tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJennyfer Collects Men's Clothes Ch. 03

Jennyfer Collects Men's Clothes Ch. 03


From so many clothes she stole, from so many guys she left naked in embarrassing situations, it is difficult to choose the stories to be told.

So I decided to tell you about "college parties."

The first time Jenny went to a college party, the only thing she wanted was to drink, have fun and have sex!

He got the car, and went to the party, drank, danced, and met a guy, quickly kissed, and went to the room with him, his name was Scott.

They entered the room, took off their clothes, and began to have sex on one of the beds in the room, and on the side already had another couple having sex, and then two more people entered, and they were fucking on the floor, it was fucking madness.

She was so drunk, that after she cum, she and Scott practically fainted.

In the morning, Jenny woke up, and when it was time to leave, she started looking for and putting on her clothes, after she got dressed, saw that everyone was still asleep, so drunk they were, so she decided to do what she likes best "steal the clothes of others!"

She went downstairs, went to the kitchen of the mansion, search and found plastic bags, picked up some bags, and went back to the bedroom, and then began to collect the men's clothes, only the men in the room, because she likes naked men, and wanted to see their reaction, to know that their clothes were gone, while the women wore clothes.

She got everything, jeans, shirts, underwear, socks and sneakers.

Left only wallets and car keys.

She realized that she had filled the plastic bags, there the excitement hit so hard, and that desire that only those who are cleptomanic know.

She left the room, and went to her car, put the sacks inside, in the trunk, and returned to the mansion, and in the other rooms there were more naked men, drunk, and many, many clothes on the floor.

But Jenny thought, "There will be other parties, I will only take these clothes for now!"

He got in the car and drove away laughing.

Scott wakes up, hungover, and looks for his clothes, sees only the keys and wallet on the floor, then begins to despair, the more he seeks, finds nothing, he thinks "where are my clothes?"

He realizes, that girl who fucked him, was gone, and worse, he did not even know her name, and he could not remember her face, so drunk that it was.

So he thought a deep thought "I think she fucked me twice!"

And he realizes that the clothes of the other two guys were gone as well.

He goes to the door, and there are some people waking up already.

And he thinks, "What am I going to do to get to the car on the other side of the street?"

Scott was thin, and when he looks, he sees the jeans of one of the girls hanging from the window, and thinks, "Does that jeans fit me?"

He picks it up, tries hard, but the women's jeans do not go in, and it ends up tearing the girl's pants.

Then he thinks "fuck it, I'll run to the car, I'll walk in and I'll leave, my gate is electronic, what can happen wrong?"

He takes a deep breath, puts his hand on the dick, and runs down the stairs, opens the front door, and runs naked down the street with his wallet and keys in his hand, he was not wearing any clothes, because Jenny took away every piece of guys clothes in the room!

He opens the car, and goes in, and starts driving home, he feels sexually aroused, and thinks "this has never happened to me before, but it's strange, I feel more sexually aroused than I've ever been, am I a exhibitionist?"

His dick gets hard, and he starts masturbating, and he quickly cum!

And he's all dirty with his sperm.

He continues driving, and thinks "I take a shower at home and get clean!"

Until a Policewoman signals and orders the car to stop.

He parks, tries to cover himself, but he does not have a single piece of cloth to hide, so he puts his hands on the dick and waits for the female police officer to reach his window.

Policewoman says, "to where you are going, naked boy?"

Scott replies "I was at a party and they stole my clothes, now I'm going home?"

The Policewoman says "have you stolen your clothes before or after you masturbate?

because I saw you masturbating, and then I stopped you, and the evidence is right there in your belly and scattered on the bench!"

She continues "Do not you know it's crime to walk or drive naked through the streets of this city, naked boy?"

She says "come on, out of this car!"

Scott says "Do not do this to me, please, I'm naked!"

She says "Out of this car now, or I will call reinforcement, and it will be much worse, naked boy!"

He has no choice, he is humiliated and ashamed by the second woman in one day.

He opens the door, goes down with his hand on the cock, and the policewoman says to him "Turn around and put your hands behind!"

He begs "do not do it please!"

She says in a harsh tone "Turn around now or I'll use the teaser, so what's it going to be?"

He turns around, puts his hands back, ashamed, humiliated and defeated by a beautiful female police officer.

She handcuffs him, and takes him to the car, but before he gets in, she picks up the radio and informs the situation, that it needs a car trailer, and that it is carrying a suspect who was driving totally naked with signs of drunkenness to jail.

And in this he is exposed, with his hands behind, his cock swings, while people stop and film on cell phones this guy handcuffed.

Scott is red with shame.

After she talks on the radio, she puts him in the back seat of the car, and takes him to jail.

When she gets there, she takes him out of the car, and takes him to the reception.

At the reception is another woman, and the police officer explains the situation, then the receptionist smiles and speaks quietly to policewoman "If he likes to be an exhibitionist, let's give him a lesson!"

The Policewoman says "wait here, I'll be right back."

She leaves Scott, at the entrance of the police station, handcuffed, naked, for 40 minutes, and everyone who enters the police station looks at him and laughs.

He's very ashamed.

Inside, the Policewoman explains the situation to the captain, who is a feminist woman, and says that he wants to teach him a lesson, Dai the captain has the genial idea of doing two things with this naked boy.

First, put him in a cell full of women and explain that we have no vacancies in the male cell and then take him to a hospital, saying that we do not have breathalyzer, and we have to take a blood test to prove that he was drunk.

They agree and laughts.

Poor Scott.

The Policewoman comes back and says "I'm going to take you to the women's cell because we do not have any vacancies in the men, you'll stay there until I do the whole paperwork."

Scott says "please give me something to wear!"

The Policewoman says that if he wanted clothes, he would have had to think before leaving if exhibiting naked, and masturbating in public place inside his car.

The women look at that naked man, point at him, laugh, and all this for about 2 hours

He and sat down, and the girls surrounded him and began to talk "they sent us a stripper and he already comes without clothes, you have a beautiful cock, your ass now belongs to us!"

Scott was frightened and sexually aroused, so the girls start kissing his ear, running a hand on his cock, and when it gets hard, they tell him to turn around and begin to stick his finger in his ass, while one of them masturbates he, he feels that he will cumming, and he cum in the hand of one of them, and they pass his sperm on his face and on his ass.

They laugh a lot and say "I thought he'd take longer, he deserves to be arrested, quickie boy!"

It was the third time on the same day that he was humiliated and ashamed by women.

What a day!

Then the Policewoman comes back and says to Scott "I was told that I can not keep you here on a charge of drunkenness, so I'll have to take you to the hospital for a blood test so we can have concrete evidence that you were drunk."

She says "hands behind, naked boy."

She handcuffs him, and he comes out with his cock swaying, and the girls stuck saying "goodbye handsome, call me."

He leaves the police station, totally naked, gets in the car and goes to the hospital.

What he did not know, is that beautiful and hot Policewoman had called a friend in the hospital.

And she explained the situation and said she wanted to teach a lesson to a naked boy, and the Doctor said; "bring him here in the hospital, he'll learn something he'll never forget!"

When they arrives at the hospital, he leaves the car and the Policewoman drives him to the hospital reception, and says he wants to talk to the doctor.

The receptionist, smile and says the Doctor is waiting, so Policewoman picks Scott by the arm and takes him into the room.

When they enter, the Policewoman greets the Doctor and says that he needs to get tests, why this boy was driving naked, drunk, and needs a test of drunkenness, and so I brought it here.

The Doctor says "we're going to have to go to another room on the third floor."

Scott practically begs "please Doctor, you have no gown for me to wear?"

She says "I have none with me, but if you drove naked, you will have no problem walking through the hospital without any clothes!"

He replies "I had to drive naked, because someone stole my clothes!"

The Policewoman then says seriously "and masturbate in a moving car, in a public place, you were also forced, naked boy? Answer me!"

Scott is silent and accepts his fate.

He now beats a personal record of being humiliated, ashamed and cut into pieces by 4 women in 4 different situations on the same day.

They made Scott walk naked through hospital corridors, walk up the lifts, climb stairs, take anal exams, make him urinate crouched, put a hot iron in his penis, and then made him masturbate, to see if all was well, saying that it was very necessary that, the sexual excitement was so strong, that again ejaculated fast and finally, took the blood of him. The Doctor told to Policewoman:

"Very fast, it looks like he has premature ejaculation."

But, Policewoman and the Doctor knew he had ejaculated fast because he was sexually aroused.

Scott lowers his head, and is silent.

The Policewoman took him back to the police station, and when they arrive at the reception, Scott sees his brother, Kurt, who had come to pay bail.

The Policewoman says "You're loose, but if I pick you up again, it will be much worse."

So Scott, still naked, asks "How do you know I was in jail?"

Kurt responds "They called me, saying that your car was squeaked, and that you were arrested, and they sent me a video of you, naked and handcuffed in the street."

Scott asks if Kurt had brought clothes, and Kurt says he had a shorts and a T-shirt in the car.

Scott, puts on his shorts and T-shirt, and as Kurt drove, he began to think, that all that humiliation made him sexually aroused, as never before, and just thinking he was starting to get hard cock.

And all this, Thanks to Jenny, who stole his clothes, and made Scott have an unforgettable day.

Jenny comes home with all the stolen clothes, and keeps some clothes, and the ones she does not like, goes to a thrift store and sells.

Jenny has a collection of clothes she got (stole) for her.

She wants more, much more.

Steal clothes turns on her, and makes her have strong orgasms!

And it's just beginning.

Watch out guys, if you cross the path of Jenny, you may end up having to go home naked!

To be continued

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