tagIncest/TabooJenny Girl Ch. 03

Jenny Girl Ch. 03

byWillow Rain©

Tim headed down the hallway to room 243 carrying a ragged little bundle of violets. He felt like a dumb ass but wasn't really sure what the proper etiquette was when you went to go visit your sister at her first dorm room, your sister that you were involved with in a decidedly un brotherly like fashion. She liked violets, so he'd found violets, stolen them out of a suburban yard to be specific. There was a faint grass stain on his khakis from the petty theft.

He checked the names by the doors. They had ridiculous little flowers and butterfly stickers on them. Tim followed the numbers down the hall. "Welcome to your new home." Was pinned directly to one door over a little dry erase board that said 243.

Jenny's name was there, but the last name was wrong. "What the fuck?" After Jenny's first name was their step dad's last name. He gritted his teeth and knocked on the door, a wave of resentment and old hurts rising in him.

The door swung wide open and there was Jenny all sparkling eyes and cotton candy lips beaming up at him. She looked like spring, like the feeling you get after a warm light rain. Dressed in a crisp white button down shirt and a flippy low-slung pink skirt, she looked edible. Her ponytail was tied with a fat grosgrain ribbon. The room behind her was half Jenny. As if a chalk line had been drawn down the space. Her posters, some childhood toys, her old toe shoes, and her ribbons were all carefully arranged. She'd even put up curtains some how. It was Jenny's old room just forced into a new configuration. He saw the white eyelet bedspread and his cock flexed at the memory of lying on it with her, an ache strong enough to make his teeth hurt.

She slid her hand into his arm and tugged him forward into the room. Stepping back she swept her arms wide, "Do you like it?" Her eagerness and her desire for his approval cut the edge off his annoyance. She was a young eighteen, something that the newly pink and frilly white dorm room attested to.

He sighed, "You've done a good job setting up." He pushed the little cluster of violets toward her, "Have room for these?"

Her eyes widened with delight as she reached for them. She giggled like a little girl, coming up high on her toes to kiss his cheek, her breath like green apple jolly ranchers. Tim cast a guilty look back toward the still open door, one hand falling to the small of her back to help her balance, crisp cotton and warm skin against his fingertips.

"Jenny, we should be careful, someone will see."

She made a little snort and with a toss of her head pulled out of his embrace. Jenny stepped toward the small sink in the corner. "I'm not worried about that."

"Well, you should be." He watched the sunlight turn the highlights in her auburn hair golden as she filled a little paper cup with water. Her tiny hoop earrings gleaming in the daylight.

She cut him off, impatiently, "Nobody knows you here, and you go to a school across town. Mom was so happy that one of us finally agreed to take Bob's name that she even gave me some extra cash to take you out to dinner somewhere nice." Jenny arched her eyebrows and dropped the violets into the paper cup, turning back toward him with a flashing smile. "I'm supposed to talk you into legally changing your name too."

He felt his gut tighten. Their dad had always been good to them. To abandon his name seemed a betrayal of what their family had once been, "What the fuck? You legally changed it? Jenny how could you?" She'd been little when he'd passed, but still.

She didn't answer him right away, but walked over to him and boldly cupped her hand between his legs, brazenly cradling his cock and balls through his jeans. "For us." He felt a hard jolt of surprise and arousal.

He groaned low and soft, "Jenny."

But she only touched him more, sliding her fingers along his lengthening shape, boldly looking up at him with those beautiful blue eyes. He lifted his hand to cup her cheek and claim it.

Behind Tim he heard a woman's voice, "Well, at least you don't seem to be a prude even if you are disgustingly pink."

He tried to jump back from Jenny but she gave him a firmer squeeze, only slowly letting go as she brazenly said, "This is my boyfriend Tim, the guy from back home that I told you about."

The pit fell out of Tim's stomach. He looked to the Gothy little girl by the door. Jenny's lie ringing in his ears. The girl was trying very hard to look like she didn't try at all. Her hair was dyed black and hanging lank to her shoulders, and she was wearing a black baby T and a pair of jeans that barely clung to her hips. A tattoo showed on her belly above her waistband and he would have bet good money it was fake, or henna.

The girl thrust out her hand, nails bitten down to the quick and painted a chipped black, "I'm Mary, fellow dorm slave, and roommate to your pink and glittery girl friend."

He took the girl's hand with little thought, mind reeling at Jenny's easy and careless lie, and gave it a brief polite squeeze. He brought his gaze back to Jenny, pissed that she was springing all this crap on him. She hadn't discussed any of this with him. She was supposed to come to him, talk things through with him. That is the way it had always been.

Jenny snapped her purse up off the bed, cute little nose wrinkling, "We've got reservations at Julian's, so we gotta go. They won't hold the table. They suck that way." She kicked on a delicate pair of sandals. Her pretty pink toes painted the same color as her fingernails, a burnished shade of summer rose.

He gripped the door a little too tight and swung it wide open. "After you, Jenny girl."

The little Goth girl had her shoulder against the wall and was watching them as if it was the most natural thing in the world to walk in on a sister fondling her brother's cock. Tim flicked his gaze to Mary, "Nice to meet you." She gave him a halfhearted sarcastic little smile and it did not help to improve his mood at all.

He slid out the door after Jenny watching her long legs. "Your skirt is too fucking short."

She tossed her head, ponytail swinging, full of bravado and surging freedom, "You're a prude."

She didn't notice his hands tighten at his sides, maybe if she would have she would have been less flip on the train ride to the restaurant, less brazen. He was pretty damn sure she had intentionally flashed her panties at the commuter sitting across from them. The poor guy had gotten completely flustered and Jenny had looked smug and bratty and pleased with herself.

By the time they were escorted to their private table and the curtain was drawn closed over their private booth, he was ready to talk to her. He had things to say.

"So you have decided you want to be my girl?"

"Well, I am right?" She snapped her napkin open and placed it in her lap, "I am your girl." She sat across the table from him as if she was on a date with some dude from school that she could wrap around her pretty finger. He felt something cold run through him, coiling and seating itself at the base of his spine. Her smile flashed confident. Her posture was perky, displaying her surety in her status with him. She wasn't really asking, she was declaring. Clearly, the freedom of being away at college was having an affect on her. She must have been getting a lot of attention from her male peers. He let silence move between them and just held her gaze steadily.

Her confidence was just starting to falter in the extended silence when his gaze burned down to the buttons on her blouse. "Undue your shirt."

Jenny paled a bit and looked to the curtain. He could hear the cold edge to his voice, the hardness, but he didn't care, "You want people to fucking know. So let them know. I won't tell you again Jenny. Open your fucking shirt and show me what is mine."

Her bottom lip quivered and she only hesitantly brought her fingers to her buttons. Tim lifted his glass of water and took a deep drink as she slid the first button free. Jenny looked confused, her big blue eyes questioning and suddenly unsure.

"Don't play modest now. You showed your god damned panties to a stranger on the train. I think you can find it in yourself to show me your lovely tits." Tim let his frustration show in his voice, hover in the tone.

She flushed with color and turned her face away from him. His words were harsh, and meant to hurt and sting. They struck true.

"Did you think I wouldn't notice you flaunting yourself? Showing your body like some fucking whore?"

She shrank back in the booth, fingers stumbling over buttons as the gap widened down her front.

The sheen of a college coed cracked, and he found himself looking at a more familiar version of his little sister, a more real, more open, and a bit scared Jenny.

"Look at me."

Jenny brought her gaze up, eyes welling with moisture. Her deepening breath lifting and dropping the lace covered curves, hypnotizing him.

"My whore. My girl. You are exactly what I want." His gaze followed the line of the lace, "Unfasten your bra as well, and lift them for me. Offer yourself."

She dropped her gaze, cheeks blooming crimson as she struggled with the clasp under the tiny satin bow. "Tim?" Her voice was timid, eyes huge, as she looked at him through her lashes.

"Everything I want." He whispered and she lifted her bare breasts in her hands. Her fingernails were painted a darker shade of pink than her candy nipples, slim hands cradling her pale breasts. Her tan line marked perfectly along the upper curves looking like it was painted on the cream of her skin. She looked nervously to the hanging curtain and then to Tim, looking for his approval.

He nodded to her, but it was a small concession. He wasn't ready to ease back yet, "Pinch them."

The curtain moved and she froze like a woodland deer, her shoulders curved in and she jerked her blouse shut. The waiter, gape mouthed looked at her, the curtain falling shut behind him.

He stammered, "I could come back. I..."

Tim shook his head, "You're fine. We are ready to order." He flicked his glance from the waiter to Jenny, "She has really beautiful breasts doesn't she?"

The waiter's eyes were locked on Jenny's chest and her hands clutching her shirt together. Her pink lips were shaped into a startled little oh and her fingers were whitening where they held her blouse shut.

"Show him Jenny." At Tim's voice her gaze snapped to his face, a look of dread blooming.

She swallowed, her voice cracking and squeaking as she said, "Tim don't ask me..."

"Are you my girl or not?"

She dropped her head, unable to look at either of them.

Tim softened his voice and said, "Show him."

Jenny raised her slim hands, pushing back her shirt. Her heart shaped pinky sweetheart ring glinting in the candlelight. She cupped her breasts, exposing and offering them.

The waiter gave a low faint whistle.

Tim let the edge of his water glass clink against the table to get the waiter's attention. "We'd like lemon chicken, roast potatoes and the asparagus."

The waiter looked at Tim stunned, startled back into reality. He fumbled his pen, sweat had beaded on his upper lip. He scribbled down what they wanted.

Tim smirked, rocking the bottom of his glass on the table, "Do you want to touch her? She's been in the mood to show people her panties today." His words made Jenny jolt as if Tim had hit her.

"Hell yes man. Of course, Christ, she's hot as hell." The waiter wet his lips with a greedy flick of his tongue, his eyes sliding all over Jenny. She brought one arm up across her chest as if the waiters hungry gaze made her feel dirty.

"Put your hand between her legs over her panties and tell me if she's wet."

Jenny visibly shrank back against the cushions, tightening her thighs together.

"Oh shit," the waiter hissed, clearly excited.

"Part your legs Jenny." He wasn't sure she would. There was a moment as she turned her face away and down that he thought she would balk, but then her slim long thighs parted.

The waiter reached down where Tim couldn't see and Jenny's face contorted and she gasped.

"Shit yeah man, her panties are soaked. She feels hot as hell against my hand."

Tim chuckled and snapped open his napkin, "You can go now, you've been very helpful."

The guy grinned huge and lifted his fingers to his face lewdly smelling any lingering scent from her body, "Any time man."

The curtain fell closed behind him. Jenny curled forward and rested her face on the table.

"Is it not quite what you expected? Being my girl?"

"No." her voice was throaty.

"Are you hot Jenny, do you want to come for me? Do you think you can before he is back with the bread?"

"Tim we're in a restaurant, it's public."

"Take your shirt off Jen, all the way."


"Off." His voice came low, "You're being slow about this. You're making me think you want him to see you coming."

She looked up, horror moving across her face.

"Is that it Jen, you want more of an audience? I could make the curtain gape." He touched the edge with no intention of moving it.

She shook her head and peeled herself out of her shirt looking mortified, "I don't know if I can."

"I suggest you quit balking and try. He didn't seem like the kind to not be prompt. Pull your skirt up all the way to your waist."

Her throat was flushed. She rocked back and forth in the booth tugging her skirt up until it bunched around her waist. He loved how she looked. Open lace bra dangling from her shoulders, rumpled skirt. He could just see her bare belly and the upper edge of her panties when he leaned forward.

"Did you buy those blue panties for me?"

Her voice squeaked as she slid her hand between her legs and answered, "Yes, your favorite color."

"You're wrong about something."

She groaned, her arm moving as she began to caress her clit through her panties.

"That's not my favorite color."

Her head fell back, lips parting. He scooped a thick shard of ice from his glass and reached across the table. He stroked it over her exposed nipple and she jumped, gaze snapping up to his, "No?" she panted.

"No." he answered, stroking the ice against the hardening tip of her nipple, "It's the pink tint specific to your nipples. I can't look at anything that color without wanting to suck it into my mouth."

She writhed on the bench. He could smell her lust now. He wondered if others would know. Her muffled gasps and harsh breaths were rising in volume.

Tim slid the melting ice along the under curve of her trembling breast, "Tell me when you're close. You look like it feels good."

"Oh God, yes Tim," she whispered, "It feels so good." She pressed back into the booth, body twisting as her fingers swirled, tension moving into her legs, pretty face contorting.

He coaxed her, "Then go on baby, make it feel better."

Her other hand slid down into her lap and he heard the wet sound of her fingers sliding into her body.

"That's it Jenny. You're doing so good for me."

Tim saw the waiter's feet outside the curtain. The man was smart, only a small clearing of his throat. He waited for Tim to draw the curtain open. She wasn't close enough, but soon. The ice melted, rivulets running down the curves of her breast. He gripped the tip of her nipple and squeezed and rolled it firmly, tugging it toward him. She arched offering her breast, jutting it toward him."

"Tim... " He pinched her harder, and she mewled, panting.

"Go on, come for me. Show me what a good girl you are."

She was so close. It didn't take long. She cried out, her body rocking and thumping. Tim opened the curtain just enough for the waiter to slide in with their bread and a bottle of red. Jenny was too far gone to stop. Tim thought at first the waiter was going to drop the bottle, but he kept his grip.

The waiter watched Jenny with open lust as she jerked and rocked in the booth. Panting loudly the thrusting of her hips started to slow. She settled down a bit, her pretty blue eyes opening. She made a chocked sound, lips forming into a surprised oh as she saw the waiter. She groaned in misery and turned toward the back of the booth drawing up her knees and hiding against it.

"You were almost fast enough Jenny love."

The waiter's hands fumbled as he worked the corkscrew, and he didn't bother with the formalities of cork display. In fact he almost missed Tim's glass when he poured the wine. The guy hissed to Tim, "You are one lucky bastard." Jenny hid her face against the embroidered upholstery of the booth.

Tim gestured to the wine, "I don't remember ordering this."

"It's on me man, totally. You're making my day." He could barely manage to look at Tim at all, "She's making my day." Jenny's bare back looked vulnerable and exposed.

Tim chuckled. He couldn't help it. "She's making my day too. The evening started rocky, but I have to say it's been steadily improving."

Jenny just curled tighter into the booth, unable to face them. The waiter slid back through the curtain that separated them from the world. Tim tore open the bread, fragrant and hot. He leaned forward and brushed her cheek with his fingertips, "Jenny," His fingers trailed across her skin, 'Jenny girl."

She turned her face toward him, blue eyes uncertain. He touched a bite of bread to her lips.

"You please me so much." He touched the fresh crusty bread to her lower lip, "Eat."

By the end of dinner she had stopped covering her breasts with her arms when the waiter slipped in. She was even smiling at Tim again.

When the dinner plates were cleared. The waiter looked to Tim and asked, "Would you care for desert or coffee?"

"A coffee would be nice," Tim smiled at the very thought of what he had in mind. Dinner had been a revelation. He had never enjoyed an evening in a restaurant more. He had thought Jenny would revolt or resist. But God no, she'd done everything he asked. It hit something primal and deep in him, "I have my own ideas about what Jenny should have for desert."

The waiter cleared his throat a little, "My boss would be happy to comp your dinner if you cared to display your girl friend to him."

Jenny squeaked, and looked up at the waiter. Her gaze, fearful, snapped to Tim.

Tim played it off nonchalant. "I'll decide after I've had my coffee."

The waiter gave a little bow, falling back into his regular formality of his job, "Yes, Sir." The curtain fluttered shut.

"Tim, you can't mean to just display me to some strange man."

"Why not?"


He reached down and unfastened his pants. The sound of his sliding zipper quieted her. "Time for desert pretty Jen. I want you on your knees under the table."

"But if someone looks, the curtain doesn't go to the floor."

"If you keep your body toward the back, and properly between my legs, only someone really nosey would see you, and they would have to bend down to see. They would see your shapely calves and sandals. They wouldn't see much, " He leaned back in the booth spreading his legs, "But they would certainly know what you were doing."

Jenny held his gaze and for a moment he thought he had pushed her too far. She took a deep breath, so gorgeous, there half naked across the table from him. His erection raged, half out of his pants.

When she slid under the table he had to suppress a groan. He flattened his hands on the linen tablecloth. Jesus Christ, she was going to do it. Sweet little Jenny was going to suck his cock under the table.

Her cool fingers came around him, drawing him out, pushing open the cotton of his pants. The silky wet of her mouth closed around the head of his cock and he groaned loudly. It felt like heaven. He cradled his head in his hands, elbows on the table and slid his hips to the edge of the seat offering her more access which she rapidly took advantage of, taking him deeply into her mouth.

In her eagerness the back of her head connected with the underside of the table with a solid clunk. Feeling waves of tenderness he slid one hand under the table and palmed the back of her lovely head to protect her. The stroking of her mouth was lush sweet heat. The curtain shifted and he tried to sit up a little.

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