

"Of course baby, Mommy will be with you."

Mom brought me to orgasm in the tub then she shaved my pussy clean, cleared up any stray hair on my ass and then made up my face with dark red lipstick and rouge on my cheeks. She then rubbed the same lipstick on my nipples. She braided my long curly hair into pigtails on each side of my head. My closet had nothing much to make the true slut out of me, so Mom selected a dress, black and short that I had and cut the front enough to expose the top of my tits. She decided I looked better in bare feet, more submissive and I agreed when I looked at my finished self in the mirror. Lastly Mom gave me a pair of contact lenses and showed me how to put them in. They were opaque and once in I was blind. Then she slipped a paid of restraints, soft leather, but secure over my wrists. She then led me to the car.

We drove for what seemed an eternity, at least to me as I could do nothing but think about how my young body would be used. It was exciting and scary and the scary made me even more excited. I knew with Mom with me I would be OK but the unknown had me dripping with juices all the way in the car. My pussy was throbbing and when the car stopped I came hard, just knowing I was at the place that would change my young life. Mom's comforting hand took mine and she whispered in my ear.

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