tagAnalJenny Girl Ch. 02

Jenny Girl Ch. 02

byWillow Rain©

Jenny had been insistent that he come home this weekend. Tim had been avoiding the trip for weeks. He felt ashamed of what he'd gotten his little sister to do. The image of her on her knees sucking his cock still burned hotly in his mind every time he thought of coming home.

Her letters and calls had been as consistent as ever. Friendly, light hearted, and filled with details from the start of her summer. He started dating Carmela almost as soon as he had gotten back on campus. Her toffee skin and raven hair were enough different that when she sucked his cock he wasn't imagining Jenny there. At least, most of the time he wasn't. He'd told Carmela that he wanted her to meet his folks, but the truth was he needed a distraction from Jenny. He needed some place sweet and wet to sink into so he could have half a chance of acting like an older brother to her again.

He came into the house Carmela in tow and stumbled into his Mom and Step dad. Maybe Jenny wouldn't even be there, she might be out. He managed to get through the introductions before he turned to his Mom and said, "Where's Jen?"

"She's out by the pool honey, she's been out there most of the morning."

Carmela shifted from foot to foot and asked his mother, "Excuse me, where is your restroom?"

"Oh hon, I'm sorry, it's right here down on the right." His Mom slid her hand into Carmela's arm and headed her down the hall, merrily firing off questions about school, and her family. Tim headed strait through the kitchen and out toward the back patio. The door banged shut loudly behind him. The sky stretched out clear and blue. There wasn't any breeze and the air was thick to breath.

Jenny looked up from where she floated in the pool, pale skin burnished into soft gold by the summer sun. A tiny pomegranate colored bikini barely clung to her. The pool water had melted it to her curves.

Her name caught in his throat, "Jen?"

She was up and out of the water and headed toward him scattering water like rain. He barely had a breath in before she was against him, arms around him squeezing her body close.

"I knew you would come." Pool water soaked the front of his shirt and his shorts, but he didn't care. Sliding his arms around her felt like the most natural thing in the world. Her auburn hair was streaked by the sun, and as he breathed her in she smelled of chlorine and coconut oil. His arms tightened around her and she made a low soft groan whispering, "I knew you would come." She cradled her hips intimately into his own, crushing his growing erection between their bellies, "I just knew it."

She was all warmth and yielding in his arms and he could hardly believe it. He had expected her to be wary, distant even. He had expected scorn, or perhaps derision, but not this, this sweetness. She lifted up on her toes, her body sliding against his as she pressed her face into the curve of his neck and kissed him. He cupped the back of her head and heard the door open. Guiltily he dropped his hand and turned toward the house. Carmela stood in the open doorway, staring at them.

Jenny turned toward the sound too, and the look of welcome and joy on her face faltered, and left. She looked up at him and quietly hissed, "Who the fuck is that Tim?"

He looked over Jennies shoulder into Carmela's dark calculating gaze, "It's the girl I've been dating. Her name is..."

Jenny's hand snapped up, her palm facing him stopping the flow of his words.

She kept her voice low, "I can't believe you did this. How could you bring her this weekend?" Jenny looked sincerely and deeply hurt as she stepped back. She looked like she might cry as she snapped a towel off the back of one of the chairs, "Boy's suck. Do you know that?"

She flat out glared at Carmela as she pushed past her into the house. She stormed up the stairs and distantly above he heard her bedroom door slam shut.

Carmela had the good grace to not question over much. She did ask him if Jenny was his stepsister, which hurt in a stinging kind of way. Jen didn't come down. She sulked and he really didn't understand why until he went to the calendar to get the number for the pizza place.

"Oh shit." Tim winced.

Carmela slid up next to him, her arm draping his waist. "What is it Tim?

"Two months, it's been exactly two months."

Her velvety brown eyes turned up to him, "What?"

"You are going to think I am such a shitheal. Can I put you on the train back to campus?" He turned toward her and gripped her upper arms. He pressed a kiss to her forehead, "Please Carma, it may be really important. I didn't figure out something I should have. Jenny is mad at me, not you. And if I'm right about what I'm thinking she has reason to be.

"I don't understand Tim."

"I know, but I can't explain. Go get your bag." She looked bewildered.

His mother fretted at the door as they got ready to leave. She tried to offer platitudes about lover's spats and he didn't try and correct her misconception. It was dark by the time he got back.

The TV dully blared from his parent's bedroom. Their door was shut. He climbed the stairs thinking of Carmela. She'd gotten past confused and moved into angry by the time he got her safely on the train. They probably wouldn't be dating anymore when he got back on campus.

He had to talk to Jenny. Explain that he hadn't understood, that he couldn't do what she wanted. That he was her brother, not her lover or her boyfriend.

He stopped outside her door, just about to knock when he heard a low guttural groan. He froze. Jenny mewled his name breathlessly from within. Instead of knocking he dropped his hand to the doorknob, it was locked. He pressed his forehead to the wood of the door as another low guttural groan came. His name on her lips, breathless with need. The sound tortured him through the door. His cock twitched. Jesus, what was she doing?

He reached up over the door jam for the skeleton key. He had used it a hundred times as a kid to sneak into her room. He should knock, warn her, give her a chance to stop doing whatever she was doing, and compose herself so they could talk.

Instead he slid the key in and unlocked her door. It swung open silently. Naked, her head was thrown back and her knees were bent and splayed lewdly. She was laying on her back on her white eyelet coverlet. All her stuffed animals were thrown to the floor. Her hips were lifted and she was sliding a slim cucumber in and out of her body. Her other hand a wild flurry across her clit. Her lush breasts swayed and bobbed as her hips jerkily lifted, "Fuck me Tim, Fuck me."

He shut the door behind him and the lock made an audible click. Her eyes flew open and she looked at him. Misery and sudden shame flooded in on her.

She rolled on hers side away from him, curling into a ball, showing him her back, not even drawing the cucumber out. The green tip stuck out lewdly between her plump pink labia.

"Go away Tim, Oh God, just go away."

He unfastened his shorts and dropped them to the floor, stepping out of them. "I can't Jenny. And I won't." His boxers followed his shorts. She tightened further into a ball, her arms wrapped around herself as he sat on the edge of the bed and pulled off his T-shirt. He made a private decision to get her better toys, give her little things, but this would do for now. He touched the cucumber dildo and it shifted in her.

She groaned, "Don't."

"I need to Jenny, and you need me to." He curled behind her. The hard length of his body shaped to her. He slid the cucumber back out a little and then pushed it back into her. Her body jerked and she gave a startled gasp. He whispered just behind her ear, "I will fuck you any way I want to Jenny." He kissed her shoulder and then the curve of her neck, "You asked for that first, before you asked me to leave."

She made a pitiful sound and tried to squirm away from him as he started to fuck her with the cucumber.

"Tim, it's too humiliating."

He snaked an arm under her and held her steady, "What is? That you wanted to fuck your brother? Or that you couldn't wait for him and had to fuck yourself with something else instead?"

She jerked and writhed in his arms. The cucumber made wet squelching sounds every time he pushed it into her. Making pitiful choking sounds, she started to push back into him yielding to her need. "That's it Jenny baby, show me how much you need it honey. Touch your clit, I want to feel you come."

The sounds she made were desperate and low as her hand snaked between her thighs. He fucked her harder with the slim dildo his own cock painfully throbbing. Her arching hips became more desperate and he only had to hold the cucumber steady as she bucked back against him. He pressed the wet tip of his thumb against her ass.

"Yield to me." He pressed his wet thumb forcefully into the tender ring and she came, jerking and rocking in his arms. Raw passion ripped through her, and she bucked and pressed against him. Just when he thought he could bare not having his cock inside her any longer, she slumped into the bed, her body molding to his. The rhythmic tightening around his thumb slowed, gentling. The feel of her was hot and smooth.

"Jen," he hissed, sliding his thumb free and replacing it with one wet finger and then two, stretching the tender ring. "Jenny, you are so fucking hot. I have to be inside you, sweet baby." He pushed in a third finger and she mewled tightening protectively.

"Tim," She panted, "Take out the other... it's too much."

"No," he groaned against her neck. He swept as much of her wet against his cock as he could. She'd used a lot of lubricant with the cucumber, and her own arousal was abundant. He smeared it across his cock and pressed lubricant into her reluctant anus, "I want you like this, just exactly like this."

He groaned as he settled the head of his cock against her, "Relax baby, please, I don't want to hurt you, but oh Christ, I will. I will be inside you if you resist or not. I can't wait honey, I can't."

She took a breath like a sob and softened against him, sweet tender yielding that almost made him cry out in victory. He pressed forward and the tight ring slowly yielded. She yelped and shuddered as the head of his cock seated in her. He held her tight. "Breath baby girl, breath." She did, uneven breaths panted out.

He wrapped his arm around her and cupped his hand between her legs. The heal of his palm against her mons and clit, his fingertips pressing the cucumber deeper in. The feeling of it moving within her made him shudder.

He drew his hips back just a little so that he tugged on the ring and then pushed deeper into the tight slick heat of her body. "Jenny, Oh God. You feel so good." He cupped her more firmly with his hand as he stroked deeper into her, keeping the toy from coming out. She made a desperate noise, nails sliding down his arms. He rocked his palm against her, pushing the dildo deeper in each time he drew back, alternating sensations in her tight hot little body.

She wiggled against him panting. Her breath came out a soft litany of pleas and tender begging. The round soft curves of her hips nestled to him.

"Again baby, I want you to come for me again." Her hips started squirming against him, and he started to push the dildo in at the same time he pushed forward. He could feel her body strain from the fullness, shuddering and trembling. She made a desperate sound, crying out, turning her face into the bed to muffle the sound.

When she came, the feeling of her body clenching around him washed pleasure from his toes to the top of his head. When the waves started to soften, he slid his hand to her hip, rolling her face down into the bed.

The slick little cucumber slid out, wet and warm between their legs. He took two deeper strokes and wanted more. He jerked her hips up, bringing her onto all fours on the bed, covering her with his body. He groaned as he stroked into her for the first time in this position and sheathed fully inside her tight little ass. She swayed under him trembling and unsteady. He started to take her, giving over to the animal urge to fuck her hard, knowing he was using her roughly. He cupped her swaying breasts, slid his fingers over her candy nipples, pinched them hard and felt her buck under him.

"My girl, " He hissed, pinching her again, forcing his dick hard into her, "My fucking girl." He came and it felt like his orgasm pulled him inside out.

He was left raw feeling, collapsed on her body, pulsing hot and deep inside her. Her legs trembled and then she sank into the bed, the weight of him pressing her deep into the covers. He felt locked to her like a dog. Betrayed by his body, betrayed by his heart. He loved the girl vibrating under him. He rested his face on her shoulder, feeling her begin to hiccup under him.

He cradled her, rolling them both back onto their sides. He ran his hands tenderly down her body, swept the hair back from her face, touching her until she relaxed and her breath deepened. Tim placed a tender kiss just behind Jenny's ear and said very softly, "We'll make it be okay, Jenny. I promise. I'll make it be okay."

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