Jenny Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Glass Doors

On the otherwise dark and empty street, Jenny Sadow arched her back to work a cramp loose from her back. At five foot four, she enjoyed the extra two inches her high heels added to her height. The one problem she had with them was the ache to her back and legs the heels caused after a long day of practicing her cheerleading routines. But those routines were why she and the rest of her high school's cheerleading team had taken trip to Florida to compete in the National Cheerleading Competition, so what could be done about it? She certainly wasn't going to give up the heels, which went perfectly with the tight black dress she was wearing.

Weighing only one-hundred five pounds, the dress highlighted Jenny's body perfectly. It was sleeveless and came only halfway down her thighs and so revealed both the tan and the slenderness of her limbs, which were lightly curved with the tight muscle cheerleading had given her. The dress also hugged Jenny's body and showed off her small waist perfectly. But while the waistline might be said to have hugged her, the bust-line could be called a death grip. Her breasts, which were more than a generous handful as several of the senior boys back home knew, strained against the front of the little black dress enough to let anyone who saw her know exactly how hard her nipples here. At the moment, they were making two small mounds on the front of the dress. Jenny couldn't help it though, the little dress always made her feel sexy. The lack of a bra and panties certainly helped the matter.

Normally, Jenny wouldn't be out in such a tiny dress without and underwear on, but it was well passed midnight and there were very few people in the streets around the hotel where the cheerleading squad was staying. Curfew for them was suppose to be ten o'clock, so she knew she didn't have to worry about anyone she knew catching her. That was just how she wanted it, since at eighteen years old she was still three years too young for the small bottle of tequila she was carrying a brown paper bag. She had scored the drink from of guy of twenty-two, who had picked it up for her in exchange for a feel of those perky cheerleading breasts she prided herself on.

After the tightness had worked itself out of her back, Jenny continued her walk towards the hotel. As she walked, she had to brush a strand of her shoulder-length brown hair from where it had fallen in front of her deep blue eyes and had tickled the tip of her slight, upturned nose. Jenny brushed the strand back behind one of her delicate, pierced ears and frowned slightly at the offending lock. Her mouth quickly resumed its naturally occurring pout as she neared the hotel.

Even from a little down the block she could see the inside of the hotel was dark, as the establishment was just not successful enough to be able to keep employees on call all night long. The doors remained unlocked, however, so guests could enter and leave as they wished. This was the main reason Jenny had decided to go out to get a late night drink to bring back to the room she had to herself. With everyone asleep, no one would be there to notice her paper bag.

The main entrance to the hotel was a glass revolving door situated in the center of the building's front. Jenny pushed on it and was halfway through when...

"Ouch." The cheerleader banged into the front of the glass door at it stopped moving. She rubbed her head a second and then pushed it again, but still the door didn't budge. Then something moved down by Jenny's feet and she jumped back a bit. Even in the darkness she could make out the features of Sandy Calloway, the cheerleading team's six foot tall, red-headed captain who was called the "Pompom with the Iron Fist", though not in her hearing. As the captain stood up, Jenny could make out a small wooden block in the shape of a wedge sticking out from Sandy's side of the door. With it in there, the door wouldn't budge an inch forward.

"What the fuck are you doing, Sandy?" Angry at this prank, Jenny turned around to push the door the other way. Even before she pushed it, she could see Tanya Randal outside through the glass panel that made up the door. A lackey to Sandy, Tanya could have passed for the captain's sister if she wasn't a foot shorter and blond. A quick glance down brought another of the wooden doorstoppers to Jenny's attention. With the wedges in either side of the revolving door, she wouldn't be able to get out until one of the other cheerleaders removed them. "What the hell? Were you waiting up for me? Damn you!"

Sandy smirked at the trapped girl. "Calm down. We just happened to have heard you leaving. Figured we'd wait to say a special hello to you."

Jenny was starting to panic. Being trapped in a revolving door was not how she wanted to spend the night. Before she could decide what to say, Tanya tapped on the glass. "Hey Jen, what's in the bag?"

'Oh my god!' Jenny thought. If one of the coaches caught her, she'd undoubtedly be suspended. But worse, it would surely cost her the scholarship that was going to put her through college. She wouldn't even be able to pay for college without it!

Hoping for a lucky break, Jenny took the bottle of tequila out of its bag. "Look, just let me out and its yours. Please?"

The redheaded captain smirked at her again. "Well, well. You'd be in a lot of trouble if we left you here to be caught with that, wouldn't you? Maybe we can make a deal though. But first, why don't you tell me about Dave."

Jenny's heart dropped at that name. Dave had been Sandy's boyfriend until Jenny seduced him away from her last month. It wasn't that she had any particular interest in him, it was just that he was hot. Hot guys were there to have sex with, what else? Its not like they were there to become doctors or anything. She didn't think Sandy had been mad about that though. It was common knowledge around school that they were an on-off pair at best. A week after the seduction, Jenny had dumped Dave, having gotten all she wanted from him and wanting to move on to the next guy.

Hoping she wasn't shaking in fear, Jenny tried to steady her breathing and keep her knees from going weak. This was not the position she wanted to be in with an angry Sandy in control. "I'm sorry! Please! Look, its over with me and Dave, honest. He's yours if you want him."

Sandy tossed her head back and forth as if she was thinking about it, but Jenny could see from the falcon-like look in the captain's eyes that it was all just show. When Sandy was angry, bad things happened to people. Repeatedly.

"No. I don't think so, my dear Jenny. I don't want him. All I really feel like at the moment is a bit of revenge for you being a whore. In fact, I think I want that revenge right now. So here's the deal, Tanya and I are going to leave you in there and go wake up the coaches, that way they can find you out passed curfew with your slutty clothes and your illegal alcohol... that is, unless you want to earn my forgiveness."

Jenny nodded vigorously, propelled mostly by fear of losing her scholarship and the immense trouble she would be in if caught. "Yes, yes! Just tell me what you want. The tequila? Money? Please, just let me out!"

Sandy smiled with all the friendliness of a demon. "Good girl, but I don't want that. I think what I really want right now is to watch you masturbate."

"What!" Jenny hoped she hadn't heard the other girl right. There was no way... no way!

Tanya laughed somewhere behind her, but it was Sandy who did the talking. "You heard me. For starters, take off those shoes of yours. Those earrings and necklace you can put in the paper bag with your bottle. Go on."

Jenny couldn't believe this. Her chest was heaving as she fought to breathe, which anyone watching her would have found to be an incredible sight. Could Sandy really want her to masturbate in public? The doors were glass, anyone passing would be able to see her!

"Five seconds, girl." Sandy shouted at her. "If those shoes and that jewelry aren't off by then it'll be the coaches and suspension for you."

With a jump of fright, Jenny quickly slipped off her earrings and necklace. She put them into the bag and bent down to undo the straps to her heels. She had just gotten one shoe off when she realized that bending at the waist meant her tiny dress had ridden up. With no panties on, Tanya was being treated to a clear view of her ass. Blushing in embarrassment, Jenny quickly undid the other shoe and quickly stood up. She used one bare foot to push the shoes next to the paper bag.

Tanya watched the scene with a growing sense of excitement. She assumed Jenny must have got tanning, because there was no sign of any bikini lines on the tight, round flesh. The junior cheerleader had to admit to herself that the trapped girl's ass could inspire two very strong emotions, jealousy and lust. Tanya had always enjoyed the guys too much to mistake herself as being a lesbian, but she was feeling herself getting desperate to reach through the door and give that sweet flesh a squeeze.

Sandy had no such pleasure in Jenny's body. She thought only of her revenge and didn't plan to let her enemy go anywhere until she was broken. With a wicked smile, she started. "That's a good slut. Now I want you to start feeling yourself. Go on!"

Jenny froze. It was only now sinking in just how far Sandy intended to push her. It was frightening. She had never been used this way before.

"Now, girl. I'm getting impatient."

With a small moan of defeat, Jenny let her hands run up and down the smooth skin of her bare arms. Despite her fear, she could feel her pussy immediately respond to the light touches of her hands on her skin. The absence of her underwear and the memory of the guy she had let feel her up in exchange for the tequila only heightened the feeling.

Still breathing heavily, Jenny moved her hands from her arms to her neck. A few quick feels and they dropped further until she was covering her tits. Her already erect nipples reacted to the caresses and squeezes eagerly and were soon straining to burst free of the tight black dress. Jenny could feel the moistness of her pussy growing every time her hands put pressure on each soft, firm breast. With no panties on, her juices began to coat the insides of her thighs. The scent of her sex began to fill the insides of the revolving door.

Lost in the daze of her own pleasure, Jenny moved her hands further down and hugged her waist, imagining in her mind it was one of her past lovers wrapping himself around her. The cheerleader continued her descent with a racing heart and let the tips of her fingers trace themselves down her thighs. Bending down, Jenny grasped her calves tightly, reminding her of the way her legs had often been held while a guy pounded at her pussy.

From behind her came a hoot of encouragement from Tanya, who was happily watching Jenny's dress rise and once again reveal her perfectly round ass. This pulled Jenny from her sexual trance. 'What the hell am I doing!' she thought. 'I'm feeling myself up in a glass door. Anyone could be watching me!'

Almost crying in fright, Jenny looked up at Sandy. "Please let me go! I promise I won't do anything to cross you again, just let me go!"

"Well, since you put it that way... I think its time you removed that dress. I suggest you work quickly. It will mean less time to anyone to see you."

Hoping the captain was right, Jenny moved her hands up to her shoulders. She hesitated for a second, then her will broke and she pushed the two small straps of the dress aside. Shoulders bare, Jenny pulled down on the tight top of the dress enough to free her breasts from the restraining fabric. As she let go of the dress it slipped farther down and left her standing in the revolving door naked except for a small naval ring. She kicked the fallen clothes over to where her shoes lay discarded. It was not a far distance because the space between the two glass doors was very small.

Feeling exposed, but also turned on, Jenny cupped her breasts again. The two large mounds were extremely sensitive with her heightening desire and it caused her to moan softly as she stroked them. Lost again in her please, Jenny tugged at the nipples and shuddered slightly as bolts of pleasure coursed through her. Her pussy, bare from her preference to have it shaved, was swollen red with desire. Jenny's juices left a small trail of wetness down her leg as she continued to knead her tits between her fingers.

Jenny moved her hands down to her ass once her nipples had begun to ache from the tugging she had given them. She massaged the bare flesh behind her with the same vigor she had given her large breasts and her pussy responded with equal ardor. The cheerleader allowed one hand to slip down the crack of her ass and trace her hole. She planned to finger-fuck her asshole for a while, but the throbbing of her pussy was becoming too much for her young body to handle.

Desperately, Jenny pulled her hands from behind her and ran her right hand over her pussy. "Uuuhhhhnnn." The moan escaped her lips at the first touch her pussy lips received. She let her hand glide over it again and again. Her clit stuck out as far as it had ever had before. Jenny used her thumb and index finger to squeeze the soft flesh. Her clit responded hungrily and sent a feeling of burning heat throughout her body. It was almost enough to cause the trapped girl to orgasm.

Jenny quickly moved her hand from her clit and stuck three fingers inside herself. She knew exactly where to hit her G-spot, having had several escapades by herself in the shower. "Uuhhh." With urgent need, she began giving her pussy the attention it was demanding. Her left hand, meanwhile, made its way up her chest and began pulling furiously at a nipple. This added to the feelings racing through her and Jenny felt herself nearing an orgasm.

"Enough." Sandy's command had enough force behind it to make Jenny jump. "Keep your hands away from that slut-hole of yours until I tell you to put them back."

Jenny whimpered with the need to cum, but took her hands away as commanded. She was sure her pussy would burst into flames if she didn't get off soon.

"Get on the ground!" The trapped cheerleader responded quickly and sat down. Unfortunately for Jenny, the revolving door's floor was only of concrete and it sent a chill up her back. It did nothing to quench the fire raging between her thighs, though, and the new sensation only made her more desperate.

"Good, now spread your legs." Jenny did as she was told. "Wider!" She opened herself as far as the tight space between the two doors allowed her to, her vagina's lips now on display for all to see. "Good whore. Now I want you to take that bottle of alcohol you wanted so much. I think you can imagine what comes next."

Ignoring Sandy standing over in triumph from behind the door, Jenny fumbled in the brown paper bag for the tequila bottle. It was a small thing compared to some of the ones she had drunk her way through in the past. The bottle was about eight inches in length total, the bottom half at about an inch and a half thick, the top only half that. Grasping the bottom of the bottle, Jenny moved to slide the top half into her pussy.

"Nuh uh." Jenny glanced up quickly to see Sandy staring at her contemptuously and shaking her head in disapproval. She understood what the captain meant and turned the bottle around. With a small bit of effort, Jenny worked the thick end of the bottle into her pussy and began to fuck herself with it.

Her pussy's hunger was insatiable now and nothing short of a full orgasm was going to content her. Jenny worked the bottle in and out of her well lubricated hole as fast as she could. Pressure building between her thighs, she began to move her hips in an effort to hump the bottle as hard as she could. With her right hand maneuvering the bottle, Jenny started using her left hand to pinch her clit. "Ggghhuuuhhh uhhh uhhh." Moans beyond her ability to control came out with the heavy breaths she was taking as her clit reacted to her touches. Red spots were appearing on Jenny's cheeks and on the flesh between her breasts, which bounced freely with the movement of her humping, as her blood pounded faster and faster.

"Mmuuuhhhh ehhhh ahhhh." Jenny could feel the pressure deep in the pussy building well beyond anything she could hold back. It didn't matter to her that she was between two glass doors, it didn't matter who was watching her. All she wanted was to finally let herself explode.

"Uhhh uuuhhh ggghhhhaaa!" Nothing could hold it back any longer. Moaning and sweating, Jenny felt a monster of an orgasm rip through her pussy. "Ahhh! Oh god! I'm cumming!" Wave after wave of pleasure washed through her. "Oh! Oh! Yes! Ggaahhhh ohhhhhh." Her vagina spasmed around the soaked bottle that was filling it. Over and over the feelings tore through her as the pressure that had built up inside of her was released.

When it finally ended, Jenny slumped on the ground completely spent. Her body ached and throbbed with the exertion she had put on it. It was several minutes before she dared to try getting shakily to her feet again. As she lay there between the glass doors, she could smell the thick scent of her sex filling the air and hear the blood pounding in her ears. Once she finally got to her feet, Tanya shouted some words of encouragement at the performance Jenny had been made to put on.

Sandy stood glaring in victory for a moment, then gestured towards Jenny's pile of discarded clothing. "You are a whore, aren't you! Well, put your clothes back on and we'll let you out."

Still dizzy from her intense orgasm, Jenny fumbled around trying to dress herself. Luckily, she saw that no one had seen her masturbating aside from her two tormentors. Once dressed, Tanya removed the wedge from her side of the door, then Sandy followed suit. Jenny pushed her way through the revolving door unsteadily and then Tanya came in through them as well, commenting on scent Jenny had left behind.

Standing with the two cheerleaders in the empty lobby of the hotel, Jenny took a quick sit of tequila from her juice-soaked bottle. She was about to start shouting at Sandy when the captain put on one of her telltale smirks.

"Nice job slut. I can't wait to see what else we can do to you."

"No way! The hell if you think I'm doing anything like that again. You just stay the fuck away from me!"

Sandy nodded at her, then walked a short distance across the dark lobby to where one of the many potted plants in the hotel was located. From it, she withdrew a small video camera. A red light glowed from the top, indicating that it was on.

"Seeing as I've got this tape of you with a bottle of alcohol, drinking from the bottle, and fucking yourself with it to boot, I think you will be doing what I say for a while." Jenny shuddered and fought to keep from crying. "You really should have known better than to steal my boyfriend, slut. You're going to be my personal plaything until I'm satisfied you've learned your lesson."

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