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Jenny in Amsterdam



Even when I was 18 I was fascinated by the amazing power and attention received by wearing a top with no bra. The first time it happened was quite a shock for me.

We were camping in the mountains with the Terry family who had been friends for years, on the banks of a quiet river. The last time we had done this was 2 years prior, and in the intervening years I had changed from adolescent teenager, into teenager with considerably more shape to me. We all arrived pretty late after the long drive, and rushed about unloading cars full of tents and bags, removing bikes and canoes from roof racks, and generally making the camp comfortable for the next 5 days stay.

I remember everyone was pretty tired, myself and younger sister, the two young Terry sons, as well as our two mums hit the tents early, but my Dad and Uncle Shaun, as I called him at the time, stayed up drinking beers, and generally catching up. I lay in my tent tossing and turning. I have always been the sort that struggles to sleep with any outside noise, or light sources. Needless to say an early night turned into a late one for me. Eventually my dad and Uncle Shaun headed to bed at midnight.

The next morning my mom stuck her head in the tent to ask if I wanted to go canoeing.

" Its 6am mom!"

"Fine. See you later. Uncle Shaun's still asleep".

My dad had a cast iron constitution and was up and in the canoe raring to go .I dosed off, but awoke an hour later with the sun streaming into the tent. I decided coffee was on the agenda. I threw on a little white lacy top with some denim shorts, and climbed out to a gloriously sunny, although still pretty chilly morning.

The coffee pot was on the gas, and just needed a bit of heating up. Nothing like coffee when you're camping. I think I was sitting leaning forward on the log by the fire pit, letting the sun soak into my back. The sound of a tent zipper bought me back from my daydreams as Uncle Shaun emerged from his canvas cave.

"Up for coffee?" I asked as he plonked himself on the log opposite me.

"You know it!" I got up and grabbed a mug, bent over and poured from the pot. "Milk and sugar?" I asked looking up. "Uurrmm, no milk one sugar", he stuttered looking away, but I had seen. I stayed were I was and added the sugar, stirring it in. I looked down at myself. The top I was wearing was sitting pretty low and with me bending over was showing a hell of a lot of cleavage and more. On top of that the fact that the cold air had my nipples standing out like bullets, and it was quite a lot to see.

Even when I was that young I had really big nipples. When I get really turned on now days they stand out about 20 mm.

I handed him his coffee and took my seat back on the log. I thought of putting my arm over my chest, but thought this would show I'd seen, and make it really embarrassing. Besides, as I sat there I actually quite liked the idea that my dad's friend, who must have been about 40 was staring at my tits. I'd had boys at school and on the beach checking me out, but this was different. This was making me quite excited. He drank his coffee in silence, and then said he thought he would go to the river for a swim.

"I'll come with", I said. A sudden rush of excitement at the idea of teasing my dad's friend making me almost giddy.

"Ummm, sure, I was going to go to the rocks."

"Great, good for tanning. I'll get my stuff."

Back in the tent I had two costumes. A full black one for swimming, canoeing and so on. And then a cream coloured, crocheted bikini, I bought for the beach. From the looks the guys at the beach gave me I new it was pretty damn sexy. So it had to be that one. I wrapped a towel around myself and met Uncle Shaun outside.

We followed the 5-minute trail along the river to the rocks. We chatted as we always had and it was just like old Uncle Shaun, at least until we got to the rocks. To get to them you need to swim/wade to the other side holding your dry stuff above your head. We both had just a towel to keep dry and I made sure I was standing in front of him when I took mine off. I don't know if he expected a full costume, but to his credit he didn't seem to show too much attention.

We waded into the river and god was the water cold. Even before we got waist deep I could feel my nipples growing. Only in the middle was it really deep enough to have to swim and that was only about 6 strokes. Then you waded out onto the rocks on the other side. Uncle Shaun was ahead of me and turned to help me onto the rocks, but his eyes were fixed lower than my face. The cold water had worked it's magic and so had the bikini. I acted as if I hadn't noticed him looking and put my towel down, and lay out in the sun on my back closing my eyes under my sunglasses to allow him time to look without fear of capture. I was probably hornier than I'd ever been.

I remember earlier that year I'd been to a party, and had a joint and a few beers and got pretty horny from it. I ended up getting finger fucked by two different guys in the space of half an hour, but that was more to do with the beer and dope than being really horny.

But this displaying myself to a much older guy was the most exciting thing I had done and I could feel it in between my legs. After allowing him time to look and with the sun undoing the cold waters good work I sat up and we chatted about this and that for a while. After an hour or so he said that the others would probably be back soon, and he was going to start brunch.

"I think I'll stay and work on my tan".

He said sure thing and started to wade across the river. As he got to the middle I reached behind my neck and undid the string holding the top up. " Shaun. Can you get my mum to keep me some stuff to eat."

"Sure", he said turning around. I had my straps loose and was holding the top in place with my arm haphazardly over my boobs. I'd seen girls on the beach do this and knew it looked really sexy. He sure seemed to think so as he had staled in that position, before spinning and heading to the shore.

It was the first time I had called him just Shaun and I remember knowing that it was a major change in the dynamics of our relationship. Almost a power shift.

I lay back and pulled my top aside. I had only ever tanned topless with girlfriends at home in the garden, so this was adding to my sense of extreme horniness. That and the fact that the path back to the camp followed the river and I knew he would be able to watch me topless as he walked back. I closed my eyes and imagined him watching, maybe even stopping behind a tree to watch me. It was the best I could do to stop myself from rubbing my pussy through my bikini bottoms.

I don't know if he did stop, but that night when we went to bed, my tent was quite close to Shaun and his wife, and at about 1am I heard them fucking. They were trying hard to be quite, Emily even throwing in the occasional "schhh", but at night in a still valley, the steady rhythm of them fucking was hard to hide. I lay there knowing full well he wasn't fucking Emily it was actually me he was fucking, out on the rocks.

The rest of the holiday passed as others before. Relaxing, eating, drinking, laughing and more relaxing .The only difference was my few opportunities to tease Shaun when the chance arose. Coffee time in the morning was good, as I made it my job to serve coffee to everyone. I'd choose my morning tops carefully not to show my nipples through the material, but loose enough to show most of my tits if I bent over the right way. Of course Emily and my folks got served by the demure 18-year-old daughter, and Shaun by the demure 18 year old, bending at the waist to add sugar. Slowly stirring it in as he sat on his now favourite log in front of me trying to not let on as to what he could see.

I've often wondered if he thought I was being deliberate or just naive. I've got a feeling he knew I was doing it on purpose and by the way he fucked Emily every night of the stay I think he really enjoyed morning coffee.

PART TWO I'm 29 now. As I've got older I've used the lesson of 'Uncle Shaun', in various walks of life. From the fun of girls nights out, to the serious business of job interviews. The right sort of top can make them all work better.

This summer I went to Amsterdam with Mike, my husband. It was a four-day trip and he had scrutinized my packing. No bras allowed, and only small revealing tops, mainly in colour white, and a couple of really skimpy dresses and boots.

The weather was good and with days spent sightseeing and visiting museums, and night out walking the town, going to bars and clubs, it was a busy four days.

Our second night there I was in boots, denim skirt and a white halter neck top. Not massively revealing, but terribly see-through, made of a tight fitting material that offers absolutely no support. My tits aren't huge, but without a bra they bounce beautifully. We had a few beers at a bar on one of the canals, Mike sending me to the bar each time so he could watch the men's reaction as I walked past. The guys that looked tried to do so casually, but the barman made no attempt not to check me out, as he poured the beers.

I stood there thinking how Shaun had to pretend not to look, and here was this barman of about 19 staring with no regard to my reaction. I didn't give a damn really, a young guy staring at your tits is a great feeling for a girl of nearly 30.

It had got dark by about the 4th beer, and we wanted to walk Amsterdam's famous Red Light District. Being a Friday, it was really busy with all sorts of groups wandering the narrow streets and canals. Tour groups, backpackers, locals, and large groups of guys wandering in packs, from red window to red window. Some glancing sideways at the girls inside. Others stopping and egging on one of their group. Probably a groom to be, or soon to be 21year old, to try the wares. If you've never been to Amsterdam you'd be surprised by how hot some of the girls are.

As we made our way out I was getting plenty of attention of my own with large groups of guys openly ogling me as we walked past, just as if I was one of the whores in the window that they could pay E50 to, for a suck and a fuck. All sense of subtleness evaporated , as we approached guys they would point and shake the shoulders of friends to watch me walk past. I made an effort to walk in such a way that my tits bounced, whilst looking straight at them with a smile on my lips. Mike was really enjoying the looks I was getting, and pointed out that the cold night air was making my nipples really start to stick out badly.

We'd said that we would have to do a live sex show in Amsterdam so went to a place called Casa Rosso. Some of you might know it. E60 gets you in with your choice of 4 drinks. Full sex on stage. Stay as long as you like. It wasn't exactly what I expected. I thought it would be a dimly lit place with tables and chairs around a stage, but it's actually like a small cinema with a stage. There were actually a lot more girls in the audience than I expected. Probably almost a third. We were directed downstairs to the very front row. On stage a muscular guy was been given a blowjob by a hot blonde with obviously fake boobs. There was something terribly jaded about the performance, and not very erotic at all.

Up until then I had been involved with the show, but as my attention started to drift, I noticed the young girl and guy on my right in the 2 corner seats next to ours. I looked sideways and in the dim light noticed she had one leg up on the seat, and her skirt was gathered up on her thighs, while her boyfriend fingered her like mad. You could see she was really getting off on it. I lent over and got Mikes attention and then leant right back so he could see. By now her skirt was right up, and I realized that this is what she wanted. The fact that we had sat next to them, and not the sex on stage was the reason they were doing it so openly. With that I made no attempt to look casually, and openly watched him sticking his fingers in and out of her.

It was almost surreal. Sitting in a comfy chair drinking Jack Daniels, while people are fucking like animals no more than 2 metres from you, and in the seat next to you is a girl, maybe 21 being fingered (actually almost fisted by now as he had is hole hand in her pussy) in full view of us. They carried on for almost 15 minutes before suddenly standing to leave. They had to squeeze past facing us to get out, and I made sure I looked her in the face as she moved past, never taking my eyes off her as I rubbed my nipples though my top for them, to see the effect they had had on me. She smiled, and he just looked straight at my nipples. The show itself rotated every hour and a half, and since our young friends had left it had lost its appeal so we finished our drinks and headed out.

We headed back to the hotel, as I was desperate to get my brains fucked out. We left the TV and sidelight on, with the curtain open so anyone in the hotel across from ours could watch. It's was the best session we had had since I'd let a young barman first get off with me, and then given a blowjob to, in a hotel garden, in payment for a couple of bottles of expensive champagne to take with us to our room at the end of a drunken wedding a few years ago.

The next day was museum day, and I wore black shorts and a little red button down top with no sleeves, that tied around my midriff. Great for places like museums where you're walking around and looking at art work, as from the side if I lifted my arm you can see the whole side of my tit and the edge of my nipple. I also only did two buttons on the front. I'd learnt from making coffee for Uncle Shaun that shirts like this look perfectly respectable until you position yourself in such a way as to show it all off.

Plenty of men got to see as much as he did those mornings. I would see someone cute or with a girlfriend, and would lean in front of them to look at something, then turn to apologise, more often than not catching them looking down the side, or front of my top. Mike would walk behind and get hard, watching me using my exhibitionist skills.

We had lunch at a canal side restaurant and Mike was really horny and wanted to know the plans for the evening. First, what I was going to wear, and second what we were going to do.

The outfit was easy as it was the last night and I had saved the best till last. A white silk dress, black hold-up stockings and boots and a small black denim jacket. The dress was shortish, but not to bad, sort of mid thigh, but with almost no back, just 2 silk straps, and a front dropping 3 inches below my boobs with a silk strap in the middle of my cleavage tightened with a silver clip. With the clip tight the dress was revealing. From the top and certain acute angles from the side with no help from me there was plenty to look at. If though the clip was looser suddenly it gapped considerably in the front to the point that at a certain point you may as well have been wearing a silk scarf around your neck.

As regards what to do, it would be hard to beat the night before. I still had the young couple from the show in my head.

" How about we pretend we don't know each other. I'll walk about a bit and then go to a bar and see if I can get picked up and you can watch!"

Mike had always been into watching. "Your serious?"

"Sure, don't you want to?"

"Off course if you don't mind. It'll make me super horny. How far will you go if you get picked up?"

"We'll see. How far would you let me?"

"Mmph. Probably if you wanted, let you fuck someone."

"We'll see how it goes and who tries to pick me up. Don't know about the fucking bit though. So you pretend not to know me, and sit at a table near me and watch the show. Oh, and bring the camcorder to tape it for later!"

After a few beers and food it was time to get ready. I was quite nervous. It was one thing to show off a bit, quite another to interact with the guys your being the exhibitionist for, especially in an outfit like that.

We caught the tram to Leidse Plein, a tourist orientated area with lots of huge bars with outside tables. As we got off the tram I gave Mike no warning and headed off without a word. I turned to see him following, and began the show by undoing the jacket to reveal the plunging front of the dress to people passing in the other direction. The game had begun.

I picked the first big bar, with quite a few free tables and more importantly lots of single guys at the occupied tables. I went into the bar first and while standing at the bar waiting to be served, Mike stood next to me and totally ignored me. It was a real turn on playing like this. As the barman came I leaned up on my tiptoes across the bar to make myself heard over the din (and of course to let the dress hang open for him.) Mike was loving it. I could see him in the mirror and he and the barman gave each other knowing smiles. He could now look at me like anyone else and not scare anyone off by being with me. He was just another guy enjoying my brazenness.

I headed outside and chose a table with a few tables of single guys and older men around me. Wasn't sure what I was looking for, but I felt like a young inexperienced guy I could play with. Maybe 19 or 20. I sat down with the jacket on and looked around. Mike moved past me, and sat at the table next to mine, facing slightly away from me. Nothing like getting close to the action I thought, he'll even be able to hear what we say. He stuck the video on the table and pretended to be checking the tape as he faced it straight at me. Now all he had to do was use the remote when he needed to start taping. He then took out a guidebook and pretended to read, though I knew there was too much blood in his cock at that moment for his brain to recognise words.

I decided that rather than wait to see who picked me up, I'd pick someone, make the first move, and that way get who I wanted. Sitting directly opposite me were 2 young guys and who weren't bad looking. I'd seen them looking at me and had smiled back. Tonight would be their lucky night.

I leaned across the table towards them. "Excuse me do you have the time please?"


Dutch accents. "Really. I was supposed to meet someone here at 7.30. Thanks"

Mike was sticking stoically to his guidebook. I had broken the ice and waited a few minutes before asking one of them for a cigarette. I don't really smoke, but it's great for this situation. He came around his table and offered me one. I took it and mad sure to lean forward as he lit it. I looked up to thank him and could see it wasn't just my smoke that had lit up.

"I'm Jenny, do you want to join me. It looks like I've been stood up. All dressed up for nothing hey?"

He smiled. "Sure. I'm Jacque and this is Stefan", as the other guy made his way around the table. The situation was perfect as they sat on the side facing the camera, and on top of it the bar had just lit the heaters under the umbrellas, which would give me the perfect opportunity to take off my jacket.

Stefan offered another beer and I asked for a Grolsch. Jacque and I chatted and I found out they were students aged 19 and 20. Unbelievable. Exactly what I had in mind though I was thinking of one at 19, or one at 20, not both.

As Stefan returned I remarked how well the heaters worked and slid my jacket off. I could see them both taking the dress in. With the jacket on it's really sexy. Off, you realize just how little there is to it. I could tell they were more than happy to buy a few beers to get to sit with me. I crossed my legs and the next part of the outfit revealed itself as the silk dress slipped down my stocking to stop on the lacy tops. I paid no attention as Jacque looked down, and his eyes roamed up and down. I hoped Mike was getting all this on video. He had put the book down, and was drinking a beer, sitting slightly side on to be able to see what was happening without, looking straight at us.

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