tagIncest/TabooJenny Sits on Brother Ch. 03

Jenny Sits on Brother Ch. 03


Note: I should mention this is a six part series and I have all ready written all parts. I simply wait for one story to be accepted before posting the next. Of course I always go over them again to get some errors out, but time doesn't allow me to be perfect, nor does my skill.

So just enjoy.


We went back to sleep, only to woken up a few hours later by dad moving around. Mum was already getting ready for another day mucking around.

I felt and probably looked like crap while Jenny looked her usual vibrant self. I swear her and mum could exist on no sleep and still look as energetic as they normally did.

Today mum planned for us to soak up the sun on the beach and relax properly. Today was the only full day we would be having here, tonight was our last night sleeping at the hotel.

Like mum I planned to get all I could in.

Gone was any hesitation of touching my sister. If she had of told me off or made it clear she didn't like what was happening I would have stopped. Nothing turned me off faster than the thought of her being disgusted or scared.

But she hadn't pushed me away or even said anything. So I was full steam ahead.

We were out the door and walking towards the beach before we could really wake up. Well me and dad anyway. I looked around, there was no one around. Every one was either sleeping or already at the beach.

My mum was wearing her swimming suit with a skirt, while Jenny was wearing a tight top and knee length shorts.

I moved forward and cupped Jenny's arse, she flinched but allowed me to feel her up as we walked. I squeezed and cupped her supple arse through the thin material of her shorts. Enjoying the way her arse changed shape and firmness when she was walking.

I really wanted to fuck her. My desire for my sister had always been there, but nothing more than the occasional wank fantasy. Now I could hardly keep my hands off her.

I shifted my hand between her legs and slowly put pressure as she walked. I cupped her pussy through her shorts and lifted her up. She was forced to walk on tippy toes for a few steps.

I continued to lift her up, after a few lifts she wiggled her pussy more on my hand. I started to squeeze my hand and move my fingers around as I watched our parents just ahead.

I was feeling my sister up in public and I was as hard as I was when she was sitting on my face a few hours earlier. I needed that again.

I wondered if she felt the same way. Surely if she wanted me to stop she could have walked abreast with mum and dad. Instead she stayed back with me the lecherous brother I am.

We got close to the beach, so I let her walk normally and reached around to give her breasts a quick squeeze. She pushed her chest out into my hands. I reluctantly let go as we cleared the last buildings and people came into view.

We spent the morning alternating between the beach and sea. Both me and my sister weren't great swimmers, so we mostly stayed in the shallows. Only going as deep as our chests.

I stood near Jenny on one foot, the other rubbing between her legs, she was smiling. It was hard to stay standing on one foot while the sea pushes you back and forth. Only the buoyancy of the water let me stand up and clumsily rub my sister's pussy.

We were practically alone.

The surfers were further up in the more exposed and rough water, while the other bathers were closer to the groynes. The rock walls running off the beach into the water to stop the tide taking all the sand away. They made the sea calmer and allowed the bathers to relax in the warm sunshine.

So we had a little privacy, not as much as I wanted, but enough to play around.

"You dirty little bastard. I bet you want to stick your dick in and fill me up with you juice? Don't you? I bet you are hard right now, thinking of your sister's pussy."

Jenny pushed my foot away and moved next to me.

"Keep looking that way."

We were facing opposite directions with her body between me and our parents on the beach with the other people. She reached down, pulled my shorts down freeing my erection.

It felt weird to be naked underwater, the waves were making my cock wave back and forth.

She grabbed my cock and began furiously pumping away. She hadn't handled much cock before, if any, so she had no technique. She just grabbed and pumped.

Her hand was soft and she seemed to know she wasn't skilled, as she kept on changing her approach. Sometimes she squeezed my cock all over, rubbed the head or gave a bit of a twist.

I would show her how to do it properly later.

But the fact we were out in public and it was my sister was hot enough a stiff breeze could make me cum. My cock was so hard it was throbbing in time with my heartbeat, while my heart felt like it was just about to burst.

Within a minute I was shooting my load under water. Only if someone was close enough to hear Jenny dirty talking me while I groaned would know something was happening.

Jenny gave my dick one last squeeze and moved away from me, gracefully moving into a casual breast stroke. Giving me a great view of her tight arse frog kicking.

We ate lunch, some fish and chips at a nearby park while seagulls watched and waited for the odd chip thrown out. Dad was the one to feed them the most, he loved to watch them run across the ground awkwardly.

Our clothes dried quickly in the sun, though they still had that clingy feeling to them.

Next it was time to go shopping. Me and dad were out voted somehow, as the girls seemed to get two votes each. I wasn't too bothered, I knew this was coming and probably the main reason mum had chosen this town.

"You guys go ahead. I need to go to the toilet."

I watched Jenny run off towards the public toilets. I turned to dad, mum was already hurrying towards a factory outlet shop.

"I better go too, we won't get much rest today. I'll catch up later with Jenny."

Dad nodded, he was looking pretty glum with an afternoon of trailing after mum as she went bargain shopping. I turned and ran after Jenny before my smile could break through.

I looked around, but once again the area was pretty deserted. Most people didn't want to go to public toilets when they had cleaner options at their hotels or houses. I was having the best luck of my life. Though even if the area had of been packed I still would have gone through with my lust.

I slipped into the women's and looked under the doors. I saw Jenny's sneakers and shorts with cute panties inside bunched around her ankles, there was no one else in the other cubicles.

I knocked on the door.

"It's occupied."

"Please I need to piss and the others are all full." I heard Jenny sigh, she knew it was going to be more than that. "Hurry I think someone is coming in here."

There was no body coming and the likely hood of hearing them was low. My heart was beating so hard I could barely hear the sea just outside.

The door unlocked with a click, but the door stayed closed. I carefully opened it and poked my head inside.

My sister had draped one hand over her pussy, protecting it from sight and had her other hand up over her clothed breasts. As if I had just shoved in the door and caught her, but she made no move to pull her shorts up.

Her face was flushed, she knew something was going to happen.

I stepped inside, closed the door behind me and locked it. I pulled down my shorts till they were at my ankles and stepped inside her legs, so her feet were behind mine.

I tried to push my dick down, but I was rock hard. I shrugged at her as if I hadn't expected this. She just watched me. Her hand gently squeezed her pussy, while her other groped her left breast through her shirt. It took all my self control not to start wanking off. I knew I wouldn't last long whatever happened.

"I need to increase the angle so I piss in the bowl and not all over you."

I kept my voice low, you never knew who could hear.

She made a disgusted face over that, so I leaned forward. Shuffling my feet till my shins hit the bowl. I half fell forward to brace my hands on the wall above her head.

She helpfully grabbed my dick and tried to point it down more. I shook my head, mostly because it wouldn't work and just how casual she had become towards me. I guess after having me suck her pussy through her panties and a handjob, holding my dick wasn't so strange.

"I need to be closer. Lift your legs up."

She did and as her bunched shorts hit the back of my legs I spread my knees, crouched and scooted forward. She shuffled her arse and legs around till I was sitting on the toilet seat with her legs draped over mine.

My cock was pressed hard against her pussy which with the angle of her hips was just right. I looked up and grinned. She raised an eyebrow and pushed me back slightly.

"You can't piss like that. Aim it down into the bowl and if I get so much of a speck on me, I will make you lick my arse clean. And no funny business."

I nodded and tried not to feel too annoyed, I'd still be able to feel her arse and tits. I also wanted to kiss those juicy lips of hers. So far I had been the one to feel the most pleasure, she had made her self cum each time. Even when I was sucking on her panty clad pussy she had done most of the work, moving her body to make me touch the right spots.

I wanted to make her feel good. Not just because it increased the chances of this all lasting, though that was a main reason. Jenny was my sister and I loved her, so I wanted to make her feel good.

I shuffled back until I had room to point my dick down. A single glorious moment as I dragged the head of my dick down my sister's pussy. I tilted my hips, so my dick wouldn't snap off from her weight and slid forward.

Then I realised what my sister had done. She had moved her hips, so now her pussy lips were split over my dick. I could feel her moist folds on the top of my dick.

I started to slide back and forth with my sister practically sitting on my dick. My hands were all over her arse.

She hooked her arms around my neck and pulled me closer.

"Not so bad huh?"

I responded by kissing her, sticking my tongue inside and swirling it around in a clumsy dance with her tongue. I sucked on her lips and tongue or just pashed as furiously as I could as I humped my dick on her pussy.

I hadn't kissed a girl before and I wondered how badly I was performing.

She was getting into it, snapping her hips, so her clit continued to smash against my pistoning shaft. I shifted one of my hands off her arse to push her shirt out of the way. I massaged her left breast as I sucked on the other.

I couldn't get over how much smoother her skin was compared to mine. My tongue and hands seemed to glide over her body. Just touching her got me so horny I needed to cum.

Jenny began to moan louder and louder. I hoped no one had come in since we started, or was within hearing of the toilets. Being in public must have been a real turn on for her. I knew it was for me.

She started to cum hard on my dick, clenching her muscles and pulling me hard onto her breasts. She wrapped both her arms and legs around me, holding me tight as she drenched my cock with her juices. I would have cum before her, but her handjob in the sea had given me some stamina. I wondered if she expected some thing like this.

I grunted and started thrusting as hard as I could. She had started me off.

"Ohhhh, come on my belly, don't just waste it down there."

That was enough for me. I quickly shoved my arse back, scraping it on the hard toilet seat. I dragged my wet cock head up Jenny's pussy again. She humped closer to me as I cleared her pussy so my dick was pointing up between us again.

She started to hump into me as I came, squirting cum on to her stomach and one hard burst hit the underside of her breast. I was breathing heavily as my orgasm blasted on to her smooth and pale stomach. So smooth and sexy, I wanted to play with it later.

I sighed and melted into her, she moaned into my ear and continued to grind against my dick. I stood up before I got soft and let my girl cum covered cock slid against her body.

She pouted. I knew she wanted more.

"Clean it and I'll clean you."

She paused and looked at my cock in front of her face. She gripped my half soft member and gave it a few squeezes. I got hard again as she looked up at me, opened her mouth and started leaning forward.

Her hot breath made my cock twitch, she giggled and caught it with her teeth, softly gripping it. She growled up at me like a puppy with a chew toy. I nearly lost my control then.

She traded her teeth for her soft, soft lips and began to slide them up and down my cock head. She hadn't done it before, or very much at least. What did I know?

"Suck on it and use your tongue." She looked up at me annoyed. "You'll tell me what to do when I eat your pussy."

She looked down at my belly like she was trying to concentrate and began to swirl her tongue around the head of my cock as she squeezed her lips just below the head. I groaned and cupped the back of her head and started to slowly pull her head forward.

She opened her eyes wide, but didn't try to stop me. I knew she'd be using my face pretty rough later.

I pulled her millimetre by millimetre deeper onto my cock, her tongue was swirling around the under side of my cock. I pulled her down till she gagged slightly. I was in heaven with half my cock in my sister's warm moist mouth.

I let go of her head and she sucked back up to the head, my knees trembled and I nearly fell down. I expected her to stop and give me an earful, instead she sucked back down again, stopping a bit short of where she gagged.

She repeated a few times and made a funny face, she stopping sucking me and licked the tip of my cock.

"What's this? Tastes different to your cum. Not bad, just different."

"Pre-cum. Don't worry you'll be doing this enough to like the taste."

"Just you wait until it is my turn. I'm going to sit on your face and cum all over your mouth."

She started to stroke my cock and went back to sucking, within a minute I was about to blow. Not a massive blow after two orgasms in the hour.

I pulled her head back and left the head of my cock in her mouth, she seemed to know what was happening and sped up her hand job and sucked hard on my cock head.

Her hot mouth was a vacuum on my dick head, I was nearly in pain from the sensory over load of my dick head. My cum was practically being sucked out of my balls.

I groaned and griped the sides of her head as I filled my sister's mouth with my hot load. I pulled my cock out, she opened her mouth to show my cum coating her tongue.

She swallowed, grabbed my cock and sucked it as deep as she could to make sure it was clean. She smiled up at me with glint in her eye.

"Sit down on the seat." It took a little working out before we go into position. I slumped until her pussy was mouth level. She turned around and pressed her arse into my face. "Clean this first."

I licked her arse cheeks making her giggle before moving in to her crack. I licked up and down while playing with her pussy with my fingers.

There was a bit of sweat from today's heat and the taste of the sea was still on her skin. I was loving her velvety skin.

I was just as inexperienced as she was, but I had absorbed enough porn and men's magazine tips to know the theory. She was clean, but when I started to push my tongue against her anus I started to taste her properly. I liked the taste, after all when licking arse tasting was half the fun for the licker.

I tried to point my tongue and get it in deeper, I don't know how well I faired but Jenny didn't seem to mind. As I tongued her arse, one of my hands was constantly running over her smooth tight arse cheeks.

I moved my head back and sucked on her arse cheeks while I used a wet finger from her pussy to push into her arse. She jumped a bit, but once again let me have my way with her.

She seemed a little submissive at times, but not enough to let me fuck her. At least not yet.

I pushed my finger in fairly easily, she wasn't clenching and my finger was slippery. I fingered her arse as I fingered her pussy.

After a minute she pulled my finger out of her arse and shoved her arse back on my face. I got the message and started tonguing her anus again. This time I was able to wiggle my tongue in a bit deeper.

She went wild and started mashing her arse back on me, while rubbing her clit furiously. I could feel her rubbing herself as I fingered her. I was having trouble breathing as her tight arse cheeks clenched against my face.

She came off me licking her arse and relaxed back onto my face, using me as a seat. She stood up and turned around.

"Now its time for you to clean me here."

I grinned. My tongue was a little sore from my efforts to get deeper in her arse, but I wasn't going to pass this up.

She stepped forward and raised her hips to place her pussy on my face, I slouched a little more and started to eat her out. I fingered her arse, adding my middle finger as my tongue, chin and nose mushed into her pussy.

I knew the theory, but I really didn't have much chance to apply it. Jenny was gyrating her pussy on my face as I flailed with my tongue. She was using me like I had used her arse the last night.

Her wet folds were smushed all over my face leaving behind remnants of her previous orgasm and fresh juices. She tasted unbelievably good, I just focused on having my mouth open as possible and my tongue extended as far as it could go.

It didn't take her long to cum, while I held on for dear life grabbing air as often as I could.

She stepped back off me breathing heavily and used toilet paper to wipe the juices off her legs and arse. I quickly followed suit, but my hair had become wet from her juices and a simple wipe wasn't getting rid of the smell.

Not that I disliked it, but joining up with mum and dad while smelling of pussy wasn't going to be easy to explain. I had a slight after taste in my mouth from her arse, but once again I liked it.

Jenny pulled up her shorts, giving a cute little wiggle as she pulled them up and turned to leave.

"Didn't you need to go to the toilet?"

She smiled.

"I went in the sea. Now go into the gents, wash your face and I'll wait outside."

I nodded, cautiously left the ladies and ducked into the gents. Like the ladies it was deserted. I wondered if anyone had heard us. Not that it really mattered, we were hundreds of miles away from home no one knew us here.

I finished up and joined my sister as she went off to shop. I had told dad we would join up, but Jenny was happy shopping just with me. I wanted to fool around, but the factory outlet stores were packed, and they didn't have changing areas. If you found something you liked, chances was it was the only one left and the wrong size.

I had all the clothes I needed and was the designated pack mule. The one perk to the packed shops was the multitude of hot chicks in close quarters. They didn't brush up against me so much, but with each other and Jenny it was a different matter.

They lightly placed their hands on each other's hips as they side stepped each other. Or chests would be mashed against one another in a tight squeeze. Or the opposite as arses rubbed against each other All accidental and completely non-sexual, but it got me so hard I was glad to hold bags in front of me.

I only had the night to look forward to. Our last night here and I was desperate to make sure our relationship continued past our holiday.

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