tagErotic HorrorJenny's Birthday

Jenny's Birthday


Jenny counted off the days until her 18th birthday party. Being brought up in a traditional household she was as good an example of a daughter her parents could ever wish for. She was apart of the Church choir, a straight "As" honor student and stayed away from drugs.

Her childhood boyfriend Steve also came from the same clean cut family lines. The two talked about marriage one day. Premarital sex was not even a thought that crossed their minds.

Jenny was unfortunately born on October 31st and this fact usually clouded her birthday celebrations. She begged her parents to go out with Steve on her birthday. Her parents strongly objected but in the end conceded. They set the ground rules that Steve return her by midnight. After some pleading they extended it to 1am.

Her 18th birthday arrived and Jenny was so happy. Her parents prepared her a big breakfast and gave her a present of a golden cross necklace that once belonged to her grandmother.

Steve came over shortly after breakfast and made some chit chat with Jenny's parents. He went up stairs to see Jenny whose older sister Mary was just leaving. Jenny hugged Steve and the two sat down to discuss tonight's plans.

They could hear downstairs Mary arguing with her parents. Mary had rebelled against everything her parents stood for and ran out of the house.

"Now that we are both officially 18, let's go to a party," Jenny said enthusiastically.

"Why don't you open your gift?" Steve said as the two held hands.

Jenny ripped open the card and two tickets pooped out.

"Oh my God," Jenny said, "you got tickets tonight for "The Underground" -- the hottest club on the east coast. How did you?"

"For you I'd do anything my love," Steve said as the two hugged.

Jenny looked in at the gift and it was a sexy red devil outfit. She also had a new bible book, which she knew was "the official gift" she had to show her parents.

Jenny whispered a plan to Steve.

"How about for tonight if I go up to the bar by myself? You can just wait in the back and watch a bunch of guys hit on me. Then you can show up and I'll be all over you. Doesn't that sound wickedly fun?" Jenny said as she held Steve's hand.

Speechless Steve just smiled as he moved his hands up a bit towards Jenny's breasts. Jenny moved Steve's hands off her breasts and placed them on the chair.

"Not now Stevee-poo. I do need to get ready for tonight and besides we'll have a hell of a wild time later on," Jenny responded as she kissed Steve across the cheek.

Steve with an eternal smile pasted across his face got up and hugged Jenny and headed out. Jenny waved goodbye.

Jenny looked at the clock and knew she had to rush. Her first stop was the shower. Inside she shut her eyes and dreamt about tonight's event. She thought about all the horny guys approaching her at the bar. The studs, the married guys, the nerds, even a girl offering to buy her drinks. Jenny had never done such a thing like this before but it sounded like so much fun.

About 10:00pm Steve came by and Jenny waved to her parents goodnight as she rushed to meet him in the car. Steve drove around the corner and Jenny took off her sweater and jeans getting Steve quite excited seeing her in costume. Along the way Jenny was so excited by her plan and kept telling Steve all the juicy details as if the event already happened. Happy go lucky Steve kept smiling as they pulled up to the club.

"The Underground" was packed near midnight as Jenny made her way through the crowd to the bar. She lost sight of Steve, which seemed ok.

Within a minute a guy came up to her. He was wearing a devil mask and must have splurged extra on his full body costume

"Hey you must be new here. Would you like a drink?" the mystery guy suggested.

"Ok," Jenny responded, "but I'm not too familiar with all the drinks. What are you having?"

"Well drinks here change quite a bit but I think they call this a Bloody Mary," the mystery guy added in. He ordered Jenny a shot from the bartender.

Jenny tried the drink and it tasted revolting. She grabbed a quick napkin and spit up.

Another guy in devil outfit, no doubt a fellow friend, came to his buddy's rescue.

"Is this guy bothering you?" the second masked man asked with a smile as he gave an affectionate guy hug to his buddy.

Jenny still reeling from that terrible drink was wondering when Steve would show up.

"I feel so bad. I thought you'd like the Bloody Mary," the guy offered.

"Don't feel bad. I told you I don't know drinks very well," Jenny said as her eyes wandered always looking back.

"Well you should have what I am having," the other guy said as a warm hand touched Jenny on her shoulder.

"What's it called?" the first guy asked.

"I think they call it a Bloody Steve," the other guy responded.

Jenny went into shock as she became aware of where she was. She turned around to see the devilish looking bartender cleaning glasses. Over the empty liquor bottles she saw her sister and boyfriend's bodies with a dozen blades in their bodies as blood drained down into various shot glasses.

The two devils took off her clothes as Jenny found herself totally under their control. The crowd made room for Jenny to go in the middle of the club whereupon each devil took turns getting on top of her. Jenny was in shock unable to scream as devil upon devil did with her whatever they wanted. Her pussy was filled with overgrown cocks of various shapes and sizes all sending a burning sensation inside her. Her ass burnt of sulfur and she tasted blood and sperm for hours upon hours.

Jenny disconnected herself from her body and somehow held on to the belief that God would come to her rescue. Near dawn the crowd was pouring out. Jenny was naked alone on the floor when the police came in.

A number of police officers rushed in and soon one came back with a blanket that they put upon Jenny. Jenny was barely alive as they brought her in. She passed out as the police took her to a nearby ambulance.

When she awoke she was back in her room. Her father and mother came in to see her. Her father was rubbing Jenny's head.

"You slipped in the shower Jenny. Had us worried," her mother told her as she wiped away her tears.

"Is it ok if we celebrate your birthday tomorrow?" her father asked.

Jenny looked at her loving parents and unable to speak wondered how she imagined the whole incident based on a slip in the shower whereupon she bumped her head. The events seemed still so real and painful and yet her father and mother just stood their looking at her acting as if nothing traumatic had happened. Jenny thought weather it was possible that she could really have only gone unconscious for a few minutes or hours and imagined everything? And yet as Jenny looked upon her mother's tears she somehow sensed she was trying to say something but wasn't.

At that moment Jenny felt a slight kick come from inside her belly.

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