tagInterracial LoveJenny Goes for the BIG Deal

Jenny Goes for the BIG Deal


Author's Note: This narrative includes themes of interracial and cuckold nature. If these themes are not suited to your tastes, I suggest you read another fine work. If these topics interest you, please read on and I'd love your feedback. If these themes rustle your jimmies and you choose to read it anyway, well... I hope they're rustled in a good way.


The only good thing about working downtown is having lunch with my wife. At first I was very opposed to moving into the city, but she convinced me we could catch all the basketball games at the arena. That was when she worked for a corporate sponsor and got season tickets for as a perk.

Now, she works in the public sector doing employment assistance. The bustle of the corporate industry had wore her thin. For a stint, she worked as a librarian but now her pay isn't much better. I do alright at the local cable company.

I have always loved her librarian look. The wrapped up hair, glasses, button ups, and the pencil skirts. Once she was mistaken for Alice Eve when she was in the stacks with her black frames on. And that wasn't much for me to worry about. She liked the quiet, peaceful atmosphere of the library. So it was a surprise to me that she didn't shake her look for the new gig.

"Not too spring-y you think?" Jenny asked me as she looked in the mirror. I was busy getting my messenger bag ready and subconsciously said yes. "Really?"

I looked up and saw the floral dirndl skirt that came up mid-thigh. It caught my attention. "Oh... spring-y for sure." Her legs always staggered me... and most men! She had already put on her open-toe white heels with ankle straps. It was her spring-look. "I like the polka dot top." I added.

"You have a good eye." Jenny smiled and primped her hair.

"Only for you." I winked at her but I wasn't sure she saw in the reflection.

"Good, we better get going!" She didn't miss a beat. The click of her heels rapidly echoed through the apartment and before I knew it, she was standing at the door urging me to hurry up.

"What's the big rush?" I asked as we got to the bus stop. We took the same bus, but she got off about three stops before me. The bus just pulled up.

"I've got a big meeting today." Jenny started, tapping her pass for the fare. "One of our big employers is coming in and we're trying to get them to take on more hires." I followed up from behind.

Going into the city, there's always a mix of people on the bus. But one thing never changes, at least from what I noticed. When Jenny enters the room, people look. The old men break their gazes from the window and raise their brows. Sometimes some young guys make remarks. I've developed a thick skin over time.

"Does that mean we're not doing lunch?" I asked as we took our seat in the back.

"Scott, I'm not sure... I might not have as much time. I can text you and let you know if that works?"

"That's alright." I was kinda bummed. The feeling worsened as I saw her stop was coming up. "Looks like you're almost there."

Jenny looked out and reached up for the yellow cable to pull. It was a strange sight to see a white woman in this part of town. Even when she got off the bus, I sometimes wished other people would get off with her just so I could see her get into her building safely. "Wish me luck!" She said as she stood up.

As she made her way off the bus, it was only her de-boarding, but all the heads turned again. I watched her step off and the bus began to move again.

Outside, a group of guys huddled around the stop, waiting for the next bus I imagined. They watched her get off and said something. Jenny waved and walked to the building, and they watched her the whole way.

My days at work are pretty mundane. As soon as the bus crosses into the central business district, I feel more comfortable instantly. But that short ride comfort is also short lived. When I clock in, it's usually nose to the grindstone.

Of course it doesn't help that my boss likes to delegate 95% of his work to me. But I guess that's what I'm there for. The bulk of our interactions are me waiting to get an approval or signature on orders. And at most, they last 30-60 seconds. I had to ask a co-worker once if he had it out for me, but she assured me that he's short with everyone... unless you have something to offer.

I thought she was being funny but I quickly learned that it wasn't so cryptic. I was working hard that morning trying to get my work done and still hadn't heard from Jenny. Once I printed out the fresh copy of the order, I stapled them and made my way to my boss's office.

"Ha ha, you're funny Mr. Dow." Tasha, his secretary said as she stood in front of the copier outside of his office. He was leaned up against the door frame right next to the copier. It almost looked comical since he wore these giant Steve Harvey type suits everyday.

"Me funny? Naw." He chuckled and leaned in a little, putting a hand on the copier. "And what I tell you about calling me Mr. Dow? Call me Chester." He grinned. "Or sir."

I tried to clear my throat to break into the conversation but it didn't work. "Well, sir... I'm sorry but I've got some plans." Tasha smiled politely.

"Some plans? Shi- these are court-side tickets girl." Mr. Dow eyed in on her. "You gotta be kidding me." He shook his head and brought his voice low, I was surprised to catch it at all. "You in here all tolo and you telling me you don't wanna be court-side?"

Tasha smirked and shuffled back to her desk with the papers. "Nope." She leaned over work and grabbed the stapler, sticking out her big behind deliberately at him.

"Mm." Mr. Dow bite his hip and smiled. "That ain't right." He saw me in the split moment watching this all unfold. "What do you want Scout?" He went back into his office and beckoned me over. He had started calling me Scout after he yelled "get out" and my name at the same time. He stopped me at the doorway.

"Sir, I've got the orders, ready for you to sign." I held up the papers and only glanced at him once I finished speaking. He waved me over and I handed them to him.

"Hm... this alright work Scout." He said. "I got some follow up orders here you gotta attach before 1pm. You think you gonna get it done in time?"

"Um..." I shouldn't have uttered the word as I contemplated missing my lunch, because his disappointed showed instantly. "Yes sir."

"Good." Mr. Dow stood up and grabbed his coat. "I got a working lunch today so you're gonna have to pick up the pace." He walked past me and stopped at the door as he saw Tasha. "How much of that conversation you hear?"

"Uh... just up to tolo sir?" I didn't know what to say.

"Hmph, alright." He chuckled to himself. He knew I didn't know what it meant. After he left, I went back to my desk and pulled up the additional documents he gave me. Curiosity got the best of me and I looked it up. TOLO means titties out, legs open.

The rest of the morning was pretty uneventful. Usually when Mr. Dow went on a business lunch, it meant he'd be out until at least 2-3pm. So that meant that I could get the extra work done and have a chance to leave the completed paperwork for him. It was almost like when he left early, I could do as I pleased.

Jenny had texted me back and said that she wouldn't be able to go out to lunch. But I suggested I could pick something up for her and bring it to her. She replied with a heart eyes emoji and a thumbs up.

We usually meet at a sandwich shop half way for both of us. This time, I grabbed her normal order and made quick time getting down to her office.

It was always seemed like there were people lingering outside the stop. It wasn't the same three guys from this morning, but another trio that watched me walking down the side walk. "Aye brah, downtown is that way!" One of them yelled and pointed behind me. The other two laughed. I just clutched my sandwiches close to me, nodded, and walked by them.

In the lobby of Jenny's office, it was a bit of the same. Guys in tattered jackets, some looked like they hadn't bathed in a few days. I always thought that was the reason they were unemployed, every time I visited. Some guys had doo-rags, others with face tattoos. I stuck out like a sore thumb as the only white guy.

"Hi Dolores." I tapped on the window to get her attention. The rest of the waiting room glared at me trying to use some kind of privilege. "Is she free?"

Dolores held a finger up while she pulled the phone receiver and dialed. "She said go on back." She pressed a button that buzzed the door open.

The offices were made within the re-purposed building. So there were only two hallways on either side of a main meeting room, with offices with little windows along the outer edge. The hallways illuminated as I set off the sensors for the eco-lights that turned on and off. Jenny's was all the way at the end of the hallway.

I was surprised to see all the benches in the hall empty. Usually they did rapid interviews and had folks lined up to meet with the employee assistant counselors. But it looked like a lite day today.

My footsteps echoed in the hallway, but I still caught a tail-end of the conversation from her office. "Thanks for coming out today!" She beamed, as I saw in through the window, the blinds were slightly drawn up and I could see in. I slowed down when I saw the dark bald head sitting on the other side of her desk.

"Oh the pleasure is all mine miss." His voice was familiar. When I knocked on the door, I tried to hide my surprise that it was Mr. Dow. His legs were spread and the baggy pant legs showed his socks. I noticed the folio on his lap.

"Well I'll be-" Mr. Dow started and looked at the bag my hand. "I didn't know they did delivery." I was shocked.

"Oh!" Jenny laughed. "No no Mr. D-"


"Mr. Chester..." Jenny waved him off. "This is my husband, Scott. We usually grab lunch at that place but he was kind to bring it here today." She turned to me. "Scott dear, I just thought of you when, Chester, and I were talking about the game tonight. He has court-side season tickets!"

"That's right." Mr. Dow produced the two tickets from his coat pocket. The same ones I saw earlier this morning. I was still waiting for him to make our connection known to Jenny. "If this deal works out for us, your wife is gonna earn em'!"

"Now that's an incentive." Jenny smiled politely. "Scott knows I'm a big Deron fan."

"Get outta here." Mr. Dow was incredulous. "What you like about Deron?" He asked, almost testing her.

Jenny held her palms up at the challenge. "What's not to like about Deron?" She laughed.

"You got a good woman here man." Mr. Dow said to me, validating my presence again.

Before I could respond, Jenny injected again as she brushed her shoulder. "You could say I'm tolo!" She laughed again and I felt the blood escape out of my face. "We were talking about what Chester wanted in an employee and he brought up the word. What does it mean again? Talented, organized...?"

"Yes, talented, organized, lasting, and outgoing." Mr. Dow finished the acronym. "Yes you are. Which why I'm confident we can make this deal. Speaking of which can we..."

"Oh yes, of course." Jenny came back to business and looked at me. "Scott could you wait just a few minutes, it shouldn't take too long?" She looked at Mr. Dow for confirmation. "Like five minutes?"

"Hmm, maybe 15-20." Mr. Dow countered and patted the folio on his lap. "We do have some big figures to go over."

"Can you wait?" Jenny urged me. I nodded. "Great, I'll have Dolores buzz you in." I turned for the door. "Could you pull that? Thanks dear."

The light in the hallway came back on as I stepped out. I got halfway down before I realized I probably could eat my lunch while I waited. I figured I would slip back for a second and grab it. Then I stopped right before coming into view of Jenny's office window.

I don't think she could see me and Mr. Dow had his back to me anyway. The blinds were drawn downward from inside, so I could only see in at a downward angle. They were both still seating there and talking. She looked so relaxed.

It boggled me because I always felt on edge around Mr. Dow. She didn't even bat a lash at calling him Chester! He was relaxed too, making big gestures with his giant hands. When he pointed back to the window behind him, I pulled back and leaned against the adjacent wall. I'm pretty sure Jenny didn't see.

When I looked again, he had stood and leaned against her desk over the open folio. He had always been an imposing figure to me, but when he stood in front of her desk, he looked twice as big. But the sentiment was lost on Jenny. I was shocked to see that she had been looking up to him.

Her eyes were easy and she fiddled around with her necklace. When she laughed, she brought up her hand and her wedding ring sparkled. Mr. Dow pointed at the paper and she leaned in to look. I didn't catch it right away but she had undone a button on her blouse.

Jenny got up and leaned over on her side of the desk, pointing at his folio too. Her face read serious, but I could see down her shirt and I could only imagine the view it afforded Mr. Dow. Knowing him, I'm sure he had said something because Jenny crinkled her nose and tapped his shoulder in a gesture of "oh stop" in arrest of a compliment.

The light in the hallway turned off and I looked to see where the sensor was. As long as I didn't step too far closer to the front or far end of the hallway, I would be okay. But the thought of staying made me feel unsure.

But I had to see. Jenny had moved to the file cabinets behind her desk, along the back wall. She stood straight and her legs looked fantastic. It looked like she couldn't find a file she was looking for. And just at that moment, Mr. Dow eclipsed my view as he moved towards her bookcase.

I panicked for a second and tensed up. I remembered the conversation from the morning, with Tasha. There was something exciting and I didn't realize until a moment later when I felt aroused. Jenny was bent over looking in the lower cabinets and Mr. Dow was rubbing at his inner pant crotch.

She looked back at him as he talked, but didn't even say anything to him! I was upset but only realized it when I had squeezed my own dick a little too tight. Mr. Dow gestured to Jenny's office chair and she squatted on her knees and gestured him to the seat.

He made himself comfortable in the swivel chair while Jenny kept looking for the documents in the cabinet. Though I couldn't see it, I knew I was mimicking the way he was stroking his pants. He said something that had caught Jenny's attention, tearing it away from her search.

Then I saw him reach into his coat pocket. He produced the two tickets from within and fanned them at Jenny. I couldn't make out what he was saying, but the look on Jenny's face was of confusion. He gestured grandly again and Jenny stood up. Then he held his palms out, as if to ask for her input.

It looked like Jenny responded with her own question. Mr. Dow only nodded his head and his hands moved again where I couldn't see them. Then he smiled.

I looked at Jenny, already surprised. She held her hand to her mouth as she pointed down to the tickets. Mr. Dow didn't do anything except nod.

Jenny looked in thought and took her glasses off. She took to a knee right there, I saw her white heels appear behind her as the other knee followed. Her head disappeared below the desk and Mr. Dow's put his hands behind his head, leaning back in her chair.

I peered closer, the blinds in my way, and I noticed the sliver of Jenny's head in motion over and under the desk. I stood tip-toed and couldn't believe the sight. Jenny had stuffed the tip of Mr. Dow's cock in her mouth! I could only see flashes of her pink nails as they worked what I could see of his massive black shaft.

Mr. Dow's eyes were closed and he was grinning. My own dick was rock hard. How was this possible? I strained to see Jenny bobbing and I couldn't stop stroking myself. She had pulled her blonde hair back in a loose pony-tail, which was the only thing I saw tussle up and down.

I looked away for a split moment and unzipped my pants. I had to be careful not to trigger the hall sensor. It felt amazing to feel my own cock so hard. I don't think Jenny had ever worked it up that much. I stuck with short strokes, just not to make much movement. It wasn't too tough with my size anyway.

Looking back in the room, Mr. Dow now had his hands behind Jenny's pony-tail. He was grinning even more. I'm pretty sure he mouthed the f-word too. I couldn't see where his other hand was. Not much later, Jenny finally came up.

Her face was red and her chin was wet. Some of her pony-tail had come undone in the front and pasted to the light sweat on her face. She started to nod her head while it looked like Mr. Dow said something. When she stood up fully, I saw that her polka dot shirt was open.

It looked he gestured again with his finger and Jenny asked to clarify. Mr. Dow pointed to the space in front of him and then gestured to himself. Jenny nodded again and turned around. I couldn't believe it, she started to lift up her skirt!

Her bare bubble butt made Mr. Dow smile from side to side. I felt some pride. Jenny pulled at her pastel pink thong and leaned over while she let them drop.

Mr. Dow, who I knew not to waste any time, grabbed a whole handful of my wife's butt. He stuck his tongue out and pulled her back, burying his face between her cheeks. The look on Jenny's face caught me off guard too. It looked like she was cooing and smiling just like he was!

I kind of jumped when I felt a little cum leak on my own finger. Was this actually happening? I wanted to rub my eyes and pinch myself. But instead, I tugged a little harder and squeezed more. I didn't want to look away.

When I looked again, Mr. Dow had stood up and had Jenny by her pony-tail and led her shuffling to the bookcase. Her panties impeded her step as they caught on the ankle clasp of her white heels. Mr. Dow pointed to the top of the bookcase that came up high towards Jenny's waist.

She put her hands on there right away. Mr. Dow's hands, and eyes, looked down my wife's back side. I recognized his pleased smile from the way he looked at his secretary, Tasha. He pulled Jenny's skirt up and tucked it into the waist band, his hand groping and slapping her cheeks.

I began to lose it as he reddened Jenny's butt. When he separated them, I could see the work he had started. Her pussy was already glistening wet. I know for a fact he hadn't been dining for long, so it was bewildering to think she was that aroused. His wide palm splayed and tried to grab Jenny's butt whole, while his middle finger slipped somewhere in to her crack.

I was so mesmerized by the sight of his fat fingers surveying Jenny's behind. I nearly missed where his other hand was. It was busy unbuttoning his baggy slacks. He worked with some dexterity I didn't even know as he unbuckled his belt. As soon at the zip was down, the slacks fell instantly, revealing his dark huge thighs and legs.

Mr. Dow is by no means a slim guy. In fact, for the longest time I thought he was overweight. It was almost a way for me to think I was better than him out of resentment. Boy was I wrong. Now I understood why he wore those baggy slacks. How else would he hide the beast between his legs?

He already started to stroke it with his free hand and I didn't get a full look at it. When he finally grabbed Jenny's hair again and led her to the desk, I saw the behemoth swing. I couldn't tell the size right away, but it was awe-inspiring.

Jenny pushed the insulated travel coffee mug I got her off to the side along with her other papers. I saw it and glanced at Mr. Dow again. There was the resemblance I needed.

I remembered back to when I got it for Jenny. She put me in charge of finding something with good reviews. And I asked her what she needed. "Oh I don't know, you pick it out." Jenny had told me.

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