tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJenny's Lesson

Jenny's Lesson

byRod Hardwick©

"Time's up, pencils down, thank you for playing, ladies and gentlemen," Mr. Taylor announced as the shrill whistle of the school bell echoed down the corridors outside his classroom. Desperately trying to fill in one more blank or squeeze out that last essay, students groaned, pencils snapped and papers shuffled. "Come on, come on, you've had plenty of time," Mr. Taylor taunted, smiling. "Jenny, please collect the exam materials."

The pretty blonde student-teacher snapped to attention, her pigtails flying out as her head whipped around to focus on Mr. Taylor. "Yes, sir!" she replied, coming out of her daydream. She'd been sitting at the front, facing the class all period, but hadn't been paying attention. Really, there wasn't much to do when you're proctoring an exam, and she'd forgotten to bring her own schoolbooks so she could take advantage of the time to study. She'd spent most of the period toying with her hair and playing with the hem of her pink plaid pleated skirt.

Now, though, she sprang to her feet and started up and down the rows, collecting the students' papers. She worked quickly; Jenny wanted to please Mr. Taylor so he'd turn in a good review to her college professor. As a second-year education student at the local University, this was her first experience in an actual classroom. She'd expected to teach younger students, though, not the class of high-school seniors to which she'd been assigned. Jenny had started college young, and now, at 19, was only a year older than her students.

Her little white sneakers squeaked on the tile floor as she turned down another row. "Matt, you need to stop writing and turn in your papers," she stated sweetly, stopped in front of a student's desk.

"Come on, cut me some slack, it's your fault I'm not done anyway," he demanded with a surly tone before slamming down his pencil and shoving his papers at the perplexed teacher's aide. Jenny frowned, but continued down the aisle.

Having collected each student's exam booklet, Jenny presented them smartly to Mr. Taylor. "Here you are, sir!" she beamed, bright blue eyes imploring his favor.

"Thank you, my dear," he smiled, taking them from her. "I've got to dash off to a staff meeting. Please tidy up the room and lock up on your way out." Mr. Taylor stuffed the exam papers into his brief case and made for the door.

"Yes, sir," Jenny responded, eagerly. She turned towards Mr. Taylor's desk and began straightening and sorting the few papers on his desk as the students filed out the door behind her.

Jenny hummed to herself while she worked, thinking about the party she was going to this weekend. Her freshmen year had been a little wild, but she really hadn't hooked up this semester. Jenny heard the door close, and the room was silent. She finished tidying up Mr. Taylor's desk, and turned around.

Jenny jumped, startled. She expected to find an empty classroom, and instead found herself face to face with Matt, and four of his friends. She recognized Alex, Tony, Brent, and James. They stood shoulder to shoulder, their arms were crossed about their chests, and they had stern looks on their faces.

"Jenny. We need to talk," Matt said sternly. "Why did you do that?"

Jenny was taken aback. "What...what are you talking about, Matt?" she asked with a little fear in her voice. Her hand by her side gripped the hem of her skirt.

"We all just failed that test because of you," he asserted. The other boys nodded their heads in agreement.

"I...I don't understand," Jenny stammered. "I didn't do anything!"

"Bull shit you didn't. You sat up here all class long, right in front of me, crossing and uncrossing your legs, playing with your skirt, twirling your hair, tugging on your shirt. What the fuck? How am I supposed to concentrate on fucking history questions when you're up here teasing us?" Matt demanded.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean...I mean, no, I didn't! I wasn't teasing you!" Jenny pled in her defense. Her inquisitors took a step forward. The boys on either side of Matt came closer, now forming a semicircle around her. Jenny took a step back and bumped against the desk, causing her generous tits to bounce under her tight white tank top. "Oh!" she exclaimed, putting her hands back against the desk to steady herself. Her mounds pressed against the fabric of her shirt.

"Right, you just didn't realize you were wearing a miniskirt and flashing us all your panties. And you didn't realize your shirt was two sizes too small for your huge tits. Well that makes it all better then, now doesn't it, boys?" Matt spat sarcastically. Alex grunted. Tony smiled.

"No, I....I've got to go I've got a lot of work to do and I..." Jenny started, but Matt cut her off.

"It can wait."

"Look, what...what do you want?" Jenny asked, afraid of the answer.

"Not much," Matt replied. "I spent the whole damn class period almost getting to see your pussy. Your skirt kept flipping up, but never quite enough. Well, I failed my fucking test, thank you very much, so now I want my damn prize. Let's see up your skirt." Matt demanded.

"What?" Jenny asked. "No you can't see my panties!" she insisted. "You get out of here right now before I tell Mr. Taylor!"

"Look, you can threaten all you want, but it's your word against ours. You better just do what we fucking tell you." Matt demanded. "Lift up your skirt." Jenny could tell he was serious. His eyes were set, his gaze was fixed; he wasn't joking around.

"Look, if I lift up my skirt, will you get out of here?" she bargained. Jenny was certainly a party girl and there were lots of guys around time who'd already had a glimpse (or more!) up her skirt, so what difference would a few more make?

"Come on, do it," Matt insisted again. The room fell silent. Jenny slowly looked from boy to boy. Each one had the same steel gaze and hungry eyes. Jenny swallowed. Slowly, she sat back on the table. Her hands went to the hem of her little pink skirt. The boys leaned in, eager for a better view. Nervously, she inched the pleated fabric up her thighs. Little by little the hem of her skirt climbed up her shapely legs, until at last her white lace thong came into view. Jenny's skirt was now bunched just above her shaved pussy, and each boy had a good view of her tiny panties. The shape of her pussy lips was clearly visible underneath the flimsy fabric.

"Okay, there, you've seen my panties, now let me go," Jenny demanded. The boys didn't move. Jenny let her skirt drop to cover herself and started to slide off the desk. The boys stopped her.

"Not just yet, Jenny," said Alex, the boy on her left, grabbing her arm.

"Let go of me!" Jenny demanded.

"Look, I'm not going to hurt you," Alex said. "I'm gonna have to go to summer school now because of you. You better make it up to me. I want to see your tits."

"Yeah, I want to see them, too," echoed Tony from the other side.

"No!" Jenny insisted. "I'm not going to flash you! This needs to end right now before I...I mean, before you do something we'll regret!"

Matt spoke up. "Jenny, come, be reasonable. We just lost our summer vacation because of you. Just pull down your shirt and take off your bra. Let us see your titties, and then we'll be outta here. I'm sure lots of guys have seen your tits, so it's no big deal."

Jenny stared at him. She knew she couldn't run, and she didn't want to make things worse. "Okay, but that's it...after that it's over." Tony and Alex helped take the straps off her tank top and push them down her arms. Jenny's tight shirt peeled down her body, exposing the white lace bra that encased her ample young breasts. Jenny was breathing hard, a little from excitement, but mostly from fear. Five of her students were about to see her breasts.

Now that her shirt was bunched safely out of the way around her tiny waist, the boys started on her bra. Helpfully, the clasp was in the front. Matt stepped forward and popped it open, freeing Jenny's D-cup tits. Alex and Tony slid that from her arms, too, as Matt cupped one breast in each hand. Jenny gasped, and her breasts heaved. "No, no, Matt, no touching, just look and then let me go..." Jenny pleaded breathlessly.

"Shhh, Shhh, Jenny, it's just for a minute, it's so nice. You have fantastic tits, I just want to play with them for a minute..." Matt stated flatly, eyes transfixed on his hands palming Jenny's heaving chest. He slid his hands back and forth, toying with Jenny's heavy breasts. He tweaked and pinched her nipples, which grew in size rapidly under his treatment.

"No, please, no more..." Jenny begged with raspy breath. Matt released her breasts. Now Alex and Tony, who each had a grip on one of Jenny's wrists leaned forward. Each took a nipple into their mouths and sucked. "Oh, God!" Jenny gasped as the boys' tongues flicked across her sensitive nipples. "No, please, that's enough, stop, I need to go now, please..." she begged as they bit gently and pulled her tips with their teeth. Jenny panted heavily and bit her lip. She felt herself getting really turned all by all the attention.

Matt reached for her panties now. Jenny felt his fingers probing under her tiny skirt.

"Wait!" she screamed. Jenny slammed her legs shut and pushed forward, trying to force an escape. The boys were quicker, though. Alex clapped a hand over her mouth, and he and Tony pushed her back onto the table. Jenny squirmed and kicked. Brent and James each grabbed a bare ankle and pulled Jenny's slender legs up high and spread them wide apart. The boys were too strong; try as she might, Jenny couldn't close her legs. Now she was flat on her back, blonde pigtails splayed out over the desk, beautiful blue eyes wide, gasping into Alex's hand. Alex and Tony each held a wrist, and with Brent and James on duty with her legs, the student-teacher wasn't going anywhere.

Matt stepped forward between her spread thighs. "Fine, bitch, we'll do it the hard way. Let's see that pussy!" Matt grabbed for her tiny lace thong and pulled it roughly to the side, exposing Jenny's shaved slit. He ran his hand up and down its length, playing with her pussy. Jenny whined and moaned, half terrified and half thrilled. Sure, she was a party girl, but she hadn't counted on getting fucked by five of her students today. How far were they going to go? How far did she want them to go? "What a tasty little pussy!" Matt grabbed a chair from the first row of desks and sat himself down in front of the tease's wide open cunt. He wasted no time with a long wet lick from the bottom up. Jenny jerked and spasmed. "That's right, you like that, don't you, bitch?" Matt smiled.

Matt licked and sucked on Jenny's pussy. First he stabbed his tongue in as far as it would go, and swirled it around wetly inside the young girl's cunt. Then he pulled his tongue out and sucked each of her pussy lips into his mouth, pulling them away from her body. Then he turned his attention to her clit. With both hands he spread her pussy open, pushed up the cowl and exposed her hot little button. Matt flicked it with his tongue. Jenny spasmed. Then he gave it a little bite. Jenny's scream was muffled by Tony's hand. Finally Matt sucked Jenny's rock hard clit into his mouth, tongue flicking rapidly across it. Jenny thrashed about on the desk like a woman possessed, and her body responded, flooding her pussy with her juices. All the while Alex alternately bit and sucked one nipple while pinching and squeezing the other.

Jenny couldn't believe what was happening to her. The feelings that surged through her body were incredible. Matt ate her pussy expertly, his tongue dancing and sliding over her engorged clit. Alex's teeth nibbling on her nipple sent electric shocks through her. Brent and James ran their hands over her soft smooth legs, kneading and rubbing as they went. Jenny's students filled her body with intense pleasure, but she didn't dare submit, or she knew she'd find herself fucked mercilessly.

Matt stood up. "That's better," he said with a lecherous smirk, "Now the wet little slut is ready for some cock." Jenny heard a zipper, and strained to see what was going on at the other end of the table. Not that she didn't already know, of course. Two men were holding her down while two more spread her legs wide open. Her plaid miniskirt and tank top were both bunched around her waist, and her tiny panties were stretched to the side, exposing her wide open and dripping wet pussy. Jenny's eyes went wide when she saw the nine-inch monster Matt produced from inside his jeans. He pumped it a few times with his fist. Beads of precum glistened at the tip of his weapon and then spread out, coating the shaft. He stepped forward.

Jenny thrashed from side to side as Matt presented his thick cock to her wide open cunt. He touched the tip to the folds of her pussy, and a shiver ran through Jenny's body. Matt laughed. "You want this, don't you bitch?" he demanded. Jenny just looked at Matt, eyes wide, while her young cunt ached for his hard cock. Matt slid his cock along the outside of her wet pussy.

Matt motioned to Tony. He leaned down close to her face, and said, quietly but forcefully, "Don't scream." With that he removed his hand from her mouth, but grabbed her throat instead, holding her firmly.

"Wait, I..." Jenny begged, gasping.

"Come on, you whore, you know you want it," Matt teased, slapping his cock wetly against Jenny's pussy. "Won't it feel good to have my cock slide up your slutty little pussy?" he asked.

"Errrmm, uhhn, please, Matt, oh, it's too big, please, wait..." she trailed off incoherently as Matt slapped his cock against Jenny's cunt again before presenting the head against her opening. She wanted it so bad but couldn't bring herself to say it. Jenny sure didn't say no, though.

"Well, slut, this is what you get when you tease," Matt told her as he pushed his cock into her pussy. Jenny's cunt lips spread wide to accommodate his impressive girth.

"Oh God, yes, yes, yes!" Jenny moaned as Matt slid his cock all the way inside her wet pussy.

"There you go, slut, that's what you wanted, isn't it? A big hard cock filling up your cunt?"

"Oh, Matt, oh yes that feels so good," Jenny gasped as Matt started rocking back and forth. "Oh God it's so big, so big..." she moaned. Matt sawed his thick cock in and out of her sopping cunt. Jenny thrashed about on the teacher's desk.

"Damn, girl, your pussy feels so fucking good! Can you feel my big cock slide all the way up in your cunt?" Matt told her as he picked up his pace. He gripped her hips, fucking her hard. Alex kneaded and sucked on her tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples.

"Yes, Matt, oh, I can feel it, no, we shouldn't this is wrong I could get expelled..." Jenny babbled incoherently, overwhelmed by the sensations wracking her body. The sounds of her moans mixed with the wet slapping noise produced as Matt slammed his cock into her cunt filled the room. Matt's cock filled her up. Jenny moaned and bit her lip. She couldn't believe this was going on right in Mr. Taylor's classroom. It was intensely erotic how easily she'd let herself get into this position.

"There you go, Jenny, that's a good little slut," Matt told her as he pounded into her cunt. "Your pussy is so hot and wet around my cock." Matt grunted as he fucked her hard, making her tits bounce.

Jenny's chest heaved, trying to draw breath. Each time Matt's cock slammed into her she released a high-pitched squeal that pleaded for mercy. "Please, erhm!" she wailed. Her cries only encouraged the boys. Matt pounded her harder while the other boys waited their turn, eyes filled with lust.

"Damn, this slut is hot!" Brent exclaimed.

"Fuck yeah," replied Tony. "I'm gonna fuck the hell outta that bitch." Tony removed his hand from her throat and grabbed a tit. Alex reached for the other one, and both boys abused Jenny's tender breasts, squeezing them, slapping them, and pulling and pinching her swollen nipples.

"What great fucking titties..." Alex commented.

"Uh, boys, oh, uh!" Jenny whined between thrusts of Matt's hard meat into her dripping wet cunt. Jenny raised her head to witness her violation at the hands of her students. She saw five faces consumed with lust—lust for her tender young body, and lust that she knew would not be sated until each of them had fucked her. The thought of five hard cocks fucking her, one after the other, pounding into her and then filling her pussy with hot cum elicited a gasping moan from the blonde schoolgirl. Her eyes rolled back in her head.

Alex and Tony were clearly fixated on her tits, as they reveled in slapping or sucking on her sensitive nipples, all the while maintaining a firm grip on Jenny's wrists, keeping her powerless to interfere. James held her right ankle, and ran his hands up and down her slender leg, kneading her smooth calf and soft thighs. Brent still held her other ankle firmly, keeping Jenny's legs in the air wide apart, but his gaze was concentrated on her juicy pink pussy, as he watched her swollen lips expand and contract, conforming to Matt's cock like a glove.

"Yeah, take my cock in your fucking pussy, slut!" Matt hissed at her. He readjusted his grip on her hips for more leverage and slammed his weapon into her cunt, filling it completely, coaxing another cry from the helpless schoolgirl. His gaze never left hers.

Jenny was consumed with lust, but was also afraid. Was she really a tease? Is this really what she wanted? Did her subconscious mind lead her to tease these boys, and to tease the other men around her, hoping that some man (or men) would finally take her, use her and fuck her? She fucked around a lot at school, but never with a group of boys, and certainly not at work!

Matt interrupted her train of thought. "You ready for it, baby?" he teased, withdrawing. Jenny's pussy slowly contracted, but stayed open, still, stretched and dripping. Jenny moaned loudly. Her pussy felt so empty now. The cool air gave her a chill as it ran across her open cunt, causing her to shudder. She whimpered and whined. "Come on, bitch, you want my cum in your slutty little pussy?" Matt slapped his rigid member against her open pussy, impacting her clit. Jenny thrashed on the desk, but couldn't move far with the boys holding her down.

"Oh, God, please, please," Jenny whimpered and begged.

"Please what, Jenny? Huh, just tell me?" he asked, grinning. "Tell me what you want," Matt slapped his cock again against her pussy.

"Please, Matt, not in my pussy..." Jenny managed halfheartedly. Matt slid the head of his cock up and down her gaping cunt.

"Sorry, bitch, but if you're gonna tease like that, you're gonna have to get used to a cunt full of cum," he told her, smirking. With that he thrust forward, burying his shaft inside her hot wet pussy. Jenny cried out in shock and intense pleasure. Matt sawed in and out quickly a few times, building steam. He reached up to Jenny's outstretched bare ankles and took them from Brent and James, and, when he had the slut's legs firmly under his control, he lifted and spread them even further before slamming like a piston into her steaming cunt. The two boys took a step back, as did Tony and Alex, anxious to watch the show, but leaving Jenny to concentrate fully on what Matt was about to do to her.

"Oh, God, oh, God!" Jenny cried as Matt fucked her mercilessly, grunting with each thrust. Her tits bounced wildly, and the intense pounding threatened to push her off the desk. Instinctively her hands grabbed for the edge of the desk. "Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God, oh, God!" Jenny squealed, now holding herself steady against Matt's assault. Her pussy was on fire.

"Fucking pound that whore!" cheered Brent, stroking his cock as he waited for his turn.

"Oh shit, look, the slut's fucking back!" laughed Alex. Jenny realized with a start that he was right; her arms were pulling herself back against Matt, helping him fuck her harder and faster. She cried out in alarm, then bit her lip to keep from screaming. Jenny knew if she screamed, she would be screaming for more. She held on for dear life.

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