tagRomanceJenny Lee Ch. 01

Jenny Lee Ch. 01


Ricky grabbed the pizza peel, spun around and dropped two pies into the first oven. He spun back around tossed some corn meal on the peel and grabbed another dough ball. It was Friday night at Pepi's, the most popular pizza place in town, and the place was packed. All the tables were full and there was a line spilling outside waiting. On top of that there were many customers waiting for take out.

Steve pulled more tickets off the wheel and yelled out " We got a rack and a stack!"

Ricky just shook his head.

" 4 oven night for sure." He quipped over to Steve.

" Well then you better hump it brother." was his reply.

A rack and a stack meant that there were more than 60 orders waiting. The rack above the cutting table where the pizzas were sliced and put on trays for serving or into boxes for take out held 60 tickets, a stack meant that the rack was full and a pile of tickets were waiting to be put on the rack.

Pepi's kitchen held two side by side double stack pizza ovens. Ricky was the pizza maker and Steve the pizza puller. They had been a team for over 2 years now and had had many nights like this. Both men had sweat pouring off their faces and their uniform shirts were splotched with wet spots Standing in front of the ovens with the doors being opened constantly was hot enough. But when you added the frantic pace they were working at, it became a full on sweatfest.

Each oven could hold 6 pizzas. Ricky made the pizzas and tossed them into the upper right hand oven which was directly behind him.

Steve would then turn the pizzas to help them cook evenly and then drop them into the second and then the third oven to make room for more. Each pizza took between 15 and 20 minutes to cook depending on how many toppings they had. In order to get into the fourth oven the maker had to be making pizzas at a rate of better than one pizza per minute.

There were two other cooks in the kitchen, Jeff the kitchen manager and pasta maker did all the pasta orders on a stove next to the ovens, and Timmy, the salad boy who handled all the salads and garlic bread and sandwiches. Every cook in there had started as salad boy, which was low man on the totem pole and got most of the shit jobs.

Ricky spun around and dropped two more pies and then threw more corn meal on the peel. The corn meal kept the dough from sticking to the double sized wooden peel. Then he grabbed a large dough ball, flopped it into the flour bin to coat it and keep it from sticking to his hands and started kneading it.

First he pinched about a one inch strip around the out side of the ball, this made the crust part of the pizza. Then he put the pinched ball on the peel and pushed his palm into the middle of it and pressed and spread the dough at the same time. Once he had it flattened he picked it up and spreading his fingers out in a fanned twisting motion tossed it in the air three or four times. This spread the dough out until it was the right size. All of this was done at lightning speed.

He then dropped the spread dough onto the peel and grabbed another dough ball and repeated the process. Once he had both of them prepped he ladled sauce onto the pies. Starting in the middle he spun the bottom of the ladle around and out till the sauce completely covered the dough to the edge of the crust. Then came whatever toppings were ordered and on top of that the cheese.

Now lots of makers could get into four ovens if they were only making cheese pizzas, but Pepi's was famous for it's "Works" which had Pepperoni, Canadian bacon, salami, sausage, olives, onions, mushrooms and bell peppers . All of these having to be spread over 18 inches of dough. Very few people could do all this in under two minutes. Ricky could. He tossed the two pies into the oven then grabbed the next two tickets.

As soon as he looked at the first ticket he yelled over at Steve to call waitress number 7. Steve reached over to the pager system and pressed #7. This made a pager stuck to the waitresses apron vibrate and was how the cooks let the waitresses know when their food was ready.

Ricky had dropped #7's order and picked up the next one and started making two more pizzas while he waited for #7 to show up. He knew this had to be a new waitress because he knew all of them and this number used to belong to Kathy who had quit last week.

When he heard the girls voice kind of timidly ask if her order was ready Ricky slapped her ticket down on the counter in front of her and said, " I know you are new, but I also know they told you not to take special orders during the rush." " I don't have time to make a pizza with one slice cheese and two slices just pepperoni, and the rest whatever; got it?"

A very dejected and kind of scared little, " I'm sorry; I forgot." squeaked out of the girl and for the first time Ricky actually stopped and looked at her.

She looked like she was 12 years old. She was tiny, her head barely making it over the counter. Beautiful sun blonde hair pulled into a ponytail. One of the cutest faces he had ever seen, and these diamond blue eyes that actually sparkled. Ricky had heard of sparkling eyes before but this was the first time he had seen eyes like this. Every time she moved her head the light flashed out of her eyes like one of those disco balls.

For a second he was mesmerized. Then he shook his head, sweat flying off of it when he did, and said," It's O.K., I'll make this one just no more during rush alright?"

At this she smiled up at him and that was it, Ricky fell in love right there and then. Well at least he would later admit to himself that he fell in lust.

She mumbled a "Thanks" and walked back into the dining room.

It took Ricky a second or two to bring his focus back to the pizza orders, but he was so busy he didn't even see this #7 again for the rest of the night.

The Friday night rush usually lasted about 5 hours. Non stop craziness from around 4:30 to 9:30. After that it slowed to a mere trickle and everyone started restocking their stations and cleaning up. Ricky had all this down to a science and quickly finished his station.

He told Jeff he was out of there and clocked out. Because of his talents in making pizza he held a little status in the kitchen and was able to leave before anyone else. Steve would take over making any late orders and the salad boy would be responsible for cleaning the counters and floors.

Ricky walked through the now nearly empty dining room and then into the men's room. He stripped off his sweat soaked uniform and splashed water on his face and upper torso at the sink. He gave himself a quick glance in the mirror as he toweled himself off.

He knew he was no great shakes, only 5' 8" tall with dirty blonde wispy hair. He was deceptively strong for a little guy, but body builder was not the first thing to come to any ones mind the first time they saw him. But he had a pretty good tan from hanging out at the beach during the days before work. Blue/green eyes and a slightly too big almost hawkish nose. A decent smile. When looked at from certain angles he understood he was pretty good looking, but from the wrong angle he could look kind of goofy.

He had once overheard a friend of an ex-girlfriend of his say she thought he looked like a lizard. But there was also the time he had been told by a girl that he was a "stone fox". So he didn't really dwell on it one way or the other.

He finished cleaning up, put on the clean shirt he had brought along to work, combed his wet hair and headed out the front door. Sitting on the bench in front of the restaurant was #7.

At first glance he thought she looked even younger out of her uniform. He knew she had to be at least 18 because Pepi's served alcohol and the waitresses had to be at least 18 to work there. But she really looked like she was still in Junior high. She was very thin and her T-shirt left no doubt that she had tiny almost non-existent breasts. But the smile she gave him when she saw him come out the door just exuded sex appeal and took his breath away.

" Hey number seven, how'd your first night go?" he asked.

"Pretty good I guess, but I worked for a couple hours on Wednesday so this was my second night. Is it always this busy on the weekends?"

"Yeah pretty much" Ricky claimed, " I have Tuesday and Wednesday off." he said by way of explanation for not knowing she had worked before. Ricky felt a little uncomfortable and awkward talking to this little hottie, she was just so damn sexy.

" I'm Ricky." He said sticking out his hand .

She shook his hand lightly and said : Jenny Lee."

She had incredibly soft hands and skin. Almost paper thin skin. Everything about her was just delicate.

The newest waitress always got off first, as soon as the rush started to taper off, so he knew she had been off work for at least an hour. " Do you need a ride or something?"

She seemed to ponder the request for a moment and then told him, " My sister is supposed to pick me up, but I've tried calling her about twenty times and it keeps going straight to voice mail. I think she's with her boyfriend."

As she said this last a little blush crept up her cheeks, making her even more adorable in Ricky's eyes.

" Well come on, I'll give you a ride home, you can call your sister and tell her not to bother." As Ricky said this he pulled his car keys out of his pocket and jingled them in front of her.

She hesitated long enough for Ricky to realize that she probably wanted to go with him, but was reluctant to trust him so quickly.

" I don't know." She almost whispered

" I tell you what" he told her, " I'll sit here and wait with you for a while and if you still can't get a hold of her, then I'll take you home."

She gave him that hot little smile again and said, " O.K.."

She scooted over on the bench and made room for him. Ricky sat down and dropped his back pack with his dirty uniform in it next to her large purse/bag thing that held her own uniform.

Then he turned towards her a little and said " So how did it go tonight?"

" It was great, I made like $50 in tips." " I made a few mistakes though." As she said this last she turned her head away like she thought he might be disappointed in her or something.

Ricky quickly told her " Hey, you're new, and the place can get really nuts. Besides I only had to yell at you once all night, I think that might be a record for a new waitress."

She laughed a little at this. And Ricky added " If you are that good, you can expect to make close to $200 on a good night once you start getting full stations."

" Really?" When Jenny Lee said this she looked over at Ricky and his breath caught in his throat.

Those damn eyes, he thought, my God I'm gonna get hard just sitting here talking to her.

Just then Steve walked out of the door as he was next cook off, when he saw the two of them sitting together he chuckled and said " Ah, the fastest cook in the west strikes again!" Then he just grinned at them and walked away.

Ricky shook his head and watched his friend get into his car and take off. Then turned to Jenny Lee, " That makes me sound like some kind of sleaze bag that hits on all the waitresses, I am not like that."

Jenny Lee smiled at him and said" I know, I asked about you."

" You did?"

" Yeah, all the girls think you are nice and none of them called you a sleaze bag."

" Well that's good to hear." He said, then he looked at her and suggested she try her sister again.

Jenny Lee pulled her cell phone out of her bag and punched a speed dial number and held the phone to her ear. After a few seconds she spoke into it. " Mary Sue, I'm still at work waiting for you, I know your with Craig, don't bother coming to get me I'm getting a ride from a friend at work. I'll see you at the apartment."

Ricky felt his heart jump a little when he heard this, she was actually going to let him take her home. Then he started trying to figure out a way to get her to come to his place.

He opened the passenger side door of his new Toyota Yaris and let her in. Then went over and before he could unlock his door she reached over and unlocked it for him. He liked that she did that. He thought it meant that she really might like him. Or maybe she's just a girl with good manners, he thought. He got in and started the car and drove out of the parking lot. When he got to the light at the main street he asked her where she lived.

" The Crestview apartments on Grand. I'm staying at Mary Sue's till I can afford my own place."

" Hey, that's right down the street from where I am, I live in the Palms!" Ricky exclaimed a little too enthusiastically to his own ears. In a slightly less frantic voice he was able to get out, " It's still early would you like to come over for a while?"

Again she seemed to hesitate while she thought about it, while Ricky was holding his breath and mentally crossing his fingers and toes, and praying she would say yes. She finally said " I don't know, I'm kind of greasy from work and really need to go home and shower."

" You could shower at my place, I've got clean towels and everything." Right after this came out of his mouth he felt himself blush, this was really brazen for him, he'd never pushed this hard for a girl he had just met.

" You sure?" she asked.

" Of course." Ricky kind of stuttered this, he couldn't believe this was going to happen.

" O.K. , let me call Mary Sue so she doesn't worry about me." She then pulled her cell out and got voice mail again and said." Hey I'm going to go out with my friend for a while, don't wait up for me. I'll see you tomorrow."

Holy shit, does that mean she's going to spend the night? Is this really happening? Ricky gulped and told her he had some beer at home but they could stop and get something else if she wanted.

She smiled at him and said beer was fine.

Ricky pulled into his apartment complex and let her out of the car and they walked up to his second story studio. He unlocked the door and let them in. The place was tiny and the bed was pretty much the only furniture in the place. He tossed his back pack in a corner and she dropped her bag next to his and then walked right over and sat on the bed. She was so small her feet hung over the side not quite reaching the floor.

Ricky grabbed a couple of beers out of the fridge uncapped them and handed her one, then he switched on his little alarm clock radio and tuned it to an easy listening station, he usually listened to hard rock but he wanted to talk to this girl so figured something soft would be better. He then sat next to her on the bed. " Sorry there's no T.V. or anything, all my money right now is going towards rent and paying my car off."

" That's O.K., I don't watch much T.V. anyways." She said. Then she put her beer on the nightstand, stood up and said, " I feel really grimy, can I shower now?"

" Of course, let me get you a towel. The bathrooms right there." Ricky pointed to the only door in the room.

Jenny Lee said thanks when he handed her the towel and then grabbed her bag and went into the bathroom. She closed the door but left it open just a crack. Ricky's eyes were glued to that crack in the door. Praying for one little glimpse. And he was rewarded for his prayers as she walked by the door to step into the shower he caught a fleeting glimpse of her back and ass. Everything about this girl was tiny, he thought. Because what he saw of her ass looked like a little girls. Very small, very tight, with just a hint of a curve at the hips.

Ricky couldn't stop his erection from growing, just the thought of Jenny Lee naked in his shower was making him hard and horny as hell. He reached into his pants and cupped his balls. Then stroked his hard-on a couple of times. God he wanted this girl.

A few minutes later he heard the shower turn off and quickly drew his hand out of his pants. His eyes once again glued to the slightly open door. He heard the shower curtain slide open then seconds later saw her walk by the door again, this time the towel was wrapped around her so he only saw legs, but when he brought his glance back up their eyes locked for the briefest of seconds.

Oh crap he thought, she saw me looking.

She came out of the bathroom a few minutes later wearing the same tee but now with little white shorts on. Her hair was combed back loose and was longer than it looked in the pony tail. " Thanks, I feel human again." As she said this she sat next to him an the bed again and her eyes dropped from his face to his crotch where he was ineffectually trying to hide his arousal. Then she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek and said, " You really are nice." The quick little kiss caught Ricky completely off guard, but Jenny Lee stayed there really close with her head bent and looking up at him.

He bounced up off the bed and trying to shield his erection from her grabbed some clothes and a towel and said " I'll be out in a minute, help yourself to another beer or whatever." and darted into the bathroom. It didn't even occur to him to leave the door open a bit like she had. It wasn't something he ever did even though he lived alone.

He came out of the bathroom a few minutes later to find Jenny Lee sprawled across his bed reading his personal journal that had been sitting on the night stand next to his bed. She looked so beautiful and sexy he didn't even balk at what would normally have felt like an invasion of his privacy.

" These are really good." she said looking up at him.

" Thanks." He managed to mumble.

" I like this one a lot." And Ricky started to blush a little as she read his own words to him. " He looked inside her eyes to see, a fire burning distantly, buried under scars of love, that do not heal. He reached inside to try and stoke , that fire with care and love and hope, to show her that her pain was not, all she could feel."

" It's a song." Was all he could manage to say.

" You'll have to play it for me some day.' She told him and then she stood and stepped up to him and reaching up on her tip toes kissed him lightly.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her body up tight into his. She didn't stiffen at all to his touch, just sort of melted into him. They rocked back and forth for to the music still playing on the radio for a few moments, but Ricky could not control himself any longer. He put his finger under her chin and tipped her head up till she was looking into his eyes from just inches away.

He pressed his lips to hers and kissed her. Her lips were wet and warm and pliant. Ricky pushed his lips against hers and with just a mere flick, stuck his tongue about a half an inch into her mouth and then when it touched her tongue pulled it out again. Then he slowly pulled his head back and looked at her. Her eyes had closed but she opened them again and whispered " That was nice. "

" You are so beautiful, and you have amazing eyes." He said as he leaned in again for another kiss. She met his kiss this time and thrust her tongue all the way into his mouth. Ricky felt his erection trying to break through his pants. Slowly he moved his hand down to the small of her back, and brought his other hand up to her breast. When he pressed into her back she pushed up against his almost full erection. A small moan escaped her lips, and he felt her breath rush into his mouth. He cupped her tiny breast and rubbed his thumb over her nipple through her shirt.

She arched her back a bit and pressed her breast up into his hand. It was so small the whole of it fit into his palm. She brought her own hands up and ran her fingers through his hair. When the song ended they separated and sat on the bed again.

He put his arm around her shoulders and leaned in for another kiss. She then moved her own hand and placed it on his thigh. This was all the encouragement Ricky needed as he broke the kiss and then reached over and pulled her shirt up over her head. Her breasts looked like two round marshmallows, with small areolas but fairly large dark brown nipples that were hard and erect. A small moan burst through his lips when he saw them, they were so incredibly sexy.

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