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Jenny's Big Bang


Hi again Aidan here from Redditch England, I hope you have read about the little married slut Jenny that we wrote to you all about, a few weeks ago.

Since that 1st gang bang over 3 months ago we have screwed Jenny 5 more times. The usual venue has been the local wood, a derelict house or Sean's or my flat. The most cocks Jenny has, had to date was 11 of us in the derelict house.

Each time she has met us for a gang bang she (and us) have got more extreme in what we do, she now lets us double cock her cunt, which she loves and being tied up. Her other love is a good cum bath.

She is still fairly worried that her old man will find out about her activities, so we've had to dream up some good stories for her. The latest and largest gang bang took all of us to Blackpool. Sean's mate had bought a run down small hotel and was doing it up. We dreamt up a story that she had to go on a weekend course for her employer. Which she had genuinely done once before. We decided to hire a mini bus and all go up there together, there were ten lads and Jenny.

On the way to Blackpool we had some fun in the mini bus with Jenny sucking us all off and two of the lads sandwiching her on the floor. We all wanted to save ourselves for the main event!

We arrived at the hotel at about 5pm, it had clearly seen better days and we were greeted by Sean and his mate we were all groping Jenny and she said "this is going to be some fucking course." Mitch Sean's mate said come Jenny we've got a surprise for you, we entered the hotel and Mitch led us all upstairs.

We entered a big room with a large old bed in the middle. Jenny was instructed to shut her eyes, this she did, Mitch walked over to a door and opened it slowly. It was to an adjoining room and there were more lads in there.

Jenny was told to keep her eyes closed as we lifted her up and onto the bed the other lads joining us and pulling out there cocks. There were 5 black lads and they were big in the cock department.

Jenny opened her eyes and soon realised that she was in party of 17 men and her! She jumped free and made for the stairs shouting "fucking hell no, you bastards," "I can't not that many" She didn't get very far and was soon bundled back in to chants of "GANG BANG GANG BANG GANG BANG" She cried out "oh my god you fuckers I won't be able to walk for a week," nervously laughing, she was placed on the bed and the massive gang bang got underway.

"Come on Jenny lets feel those tits darling" called one of her admirers, hands and mouths fastened themselves to her tits and nipples biting and chewing them, this always turns her on.

Her skirt and knickers virtually torn off as she grabbed a couple of big cocks and pulled them into her mouth. On all fours by now, she felt fingers probing at her cunt and very soon a firm cock entered her wet hole. She avidly licked and sucked the 3 big cocks in front of her. Sean was in her up to the balls and banging her cunt as hard as he could she jolted forward on to the cocks in front of her face, and each time he went in the cock she had in her mouth thrust back into her throat almost choking her, much to the laughter of her fuckers.

At one point she tried to get all 3 cocks in her mouth at the same time, only partially succeeding, however she did get two of them in, the third guy shouted to Sean come on I want a shot, Sean shouted back "get under her Dave I'll fuck her arsehole." Dave shuffled under her and she willingly manoeuvred herself over his cock, he was fairly big about 9" and she felt him pushing into her soaking cunt. Eventually all the way in he started thrusting into her, then she felt her anus being stretched as Sean began to push his large cock into her arsehole she loved being sandwiched and realising that this could be just the start made he begin to shake. Sean gave one huge lunge forward and rammed his entire cock in, he was as big in length as was her cunt fucker but much thicker. Jenny screamed at the top of her voice, which was soon muffled as a 3rd cock was pushed down her throat. Sean and the other guy came in her arse and cunt with loud groans, Jenny herself was shaking and groaning loudly. Both her fuckers pulled their cocks from her and spunk oozed from her orifices. She was lifted up her bra pushed under her tits, her knickers, skirt and blouse left in a heap on the floor.

Hands and mouths were all over her fingers being pushed into her orifices along with the necks of beer bottles and a large 10inch rubber dildo. Cocks were pushed into her face and she grabbed and sucked as many as she could. Eventually a voice cried out "come on lads, lets get this sorted." "Those lads with names beginning with A first and so on, the first goes up her cunt the second up her arse and the third in her mouth," "then join the queue and start again."

This started according to plan, as Gez lay on his back an invited Jenny to "get your fucking arse on this" she lowered herself down, he wasn't as big as the last guy in her arse so he slid in fairly easily. Mitch climbed over her and she looked at his cock he was big 8 – 9" and slowly pushed into her stretching her cunt as he did. When both her well into her they started pushing in and out, eventually get a rhythm, which made her cling onto Mitch with her legs and arms. However her hands weren't free for long as a free for all took place to get the attention of her mouth, she sucked and licked cock after cock as her twin fuckers began ramming her hard to the cheers of the other lads. " Go on ram the bitch she loving it," "fuck the slut" Jenny began feeling her orgasm building her legs trembling some bastard pushed his cock right down her throat and she almost choked, he was pulled off by one of the others and half gagging and choking the orgasm hit her she gripped the edges of the bed and screamed out "oh oooooh aghhh oh fuck fuck shit yes yes aghh you fuckers youuu……

A big cheer went up as she also felt her cunt fucker shoot his load into cunt filling her up with hot cum, her arse fucker was still going and squeezing her tits shot his load into her bowels the hot liquid splashing against her bowel walls and squirting back out trickling out of her anus. The two fuckers pulled out, and this time she was rolled over for two more cocks, including mine I couldn't remember the other guys name but we fucked Jenny's arse and cunt in turns, with me pulling my cock out of her arse and dumping my load all over her face and into her mouth.

Her face, hair and neck were already covered in at least three loads of cum, with it running and dripping off her chin onto her tits, although being the slut she is she was busily wiping it with her hands and licking it off. I said you greedy slut Jenny" she replied "fucking hell I'm hungry I need a good Sausage sandwich" one of the lads replied" "yeah with loads of mayonnaise." Jenny laughed saying "oooh yeah drown me in fucking mayo."

The well ordered start had disintegrated into a free for all and Jenny was roughly pulled onto another cock, this guy was big and she felt the walls of her vagina stretch as he pushed in. Someone pushed on her shoulders, "go on Jenny get on that cock." She gripped this fuckers shoulders hard as he pushed full length into her. Then her hair was pulled and hands gripped her forehead, "suck my cock you dirty slut" charming she thought…..but she was just that, a dirty slut. A large black cock appeared in front of her and she began sucking it. This wasn't enough for its owner and he grabbed her head and forced his cock down her throat. She gagged and choked, the guy released her for a second "come on whore try again" and the process was repeated. She felt the tip of the cock push down her throat with a deep breath she put her hands around the guys buttocks and felt his bollocks against her face! He pulled out 'oh agghhh Christ you fucker" she cried out.

Then she felt her anus being spread again and a second cock pushed in once again, this was her 4th sandwich. Someone said "lets see how much cock we can get in her lads." Then she gasped as she felt another cock trying to push its way up her cunt "oh god oh shit no, no you fuckers" she protested in vain. Soon her second cunt fucker was halfway in and the three fuckers began a rhythm of fucking, on top of all this she sucked on two cocks! Then she started shaking uncontrollably a massive orgasm hit her, her cunt stretched by two cocks her arse by a third " oh yes fuck me fuck the shit out of me……yes harder agghhh shit yes hard fuck me screw my fucking arse off you cunts!!

The she felt gushing spurts of hot spunk shooting into her cunt and bowels as each of the three fuckers exploded in her. Spunk was running out of Jenny's cunt and arse two of the lads each shook up full beer bottles and holding their thumbs over the top inserted them up her arse and cunt. Jenny screamed with laughter as each of the bottles exploded the beer into her holes shooting out the sides. What a sight, she shouted "oh fuck that's fucking cooled me down" then the two lads rammed each of the bottles into her holes with a mass of spunk and beer running out. The remains of the beer was shot all over Jenny's tits.

Aidan appeared with some rope and said "come on Jenny lets tie you up you dirty fucking whore." Jenny replied "oh you fuckers, you could fucking rape me rigid if you tie me up!" She laughed and her hands and ankles were spread out across the bed and tied to the corner posts. She was face down and pillows were pushed under her stomach. One of the lads got a bottle and started frigging it into her arsehole saying "Come on lads look at this sluts arse she needs it gang fucked." "Yeah lets rape the fucking shitter off her" another shouted.

Jenny shouted "Oh you bastards your all gonna gang rape my fucking arse." She obviously enjoyed this fantasy and so we obliged all the lads taking it in turns to fuck her arsehole until it was red raw, stretched and oozing spunk. She was untied after about 9 of us had arse fucked her. Lee a big black lad lifted her up still with his cock in her arse, a good 12 inches and grabbed a beer bottle thrusting it into her cunt, Jenny screamed out "Oh fuck yes yes oh God fuck me fuck me gang fucking rape me you fuckers."

As I said it was now well out of control and Jenny was loving it, I rammed my cock up her spunk filled arse and one slipping out pushed it forcefully back in, but into her cunt with one of the black guys. This was pretty tight but all the spunk and her juices did the trick and soon me and Markus got up rhythm pounding her cunt. Jenny was screaming all sorts. "Fuck oh shit yes you fucking cunts ride me," "Fuck all my fucking holes you cunts, God I need it." Then I felt my spunk rise again and shoot into her cunt with Markus's we pulled our dicks out only to see two more lads double fuck her cunt which like her arse was looking pretty sore red and gaping by now.

One of the lads said "fucking hell Jenny what would your old man think" she screamed back that little dicked wanker's probably playing with his toy trains." One of the other lads said " we'd sort the fucker out anytime" in between her screams she gasped out "yeah bring the lads round and gang fucking bang me in front of him after you've thumped him a bit."

The fucking when on for several hours with Jenny getting fucked in every position imaginable we all agreed that what she wanted now was a mass cumbath with us all spunking onto she lay over the bed and wanked and sucked all our cocks until they were hard again. With her head over the edge of the bed each of us literally fucked her mouth and throat while some of the lads rammed her cunt and arse with bottles and the dildo.

She sat up on the bed and as we all wanked our cocks we started cumming all over her tits were covered in bite marks and her nipples standing out like coat hooks. She grabbed our cocks feeding them to her greedy mouth but she was quickly being drenched in cum. Her hair was soaking it dribbled from her mouth ran down onto her tits and stomach joining the cum which was still leaking from the major fucked cunt and arsehole.

Spunk shot into her eyes and ears, then Jenny said "Christ I'll need a good fucking shower after this" one of the guys said we'll give you one now and started pissing onto her she screamed out "You fucking perverts come on then drown me in fucking spunk and piss" There were guys spunking on her pissing on her and some even spat on her calling her "slut, whore, filthy bitch and so on."

The deluge of spunk piss and spit eventually subsided as did our cocks the lads were more knackered than Jenny, she looked an amazing sight she lay there covered in globs of spunk her cunt with a bottle in it and her reddened gaping arsehole open to the world.

She said " Fucking hell lads that was fucking fantastic, Christ I feel like I've had a baby." "What a fuck you fucking bastards and we've got the rest of the weekend yet"!

We all cleaned up and the mattress was thrown down the cellar, Jenny was fucked on it again later in the filthy cellar.

We all fucked her again on Saturday night this time we were joined by 4 more local lads that Jenny took a fancy to in the pub. While she was there she phoned her husband saying she was busy and wished she was at home! As she did two of us were playing with her tits. Jenny still pretends to be the good quite housewife but just loves to fucking gang bang she loves the sex to be on the rough side and God knows how her husband has not noticed the change in her or the bites she's sometimes covered in, let alone the fact she must crawl home after some the fucking's she's had.

We are going to surprise her soon when she goes out with the girls the plan is to have two van loads of lads several whom she does not know they will grab her and live out her gang rape fantasy again then tie her up for all of us. Just the other week we had double anal penetration with her, she said it was painful at first but once we got going she came like she had never done before!

We are going to repeat this in our next big gang fuck with her.

But we know that she is scared that we will confront her husband with her one day, and gang bang her, well we'll have to think about that plan then!

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by Anonymous10/18/17

Jenny was my wife

I eventually found out about Jenny's gang bang activities when I came home one day and found her naked and covered in love bites and spunk handcuffed to our kitchen table. We split up and the last I heardmore...

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