tagInterracial LoveJenny Gets Fucked Ch. 02

Jenny Gets Fucked Ch. 02


A chill went through Amy, as she heard those words. Her own fucking girlfriend, and she was asking her if Flip was free? As they drove home, Amy's grip on the steering wheel tightened, while Jenny was gazing out of the window and a smile was forming over her face.

Fucked by who knew how many niggers, but she enjoyed every minute of it!


As Jenny was catching hell from her Mom for coming home so late, her Mom stopped in mid sentence, and leaned a little forward and sniffed, wondering what that smell was.

"What the fuck did you do tonight? You smell like you have been having sex!"

Not having had a chance to douche and take a shower, she knew she reeked of sex. She also knew her Mom wasn't stupid, so there was no sense in denying the remark her Mom had made.


"Uhmm.... Amy and I went over to her boyfriends house, and things got out of control Mom. One of the guys jumped me in the back seat of the car, and as much as I protested, they had their way with me."

"THEY..... what the fuck does THEY mean? You mean that more than one guy did you?"

Her Mom was speechless, as Jenny shrugged and didn't reply.

"Mom, it wasn't such a big deal....... I was gonna lose my virginity sooner or later!"

Her Mom slapped her hard in the face when she heard that.

"SOONER OR LATER? What the fuck Jenn, I thought I brought you up better than that! Ever since your father left, I've tried to give you guidance, and protect you from all those fiends out there. Dammit honey, who was it that did this?"

"Well there was Amos, and the Amy's boyfriend Flip, and after he was done with me, I think it was Amos's Dad, and then I lost count....."

Her Mom stood there speechless after she heard that.

"Amos... wait, you mentioned his Dad? His Dad fucked you too?"

Jenny just nodded her head, and wanted to crawl into a corner and die.

Her Mom took a step back, and noticed that Jenny was starting to cry.

"Let's go upstairs, and I will draw you a bath. Jenn, did they use condoms?"

"No Mom.... it was one after another, and I don't think any of them used a rubber."

"Okay, you need to take a douche while I fix your bath." Uhmmm honey, you want me to take you to emergency?"

"MOM!!! Jesus, that's the last thing I want. Then I would have to explain to all those people what happened, and they would call the police. PLEASE, don't force me into that situation!"

As she was following her Mother up the stairs, Jenny could still feel some cum seeping out of her cunny. The thoughts of Flip, and Amos's Dad sent shivers through her body, as she remembered their big cocks pounding her earlier tonight.

She knew that Amy was pissed at her, but dammit, Amy was at fault too for taking her over there. If Amy was mad cause her boyfriend had fucked her, then so be it. Flip sure had known how to use that magnificent cock of his, and Jenny knew that if he wanted another shot at her cunny, she would not object. Hell, he might be arrogant, but he sure knew how to bring her to an orgasm. Yes.... if there was gonna be another time, she would be ready to let him have her.

When Jenny's head hit the pillow that night, before darkness over came her, she was running through her mind how she might meet Flip again.

"Hello, is Miss Jenny there?"

Jenny's Mom hesitated to answer, but finally said "Who wants to know?"

"It's Flip. I wonder if I could talk to her for a minute."

She put the phone down, and turned and looked at Jenny. "It's a Flip! Jenn, this guy sounds like he's black. Is he a nigger?"

Jenny dropped her head down, and gave a slight nod.

"And those other guys.... Amos... or whatever his name is, and his Dad, are they also black?"

"Uhmmm, yes Mom."

As she walked out of the room, her Mother gave her a strange look. "We need to talk, after your done on the phone!"


"Hey sweetcheeks, you okay? I know you got treated kind of rough last night, and I was concerned if there were problems."

"Uhmmm yes, I'm okay. I caught hell from Mom, and now she knows your black, so I think I'm gonna catch some more hell after we hang up."

"You want me to come over and explain it wasn't your fault?"

"LOL, no Flip, I don't think that would be such a good idea."

"Well, any chance I could see you again?"

"I thought you and Amy were an item?"

"Well, yea, kind of. But your in a whole other league than her, and I would really like to see you again."

She lowered her voice as she said "See me again, or fuck me again?"

"Hell yes sweetcakes, on both counts. My cock has been hard ever since last night, thinking of dipping into that honey pot of yours again."

The words sent shivers down to her cunny as she heard him say that. These niggers sure didn't mince words. "Listen, give me your number, and if Mom doesn't bite my head off, I will give you a call."

"So these were all niggers that fucked you last night? Well, speak up."

"Yes Mom."

"Honey, don't you know what kind of trouble you can get into with those kind? Take it from me, they will take what they want from you, and then dump you for the next pretty face they see."

It suddenly struck Jenny that the "take it from me" remark must have meant that her Mom must have been with a black man too.

"Take it from me? Mom..... Mom.... did you get involved with a black man too?"

Her Mom narrowed her eyes and lowered her voice as she admitted it. "Yes, I've been with a black man before. That's the reason your Dad left us. He couldn't take it when he found out that I had gone out with a black guy when he had taken that trip to California for the company. I was lonely, and your father never was that much of a lover to begin with, and when Ben hit on me, I let it happen."

"Ben? That black guy down the street?"

Jenny's Mom just nodded her head, when she realized that all of a sudden she was now on the defensive."

"You two still doing it now?"

"No.... after he found out that your father had left, he lost interest and I think he found another white woman."

Jenny, didn't know how to respond to what her Mom had just said, but she knew that no longer did she have to hide the feelings that she felt for Flip.

"Mom, I want to see Flip again...."

There was silence when she said it.

"I know the reputation that those black guys have when a white girl starts going out with them, but this is different. Flip loves me!"

Her mother knew how absurd that sounded, but she also could see that her Daughter must be hooked and this Flip's black cock. Heaven knows, she sure was with that thing between Ben's legs.

"Just be careful honey. They tend to get carried away, like you found out last night. You want me to run down to the drug store for some morning after pills?"

Jenny nodded her head, and a smile started forming over her face. Her Mother had just given her cart blanch to let Flip do her again.

As her Mom left the room, Jenny was already calling Flip up, to pick her up at the convenience store, down the street from where she lived.

"So sweetcheeks, did your Mom give you the third degree?"

Without thinking, Jenny blurted out "LOL, you won't believe this, but Mom said that she has been with a black guy. That is why Dad left her."

A smile crept across Flip's face, as he heard those words. So her Mom likes black cocks too eh? Yes, he would have to check her Mom out and see if that was worth tapping too.

"Slide over here sweetcheeks, I want my woman so I can hold her."

As Jenny slid up against Flip, his big black hand went up to one of her tits, and squeezed the nipple.


"Hush girl, we'll be over to my house in a couple of minutes, and I want to get those nips of your nice and hard."

So now Jenny knew that they were going over to his apartment. It also didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what was on his mind.

A shiver went back through her as he reached over for her other tit, and he roughly ran that nipple between his thumb and fore finger.

"Flip, does this mean were an item now?"

A smile spread across his face, as he knew this chick was his for the taking.

"Sweetcheeks, you know your my item now!"

As he dropped his hand down to her shorts, and tried to wiggle a couple of fingers up to her crotch, Jenny could feel herself getting wet.

"Lift your butt up a little so I can reach that snatch that belongs to me."

Jenny knew that as they had been passing other cars, they had been getting stares from them. She also knew that if anyone on the sidewalk looked into the car, they could see that she was going to be fingered by this black man. She dutifully lifted up her butt, so his fingers could reach her cunny.

"See, now that's what I'm talking about." He said as two of his fingers felt the moist lips of her cunt. Fuck this was like taking candy from a baby, it was so easy.

She had to compose herself when they got to Flips' apartment, but no sooner had he let her into the room, then he had grabbed her hair and spun her around to smash his mouth over her lips.

Flip knew woman.... especially white woman. You treat em rough, and they become putty in your hands.

As his tongue forced it's way into her mouth, Jenny's legs started to quiver and she thought she would drop to the floor, but Flip already had circled his arm around her waist, and he lifted the young white girl over to his un-made bed.

"Flip.... Uhmm.... condom?"

"Don't use them baby. Besides, I have a low sperm count, so your safe."

Somehow Jenny doubted what he had just said, but she needed to be fucked, just as much as he wanted to fuck her again.

"Okay, get those fucking clothes off so I can get a good look at you. There wasn't much light in the back seat last night, so I want to see what belongs to me."

Jenny didn't hesitate, as she pulled her tee off, and struggled with her shorts and panties, she started shaking in anticipation.

"Oh fuck yea.... I'm gonna like this. Spread those legs sweetie and let me see that cunt."

As Jenny's knees spread, Flip could see the large bush of black pubic hair between her legs.

"Okay, when I take you home later on, I want that fucking mess of hair gone. When I go down on my women, I don't want no fucking hairs in my teeth."

Jenny let out a laugh when he said that, but the laughter was short lived as he pushed her knees farther apart, and brought his hard cock up against her cunny lips. She knew there was not gonna be any denying what this nigger wanted. He was the alpha male, and she knew he was gonna take whatever he wanted.

Just as he put his cock against her cunt, they heard Amy pounding on the door.

"Flip, let me in, we have to talk!"

Flip got off the bed, and a mean leer spread across his face. Perfect, he thought. Now he could end it with that bitch, and get her out of his face.

As he opened the door, Amy froze when she saw that he was naked, and was sporting that damn huge cock of his. She looked past his shoulder and could see that Jenny was naked on the bed.

"You SON OF A BITCH!" You fucked me last night, and then her, and now your fucking her again? You ever get near me again Flip, and I will get a gun and kill your fucking ass! You.... you.... SON OF A BITCH!"

As Amy stormed out the door, Flip had a big smile on his face as he closed the door and turned around. He slowly stroked his big cock as he looked at the white girl on his bed. "Now where were we?"

Flip had fucked her for only about 5 minutes before cuming hard into her. He knew that after the first cum, he could stay hard for a long long time after wards. "Ah the virtues of being young."

Jenny had laid beside him after the short fuck, and was a little disappointed that he had cum so soon. Sure she had an orgasm as soon as he had stuck it in, but she thought it would have lasted longer than this.

"Jenn, get over here and clean up my cock, and get it good and hard again."

She was a little repulsed when he had said it, but dutifully she bent over and started to lick his cock.

As she was licking his cock, he grabbed her by her hair and roughly pushed her down hard on it. She choked a little as the cock head pushed up against the back of her mouth.

As he started hardening up, Jenny knew that it wouldn't be long before he would want to fuck her again. That thought strove her to suck harder on this big piece of man meat.

The second fuck had lasted almost 30 minutes, with Jenny having at least four hard orgasms. As he finished that fuck with another deposit of cum into her, Jenny didn't even try to stop him. After all, she belonged to him now, and she was sure that he would take care of her.

As she lay there panting and looking up at the ceiling, Flip rolled over and told her "Im gonna go get some KY out of the bathroom, and as soon as you catch your breath, we gonna get you good and used to having a cock up your ass."

The words "we gonna" did not escape her. She didn't want to be fucked up the ass.

As Flip walked back into the room, he was lubricating his hardening cock with the KY jelly.


"Don't start girl. All my women take it up the ass, whether they like it or not! So roll over on your elbows and knees, and spread your legs. It only hurts for a minute or two, and then your gonna see stars as I take you to new heights."

As Flip get up behind her, Jenny started to freeze up.

"Whack" was the loud sound as he slapped her ass cheek. Dammit girl, don't go freezing up on me. Just pretend your gonna take a shit, and ole Flip will take care of the rest."

As she did like he instructed her to, she felt the head of his cock press up against her anus. She tried to do as he instructed her, with taking a shit, and his big knob popped into her asshole.

"OUCH.... oh fuck, that hurts!"

"Just hang on, it will get better."

Flip did take it easy with her. He had remembered how he had roughly fucked Amy the first time up her ass, and how she had not let him near her ass for almost a week. He was not gonna make the same mistake again with this white chick.

Flip took his fingers and started messaging both cheeks of her ass, all the while pinching them a little. He knew this would take her mind off the searing pain she was feeling in her little shit hole.

Jenny dropped her head down into the pillow and bit her lip so hard, she almost drew blood. Thank God, at least he was taking it easy on her. Maybe that was only as far as he was going to stick it in.

That thought soon left her, as he gave a slight push, and another inch found it's way in deeper.

"Oh fuck"

"Yea baby, I know, and that's what I'm gonna be doing here in another minute or two."

Another push, and about 5 inches of black cock was up her bun.

"Man that is one tight asshole you got there Jenn."

Jenny just clenched her eyes tightly shut as she felt more of his cock invading her asshole. "So this is what it felt like to be fucked up the ass." Although it hurt like hell, some tingling was already starting to bring her back to her pleasure senses. "Well, maybe this wouldn't be as bad as she originally thought." In fact when he started pulling out, before making another shove inwards, for a fleeting second she thought that maybe he was pulling out, and she was going to tell him to leave it in.

The fleeting second passed, and the next shove almost brought his balls up against the bottom of her cunny lips.

"Oh fuck that hurts." she thought, yet at the same time her cunt was starting to boil over again.

A long withdrawal, and then the final push brought him hard up against her ass cheeks.

"Fuck, this broad was good" he thought. That fucking Amy had been crying when he had done it to her, and now this girl was taking it like a pro.

An evil smile crossed his face, as he dropped his head down next to her face and whispered. "How old is you Mommy, Jenn?"

As Jenny's eyes shot open, she knew where this was headed, but just as he had said those words, Flip started fucking her asshole in earnest.

As he was pile driving her butt, he already knew that he wanted to fuck this girls Mother too. Her back was covered in the sweat coming from his body, and as he yanked her head up by her hair, he thought to himself that this might be the start of something good.

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