tagIncest/TabooJenny Girl Ch. 01

Jenny Girl Ch. 01

byWillow Rain©

Tim didn't mean to look, but she'd left the door to the bathroom open and the sight of his little sister Jenny had frozen him on the spot. He couldn't move, could hardly breath. She'd always been a pretty kid but she had crossed over into beautiful in the two years he had been away at college.

Maybe it was the way the pink satin prom dress made her skin glow. Her shoulders were as smooth and perfect as poured cream. The back of her dress was unzipped and the bodice pooled at her slim waist as she stood before the mirror. Her breasts were high and full, tipped with candy pink nipples. He wet his lips self-consciously. She touched the curves of her breasts lightly with a down puff, powdering her flawless skin. The smile on her lips was confident and proud in her vanity. She didn't even see him.

Her eyes were on herself. Her thick auburn hair was drawn up. Delicate curling tendrils had slid free and played against the alabaster curve of her neck. She probably thought of her dick of a boyfriend seeing her like this. Her smile was secretive and knowing. Privately, Tim wished she was going to the dance with the boy she almost went with last year. He remembered how upset she had been when she had missed her Jr. prom. Her phone call had been frantic.

She'd broken her wrist in a rather vicious game of soccer against some south side kids, and had refused to go to the dance in a cast. That had sounded more like his sister than the desperate and upset version of her that had called him on the phone earlier in the week. Her boyfriend last year had been harmless, some kid from church. A far cry from her current taste in dates. He could see now why she was attracting a different sort of boy. It was hard to reconcile the vision of this pretty thing before him, with his childhood memories of his leggy, bony sister.

Letting his shoulder settle against the wall he considered the jackass she was going to the prom with, Karn Smithfield. Christ, even his name made him sound like a Jackass. He'd never known Jenny to have the kind of reputation that would make her a good match for that shit heal. He'd been a year behind him, and had a bit of a rough neck rep. Popular, but hard on the girls he dated. There had been rumors. Some chick had even left school, and there was talk she had been pregnant.

Tim flicked his gaze to his watch. Eight fifteen, she was apparently planning on making the boy wait when he got here. The little prick was already fifteen minutes late. He deserved to wait when he finally arrived. Tim smiled as he watched her slide pearl drops into her ears. She'd insisted he hold her hand when she'd gotten her ears pierced when she turned fourteen.

Jenny liked to act tough, fought like hell over the stupidest things, but sometimes she needed Tim. That was the only reason he was home this weekend. She'd panicked mid weak and declared to him she was cursed when it came to prom. The tiff with the boyfriend had blown over and she hadn't really wanted to talk about it when he got home. She'd blushed darkly when he brought it up in the kitchen yesterday, so he'd let it drop.

Tim heard someone coming up the stairs and backed rapidly down the hall and ducked into his room.

"Jenny honey, we're going to be late to the party if we don't leave now." His mom paused just outside his room, "Tim?"

He stepped back into the hall, pushing his hands through is hair like he was just coming out, "Yeah?"

His mom looked up at him, tilting her head back, "You can take the pictures when that boy gets here can't you?"

She pushed the camera into his hands, and he said, "Sure Mom." It would give him a chance to look threatening and eyeball the dude. He looked to the bathroom and saw that Jenny had pushed the door almost closed.

She called out from inside, "It's no big deal mom. He'll be here any minute." She poked her head out, her dress now zipped and fastened. "It's just a dance, right?"

Just a dance that had brought her to tears earlier in the week. Their mom cooed, "Oh honey, you look beautiful, step out and show Tim your dress. He hasn't seen it yet."

Tim tried to escape back into his room but the door swung open and she stepped into the hall, standing on her tiptoes to imitate the height she would be in her heals. She looked the very image and shape of a young girlish hope. His heart gave a little clench. Maybe he could follow them a little, and make sure that bastard didn't hurt her. The tiny little straps over her shoulders begged to be broken. Up on her toes the top of her head almost reached his cheek.

Their mom touched his arm, and said, "Time, say something, Doesn't Jenny look beautiful?"

His eyes never strayed from Jenny, he soaked her in. If she had been any other girl besides his sister he'd be talking hard and fast trying to get her to go to the dance with him instead of her loser boyfriend.

Jenny's face faltered a little as he took a moment to come up with words. Her courage and vanity were so thin, beautiful or not, she was still clearly afraid of rejection.

"You look beautiful kid, seriously."

The look she gave him was a little disbelieving.

"Honest to God Jen, if Sheila had looked like you do right now at our senior prom, we never would have made it to the dance. "

Their mom hit him on the arm, but Jenny beamed. She floated on her toes back into the bathroom.

His mom frowned at him, "Tim, that was hardly appropriate."

Downstairs their step dad called up, "Get a move on, we need to register at the hotel before we can even go to the party."

Tim Shrugged, "She's not a kid anymore."

His mom was distracted and didn't' really respond to what he said. She patted the camera in his hands, "Pictures, lots of them."

After their parents had left. Tim headed downstairs and dug a beer out of the fridge. It was probably best the folks would be gone all weekend. He flipped on the TV and crashed out on the couch. Around nine o'clock he started to get worried. He could go check on her, probably should, instead he got another beer. The phone rang at nine thirty and he reached for it. He put it back down when he heard it was for Jenny, hearing her excited hello. He could hear Jenny upstairs, hopeful and concerned, and then quiet, much too quiet.

"But.. but.. you can't. You just can't." Tim grimaced and stood up next to the couch, conflicted between going upstairs and just leaving it alone. He heard a choked sound of distress and slowly headed up the stairs. He caught Jennies quiet intense, "Fuck you." After she placed the phone back in the cradle. She crumpled to the floor, dress a swirl of pink around her.

He hesitated when he realized she was crying, her forehead resting against the edge of the side table. He spoke low and gentle, trying not to scare her, "Jen?"

"Why do boys hate me Tim?" She sounded despondent, "What is wrong with me?"

"Jesus Jenny, nothing." He cupped her shoulders in his palms. She felt so fragile and small, "Nothing is wrong with you." He crouched down next to her and was startled when she turned into him and pressed her face into his shoulder.

He could feel the dampness of her cheeks through his T-shirt as she folded herself against him. Her body was warm and soft and every bit a woman's. His cock thickened painfully in his jeans. It was his little sister he reminded himself, but she smelled very good. Fresh and clean and faintly of vanilla. His arms enfolded her but he kept his body from cradling her in a way that would make his erection obvious. No reason to freak her out more.

It wasn't her fault her brother was a pervert. She sniffled and a new wave of tears came. He slid his hand down her back, silky skin, cool satin, and her slender waist. Jesus, why did he have those two beers. He dipped his head and breathed in the scent of her neck. A loose tendril of her hair brushed tantalizingly across his lip. He wanted to kiss her. No more honest than that, he wanted to bite into her tender flesh, roll her to her back and flip those Champaign skirts up over her head.

Her voice was a little muffled, "He doesn't want me."


Jenny leaned back and looked at him, "Karn." The sincere confusion on her face snapped him back to reality. Holy shit, this was his baby sister, little Jenny in his arms.

"Then he is a bigger dumbass than I ever realized." He lifted his hand and trailed his fingertips over the tear tracks across her cheek.

She shook her head vehemently and pushed away from him awkwardly standing. Tim opened his arms and released her.

"You don't understand." She shook her head, "I'm just no good at it." She crossed her arms over her chest and cupped her elbows, obviously miserable. "I tried twice on Thursday and he said maybe with practice, " she snuffled, "I wouldn't suck so bad."

Tim stood up slowly, trying to understand what she was saying, "Good at what Jen? What are you talking about? You haven't been sleeping with that shit heal have you?"

She shook her head no and her voice trembled. " I told him it was too soon for that. We haven't been dating two months."

His lips quirked, "Two months, your magic number kiddo? Still caught up in dates and deadlines?"

Her brow furrowed and she showed him her back, "No."

Clearly she still was. Even as a little kid she had set dates and times on things. He reached out and gently touched her bare arm turning her toward him, "What was the plan for tonight's magic number kiddo? You can tell me."

Her lip trembled a little, "That's already ruined, was ruined Thursday." Her big blue eyes turned up toward him, "He said if I didn't. If I didn't he'd go with someone else. Said he didn't want to be trapped at prom with a baby that didn't' know how to put out anything."

A particularly fat tear slid over her cheek and Tim wanted to lean down and lick it away.

"He said I didn't know how to please a man."

His jaw tightened, "Jenny this guy is one piece of work. What did he talk you into?"

She shook her head taking all the blame, "It's not him, it's me. I'd just, I'd just never done it before."

Tim stepped closer to her as her cheeks started to color, sliding one arm around her.

"I tried. I put him in my mouth, but he pushed my head down really hard and I choked."

He petted her hair back from her face a few fine tendrils had slid free, "Oh kiddo." His touch was tender and kind.

Her voice faded down to almost nothing, "I really am bad at it." Her big blue eyes swam with tears as she looked up at him. "I threw up in his lap."

Tim smiled, he couldn't help it, "Serves the bastard right." He cupped her pretty face in his hands, "I'm glad you did. Sounds like he was none to kind to you Jenny."

She closed her eyes, "He's not coming to pick me up. He's going with another girl." She swallowed. " He… he made fun of me on the phone and I could hear other boys behind him laughing and making choking noises." Her shoulders slumped, "He told them Tim, he told them all."

"Honey look at me." Tim pressed a tender kiss to her forehead, "You are not bad at it, just new and this guy was a total jackass with you. H should have been gentle and patient with you." His thumbs traced her cheeks, "It's his fault his lap was messed up, not yours."

Her eyes were wide and trusting. Jenny reached up and gripped his T-shirt in her hands. "Show me."

Tim jolted with shock. She couldn't know what she was saying, asking for. But his hands believed her, his hands weren't letting go, fingers tightened where they cradled her head, "Jenny."

Her lips trembled again and her cheeks were burning scarlet under his fingers, "Oh just let me go. You don't want me either." She tried to look away but he wouldn't let her. Her hands came up to grip his wrists. "Don't you think I'm a little pretty?"

Tim groaned and turned his hand capturing her fingers in his own. He took her palm and pressed it to the shape of his raging erection, captive in his jeans. "Fuck yes, I think you're attractive Jenny." He rested his cheek against her temple, "But I'm not supposed to, baby girl."

She gasped and he felt her tremble. Her fingers timidly slid over the shape of him.

"Jenny, I'm going to let you go now. I want you to go down the hall and lock yourself in your room, because it's getting very hard to let you go. I don't know how much longer I am going to be capable of it." He released her but she didn't step back or away. Her fingers curled around the shape of him through the fabric.

He groaned her name as she sank to her knees in front of him.

She said, "Show me. Teach me. Help me."

He thumped the back of his head against the wall as her fingers fumbled at his button and zipper. How wrong would it be to feel her fingers, feel the brush of her mouth. He reached for her hands, his jeans partly open, and jerked her back to her feet. Maintaining a hold of her one wrist he started down the hall with her stumbling after him. The door to his room slammed open damaging the wall, but he didn't give a shit.

He turned and looked at her.

Raw hunger rolled through him. "Jenny, oh little Jenny, change your fucking mind."

Her eyes wide she gave him a stubborn little shake of her head no.

With a sharp jerk he pulled her into his room and against him. "I want your dress open, and dropped to your waist again." She trembled as he held her firmly to his chest and began unfastening the back of her gown.

"You … saw me?"

He nodded and slid one hand possessively down the length of her spine. His cock flexed. "Yes, little sister. I saw you." He whispered against her ear, "If you want my cock so much, take it out."

Holding the front of her gown against her breasts, she stood there staring at Tim as he let her go and sat down on the edge of his bed, thighs parted.

A long moment ticked past where he waited for her to change her mind. She looked vulnerable standing, holding her dress. Unable to meet his gaze she came forward and slid to her knees between his thighs. He resisted reaching for her.

One hand clutched her gown, she reached with the other one for his zipper. Her fingertips brushed against him through his boxers and he groaned. He lifted his hips and pushed his jeans down his thighs. Her fingers slid into the gap of his boxers in a caress.

"Jenny, show me your breasts. I know you are proud of them. Let me see them."

She looked up at him as her hand curled around his bare length and drew his hot hard flesh out into the air.

He held her gaze, "Show me, Jenny." He took an unsteady breath and decided not to play fair, "Consider it my price."

She blushed so easy, and this time the color pooled all the way down her neck. Her gaze dropped to his cock in her hand and then to the floor as she let the bodice of her gown gap and then fall. The tips of her nipples were beaded and taunt and he wanted to touch them, "Does it excite you Jenny? The feel of a cock in your hand?"

The blush moved all the way down to the tops of her breasts. The tips as hard as molded candy. He cupped her hot cheek as she whispered a tiny, "Yes."

His fingers traced her jaw, "It's good, that's good." His thumb slid just under her lip, "I want you to be honest with me, can you do that?"

She nodded, her gaze lifting to his. "Teach me how."

He closed his eyes briefly as his cock pulsed in her hand. It was going to be hard to keep control and stay gentle with her. She leaned forward and her lips touched the head of his cock in a fragile kiss. He cradled her head in his big hands, freeing pins and combs until he could run his hands through the silky weight of her hair.

He encouraged her softly, "That's it Jen. You don't have to rush, explore how you like. If your jaw gets tired or you need to take a break, you can. It's more fun for me when I can tell you are enjoying what you are doing." His words trailed into a low moan as she licked across the head.

She looked up at him. The edge of his cock resting against her lip, "Does that feel good?"

Looking down at her through half lidded eyes he slid his fingers through her hair, "Yes, baby it does." The wash of her hot breath over his wet skin made his bones hurt with lust. He wanted to push into the silky wet depths of her mouth.

He held steady as she bathed him in baby licks, tugging her hair gently, twining it in his fingers and letting it slip free. "Slide it in baby, it's so hard to wait and you feel so good."

She parted her lips and he slid into the heat of her mouth, wet, hot and delicious. She didn't take very much at first, but it was enough and he knew she could taste his excitement. He fingered the pearl drops of her earrings, gently touching, "That's it pretty girl, just take what you can. Do you like my taste Jen? Does it feel good to have my cock in your mouth? Slide your head back and forth honey, stroke me."

She groaned, low and pitiful and the sound vibrated around him. He caught his breath at the pleasure of it, his hands tightening briefly in her hair. She began to move and the sensation was exquisite. She was trying so hard. Her hot little tongue snaking along the underside. He stroked her head, her long throat, lifted her hair in his hands, "That's it baby. Don't force it. Relax into what you are doing." He let his head fall back a little, trying to delay what was becoming inevitable. The pleasure was too intense when he looked down at her sweet little face with her lips wrapped around his cock. It was close to too much.

"Jenny, Jesus, I'm not going to last much longer. You're a fucking natural honey."

He lifted his hips up into her stroke a little and she took it okay. She was gaining confidence and the rise and fall of her pretty face was rippling all the way down her body. He lifted up again and she took all of him into her mouth. Her nose brushing his curls, the tip of his cock seating in her throat briefly. He looked down at her, bright tears flecked her lashes from the pressure of taking him so deep.

"Jenny, oh fuck baby." He groaned loudly and couldn't hold back. It had been a few months sine he had been seriously dating anyone. His orgasm pulsed up and through him, jerking hot salt into her mouth as he pushed up into her hot willing lips. She didn't recoil, she didn't draw back and he managed not to grip her head and force her to hold steady. God bless her, she swallowed. Sweet willing suction around the hot slide of his spasoming cock.

She drew back when he was spent. His still hard cock rested on her cheek, only softening a little.

"It was okay?

He reached for her and drew her up onto her knees, hugging her to his chest. "Jen, it was amazing, you are a natural cock sucker."

She ducked her head a little as if his compliment made her feel shy. She whispered against his chest, "I liked the way you tasted."

He tilted her face up and looked at her, "Did you then?" She nodded.

She hid against his chest for a little while and then quietly asked, "Do boys like the way girls taste too? Carry says boys lie about that, that they only say that they like it so they can fuck you after."

"I don't know about all guys, but I have very much liked the way some girl's taste."

Her face fell a little, "Some?"

He kissed the tip of her nose, "I'm sure you are delicious Jenny."

"But what if I'm not?

"Don't worr…." His words trailed off as she lifted her Champaign pink skirts and her fingers settled on her white panties. His throat went dry, "Jen," he whispered as her fingers slid under the edge of her panties, "I don't know if I can bare it." Her fingers slid free wet and glistening. Christ, going down on him had left her soaked. His cock thumped against his belly.

"You said honesty. Just be honest." She lifted her fingers to his lips and he could smell her desire. He gripped her wrist and held it, but he couldn't bring himself to draw her hand away.

"I shouldn't do this Jen."

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