Jenny becomes Jennifer


"If you've changed your mind baby we can go home!"

"Mommy, my pussy is so wet. I am so excited that even the fear is turning me on, this seems so right. Please do not take me home."

We stopped and I heard Mom knocking on a door and then we were led into some building. We walked then turned and then I heard a door opening and felt cold tile under my bare feet. The Mommy's voice was whispering in my ear.

"Ok Jennifer, there is a padded bar a foot in front of you and I want you to lean forward when we get there. OK, stretch your arms out. Good, let me take of these restraints. Good, OK now I am going to restrain your arms again. They are locked now into hooks hanging from the ceiling and while you can move them a bit back and forth, you cannot move them back towards you. Good, good, now spread your legs baby, yes that's right just a little further, we want your ass open and your pussy available."

My ankles were locked into place and I felt so exposed and my dress was torn off my body and now naked I was bent over with my legs spread and my arms unable to do anything more then swing to the sides a bit. I head a chair or something sliding across the tile floor; then a hand on my head, pulling it down. I heard Mom say.

"OK baby! Mommy is sitting in front of you and I want you to eat Mommy's pussy."

I was so turned on by my helpless position that I lashed my tongue out and penetrated my Mom's wet cunt with ease. I ravaged her, eating her, licking her and loving the taste as her juices started to flow over my tongue. I was so involved in enjoying my Mom's wet pussy that it took a bit for me to realize something had struck my ass. When I realized it was a paddle, I realized also that Mom and I were not alone and instead of stopping and screaming I only worked harder to eat the cunt in front of me.

The paddle struck again and again, without a rhythm, sometimes one cheek only, something both, sometime alternating sometimes repeating on the same cheek. MY ass was burning and I was getting more and more excited. My pussy felt like it was an open tap, dripping constantly and the pussy in my face was just as wet and very delicious. Then two things happened, the paddle stopped and the pussy left my face. I felt Mom's breath in my ear before I heard her words.

"Baby, now it's time for Mommy to take a crop to your ass while you taste your first cock. Open your mouth, yes that my girl, now stick your tongue out and lick that cock. Good girl."

I concentrated on the cock now sliding between my lips, the taste different, very different from pussy, but not bad. It felt intoxicating to feel the blood pulsing through the cock, as the hard tool worked its way into my mouth. I know now it wasn't an overly big cock, but for my first it was big. Just as I was getting familiar with it, it pulled back and I sucked hard to keep it. Then it slid back in, a little deeper then before and I choked a bit as it slid back out. Then I felt the first slap of the crop and I opened my mouth wide to scream as the pain was intense, only to have my scream muffled by the cock now ramming into my mouth, bruising my lips and making me really gag.

The crop landed on my ass cheeks over and over as the cock pummeled my mouth and I felt like I was beginning to control the pain of both when the crop landed on my exposed clit and pain coursed though my body like a lightning bolt and I came hard, my pussy spasming over and over my mouth sucking the cock deeper and deeper finally into my throat. I tried to buck my ass back towards the crop, begging for more and stretch my head forward wanting that cock deeper in my throat. I was blessed with both desires as the crop bit into my clit and the cock buried in my throat, coarse pubic hairs filling my nose, his balls banging my chin. Then both stopped and I was left alone for what seemed a long time, my body demanding attention. Then I felt once again my Mom's breath as she whispered in my ear.

"Beg for it baby. Beg him to fuck you! Beg him to put his cock in your virgin pussy and fuck you like the whore you are."

It amazed me then how words can be as much of a turn on as a whip a crop or a cock in your throat and I screamed out.

"Damn it! Fuck me. Shove that cock in my virgin cunt and fuck me. Fuck me hard! Please, please fuck me."

I felt the head of the cock spearing its way past my labia, spreading my virgin pussy as it plunged into me and I screamed out again.

"Oh yes! Make me your bitch, fuck this bitch!"

All the way in now, I could feel his belly against my paddled and cropped ass checks and it felt so good. I tried to lever myself to push back against that invading cock, to take it deeper inside me. I slid in and out of me with ease my pussy so wet and so ready. I mewled in pleasure as my orgasm built with each thrust. He was moving faster now and so was my orgasm. It was radiating through me and the pleasure just increased till I thought my head would blow off and when that cock exploded in my cunt, when I felt the searing heat of his cum splash against my tender inner cunt I cried out.

"Yes! OH Yes! Fill this slut with your cum."

Then I passed out. I awoke in my own bed, my Mom next to me, fondling my left nipple her eyes proud, her smile wide.

"Did I do well, Mommy?"

"Of baby girl you were wonderful. You took it all, baby and I'd bet you want to go back. But not right now baby. Tonight you are mine."

"Yes, Mommy I do want to go back, with you. Right now thought I want to eat you some more, Mommy. Can I eat your pussy Mommy?"

"Of course you can Jennifer."

Mom and I alternated that night, licking and sucking one another until we were too sore to continue. In the morning we bathed and Mom took me shopping for clothes. Next weekend we'd return to the place I'd given my virginity up and if I were good Mommy promised me as many cocks as I could take.

Later that night, after putting the clothing up and dreaming as I did of how my body would be used and abused in each of the outfits, my Mom and Dad came into my room. I was a bit embarrassed that my Dad was seeing the slutty clothes Mom had bought me but I should not have been. Mom said.

"Jennifer, I think you need to know this. We did not go to some place last night. We actually were in our summer house by the lake and the cock you sucked and fucked...well that was Daddy."

I took a moment for me to hear the words, then another to process them before I knelt down in front of the two of them and said.

"Thank you! Mommy, may your whore daughter be permitted to be fucked by your husband, my Daddy?"

Yes, I am what you would call incestuous in that I fuck and am fucked by both my Mommy and Daddy. If I continue to be good and obey the rules, Daddy has promised me that I can be the party girl when his friends come over for poker. Mommy has already allowed me to lick and suck her bridge club and let each of them whip my ass if I fail to pleasure them. I am looking forward to one of Daddy's poker nights, all that cock and all those eyes watching this slut.

Yes I do still have dreams, I still have thoughts crowding my brain, but I guess they are different now. Doesn't mean I've given up on marriage and a family, just that I think my marriage will be a bit different then what most expect. I've got to go now, Daddy had asked for me and well....

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