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Jenny Fuck The Family


Jenny fucks the family incest by Barbdru124 A tale of family fucking

My name is Jenny I am 22 years of age. Although I say it myself quite attractive, with shiny black hair, very dark brown eyes, a well shaped nose, full red lips, a firm 36D pair of tits that turn up slightly making my nipples point upwards, a 23 inch waist with a flat belly, 32 inch hips , a tight arse , long shapely legs and where they meet there is a downy black bush of pubic hair surrounding a pair of pouting cunt lips. I am 6.1 ft tall and weigh 109 pounds.

Now to my story.

I was awakened by a woman's voice that seemed to come from miles away. "Jenny, Jenny, Jenny please wake up darling, your daddy is leaving soon and he wants to fuck you before he goes."

When I finally opened my eyes I saw it was my naked mother sitting on my bed beside me.

"hurry sweetheart don't disappoint him he will be away with your brother Martin for most of the week."

"OK mommy just let met have a quick wash and get myself ready for him," "by the way why are you not fucking him?"

"I cant darling Martin wants to fuck me and I don't feel in the mood to take both of them, I am to sore from fucking uncle Albert last night."

I quickly had a wash and gave special attention to my pussy as uncle Albert had also given me a hard fucking last night with his extra large cock, which I loved having inside me.

Leaving the bathroom I went to my mothers bedroom to my daddy who was laying on the king sized bed alongside my brother Martin, both were completely naked and they both had very large and beautiful erections ready to fuck mommy and me.

I moved around the bed to my daddy's side and knelt beside it , daddy moved over to me and pushed his big hard cock towards me, I took hold of it and started stroking it up and down dragging the foreskin back from his knob end and then back up covering it again, he loves me doing this before we fuck.

"Sweetheart please suck my cock for a while"daddy said.

I opened my mouth and swallowed his cock all the way to the back of my throat, I always find this easy to do now because of all the practice I get with Martin who has a bigger cock than daddy,

Daddy kept fucking my mouth for a few minutes and then told me to get on the bed with him.

Martin who had been watching daddy and me stopped stroking his cock and moved over slightly before saying " mommy hurry up mommy I am ready to fuck you."

Mother came into the bedroom looking beautiful in her white transparent housecoat, her tits looked great showing through the material, the big dark aureoles looked fantastic as did the dark bush between her legs.

She climbed on the bed and positioned herself between daddy and Martin and then said, "haven't you started fucking your daddy yet darling?"

"We have been waiting for you mommy" was my reply.

Mommy and I took up a sixty nine position with our lovers and ordered them to eat our pussies before they fucked us.

They quickly set to work kissing , licking and probing our cunts with their lips and tongues.

Myself and mommy were soon writhing around on the bed in the most wonderful pleasure of their ministrations.

Then daddy said "change partners."

With reluctance mommy and I changed places and began to suck their cocks as they licked and sucked our pussy's. Martin Is very good with oral sex , but not quite up to daddy's standard, I suppose experience tells.

After they had given mommy and I several shattering orgasms each we changed places again and started the real fucking.

I sat on daddy's waist and raised myself a little then took hold of my daddy's big hard cock and guided it into my eager cunt and engulfed it in one downward push it slid in so easily , as I slid up and down on him I squeezed his cock as hard as I possibly could with my pussy muscles until I felt that telltale feeling that starts in the small of your back that says you are going to explode in orgasm I felt my cream shooting on my daddy's cock , he must have felt it to as he immediately stiffened his body and started to shoot rope after rope of spunk into my love-hole.

Mommy had seen daddy had cum in me she reached over to me and gave me a hug and a few kisses and said"thank you for fucking your daddy for me, I love you both so much."

Daddy and I lay kissing and cuddling each other while we watched Martin continue fucking mommy like he would never stop, he looked so good pounding mommy's cunt so hard I started feeling twinges of jealousy going through my mind.

Daddy must have guessed what I was feeling because he quickly turned me over got me in doggy position and rammed his hard again cock all the way into my cunt until I felt his balls slap against my arse in one hard thrust.

As daddy and I had both cum we were able to carry on fucking and watching Martin and mommy enjoying themselves.

Daddy and I both took one of mommy's tits in hand and started to stroke and pinch her nipples while Martin continued to hump her cunt. She worked herself over to me and took my tit into her mouth and started sucking on it. I had never had my tits sucked by another woman while I have been fucking a man but this felt terrific absolutely divine.

After a further half an hour of fucking mommy Martin started to show signs of tiring so daddy told mommy to stick a finger up his arse to make him shoot the contents of his balls into her, this she did and I could hardly believe the effect it had on Martin, he gave a shout that must have been heard by the neighbours and promptly shot rope after rope of spunk into her.

Mommy had not had her orgasm yet so daddy suggested that he and I together should finish her off.

Daddy went to my bedroom and got the double ended strap on dildo he knew I had and which I used to fuck mommy with while he is away from home and brought it to me.

I fastened the dildo on with help from daddy after he had first inserted my end of ten inches in me. He then laid on the bed and told mommy to mount him. I have never seen her get a cock back in her so fast, once she had him all the way in I lubricated her end of the dildo and laid it along her crack then daddy introduced it to her arsehole and worked it until she had her full ten inches inside her tight arse.

Then together daddy, mommy and I started to get a good rhythm going and with mommy between us we began to give her the fucking of her life and mine to. even so it was half an hour before we all finished with a lot of groans and "oohs and fuck me harder and IIIIIIIIIIIIMM CUMMMINGGGGGGGGGGG"

Even Martin joined in as he had been masturbating himself while he watched us.

Daddy gave me one more lovely quickie to remember him by while mommy sucked Martin off to remember her by, she had painted a thick layer of lipstick on her lips before she took his cock in her mouth so when she had finished with him there was a big red circle around his cock which made all of us laugh and he vowed it would stay there until she licked it off when they returned

They have been away a full week now and although mommy and me have enjoyed playing with each other and fucking with the dildo, we have really missed having Martin and daddy's cocks inside us.

Daddy rang last night to say they would be home this morning so I will stop the story here as I have to shower and get prepared for another long session of fucking daddy and Martin and mommy.

"Hello daddy , " "Hello Martin." "It's good to have you back with and in us."

Thanks to Bill and his persuader.

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