tagMatureJenny Ch. 03

Jenny Ch. 03


Jenny slowed as she came to the front gate of her Victorian built home. She took deep breaths, her chest rising and falling. Bending forward she braced her legs and massaged her thighs, sinking to her haunches she placed her hands on the gate and pushed hard, counteracting the force by pressing her feet into the ground. Slowly she rose, twisting slightly one way then the other. She stretched her arms sideways and thrust her chest out, sucking in air deeply. Gradually her breathing eased and she opened the gate and walked to the door. Letting herself in she took of her running shoes and headed upstairs for the shower. She smiled at the thought of the five miles she had just run, it had been hard but worth it, her head was clear, her body sang and all was right with her world. At sixty nine she was fitter than most forty year olds.

An hour later she emerged from the shower and wrapped in a towel walked to her bedroom. She rubbed body lotion into her legs, chest, stomach and arms. Satisfied she rolled on some deodorant and dressed in the clothes she had laid out before she left. She took the towel and returned it to the bathroom, carefully placing it on the towel rail. Hearing the phone she quickly bounced downstairs.

"Hi Handsome," she answered noticing it was her partner's number on the display.

"Hallo gorgeous girl, how was the run?"

"Hard, I've been slacking recently and my legs are like lead now." She grinned as she heard his mock noises of sympathy.

"OK well, I can help you there when I get back, so keep that thought in your head."

"Bastard, you just want to touch me," she laughed.

"Busted, yup, I want to touch you, why? because you're a beautiful, talented, sexy, woman,"

"With big tits and a hungry pussy," she launched in, giggling and blushing.

"Enough! You wicked wanton you, look I've got to go, we're all prepped and I'm about to start creating yet another string of masterpieces. Speak to you later, love you, miss you..." he blew a kiss and hung up.

She grinned and replaced the receiver, a little red faced and aroused. Walking to the kitchen, a coffee beckoned so she made for the Nespresso and pulled a cup from the cup tree on the worktop. The rest of her morning was spent on the household accounts, a call to her accountant and her fund manager. She ate a light lunch, popping the dish in the washer and wiping the surfaces clean. The afternoon she spent immersed in her e-reader, finishing the book she had started the previous day. She saw it was about four pm, so she made herself a mint tea and ate a pear. The phone rang and she saw it was Gary, her partner again.

"Hi, is there a problem?" she asked, Gary was almost at the end of service so a call was most unusual.

"Yes, and no, look have you seen any news today?" he asked agitatedly.

"No I've not looked, what's happened?"

"The houses in James Street are in danger of collapse, a sinkhole has opened up, it's right along the road and about eighteen feet deep. They think it's old chalk mines, apparently the land around there is riddled with them. The rain and frost affect the ground above until eventually it collapses. They need to move everyone out, ASAP."

"My God that's awful, has anyone been hurt?"

"Luckily no, but obviously people are in need of accommodation..." his voice trailed away,

"Why are you telling me this Gary?"

"My wife and children are living in one of the houses, it belongs to my mother in law..."

"OK, I understand..." She paused, her bottom teeth gripping her top lip. "Of course they must come here, do you need me to do anything, apart from make up some beds in the spare rooms?"

"Jenny you are an angel, honestly. I'll get them to come round when they can. I should be back at my normal time, I love you so much, bye."

Jenny stared ruefully at the receiver. So his wife was on the scene again, with his children and her mother. What can I do though? she thought. I don't want to upset him, yet why had she turned to him? she held the thought as she sat down. Gary had been her lover for nearly seven months. He had seen his sons many times during this time, sometimes bringing them to Jenny's, other times taking them to the pictures or the park or the zoo.

She must have dozed, or become unaware of how long she had been sitting there before she was aware of her surroundings again. She shook her head to clear her thoughts, and was startled by the doorbell. Gathering herself she went to the front door. When she opened the door Gary's wife, children and Mother in Law stood on the step. Gloria, the Mother in Law held a battered suitcase, the boys backpacks. Sue, his wife had a large shopping bag and an even larger case on wheels. Jenny smiled,

"Come on in, I'll put the kettle on, boys do you want squash, lemon or apple and blackcurrant?" She held the door wide as they trooped in, closing it as Gloria dropped her case on the hall floor.

"Auntie Jenny we want apple and blackcurrant," said Ryan, the eldest. Brad the younger brother nodded.

OK, take Mummy and Nanny into the lounge, I'll be right in."

The boys grabbed the old fashioned door handle and led the women into the large lounge. Jenny headed for the kitchen and set about making tea, squash and rounding up some biscuits and plates. She heard a noise and turned to see Sue in the doorway. She went to speak but instead burst into tears. Jenny's heart broke and she went to her and wrapped her arms round her, feeling Sue's chest heaving against her as she cried. It seemed ages, but was barely a few minutes, before Sue stopped and held Jenny too.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean..."

"Don't worry, it must be a terrible shock, is your mother going to be OK?"

"Mum's holding it in, but she's probably going to lose everything. The whole road is in a very dangerous state. We had twenty minutes to get what we could. Now it's all cordoned off and there are barriers around the street. They've got a security patrol, but..." she sobbed again.

"OK, don't worry, there's room here and I can help your Mum, if needs be, to recover other things when they allow."

Sue sobbed a thank you and held Jenny tight. Slowly they parted and Jenny made the tea and carried the tray into the lounge. Inside, Gloria was sitting at the table playing cards with the boys. They broke off and gratefully accepted their drinks. Gloria took her tea and moved to an armchair. Jenny offered her a biscuit, but so shook her head in a no.

"Gloria, can I call you Gloria? Whatever happens, you can stay here for as long as you need to. If you are allowed back to get things I will come with you, OK?"

"Thank you, Jenny. I realise this is not ideal for you, but..."

"Never mind about me, it's hardly ideal for you and Sue, or the boys. We'll just have to rub along together until you get back into your house." Jenny smiled and felt Sue's hand on her shoulder.

"When will Daddy be home?" Brad asked.

"Your Dad will be home shortly, I'm sure he'll be glad you're all safe too."

As if he had been waiting for the cue, they heard the door open and Gary come in. Seconds later he was in the lounge cuddling the boys. Sue stood and Gary extricated himself from the boys and hugged Sue. Gloria stood shakily and Gary moved to hug her too. Finally he turned to Jenny and kissed her before hugging her tightly. He murmured a thanks into her ear, she rubbed her hand on his arm.

"I'm so sorry about this," he began, Sue shook her head,

"No Gary we're sorry, you have your life with Jenny and we..."

Jenny moved to Sue and hugged her,

"If you're going to say what I think you're going to say, don't! You have every right to be here, Gary is father to your children and I'm sure he loves you too deeply. If I can't offer you my home what sort of person would I be? You stay here as long as you need or want to. This is not a favour, this is now your family home. Besides, it needs new life in it, about time there was a bit of noise in here." Jenny grinned and hugged Sue.

Gary sat down and the boys jumped on him. He grabbed them and they began to wrestle, giggling and laughing. Gloria smiled and sipped her tea, reaching for a biscuit. Jenny laughed as she relaxed her grip on Sue. They watched Gary happily messing around with his boys, both felt the love in the room. Later after a light supper, the boys had bathed and were ushered up to bed, Gary reading them a story, before they settled down.

"Off to sleep, it's school tomorrow, so no messing around, sleep well."

He bounded down the stairs and Sue and Jenny grinned. They sat in silence for a while, Gary sat between Sue and Jenny on the large sofa, Gloria lay back in the armchair she had decided was now hers.

"Gloria, is there anything you need for tonight?"

"No I think I've got everything I need thanks."

"OK but don't go without, I do have some spare nightdresses and a dressing gown." Gloria nodded.

"Plan for tomorrow?" Gary asked.

"I need to go to work, so I must to be out of the house by half seven," said Sue, "and the boys need to be at the school by eight forty."

"I'll take them," said Gloria, "Jenny would you like to come too?"

"Really? Sure I'd love that, thanks."

Shortly after that they all decided to go to bed, they kissed goodnight and Gary let the women go upstairs whilst he locked up and cleared the dishwasher away. He came upstairs and into the bedroom, Jenny was sat reading a book, naked.

"Good book?"

"Yes thanks, all cleared away?"

"Clean and tidy madam, as you expect."

"Good, now get your kit off and fuck me senseless." she demanded with a grin.

"Always ready to help a lady out." He grinned, pulling his shirt over his head. He pulled his pants and trousers off, standing in just his socks.

"mmmm, I like a man with an air of mystery about him," Jenny murmured.

Gary grinned, pulled his socks off and walked to the bed, sliding in he pulled Jenny to him, they kissed and he rolled her on top of him.

"Mmmm, my favourite position," she mumbled into his lips, before lifting slightly and reaching for his erection.

"Ohh my God that feels so good, so hard but yet so soft."

They kissed again and as she sat up the deeper his penetration became. Reaching for her firm full breasts he kissed each one before latching his mouth to her left as his hand circled her right. She purred and rocked gently on his cock. His hands slid down her sides until he slipped them under her arse and stroked her as she rose. Her head lowered, as he moved up, their lips met and they ground their way to a silent but explosive climax. Laying back they held hands, falling into a deep sleep in minutes.

The next morning chaos reigned as everyone flew around in a cacophony of showers, breakfast and sandwich making. Jenny stood by drinking a coffee, a huge grin on her face.

"Join in when you can!" Gary yelled as he pulled his coat on.

Sue hugged and kissed everyone as she prepared to leave.

"I don't need to tell you to take care and don't forget your lunch box, do I?" She grinned as she hugged Jenny. She laughed and held Sue,

"No, I think I can remember that," she said turning Sue towards the door and giving her a little push on her rear end.

"I know, I know, " Sue said, "I'm going, I'm going." Then she was out the door and gone.

Gary was next, he kissed everyone and was gone in a flurry of shouts and giggles. Finally, suitably coated and warm, Gloria, the boys and Jenny left for school. The boys alternating between Gloria and Jenny, with questions and information, trading places seamlessly. Then suddenly Gloria and Jenny were alone. Jenny grinned and pulled Gloria into her so they wandered back arm in arm, in quiet contemplation.

"What now?" Gloria asked as they reached the gate,

"I'm going to go swimming, want to come?"

"I would if I had a costume, I seen not to have packed it, silly me!"

"No worries," Jenny said avoiding Gloria's obvious sarcasm, "I have a few, or you could start a trend and go naked."

Gloria roared and looked down at herself, "I don't think anyone would appreciate that, but OK, let's see what you've got."

"Ohh! you cheeky monkey, we are talking about costumes aren't we?" Jenny said with a nudge into Gloria's side. Gloria giggled, and nudged her back.

Upstairs in Jenny's bedroom, they quickly stripped and looked at each other. Jenny's eyes gleamed as she took in Gloria's naked body,

"You're very firm and athletic," Gloria said admiring the older woman.

"And you have a fantastic tits, "said Jenny, reaching out and watching Gloria's look of shock, as her warm hand closed on her breast.

"Oh my God! No one apart from my late husband has touched me, well not in living memory." she said, although she allowed Jenny to lift and weigh her breast in her hand without demur. Jenny nodded approvingly,

"They're gorgeous, you're in pretty good shape, do you exercise?" She said allowing Gloria to move away a little. Her breasts bouncing and nipples firming in the cooler air. Jenny's hand ran down Gloria's chest to her navel.

"No looking after the boys and Sue keeps me on my toes, I used to play badminton with Dennis, my husband, but nothing in recent years."

"Do you swim? I love swimming, here,"

Jenny produced several costumes and lay them on the bed,

"You choose, I don't mind which one I wear." She watched Gloria look over the costumes.

"This one with the flowers, it's lovely and pretty much covers everything I need covered," said Gloria with a grin.

"I don't think you need o cover anything, you look great. Now from that look, I think I may be worrying you. Don't, I appreciate beauty in all its aspects. You are a beautiful person, you look great, trust me I'm not about to seduce you, although it wouldn't be difficult to try, you look so good." Jenny stepped a bit further away from Gloria.

"No one, as I say, has touched me in years, not even Dennis in the last few years of his life. I find it a bit overpowering that you, a woman I hardly know, would be so forward. Have you always been so bloody forward? Sorry!"

"Oh don't be sorry, I've been on my own for a good few years now and I know I'm a bit socially awkward. I'm an only child, no siblings, cousins or distant relatives. I've only ever lived here and apart from a few school friends years ago, no contact with the outside world unless it was at work. I know we're not supposed to look at each other, or comment let alone touch, but I find you fascinatingly lovely. Is that OK? Not to off putting?"

"Well it's a bit overwhelming, as I say no one's looked at me naked for years, let alone to say I looked lovely. I'm not used to that sort of behavour. Well if we are going to look, and comment, then you are superbly put together. I can't believe your sixty nine, we could be school friends at a reunion. How do you keep so flawless?"

"I could say I lead a blameless life, but that would be a lie..."

"And outrageously so, since I heard you and Gary last night, ahhh, not quite as quiet as you thought. Well good luck to you, I wish I had a lover Gary's age, I'd fuck him rigid at every opportunity, you're a lucky girl."

"Well I would share him, but with two of us I think he'd age quite quickly don't you?"

"Yes, wouldn't want to spoil the golden goose." Gloria laughed loudly as Jenny grinned, blushing that she and Gary had been overheard when they thought they were being quiet.

"Oh No! poor Sue, she must have heard too. Oh No! poor Sue!" Jenny's face crumpled. "How could we be so cruel," tears formed and she sat on the bed, her head lowered.

"Hey,hey, don't worry about Sue. Look, she loves Gary, but she's not in love with him. They married young and both soon knew it was a mistake, although the boys were very much wanted. But children can't save a marriage, they're good friends, but that's it."

Jenny sobbed, so Gloria sat by her side, then put her arms round her and Jenny cried on her shoulder. Gloria hugged her closely.

"You realise I'm getting wet boobs with all this crying?" Gloria said, soothing Jenny, with her hands on her back. Jenny gulped, giggled and then lifted her head. She found Gloria's lips and kissed her softly. Gloria closed her eyes briefly, then moved her hand to touch Jenny's tear stained face.

"I like you Jenny, but I'm not sure if it's this way."

Jenny nodded and squeezed her and kissed her cheek,

"All I know is I love being with you like this, I understand what you're saying and I promise to rein my feelings in." She sat up and held her hand out to Gloria. Gloria smiled and pulled her back into her, squashing their breasts together.

"Don't do that, just be careful, OK? Don't push things, we can be good friends, but that's it."

Jenny nodded, they sat up and Jenny found some tissues, they dried themselves and returned to the costumes, now squashed under them. Dressing quickly they looked at each other and grinned.

"I feel about twelve again," Jenny gushed, Gloria laughed, then pointed to Jenny's pussy hair creeping out of her costume.

"Has no one ever commented on your pubes sprouting out of your costume?"

Jenny looked down and reddened, "No, is it bad?"

"You just need a bit of a trim, we'll sort it out. Lie on the bed, legs apart, now do you have any decent scissors?"

"My drawer by the bed."

"Good, now, lie still and don't panic."

Gloria bent to the task and snipped the hairs that sprouted out from under the fabric. Then she gently slipped a finger into the elastic of the gusset and lifted it clear of Jenny's pussy. With a few deft strokes, she cut the matted tangle of hair back. She lowered the fabric and disappeared. Returning she laid a small dish of warm water on the side table, producing a small ladies razor and some shaving gel.

"Take the costume off and lay down on this towel." Jenny puzzled did as she was told. She felt Gloria cutting her pubes with the scissors, gently shortening the growth. Then warm water drizzled onto her mound.

"Ohh God, that feels good, although I now need a pee."

"Can you hold on about ten minutes?"

"Uhh Huh! I guess so."

She felt Gloria massaging the sweet smelling gel into her mound. Then small little tugs as the razor glid over her flesh, removing the hair. Gloria moved her legs a little then asked Jenny to lift her bottom off the bed, the feeling of the razor passing around her anus was too much and she twitched with pleasure.

"Too much,. too much, going to, ahhhh!"

Jenny's legs twitched, her pussy spasmed and she fell back on the bed, her breath shallow, her chest red which ascended to the cheeks of her face.

"Oh my God, you came, you sexy minx, you came whilst I shaved you, I can't believe you're so sensitive." Gloria gently washed the residue of the shaving gel off Jenny, drying her with the towel, causing her to rock gently again.

"Come on you, we're going swimming, pop your costume back on." Gloria said with authority. She took the waste hair, bowl, razor and towel away. Coming back she saw Jenny dressing, pulling a skirt up her legs to cover the costume she wore. A blouse and she was ready. Gloria slipped her own skirt and blouse on. They left for the pool, each with a bag, with a towel and other items needed for afterwards. Although neither knew the other had not bothered with any underwear.

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