tagFetishJennyfer Collects Men's Clothes Ch. 04

Jennyfer Collects Men's Clothes Ch. 04


Part 4 - Fetish in Ambulance

Jennyfer was in the Flat, it was night, Chrissie was working in the taxi, and Amanda was driving the Ambulance.

Without Jenny waiting, Amanda arrives with the Ambulance.

Amanda is working alone today, and as it is a day that has had no occurrence, she can stay home waiting for some call.

So Amanda takes the radio for the house, she is in stand by.

When Jenny sees the ambulance, dirty thoughts pass through her head and Jenny says to Amanda "how about we take an Ambulance ride, I could pretend to be a paramedic today, and I could find someone to fuck in the back of the ambulance while you drove, and so, let's go for a ride?"

Amada says "it's very dangerous, I can lose my job and even be sued for improper conduct!"

Jenny says "Now you made me more horny, come on, please, I'll do whatever you want, please!"

Amanda takes a deep breath and says "Okay, but first I have to tell the headquarters that I'll be on the streets with Ambulance, so as not to generate suspicion."

So Amanda uses her radio, and tells the headquarters that she will be walking with the ambulance through the streets, and the station says "okay, if we need, We to call you on the radio."

Then Amanda looks at Jenny, and says "Let's do it!"

They go into the ambulance, and Jenny sees and puts on a medical lab coat, and Jenny is excited and Amanda is excited and worried.

Jenny says "do not worry, this night will be incredible, you'll see!"

Then they start walking through the city, until after 20 minutes driving, they pass a bus stop, and they see a boy, he is alone, then, Jenny recognizes him, and tells Amanda to stop the ambulance near that boy.

Amanda says "why?"

Jenny continues, "This boy is John Forseti, the boy from the school I studied."

John Forseti was a tall, thin, 32-year-old, bearded, bald guy and handsome!

He had never talked to her, he was a proud boy, displayed and bragged about the women he'd fucked.

He once released in the internet pictures of an ex-girlfriend nude, and videos of her sucking his dick.

This girl was depressed, and she moved from town, ashamed.

This guy was a bastard and deserved a lesson.

That chance that fate had given them was perfect for revenge and acquire clothes for Jenny's collection.

Jenny says "after he gets in the ambulance, we go to the abandoned boat shed, it's a perfect place, and away from the city."

Amanda agrees.

Amanda stop the ambulance and Jenny comes down from the ambulance in her medical lab coat, and approaches John at the bus stop.

"Goodnight, can I have a minute of your attention?"

He says "yes, what you want? he responds in a harsh tone.

Jenny says "we are walking with the ambulance, and doing a survey, with random people, checking as is the health of our citizens."

Jenny was hot, she says that and show her bra and puts the pen in her mouth, as if sucking a cock, and John starts to get excited.

She realizes and thinks "Men, so easy to manipulate!"

John is interested and asks "How is this exam done?"

Jenny replies "very simple, you go into the ambulance, and I will examine you from top to bottom, I will check your blood pressure, your heartbeat, and if you permit, a physical examination."

Jenny says this while making a sexy voice, and a hypnotizing look.

John asks "physical examination, how is it done?"

Jenny replies "if you allow, we look at your beautiful body, sorry that was not professional, I mean, your whole body, including intimate parts."

Jenny says this by looking at his cock, and she notices a volume growing in his pants, so he accepts and goes into the ambulance.

Amanda speaks softly "Jenny, you're crazy!"

Then Jenny closes the back doors, and Amanda begins to go to the abandoned shed, was about 18 minutes away from the city.

While Amanda directed the ambulance and Jenny began the examination.

Jenny says "please take off your coat."

John takes off his coat.

Jenny pretended very well to be a doctor.

She asks him to take a deep breath, he breathes and she says "please take off the shirt too, so I can check your blood pressure better."

He takes off his shirt, Jenny is astonished, he has an amazing, very sexy abdomen.

Then Jenny asks him to lie down, and she starts squeezing his arms, his abdomen, his pectoral, neck and massages his face.

She says "I'm going to see your feet, to see what they look like, because I do not know if you know, but people neglect their feet, and they are responsible for carrying all our weight, every day."

She was acting very well.

He leans to take off his shoes, but she says, "Let me do it for you, you're my guest and you're being kind to helping our city and population in this important research."

He smiles and lies down again.

She takes off his shoes, and takes off his socks, and puts it with his coat and shirt.

She asks if he has tickles, he says no, then she looks, squeezes his foot, and says "your feet are great!"

Now Jenny says "I need you to take off your belt."

He says "okay."

She says "let me do it too."

She opens his belt, and takes off his belt very slowly, looking into his eyes.

And instead of putting her belt along with his clothes, she puts the belt around her waist, and says "this belt will stay with me for now, okay?"

He says "okay."

Jenny looks into his eyes and runs her hand in his cock and says in his ear "now, I have to take off your jeans, okay?"

John is so excited that he can not even speak, just shakes his head in agreement.

She opens the button, slowly lowers the zipper, and she says "Stand up please."

He gets up with his pants open, and she starts to pull his jeans down very slowly, and she sees his cock hard and up, he apologizes, but she says "it's perfectly normal, I see that every day at the hospital."

She puts his pants down completely, pulls one leg after the other, throws his pants along with the other clothes and says "The underwear too, so I can check your genitals."

He looks embarrassed.

But she says "stay calm, you're in good hands."

She takes off his underwear, and puts it with the other clothes, and he lies down again.

After he lies down she says,"I'll put your clothes in the front seat of the ambulance, along with the driver."

He says "is this necessary?"

Jenny responds with that hypnotizing look "Yes, this ambulance floor is dirty, and we do not want your clothes to become contaminated, stay calm, your clothes are safe, and they will remain clean."

Jenny said this thinking "these clothes are already mine, asshole!"

He replies "if it is necessary, I trust you!"

Jenny replies "yes, you can trust me."

Jenny puts his clothes on the front seat of the ambulance and smiles at Amanda.

Jonn Forseti, naked, vulnerable, sexually aroused.

Jenny says "I'll leave only your cell phone and your wallet."

Then Jenny, begins to "examine" the intimate parts of John.

He tightens his balls, runs his hand over his penis, and says, "Your cock is big!"

Just says it to excite him more.

Then she commands "turn around and lie on your stomach."

He turns around and she says to him "I need to see your prostate, it's very important."

But John says "I'm only 32 years old!"

Jenny replies "but it's necessary because if a healthy man like you agrees to take the prostate exam, it becomes an example for everyone."

She says "You're making history here!"

He takes a calmer look and says "okay, can do."

She puts on a glove and puts her finger in his ass, she had experience in it.

She had already made many men ejaculate in this way, only stimulating the prostate.

She moves her finger inside his ass, and finds the prostate, and begins to stimulate, and he starts to moan softly and she asks "are you okay?"

He replies "yes!"

She knows that if she continues, he'll cum!

The lubricating liquid comes out of the his penis.

So she stops and says "your prostate is fine, congratulations, now turn around again."

She says "This is the last test, I want to know how long it takes you to ejaculate!"

Then Jenny puts her mouth in his cock, and starts sucking hard.

John says without thinking "my dream is coming true!"

Jenny smiles and thinks "you do not know what's waiting for you mother fucker!"

And then they start fucking, she changed her plans a little, she got so horny, she ended up getting naked too, the plan was to leave him alone naked, but she could not contain herself, and she was naked, but she had full control of the situation.

And while the ambulance arrives at the abandoned shipyard, it's very dark, Amanda parks, turns off the lights of the ambulance and looks at the little window, she gets so horny, she takes off her pants and starts masturbating too, and she cum!

Jenny tells John "Before you ejaculate, I want to cum first!"

He says "anything you want!"

Jenny opens the back doors of the ambulance and tells him "let's go outside!"

And at that moment, John only thinks with the small head, and leaves the ambulance with her.

She says "I want to cum with your tongue, sucks me!" and he sucks her and she starts to moan loudly and cums strong, and her body shakes with so much pleasure.

Jenny looks at him and says "now it's your turn big boy, but first I want to blindfold you, because depriving one of your senses, the others get sharper, and the pleasure is bigger, trust me, I'm a doctor!"

He agrees.

Jenny grabs a bandage, and ties it around John's eyes.

She says "to end our test, you masturbate and I look to see how your ejaculation is and if it's good, we can do it a second time, then you can end up inside me or wherever you want, stallion!"

"I am very excited!" John says.

While John masturbates, Jenny enters the ambulance, throws the wallet and cell phone out, closes the back doors of the ambulance and tells Amanda "Go, Go, Go!"

Amanda starts and speeds up the ambulance at the exact moment that John go cum!

He gets confused, does not know what to do.

Does not know if he takes advantage of the strong orgasm he is having, or if he runs behind the ambulance.

Then he tries to take out the bandages, but he can not, Jenny put adesives tapes.

So, with a lot of effort, John pulls out the bandages, picks up his wallet and cell phone from the ground, and starts running behind the ambulance, but to his despair the ambulance is already far away.

He shouts "bitches, sluts, I'm going to kill you!"

Then he thinks "at least they left the cell phone."

But what he did not know, is that Amanda, in a quick move, had taken the battery from her cell phone the moment they got out of the ambulance.

He shouted "fuck, bitches, I do not believe it, fuck!"

He looked around and thought, "How am I going to leave now?"

His cock and his balls swayed freely that cold night .

Meanwhile Jenny put her clothes on, she and Amanda laughed nonstop.

Jenny grabbed John's pants, placing her in the open window and said "another trophy!" And shouted inside the ambulance "Men when they're sexually aroused, they do what we want!"

And they continued "I Took the clothes of John Forseti, and with his dignity too!"

She continues "we will see how he will get home naked."

And they laughed out loud.

They arrived at the flat and Amanda asked "If he goes to the police, what will we do?"

Jenny said "Stay calm, I'm not a doctor, so he will not meet me in any hospital, and he did not see your face." "In that dark, and excited way he was, he certainly did not even see the ambulance sign. Relax , enjoy the moment!"

Jenny continued "well, I'll come in and save my new clothes trophies!"

Amanda, picks up the radio and walks in, sits on the couch and turns on the TV, while Jenny is in the room with her "new clothes!"

John begins his walk of shame, without any garment, completely naked.

He walks and thinks how humiliating it is, but at the same time makes him excited.

Naked, on a deserted road, this thought makes John have an erection, he's in a difficult situation and needs help and clothes, or he can be arrested for indecent exposure.

After walking a lot, naked and barefoot, two women, milfs, are passing the road by car

He nods and they stop, this was already near the city.

He says "thank you for stopping, I was robbed by two women, and they left me here like that, naked. Can you help me?"

They smile and say "yes, come in and sit in the backseat."

The Redhead who is driving looks at Blonde and smiles, then blonde takes the cell phone and takes a picture of him.

"Is that if I told, no one would believe."

Red says, "Well, I'm going to take you home, but first, I want to see you masturbate while my friend Blonde films you, do we have a deal?

He says "after everything I've spent tonight, I accept."

Then he starts masturbating, while Blonde films him, and the excitement is so great, that he quickly ejaculates!

They take the tissue, he cleans himself and they leave him at the door of his house, he thanks.

And they come out laughing saying "more care next time naked boy!"

He runs to the house, goes in, and picks up the phone to call the police.

But then he thinks, "They stole my clothes, leave me naked there, but, I never felt an orgasm, and a feeling as strong in life as I felt today.

Should I hate them, or do you love them for fullfilling one of my sexual fantasies?"

And that's John Forseti dilemma.

To be continued

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by Anonymous

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by Baardsson05/14/18

I like stories of people who had their clothes stolen, or who totally lost their clothes, and were left naked.
If you know any, send me ...
I would like to read these stories!

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by Baardsson05/14/18


Thanks for you comment ...

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by Anonymous05/14/18

Great story!

I love reading your stories! They are so exciting. I want also to meet Jenny! And I like to meet Blonde and Red. To be photographed and videoed naked is so much fun on the one hand and it is so much humiliationmore...

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