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Jenny Tries Amateur Modeling


*Note -- Hi everyone. This is my very first story so I hope you enjoy it. Please leave constructive feedback or positive comments for me. Also, this story is purely fictional with fictional characters I made up. I edited myself so I hope there aren't too many errors. Enjoy!


Jenny had just graduated from high school three months ago at the age of 18. She was happy that she had finally finished school and had no intention of continuing her education by going to college. Without any real plans, she decided she needed to start working immediately to save up enough money to move out of her parent's house. She spent the entire summer working minimum wage as an office assistant at some company she'd never heard of. Limiting her spending over the summer, she saved up enough money to last a few months on her own, but it was far from enough considering the security deposit and first and last months' rent she needed in order to get her own apartment.

Jenny's parents weren't too excited over the fact that their daughter wasn't planning on going to college. Her mom and dad both graduated from a university and had hoped Jenny would follow in their footsteps. Despite her lack of goals and not going to college, Jenny's parents were more than supportive of their only daughter no matter what she wanted to do. In fact, they gave her enough money for her security deposit plus enough to pay for several months' rent. With their help, Jenny was able to move out of her parent's house and live on her own. She decided to get an apartment in Los Angeles, which was about a three hour drive from her parent's house; it far enough so she didn't have to visit too often.

As soon as she moved to the city, Jenny got a job as a waitress working in restaurant downtown for $10 and hour, which was a small improvement from her old job. She will soon learn that being independent without a fulfilling career isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Two months later:

Still unsure of her future plans, the two months of living independently and supporting herself took its toll on Jenny. She made enough to pay all her bills, but she barely had enough money left over to spend on other things. Even most of her tips from working at the restaurant went to paying her bills. Reality started to sink in and she didn't want to work at a dead end job for the rest of her life. She needed to make a change and fast.

One day while Jenny was looking at job postings online, she saw one that caught her attention. It was a posting for an amateur model to do a few glamour shots for artistic purposes. Jenny thought to herself, "This could be a good opportunity to make some extra cash and maybe develop a new career." It definitely beat waitressing for the rest of her life.

In high school she wasn't the most popular girl, but she was definitely one of the prettiest. She had a petite body with firm, perky breasts that had a few of her male teachers eyeing them from time to time. She also had an ass that complimented her breasts in firmness and roundness. She never had much acne so her face was flawless and her long, brown hair was silky smooth. Jenny was well aware of the glances she received from men so she thought she could land this job without a problem. She decided to call the number for information.

John's Story:

John turned 36 this year and had just inherited a big sum of money after his parents died in a traffic accident. His whole life he had lived in his parent's house and never had a job. His parents supported him financially and tried control his life. John wasn't socially awkward, but he didn't have many friends and never had a girlfriend. He spent most of his times doing activities with his parents.

John wasn't sad when he got the call that they his parents were dead. On the contrary, now he could do whatever he wanted and he had the money to do it. He decided he wanted to start photography so he could photograph hot girls in skimpy outfits. This way he could get up close and personal with his models, which was a real turn on for him since he never had much contact with girls. John rented a studio and bought a bunch of fancy equipment he didn't know how to use. Then he posted an ad online looking for amateur models to do some glamour shots. A couple of girls contacted him, but none were willing to take the job after going through his interview process. Little did he know he was about to get a call from a hot, young girl willing to model for him.

The phone call:

Jenny dialed the number on the ad and after a few rings she heard, "Hello?"

She started to feel her heart beating faster as she responded, "Hi... umm, I'm calling about the amateur model position you posted online. I would like to learn more about what the job entails."

The man replied, "Well, I'm an amateur photographer looking for an attractive girl to do some glamour shots for me. It's mostly for my own personal portfolio I'm trying to build, but if the pictures turn out good enough, I might be able to sell them to some ad companies or even some personal buyers."

"That sounds really interesting," Jenny answered. "I think I might be interested in the job. How much does it pay?"

"I'm willing to pay $250 for the first session which usually lasts about an hour," said the man. "If things work out I can pay more money for some "advanced" shots. Let's have you come into my studio first so I can see if you have the right look first. How's tomorrow for you?"

"Tomorrow sounds great," answered Jenny. This might actually be the start of a real career, Jenny thought to herself. She never pictured herself doing modeling before, but it sounded like something she could enjoy doing as a permanent job. The $250 was also a big incentive for her. It was more money than she earned in wages and tips from one day at the restaurant. She could be making $250 just for the first session! "Where is your studio and when should I drop by?"

The man told Jenny the location of the studio and to meet her at night. After she hung up, Jenny got really excited. Her heart was beating even faster and she was a little turned on by the thought of being a model and having people watch her as she posed for pictures. She knew it wasn't the same as being a professional model, but it was enough to get her excited. If she could get into modeling, she no longer had to bust tables all day long. She decided she would wear something simple for tomorrow to show off her natural beauty.

The following day:

Jenny arrived at the studio just on time. She pressed the button on the intercom and she was buzzed in. She was wearing a tight fitting, white t-shirt over a black bra. She also had on a pair of short shorts and was wearing her black chucks. She was dressed very simple but was still stunning.

The man walked up to Jenny and shook her hand. "Hi, you must be Jenny," he said. "My name's John. I was speaking on the phone with you yesterday." As he was talking he was subtly checking her out from top to bottom. He noticed she had a decent bust size from the way her black bra outlined her breasts through her t-shirt. He was very impressed with her pretty face and her perfect, smooth skin. He was getting an erection from just thinking about what her young body looked like under those clothes.

On the other hand, Jenny was revolted by John's appearance. He was short and fat, but not obese. Jenny reached out and shook his hand as she said, "Hi John, nice to meet you. My name's Jenny." She thought he must weigh over 200 pounds. His face was round and had pimples all over it. His hair was short and looked like it hadn't been washed in a long time. He was wearing a pair of jeans and an oversized t-shirt. Despite his appearance, at least he smelled like he showered regularly.

"Shall we get started then," John said. "Have a seat on the couch. " Jenny sat down as instructed while John moved behind his desk and also sat down. Jenny was starting to feel butterflies in her stomach as she sat there being assessed by this man. "As I mentioned before, I need to make sure you have the right look for the job. I'm going to need to need a thorough inspection your body. Of course I won't be physically touching you. I'll only be inspecting with my eyes. " Normally, an interview for a modeling job would consist of some questions about the model's life and hobbies, but John could care less about Jenny's personality. All he wanted was to take sexy photos of this girl for his own pleasure.

"What do you mean by thorough?" Jenny asked. The butterflies in her stomach got worse. She saw John's eyes pierce through her body as he was staring quite intently at her breasts and flat stomach. She was starting to feel a tight knot in her belly.

"Let's just start slow so you can start to feel more comfortable with everything you will be doing," John said reassuringly. "Let's have you stand up first and turn around so I can see your back."

Jenny did as she was asked. She slowly got off the couch and stood up right in front of John's desk. Then she turned around so her back was turned to John. Having him stare at her back and ass wasn't so bad, but she felt disgusted at the thought of this man getting turned on from looking at her young body. At the same time she felt a little more confident because he could only see and not touch her sweet body.

"Very good," John said. "Now let's have you take off those shorts for me."

"What?" Jenny whimpered. She wasn't aware that she was going to have to take off any of her clothes for the interview, even though she wasn't shy about showing off her body.

"This is standard procedure," John assured her. "How else am I supposed to know if you have the body type I am looking for?" Jenny thought about it for a minute and it made sense that John needed to see the shape of her ass underneath her shorts. Most likely she would have to pose wearing a bikini or some other skimpy outfit anyways. She decided it was now or never. She placed her hands in front of her shorts and slowly unbuttoned them. She slid down the zipper and started to peel her tight little shorts down her thighs. John almost couldn't hold back his grin, but he held his composure and kept a straight face. Jenny pulled her shorts all the way down to her ankles and stepped one leg out, then the other. She tossed her shorts on the couch. She was wearing matching black panties that hugged her ass perfectly.

"Now the shirt," John said bluntly.

Jenny let out a sigh and placed both hands on the opposite side of the bottom of her shirt. She started to lift up her shirt slowly until she revealed her black bra. "Stop," John suddenly said. Jenny left the rest of her shirt resting above her bra. "Turn your back to me and bend over. I need to see your ass."

Jenny felt a lot more relaxed at this point, but being commanded by John made her feel a little uneasy. The fact he said he needed to see her ass didn't help either. She had her back pointed to John and then she bent over so he could have a better view of her ass. "Very good Jenny. Your ass is shaped very nicely," complimented John. "I hope you feel more comfortable showing me your body by now because we need to move on to the next step. I'm going to need you to turn around and take off your bra."

Jenny quickly turned around and shouted, "What!" Although she suspected she would have to display herself in her bra and panties, she never imagined she would have to take off all her clothes. "Why do you need to see my breasts? I thought you were only looking for a model to do glamour shots!?"

"I am," John retorted. "Some of the photos include nude glamour shots as well. I thought you were aware of this. I'm sorry if you were misled, but did you really think that you were going to make $250 without taking off your clothes?"

Jenny was taken back by John's rhetorical question. Surely she thought it was too good to be true, but she never intended to do any nude modeling. She was left speechless. She started to shiver a little and exhibit goose bumps all over her skin which resulting from her standing there in her underwear in the cold studio.

"Well?" John asked. "Are you going to take off your bra or what? I have a hundred girls lining up for this job who are ready and willing to take off their clothes," he lied. In fact, Jenny was the only girl who had replied to his post in the last month. He was only able to get two other girls to apply for this job before Jenny contacted him. Only one of them had gotten as far as Jenny has, but once she was ordered to remove her bra, she instantly walked out the door. John knew he was pushing his luck, but if he sounded assertive, maybe he could get her to do what he wanted. "I'll give you the count to three and then..."

"Okay! Okay..." Jenny interrupted. She was already in a comprising situation, standing in front of this stranger in her bra and panties. She desperately wanted the extra money and she knew she had to show him her bare breasts or else she wouldn't get the job. Shocked, John almost let his straight face slip. His mouth started to twitch as he couldn't hold back his grin any longer.

Jenny stood there for a moment as John stared at her chest without blinking. She carefully reached back and felt for the hook of her bra. She unclasped her bra and without catching it, letting it fall to the ground. Her breasts sprung out from her chest, revealing to John her 18 year old breasts.

Being fat and unattractive to most women, John had never actually seen breasts that weren't from his computer screen. He had started doing photography hoping to just get a glimpse of the female body, but this was more than he had hoped for. Standing in front of him was this radiant, 18 year old girl with her shirt pulled up over her chest and her perky breasts protruding out for him to see. Jenny's breasts were smooth and the skin tone was consistent with the rest of her body. She had small pink nipples that were enlarging from the cold air.

He snapped back to reality and said, "You have very beautiful and natural breasts. I think they will photograph really well. Now I'm going to need to take off the rest of your clothes, including your panties."

Jenny already had her bare breasts exposed in the open, but it didn't make it any easier for her to strip off the rest of her clothes. She started by untying the laces on her chucks and kicking them off. Then she removed her socks one by one. After that she grabbed her hanging shirt and pulled it over her head, fully removing it. Now she was naked except for her panties. John could see that she was nervous because her hands were mildly shaking. Jenny put her thumbs on either side of her panties and steadily pulled them off.

John could now see that she was cleanly shaven with a completely smooth pussy. He was completely content with the situation he had created. He felt in control and was ready to take pictures of Jenny for his own personal use. He said, "I believe you are a perfect fit for the photos I want to take. I'm willing to pay you the $250 we agreed upon if we can start the photo session right now."

"Right now?" Jenny asked. "Naked?" What the hell she thought. She already made it this far so she can't back out now before she even got paid. "Wait, who will see the pictures?"

John replied, "For now, they are for my eyes only. I will show them to professionals once I have developed a good portfolio. Don't worry. I'm not going to post them online or anything."

Jenny replied, "Okay, I'll do it."

With that John had Jenny sign some legal documents giving him the right of ownership to the photographs and some legal stuff. John got his camera and tripod setup in front of Jenny's naked body. It was a good thing his shirt was huge because it was covering up the giant bulge coming from his pants. He was afraid that it would scare Jenny off if she saw it. Jenny didn't notice his erection at all. She was more concerned about her own naked body.

Without wasting any more time John took various pictures of Jenny nude and then some where she was half clothed. There were pictures of her with her shirt pulled up over her breasts, some with her only wearing panties, and others with her wearing nothing but a t-shirt. Jenny tried doing a variety of poses, but she wasn't aware that the pictures concentrated mainly on her breasts, ass, and pussy.

In any case, all the pictures would actually be for John's personal use. He was definitely going to masturbate to them later on. After John was done taking pictures, he paid Jenny in hard cash and thanked her for her time. Jenny took the money, got dressed, and left. She was unsure of what she had just done and felt so dirty posing nude for John. On the other hand she was really happy she made $250 in such a short amount of time.

After the next few weeks:

Over the next several weeks, John scheduled more photo shoots with Jenny. She had about three to four sessions with John per week. Every session lasted about an hour and she was paid $150-$250 depending on the amount of nudity that was required of her. John felt confident he could manipulate Jenny into taking things to the next level. During the next session, he confronted Jenny about taking things to the next level and making more money in the process.

"We won't be doing our usual photos today," John announced. "I'd actually wanted to discuss something with you. You've been doing very well during the photo shoots and I think you're ready to move on to something bigger." Jenny had no idea what John was getting at, but if it meant more money for her then she was willing to give it a try. After starting modeling for John, she made enough money to buy things she wanted and even save money towards a new car. "I have found some clients that are willing to pay a lot of money for your photos except they want something more than to see your naked body. They want to see you in photos that are somewhat pornographic in nature."

When Jenny heard the word porn her heart stopped. There was no way she could do porn. She was willing to get photographed without clothes on, but she wasn't willing to have sex on film or video. During high school, Jenny had her fair share of boyfriends. Despite dating many boys, she had only had sex with one of them. She was, however, experienced at oral sex and had given all her previous boyfriends the best blowjobs of their lives. This didn't mean she was ready to perform sexual acts in front of the camera though.

"It's actually not that bad," John continued. "The clients aren't looking for anything too explicit. They just want a few cumshots here and there. You don't even have to have any penetrative sex or perform oral sex if you don't want to. We just need photos of you with someone cumming on different parts of your body including your face. "

Jenny pondered on John's proposition. The boy she had sex with always wore a condom, but ejaculated all over her body many times before. She wasn't revolted by semen so as long as she didn't have to have sex or give any blowjobs then she might actually be able to go through with it. She asked, "Who will I be taking these photos with and how much will I get paid?"

"Given the nature of the photos you will be compensated $100 more, which brings your total to $350," John answered. "Of course if you ever decide to take things even further, then your compensation will increase accordingly. As for the male model... umm... I... umm... well, I will be the one taking on that role."

"What!" Jenny shouted. "Can't you find someone else to do it? I mean, it's not very professional of you to jack off all over your model is it?" Jenny's real concern was that she didn't want to see John's cock let alone have his cum all over her body. She assumed his cock could only be as unattractive as John was. "Isn't there some sort of boundaries between a model and a photographer? And..."

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