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Jenny Wants More


This is my second true account of sexual exploration in Grand Rapids, Michigan, during the late 1970's and early1980's. Jenny was a young woman who lived above me in 1979. She was introduced in a previous story, titled "Visiting Jenny". Jenny and I had become good friends, co-workers, and lovers. She was about 5'5" and 115 pounds. She was athletic looking without being muscular; possessing modest B cup breasts, and a trim, but not thin, torso. She was open to sexual suggestion...even provocative. It was this trait that brought her to the attention of a good friend of mine, a college professor. Jenny and I had visited him for brief moments as we were running errands or just hanging out together.

Jack was 6'5", 240 lbs, with black/gray hair, smooth faced, and very good looking. He was a bachelor and dated a variety of attractive young women, including some co-eds from the college, though not students in his psychology department. I got to know him, as a student and kept contact with him after graduation. We went back far enough to trust each other's judgment and keep each other's secrets. For example, Jack kept a ring binder with one or two personal photos of nearly every girl he ever dated. He would use a Polaroid camera and, with their permission, managed to capture a fair number nude. I was the only living person, other than himself, who knew this binder existed. After recent dates, I would ask to see the binder and was amazed at the virtual parade of his dates, most of whom seemed to lack inhibitions.

I have given some of Jack's background to help you see Jenny's attraction to him. He had a nice townhouse and was a very good host. She laughed at his jokes and seemed very comfortable when we stopped to see him. During the Christmas holidays of 1979, we had occasion to socialize with Jim and his dates.

Jack had a theory about seduction that seemed to work; don't talk about sex, just convey confidence in her willingness to be sexual and give her the opportunity. Jack never asked for sex. For example, it was typical of him to entertain dates at his home. He would share some wine with his date, play music, smoke some grass, and later in the evening, slow dance with her. At some point, he would tell his date that he was "going upstairs to the bedroom" and invite her to come along, never even implying that sex would ensue. Many of his dates simply agreed. Some questioned him about what he meant. He would respond that he, a man of his considerable height, had a back that was "more comfortable on the bed at this time of the evening." At that point, some women paused and agreed, while some dates balked. He cordially explained to the unwilling that he needed to lie down and offered to walk them to their car or take them home. However, more often than not, his date would agree to go upstairs. Jack would bring the wine, turn down the lights in the living room and climb the stairs behind his date. His bed was king size and dominated the bedroom.

As they entered the room, there were several courses of action depending on her level of anxiety about being there. He might just turn on a TV show and recline with her on the bed, if she seemed very nervous, and slowly grow more affectionate with her. However, in most cases, he would walk to the far side of the room and partially disrobe. His date would watch him and quickly understand, or at least suspect, why she was there. Remarkably, it was typical for these young women to follow his lead, and also remove some or all of there clothing. When he first shared this strategy with me, I surmised that many dates would leave in a fury... feeling disrespected. However, that was not his norm. Jack's dates generally saw disrobing as reasonable. Some were genuinely hot and eager for fucking. Others focused on being available for petting, but planned to rebuff serious sexual overtures. The latter, soon succumbed to the sensual nature of being nearly naked with a good looking man on a big bed. This pattern, never worked for me, but proved to be very successful for him. On occasions, when I was visiting with a date or sometimes alone, there might even be an invitation to go upstairs with him and his date. I had shared several women with him.

Once, however, Jenny was my date and he had none. It is that evening that I want to share with you. In my previous episode, "Visiting Jenny", the cute little 20 something had conveyed to me that she fantasized about having a threesome. It had been four weeks, since we first hooked up. She was now very familiar with and shared my penchant for erotica. I approached her about possibly making a video tape of us during sex. This was an era when personal video cassette cameras were just being introduced. Porn rental tapes were not commonly available in conservative Grand Rapids. She understood that such a tape would be very exciting for us to watch repeatedly. She was more than willing; she was eager. In ensuing discussions, we decided that we really needed a natural, attractive, setting with good lighting. The later was particularly important in those years because the imaging mechanism was crude compared to today. It was common for low light images to look washed out, even black and white. So, unless we wanted studio lights in my cramped bedroom, we needed a modern, well-lighted setting. I suggested Jack's townhouse. She reflected on the idea and asked if he would need to be there. I slyly said, "a camera man would facilitate zooms, focus adjustments, and more facial expressions." Her mouth turned up in a slight smile and her eyebrows raised. I took that as a comfort statement and said I would set it up.

On the appointed evening, there was a knock at the door and Jenny waited for me in the hallway. She was as dressed up as I had ever seen, wearing a white and black print dress of medium length. The stylish dress, accenting black patent leather belt, and modest makeup made her look more sophisticated than her age might imply. I brought the tripod and camera case on our little adventure.

Jack had prepared some finger food and wine. When he opened the door to us, his jaw dropped, and then he whistled. Jenny had made an impression. She was obviously flattered by all the attention to her appearance. We all knew why we were there, but time was needed to grow comfortable. The food, wine, and lighthearted sharing of the week's events all helped, not to mention several hits on a joint. Jenny was not a big smoker and quickly got an obvious buzz. Within an hour, it seemed to me that we were all ready to get started. But, I wanted to give Jenny a last chance to back out, so I announced to my friends that unless someone objected, I would go set up the camera. She giggled and I could see a clear flush at her neckline, but there was no objection. I went up to the bedroom and placed the tripod at the foot of the bed. I selected a focal distance of about eight feet from the center point, beside Jack's TV where I attached cables, so that we could see what images were being recorded. This was important because of the lighting issue. The camera had black and white monitor eyepiece. We needed the TV to assure that the lighting revealed our proper flesh tones. As I finished, I noticed that the muted conversation from downstairs had grown silent. I crept to the middle of the stairs and peered through the railing. Jack and Jenny were seated on the couch. They were deep in a French kiss and one of his hands was gripping her panty-hosed thigh, under her dress.

I rustled at the top of the stairs and heavily began stepping down. Jenny got up from the couch immediately, picked up some dishes and quickly went into the kitchen. Not being really clear on my feelings about Jack hitting on Jenny, I began to clear the dishes from the coffee table, too. As I returned from the kitchen, Jenny was standing at the side of the refrigerator, facing away from me, and seemed to be buttoning the top of her dress. As she turned back toward me, I noted that her face and neck were quite pink and she didn't look directly at me. I was somewhat reassured by, what I took to be her guilt, but, also noted that it could be arousal, as well. She was out of the kitchen quickly and busied herself with retrieving the glasses. She put the wine goblets on the counter, turned to me and said, "I kissed Jack," as she looked away, "and I need to know if you still want to do this."

I replied, "I know...I guess I want you to be comfortable with him seeing us. If that means you are also, attracted to him...well, so be it. He is a good friend and I trust him to respect my relationship with you. So, yeah, I do want to do this." This reply was vague enough to be interpreted into differing meanings, my intention, because I really was not sure of myself.

She said, "Good, because I am sooo horny, I want to attack you right here!" She embraced me and, as her lips touched mine, her tongue extended into my own. She reached down to rub my now stiff cock and she added, "Lord, I have to get that into me."

I took her hand, led her through the living room, and up the stairs. Jim had already gone upstairs and was using the bathroom. He came out as we passed and Jenny ducked into it.

As we filed into the bedroom, Jack as usual, went to the far side of the bed and began to disrobe. He stopped at his shorts and shirt, as we both awaited Jenny. I had stepped behind the camera to be sure that with the touch of a button, the camera/recorder would whir into action. Soon, Jenny emerged and said to me with a smile, "Your turn." I pushed the record trigger on a whim and left the room. Nothing on this early model camera signaled to the other two that the camera was running. The picture on the TV was the same whether recording or not.

The rest of this story is taken directly from the actual video tape of that evening. Though it is now lost, destroyed a decade later by my, now ex-wife, not Jenny. I watched it so many times in the interim that I have the events virtually memorized. It was quite possibly the most erotic tape I have ever seen....much less actually videoed. Though, I was now out of the room, the tape was recording events as I was busy in the bathroom. Off to the right and rear of the camera's center frame beside the bed, Jenny reached under her skirt, and lowered her pantyhose by shimmying back and forth, until the hose were gathered at her feet. She lifted them in a bundle, untangled them, and laid them on a chair seat. She glanced at her small image on the TV, then over in Jack's direction across the bed. She silently turned away, and began to unbutton her dress. She opened the top, then crossed her arms to pull the pretty dress over her head. Jenny straightened her dress and laid it carefully over the back of the chair. The room was still completely silent. She then slid her black, lacy panties down her legs and laid them aside. She came into the frame by walking on her knees to the center of the bed, kneeling and sitting straight back on her legs. She paused to again look at herself on the screen. She gazed at herself, reached up to her bra straps, and pulled them off her shoulders. Then, she pulled the garment down to her tummy, twisted it around so that the clasp was in front, unhooked her bra and tossed it on the chair.

Jenny was sexy and very self-aware. Her breasts were moonlight white, youthful and extended away from her chest, making a malleable handful. Her aureoles were puffy and smooth, but, the nipple tips were beginning to pucker. There were impressions on her breasts from the constraint of the bra. Jenny, unconsciously, rubbed her them to help remove the creases.

"Could you put this over there for me?" she asked Jack and gestured to the chair with her handful of her things. Jack reached into frame to take the underwear and passed in front of the camera. That put Jack's white brief-covered ass right in the camera's eye. We always chuckled with delight when we got to this part of the tape. It was more funny than sexy, but Jack did have a firm butt, with no sagging. It was clear as Jack left the frame that Jenny was watching his front, however.

As he deposited the clothing, Jenny flashed a look to the bathroom door, and gestured for Jack. His head and neck were out of the frame, but his torso paused at the side of the bed. Jenny scooted over to him and pulled his briefs down. He was flaccid. She took his flesh in her hand and smiled up at him with a glazed look in her eyes, as she pumped his firming penis back and forth. Then, she rubbed his dick on her face and licked it just once from balls to tip. A sudden intake of breath from Jack, could be heard plainly, in the silent room.

She then scooted back to the center of the bed and grinned at Jack. He raised his briefs, as Jenny unclasped her ankle and wrist bracelets. I could be heard opening the bathroom door and she turned to look in that direction. She handed me the jewelry and I deposited it on the dresser. I turned back to beside the bed, fully clothed.

"What about you?" she asked.

I responded by unbelting and dropping my jeans. Jenny walked on her knees closer to me as the frame widened, by Jack at the controls, to include us both. I drew my shirt over my head and tossed it with my jeans to a chair. Jenny was kneeling right beside me and began to feel my cock through my briefs.

"These are in the way!" she stated and lowered my drawers. As my penis was exposed, she caught it in her hand and lowered her mouth to it. She flicked her hair out of the camera's view, so that Jack could zoom in on her mouth, stretched around my dick. It turned out that Jenny had a natural ability to sense what the camera could see and play to it. Little did she know, how much it had already seen!

While sucking, she looked up at me, then looked out the corner of her eye to see herself and me on the TV screen. My cock and her mouth were giant sized on the screen. She took her mouth off my tool and said, "Oh my God, that is so cool. I love this." Jack had his face buried in the eyepiece of the camera, staying with her face.

I smiled and murmured, "Me too, baby, me too."

Jenny pushed herself back up to the center of the bed After fluffing and stacking the pillows at the headboard, she laid back with her face high enough to see the TV screen. The rest of her nakedness stretched out like a sunbather, very calm and relaxed. Without anyone saying a word, she began to finger her slit. Parting her legs slightly, she ran her right index finger up and down the entire length of her vagina. The camera, located at the foot of the bed, was centered right between her legs. The TV screen revealed the camera viewpoint. It showed her finger action clearly, but even more erotic was her face peering at the screen, just over her pubic hair. Jenny's lips were parted slightly, her eyes were attending to the screen. She began breathing faster, then raggedly. Her abdomen clenched and she added her left hand to vigorously massage her clit. Meanwhile, her index and middle finger were penetrating up to her knuckles. The probing fingers produced a liquid snapping as her pussy juice covered them. She squeezed her eyes shut and her jaw extended as if taking a large bite of fruit. But, wordlessly Jenny went over the edge for her first climax of the evening in gasps and shudders. Jenny lay limp and panting after her workout.

In that moment, Jack and I remained bystanders. Now, she turned to me and said, "That was great. I am so turned on. I can't wait to have you inside of me." Then, she propped herself up on her elbows and turned back to Jack behind the camera. Though she said nothing more, Jack raised his head and they shot glances at each other. Jenny quickly looked away. I knew their secret attraction, but I was going to let them work out how to bring about their joining. "It may not be tonight." I said to myself. "Perhaps, Jack wants her alone or she feels so guilty about wanting my best friend that she will pursue it out of my eyesight." Their horniness for each other was already on tape, though none of us knew it at the time. Regardless, I was not jealous and quietly enjoyed the attraction between them.

So, I climbed on the bed beside her, but laid with my head to foot of the bed. I told her to straddle me. To her delight, Jenny found that riding me was very much more erotic, when she became aware of her image on camera. Her face was directly in front of the TV, as Jack focused on her gyrations. Jenny was discovering that she could have her passionate face and shifting breasts, super sized on the TV. The camera, about two feet from her, detailed her bouncing on my dick. She kept her eyes on the screen as she rode me....bucking, again and again. Jenny had become such a voyeur. My hands grasped her tits. As she stayed in the saddle at a full gallop, I got a lock on her nipples and rubbed them with each thumb.

Again, the video image seemed to take Jenny to a Valhalla of excitement. Then, however, she went beyond what she saw, she was oblivious to the TV, lost in her orgasm, flushed, sweating from the exertion of riding me, and gasping for breath. As she climaxed, I again noticed that her eyes rolled back in her sockets. She was completely gone and there it was, captured on the videotape. This was a moment that, to this point in time, had been unseen by Jenny. She never knew that her eyes did this during an orgasm. None of her other lovers ever shared that her eyes did this during her getting off, nor did I. As we replayed the tape later, her eyelids drooped with telltale passion. We saw that her eyes were just out of my view from below, but were clearly open to the video camera, with only the whites visible. During those replays, seeing the variety of avenues to her oblivion, we all learned about what worked and what didn't. Jenny quickly expanded her understanding of the most powerful orgasms.

Jenny collapsed on my chest, with her head to one side on my shoulder. I was fortunate to have not cum with her. I was preoccupied with the camera. Jack was doing a great job of staying with her erogenous zones and her face. For a moment, we lay quietly beside each other, with Jenny on the left edge of the bed.

I could hear the rustle of movement as Jack came from behind the camera. He was so tall that he was at the left bedside, in one step, towering over us. He had removed his shorts and was slowly stroking his penis.

"That was one of the hottest things I have ever seen." he said. Jenny gave him a small smile, glanced at Jack's hand action, turned to me and kissed me deeply.

As our lips parted, she said, "Thank you, John. That was a really hard cum." She giggled, "It is so sexy being watched, not to mention being able to see a good-looking guy stroking, so close to me."

She then sat up, turned and scooted to the center of the bed. On all fours with her slender butt turned to me, she looked back to us and said, "Jack, you better get back to work, because I love this position. I plan to try them all tonight. We want the videotape of a lifetime."

Her young breasts showed the pink flush of sexual excitement. She lowered herself to her elbows, crossed her arms inside, and toyed with both breasts. With her head turned toward the camera, with Jack now back operating it, Jenny quietly waited for me to approach. But, when I knelt at her butt, with my cock swinging out in front of me, I couldn't help notice the broad smile she was exchanging with Jack. She got up on her hands and pushed back as I deliberately pushed forcefully into her. She grunted and steadied herself for what she knew was coming.

She moaned, "God, I do love this". I pummeled her for a moment, then slowed to keep from cumming. I felt the bed shift and Jack lay on his back beside us. He reached up to touch her breasts, while shifting his gaze back and forth between my face, hers, and her lovely tits. I had described a threesome episode to him, I had during my college days. So, I doubted that Jack was worried about my reacting with jealous possessiveness. I think he wanted to see how excited each of us was by his action. Jenny actually shivered. She turned her face to his.

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